Birmingham Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Guide Covering The Birmingham Area

Accident claims solicitors Birmingham

Accident claims solicitors Birmingham

By Brett Williams. Last updated 24th August 2021. Welcome to our guide on accident claims solicitors in Birmingham and personal injury solicitors in Birmingham. If you have experienced an accident in Birmingham, you might be considering the prospect of making a personal injury claim. There are many different accidents and injuries that could happen in Birmingham. This could include everything from slips and falls in Birmingham to a car accident in Birmingham. If you have been involved in any sort of accident and it was not your fault, it could be a bit overwhelming when it comes to figuring out what to do next. This could especially be the case if you have never made a personal injury claim before. That is why we have put this guide together; giving you all of the information you could possibly need about working with our accident claims solicitors on our panel to make accident claims in Birmingham. This includes information regarding the accident claims time limit, as well as details on what a personal injury solicitor could offer you and the reasons why we feel it is important to choose a no win no fee personal injury lawyer. If you still have any queries by the time you get to the end of the guide, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Birmingham?

There are many different accidents that could happen in Birmingham and around the rest of the UK. When it comes to making a personal injury claim, the key is being able to prove that the incident was caused by someone else’s negligence or mistake and it has led to you suffering illness or injury. Your claim must also be made within the applicable accident claims time limit. A personal injury solicitor would help you to make a claim. They are often experts in personal injury law, and so they could inform you whether you have a strong case or not and help you to secure compensation.

Statistics – How Many Employees Are Hurt At Work In Birmingham?

Below, we take a look at the number of injuries that happen to workers in Birmingham. The source of the information can be found here.

Location Total – non-fatal injuries Total – non-fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
Birmingham 1,092 211 5

Car And Road Traffic Accident Claims

There are many different types of accidents and injuries that could be sustained in a road accident in Birmingham. Whiplash is an injury that is commonly sustained in road traffic accidents. However, from brain injuries to soft tissue damage, the injuries sustained could wildly differ.

If you have suffered a whiplash injury or any other car crash injury, it could be very difficult to think on your feet then and there. After all, you are likely to be shocked by the crash that has occurred. Nonetheless, it could be important to try and get the details of the individual that has caused the accident. But don’t worry, if the driver has driven away without stopping you could still be able to make an accident compensation claim. You might need to also try and get the details of any witnesses, as this could prove to be extremely useful.

After the incident, it could be imperative to see a medical professional as part of the car accident claims process. Of course, you might need to do this for your own wellbeing. However, it could also be extremely important when it comes to your case. If you do not seek medical attention you might struggle to get the compensation you deserve. Why? Well, there may be no proof that you have indeed sustained whiplash or another injury. Regardless of if you have seen a doctor or not your personal injury lawyer will always arrange for you to see a medical expert so they can provide an impartial medical report as part of evidence of your claim.

Workplace Accident Claims

From construction accidents to industrial deafness, there are many different workplace situations that could lead people to require the services of accident claims solicitors Birmingham. However, they could also use solicitors based elsewhere that cover claims in the area. If you find yourself in this position, a UK based solicitor from anywhere in the country could help you to get the full amount of compensation you deserve.

In order to make a successful workplace accident claim, there is one factor that is of paramount importance and this is responsibility. Who is to blame for the incident? You might need to show that your employer has made an error or acted negligently and that this has resulted in your suffering. There are many different ways your employer could be at fault – from failing to provide protective equipment to not providing training for employees, leading to injury.

If you have been involved in a workplace accident, you might need to report it to your employer and/or safety representative. This could be vital because all employers are required to have an accident book by law and thus they will need to record the incident in this. Failure to do so could result in issues when it comes to securing compensation.

When making this type of compensation claim, you might not only be compensated for your injuries, but you might receive special damages for any out of pocket expenses you have incurred because of your injuries. This could include everything from prescription costs, to counselling expenses, to loss of earnings – both immediate and future potential earnings, to childcare costs, to travel expenses. You might need proof, however, so it would be wise to make sure you do not throw out your receipts or any other relevant documents.

Criminal Injury Compensation Claims

If you have experienced a criminal accident in Birmingham, you may be entitled to compensation. Criminal injuries typically involve a different process, and the accident claims time limit could be shorter, often only being two years. With criminal injuries, there will often be evidence in the form of police reports. However, if the criminal has not been caught, don’t let this put you off proceeding. You may still be able to secure compensation from the CICA.

Slips, Trips And Falls In Birmingham

If you have slipped, tripped, or fallen, in an accident that was someone else’s fault, you could be in a position to make a personal injury claim if you have been hurt in this manner. We could assist many people who have experienced this type of accident. Have you tripped on a broken pavement? Did you slip on a wet floor that had no wet floor sign? No matter what happened, if the injury was through no fault of your own and it occurred within the last three years, you could be eligible for compensation.

So, how do you determine whether your slip, trip, or fall, could lead to a claim for compensation? If the incident happened in a public place, you might be covered by public liability insurance. Moreover, if it occurred in a place of work, it is the company’s duty to provide a safe environment and thus they could be liable. Getting medical attention after an accident is vital if you want to go on to make a personal injury claim but not necessary. Therefore, even if you feel your injuries are minor, it could be essential to get checked out by a doctor.

