Accident Claims Solicitors Ayr – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Ayr Area

Accident claims solicitors Ayr

Accident claims solicitors Ayr

If you have been injured as a result of an accident that was caused through no fault of your own, you may be wondering who is to blame and if you could potentially have cause to claim accident compensation with the assistance of accident claims solicitors covering Ayr. In some cases an accident is just that; an event that occurred that wasn’t anyone else’s fault, but in some cases, it could be due to someone else’s negligent actions or omissions. So, how do you know whether you’d have cause to launch accident claims in Ayr or not?

Within the sections of the guide below, we cover accident claims advice concerning a number of different types of accidents that could occur including road accidents, workplace accidents, medical negligence and more. We’ll offer guidance on finding a solicitor to take on your case, as well as going through important information on payment structures for making a claim as well as the accident claims time limit for a variety of different claims. If you have questions by the time you’ve finished reading this guide, our legal advisors would be delighted to talk to you. You can reach them on 0800 073 8801 or by filling in our online contact form. They could, as well as answering any queries you might have, connect you with our panel of accident claims solicitors so that you could have expert assistance when making your accident claim.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Ayr, Scotland?

Whether you’re seeking compensation for a work injury, a criminal injury or for a crash that led to whiplash or wish to know the slip and fall compensation amounts for a broken leg, having the advice and support from accident claims solicitors covering Ayr should not be underestimated. A high-quality accident claims lawyer could help with many aspects of making a claim, with one of the most important elements being that they could use their expert background knowledge of the law, and other cases they’ve handled, to build a solid case for compensation on your behalf. While it is true that you could go it alone, there could be issues you may not have considered, and legal jargon that you may not understand. With accident claim solicitors on your side, you could remain fully informed at every stage of the process, without the stress of having to fight for compensation on your own. Below, we explain more about how you can tell if you have cause to seek compensation, and what is involved in the process. If, at any stage of the guide you would like to speak to an expert to clarify anything, then call our team for further information. We’re always happy to assist.

Ayr Work Injury Compensation Claims

Firstly, let us take a look at how accident claims solicitors covering Ayr could assist with a personal injury claim for an illness or injury that has occurred as a result of your work. When it comes to workplace claims, there are two different types of claims that could be made.

The first would be for industrial illnesses and work-related conditions that have developed over time because risks of contracting these issues were not reduced by your employer, or because they did not make risks assessments to see if there were foreseeable risks for these conditions developing. These could include:

  • Workplace deafness (time in a noisy environment without ear defenders).
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (repetitive work with few breaks, failure to set up a workspace. correctly to avoid risk etc).
  • Asbestosis – Failure to check for asbestos, or take steps to reduce a worker’s exposure to it.

These are, of course, just a few examples, but if your employer has failed to reduce foreseeable risks of known industrial illnesses or work-related injuries, then you could consider making a claim with the assistance of our panel of accident claims solicitors.

The second type of workplace claim could relate to incidents that happen that cause an injury straight away. This could include things like crush injuries from unsafe machinery, being struck by poorly stacked items in a warehouse, or a burn injury from hot liquids or chemicals, where protective gloves have not been provided. Our panel of solicitors could help you to make a claim of this sort if it could be proven that your employer was negligent in protecting your health and safety, as they are required by law to do.

Work Injuries Reported In Ayrshire

Below, you could find the local area statistics from 2018/2019 relating to work injuries in the North, South and East areas of Ayrshire. More statistics could be found at the HSE’s dedicated website.

LocationTotal - non fatal injuries
Total - non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers (2018/2019)Fatal injuries (2018/2019)
North Ayrshire1503830
South Ayrshire1373401
East Ayrshire1302930

Traffic Accidents And Road Crashes In Ayr

Another reason to contact accident claims solicitors covering Ayr could be if you were the victim of a road traffic accident that was not your fault. Whether it was a motorcycle accident or a rear-end shunt at a set of traffic lights, you could look into claiming compensation for the injuries that you have sustained, the pain they have caused you and the financial costs associated with such an injury, including loss of earnings, travel and medical costs.

It is not only drivers that could make accident claims as other road users such as cyclists, passengers in buses, taxis or cars, and even pedestrians can make a claim. But what sort of evidence would you need?

Initially, if you’ve been in a serious crash, you could likely be rushed straight to the hospital to be checked over, which means you may miss out on taking the following information down. But, the police would likely speak to people involved or those who witnessed the event at the time to build a picture of events. However, if you aren’t seriously injured and you are at the scene for long enough, it may be wise for you to consider obtaining:

  • Photographic evidence – Just a few shots of the scene on your smartphone should give a picture of the state of the road, the position of the vehicles and your injuries.
  • Witness details – If some bystanders have seen what happened, it might be a good idea to ask for their contact details, should you need them to be a witness later on. You should also get the other driver’s details if possible. If they remain untraced as they left the scene, or they were not insured, then your claims could be made to the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB), and your accident claim solicitor could help with this.
  • Notes at the scene – If possible, it could be a good plan to take notes of what happened so that you don’t forget events as time goes on. While in most cases, the time limit for many accident claims of this sort is three years from the incident date, you could be surprised at how quickly small details can be forgotten.

