Accident Claims Personal Injury Guide

Accident Claims step by step process..

Step 1)

Do you have a personal injury claim that Accident Claims can help with?

First things first you need to establish whether you actually have a claim to make. Generally speaking if you have been injured in the last three years and it wasn’t your fault there’s a pretty good chance you have the right to make a claim.

Not entirely sure whether you fit the criteria? At any time you can contact us on 0800 012 4527 and we’ll tell you straight – there’s no obligation to go through us!

Step 2)

Get as much detail as you can before contacting any personal injury solicitor. E.g. if you have been injured as a result of a hole in the pavement then take some pictures and make a note of precisely where it was – all these details will be needed by your solicitor to help give you the best possible advice. If you were involved in a car accident and the police were involved then get a police reference number for the incident or ideally seek some medical attention and keep a record of this.

Step 3

When you’ve decided you want to make a claim contact Accident Claims soon as you can to avoid any problems with time limitations. Generally speaking yon have three years so assuming you don’t hang around for too long you should be ok.

Step 4

Once you have given all the information to your solicitor they will then liaise with the defendant’s insurers and make them aware that a claim is being issued against them. Your opponent may defend the claim, but in most cases where liability isn’t disputed it will merely be a negotiation task to ensure you are secured the maximum compensation for the injury. If you have any loss of income as a result then it’s important to make your solicitor aware of this as this will also become a key part of the claim.

Step 5

Once you accept the settlement then it is normally full and final and will forfeit your rights to go up against that party for any further damages for the same incident at a later date. With this in mind make sure that what you are accepting is the right amount – this is why we would always recommend using a well-established and experienced accident claim solicitor.

Now What?

Accident Claims have been established for over 40 years and have one of the best personal injury teams in the country. As we’ve mentioned earlier, even if you decide that you don’t want to use us we will happily just give you a second opinion. Our main priority is to ensure that the advice and the compensation you receive is accurate.