Pedestrian Accidents And Those In A Public Place

Aside from the examples that have already been mentioned, you may want to make a personal injury claim with a personal injury solicitor if you have been injured in a public accident. This could be while you were walking down the street, for example, and you have found yourself falling because you have tripped on a poorly maintained pavement. Or, it could be injuries caused because of potholes or roadworks without the proper signage, for instance. You could call us today for accident claims advice if this has happened to you.

Clinical And Medical Negligence

We could also assist when it comes to helping people make a personal injury claim because they have been the victims of medical or clinical negligence. This could relate to a situation whereby someone in the medical sector has acted negligently and this has resulted in a further illness or injury or your existing condition to get worse. These situations could vary dramatically, from cases whereby dentists have extracted the wrong tooth to incidents whereby cancer has not been diagnosed properly when the doctor would have been expected to get it correct and so treatment has been delayed and the patient has suffered unnecessary harm. Birth injury claims could result from injuries sustained to mother or baby at birth because of negligence too. If someone you depended on financially has passed away due to negligence, then it may be worth looking into whether you could claim on their behalf.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Birmingham

There are many benefits associated with using the services of a no win no fee solicitor. The main being if your case is not successful you do not have to pay your legal team any fees for their time and service. You might be pleased to know that all of the accident claim lawyers we can connect you with work on a no win no fee basis.

What Should I Do Now?

There are various things you might need to do if you have been involved in an accident, such as:

  • See a medical professional – It could be important to see a doctor if you want to have a solid chance of securing compensation. You may be thinking that of course you would have to see a doctor if you’ve been hurt. However, there are those that suffer minor injuries, and they would rather cope themselves than go to a hospital.
  • Report the incident to your employer (if applicable) – It could be imperative to tell your employer what happened as soon as you get the opportunity. This is because all employers are required to have an accident book by law, and they may need to record the incident in this.
  • Keep proof of expenses – Last but not least, it could be vital to keep proof of any expenses you have encountered as a direct result of your injuries. This includes the likes of medical expenses, loss of income, travel costs, counselling expenses and childcare costs. You could claim for these so long as part of your claim. We always advise before you lay out any expense that you check with your personal injury solicitor that such expenses can be claimed back.

The only other thing you might need is a quality personal injury lawyer to work on your case, and that’s where we come in!

Using a nationwide claims service rather than accident claims solicitors in Birmingham

Hopefully, we’ve shown you why you may be able to claim compensation if somebody else’s negligence has caused you to suffer. If you do decide to proceed to a claim, you might start by looking for personal injury solicitors in Birmingham. However, although you’ll find loads of law firms in Corporation Street, Temple Row and Temple Queensway, not all will specialise in injury claims. That’s ok though because you are able to use solicitors based anywhere in the country to make your claim.

Limiting yourself to local firms might mean you miss out on a more experienced lawyer or one who’s dealt with a case just like yours recently. Luckily, our nationwide service means our accident claims solicitors can work on claims in the Birmingham area. We have a team with over 30-years experience and all of our solicitors are registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority meaning you’ll receive excellent legal representation if your case is accepted.

At the start of the claims process, your solicitor will go into more detail with you about your accident. They’ll do this as a way of learning exactly what effect your injuries have had and how you have suffered. Next up, they’ll work hard to secure evidence to back up your claim. This process will involve arranging a local medical assessment with an independent expert so that your prognosis and your injuries can be documented.

Our solicitors will always try to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your suffering. During the claims process, you won’t be expected to take any calls from the defendant’s legal team as your solicitor will handle all communication for you. They will also try to use their legal training to counter any objections that arise.

If liability is agreed upon, your solicitor will check that any settlement is fair. If the offer is too low, they will negotiate hard to get it raised to the right level on your behalf.

If you’d like our accident claims solicitors covering Birmingham to represent you, why not call today to find out if your case is suitable. All claims are handled on a No Win No Fee basis and you’ll get free legal advice regardless.

Accident Claims FAQs

How Could Accident Claims UK Help Me?

Our personal injury solicitors who have been in the industry for more than 3 decades have the knowledge and expertise to be able to deal with almost every incident of personal injury and could help you. Although we are not based in Birmingham we are able to cover the area as if our office was right around the corner. Navigating the complicated realm of personal injury law may not be easy when you have no experience, which is why you might need a dedicated personal injury solicitor by your side. This is exactly what we can provide.

Do I Need To Use A Solicitor In This Area?

A lot of people assume that they are going to need to search for accident claims solicitors Birmingham only. However, you could work with a personal injury solicitor based anywhere in the UK. This is because claims can be handled via telephone and email today. You could claim today with a solicitor covering Birmingham, rather than having to choose a personal injury lawyer in Birmingham specifically.

Do I Have To Have A Medical Checkup?

Your personal injury solicitor will arrange for you to have an impartial medical to review your case and prognosis so that an exact compensation settlement can be built with regards to your injury and any financial losses.

Could I Have A Medical Exam In My Local Area?

There are a number of medical experts in the local area that our panel of solicitors could help arrange an appointment with. This includes:

Andre Brittain-Dissont
Regus Business Centre
Ground Floor
1 Victoria Square
B1 1BD

Kashif Aziz
Birmingham Broad Street
2nd Floor Quayside Tower, 252-260 Broad Street
B1 2HF

Zahir Ali
Guildhall Back Care Centre
265b Alcester Road South, Kings Heath
B14 6DT


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This article was about personal injury solicitors in Birmingham and accident claims solicitors in Birmingham. If you’d like to know more about our nationwide claims service, please call today.

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