Slip And Fall Compensation

It may seem trivial to claim for a slip or a fall, but some could lead to serious injuries. And besides this, if you suffer even minor injuries, it could be wise to make a claim so that measures are put in place to avoid a similar accident occurring that is more serious for someone else. If you take a look at a personal injury claims calculator online, you’ll likely see a huge list of potential injuries, many of which could result in a trip or fall, depending on the nature of the accident.

As to who would be to blame for the accident, this will depend on what you were doing and where you were when the accident happened. Tripping on your own improperly tied shoelaces would not likely lead to accident claims because the fault would be your own. However, if you slipped on an oil spillage on a restaurant floor because it had not been cleared away, or you fell from an unsafe balcony at work, someone else could be to blame.

If you are unsure as to whether you would be eligible to make a claim of this nature please contact our advisors to discuss your circumstances in further detail.

Criminal Injuries Compensation

Sadly, crime could be an issue right across the UK, and if you’re injured because of a violent crime, you might think you would have no chance of being compensated, but in some cases, you could. The government-run agency known as the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) which aims to compensate those victims of crime that have suffered injury in some way, whether as a targeted victim, someone trying to stop a crime, a witness or some other way. Acting quickly in these types of claims could be vital. Though claims for compensation usually have a time limit of 3 years, claims for criminal injuries that are made through CICA generally have only 2 years. However, if you are the victim of historical abuse, you could be an exception to this limit, so don’t hesitate to ask us. We will advise whether you still have time to make a claim.

Public Place Accident Claims

In some instances, public place accident claims can be made against the local council, whereas others would be made against a private entity. Where and how your accident occurs would determine who was responsible for your accident. For example, local councils could be responsible for streets, public parks, paths, and public car parks, as just a few examples.

Shopping centres, gyms, swimming pools, and other public places could be council run, or privately run, therefore using the services of accident claims solicitors covering Ayr could be helpful when determining liability. They could determine who the liable party is and help you process a claim for accident compensation. While many claims of this nature relate to poor upkeep and maintenance of public areas, some could relate to a lack of warning signs.

Medical Negligence Claims

If you’ve navigated to this page from a web search using the words ‘medical negligence solicitors covering Ayr’ you might be surprised to know that you don’t have to type in ‘solicitors near me’ to find accident claims solicitors covering Ayr that have experience in clinical negligence. As we are a nationwide service, we carefully select experienced personal injury solicitors that have the experience to fight claims in each section of personal injury law, including clinical negligence. Whether you are making a claim against NHS Scotland, or a private hospital, there are a number of ways in which you might have experienced medical negligence. These could include:

  • Midwife negligence
  • Dentist negligence
  • Surgeon negligence
  • Care home negligence
  • Hospital negligence
  • GP negligence
  • And more…

If negligence on the part of a healthcare professional has directly led to you suffering ill-health, the worsening of a condition, an injury or emotional damage, then accident claims could be made for clinical negligence.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Ayr, Scotland

Claiming with a no win no fee solicitor is often something we advise you to consider. There are no upfront payments to retain the lawyer’s services, which means you could begin your accident claim without delay. The financial risk of making a claim is reduced as if your claim is not successful you will not be expected to make a payment for the services of your solicitor. All of our panel of accident claims solicitors covering Ayr work in this manner. To speak to us about the benefits of making such a claim, just get in touch.

Talk To Us And Begin Your Claim

Ready to make your claim for compensation? Still not sure of the strength of your claim? Whatever your situation, we are here to help. Whether you need free, no-obligation advice, or wish to be provided with expert accident claims solicitors covering Ayr, you’re in the right place. 0800 073 8801 is the number to call for support, advice, and assistance that could help you move on after an accident that was not your fault. If e-mail is what you’d prefer then simply email us on


Below, we go through a quick Q&A section about some queries you might still have.

Could A Personal Injury Solicitor Handle My Claim?

If you have had an accident that was not your fault, and you’ve been injured in some way, Accident Claims UK could check whether you’d have a valid claim. We would speak to you about your experience and assess the situation to see if we feel you have a claim for compensation. If we feel it would, we could provide you with accident claims solicitors covering Ayr to assist you in making your claim. We would never advise you to begin a claim we did not think would be successful.

Could I Claim With A Solicitor Outside Ayrshire?

Claiming with a local solicitor may seem like your only option, but what if you could benefit from a pre-vetted solicitor covering Ayr with relevant experience to take on your claim. As a service that operates nationwide, this is just what we could provide you with.

Are Medical Examinations Important?

Medical assessments provide the basis of your settlement calculation, which is why it is vital for you to see an independent doctor to assess your mental /physical health and write a report on their findings.

Where Would I Travel To For This Medical Exam?

You may not have to travel far at all for the medical examination. We work closely with a panel of doctors local to Ayr, which include:

Physioflexx Stewarton

14c Lainshaw Street



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