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10 Year Old Wins £4.5m Medical Negligence Accident Claim

Yesterday the Daily Express reported on how it’s the lawyers who benefit from the NHS compensation fund and how too much has been put aside for litigation. Accident Claims explains further;

Today a 10 year old girl has won over £4m in compensation after suffering serious head injuries during her birth at Norfolk and Norwich NHS hospital.

The NHS denied any responsibility for her injuries but eventually agreed to pay over 70pc of the damages.  If the NHS would have agreed to pay compensation at the offset how much would this have saved the litigation fund?

Prior to her birth Emily Dye was starved of oxygen leading to the development of cerebral palsy

Included in Emily’s settlement is a payment of £112,000 to her parents for the devoted care they have given over the last decade.

Emily needs full time care for the rest of her life and will permanently have learning difficulties.