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Accident claims in the UK come in all shapes and sizes. Every year our personal injury solicitors handle a variety of cases ranging from whiplash claims to military accident claims.

Whiplash Claims

Without question, whiplash claims are the most common types of personal injury claims we deal with. Road traffic accidents happen every day in the UK and whiplash is a common resulting injury. Whiplash refers to the damage of soft tissue around the back and neck. It’s a fairly straightforward process to claim for whiplash and we’ve been doing it for over 40 years.

Military Accident Claims

We’re proud to represent some of our bravest soldiers who have been neglected by the Ministry of Defense and look to claim compensation. We were originally founded by the former chairman of the British Legion and our connection to our troops is one of our proudest achievements. Our founder pioneered the first military accident claims against the US government for what is now known as ‘gulf war syndrome’.

Sick Holiday Claims

If you’ve ever been on holiday and taken ill there is no a route to claiming compensation. Food poisoning is a common problem when staying abroad. Your package holiday provider has an responsibility to ensure that the places it sends you to are reputable and safe. Hygiene can sometimes be overlooked and this can lead to you becoming ill. We have a dedicated accident claims team for dealing with compensation claims that arise from an illness abroad.

Flight Delays

As well as dealing with your holiday sickness, there are also circumstances where you may be entitled to compensation if your flight was delayed. There have been numerous legislative changes surrounding flight delay claims and we can assist you in assessing whether you are eligible to claim. Flight delay claims are based on a tier system where compensation is relative to the number of hours delayed.

Road Traffic Accident Claims

We’ve mentioned whiplash claims but there are lots of circumstances where a road traffic accident can result in more serious injuries than just whiplash. Accidents happen every day in the UK leaving people with catastrophic injuries. Some of our personal injury solicitors specialize in serious head injuries and we’ve helped claimants secure multi million pound settlements for life changing injuries. No road traffic accident claims are the same and recovery is unique to everyone.

Work Accidents

Accident claims at work happen every day because of the negligence by employers. Health and safety legislation Is put in place to protect employees. There are various circumstances in which your employer can fail you e.g. not receiving correct training to operate machinery. We appreciate that it can seem like a daunting task to make a claim against your employer – we’ll help you every step of the way.

Medical Negligence

You put your trust in medical practitioners without question. Doctors, dentists etc are still capable of letting you down on occasion, leaving you in a worse position than before. Negligence can happen and this may give rise to a compensation claim. In our opinion medical negligence can and should always be avoided. We appreciate that sometimes financial compensation just isn’t enough. We’ll fight your corner to ensure that you CAN get your life back on track .