Chester Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Guide Covering The Chester Area

Accident claims solicitors Chester

Accident claims solicitors Chester

By Brett Williams. Last updated 25th August 2021. Have you been injured due to medical negligence, a bus crash, been the victim of a criminal assault or suffered an accident at work or in a public place? If so, you may be searching for accident claims solicitors in Chester to help you to make a successful personal injury claim. Look no further.

Our accident claims solicitors could help you to claim compensation in a multitude of different circumstances and have as much as thirty years worth of experience in conducting accident claims, so you know you are in good hands. They are able to cover claims in the Chester area as part of our nationwide service.

To find out how one of our personal injury solicitors covering Chester could help you and to see examples of different types of claims our team can handle, please read the guide below. Both at the top and bottom of this page there are several different ways to get in contact with our team.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Chester?

Personal injury solicitors are those who operate in personal injury and accident claims law. They help claimants to seek compensation, the purpose of which is to return the claimant to as close a circumstance as they would have been in had the illness or injury not happened. An accident claims solicitor covering Chester is one who whilst not based in this area is able to conduct claims for clients here.

Factors that will be taken into account in a personal injury claim may include,

  • Compensation for the injury itself and its effects.
  • Compensation for medical bills and care expenses.
  • Compensation for adaptations to your home or your vehicle.

Next we shall examine in brief some of the circumstances in which you may be able to make an accident claim.

Claim For A Work Accident

If you have sustained an injury, suffered an illness or had an existing condition made worse because of an accident in the workplace you may be eligible for compensation. To claim for a work accident, you will need to be able to show that someone else was either at fault or partially at fault. You may have been injured because of the actions of another employee or because you were either not properly trained or had not been given the right protective equipment.

Employers owe their staff a duty of care to guard their safety in the workplace. You could be eligible to claim for a work accident if they have not met these duties,

  • They did not properly train you for your job or working environment.
  • You were not given the right protective clothing or equipment.
  • Risk assessments were not carried out or not acted upon.

To see if an accident claims solicitor covering Chester could help you claim for your workplace accident, view our guide.

Rates Of Injuries At Work In Chester

To help illustrate how often people may have been injured in the workplace in Chester we have created the table below. Here we use figures for the number of accidents reported under the RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences) for the period from 2013/ 14 up to 2017/ 18. You can find the original source data in the PDF available at the Health and Safety Executive.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
Cheshire West and Chester 406 262 2

Please note that these figures do not indicate how many work accident claims in Chester were made in this period.

Claims For Car, Bus And Other Road Accidents

Victims of accidents on the road, whether travelling in a vehicle or crossing the road as a pedestrian could be eligible to make a compensation claim if it can be proven that a third party who owed a duty of care was responsible for the accident which caused the avoidable injuries. All road users owe each other a duty of care not to cause accidents and harm. They should observe the rules of the road and not act in a hazardous way. You could be eligible to claim compensation with a member of our panel of accident claims solicitors for slight or serious injuries.

Circumstances in which you could be able to make a road traffic accident claim may include, bus accidents, car accidents, bike accidents and other accidents on the road. The causes of an accident, the circumstances in which it took place and the injuries which were caused may be quite varied, so having an experienced accident claim solicitor could help you to get the best possible settlement for your case. Whether you sustained a whiplash injury or were injured in another way, please contact our team today.

Claim For Medical Or Clinical Negligence

There are potentially numerous different circumstances in which you could be harmed by negligent medical care and for which you could make a medical negligence claim with a no win no fee solicitor. Medical negligence claims could be made when a doctor or other healthcare professional has failed to meet standards their peers would expect, and were harm has resulted.

Our panel of personal injury solicitors could help you to claim compensation for medical negligence which has happened in a variety of different ways, such as,

  • Mistakes by midwives causing birth injuries.
  • Hospital negligence causing avoidable injury to illness.
  • Treatment errors by a private medical practice causing unnecessary suffering.
  • Injuries caused by defective medical equipment.

There are of course different other ways in which negligent medical care could cause you harm. Discuss your case with one of our panel of medical negligence solicitors covering Chester today.

Claim If The Victim Of A Criminal Injury

If you have been injured as a victim of a crime, such as having been assaulted, you could be eligible to claim compensation for the injuries that you have suffered. You could be able to claim compensation irrespective of whether the perpetrator has been caught, charged or convicted. To be able to claim compensation as a victim of a crime, you will need to show our accident claims solicitors that you have a crime number (meaning your incident was reported to the police) and that you have details of how you were harmed – what injuries you suffered.

Criminal compensation settlements could be for any injuries sustained, any loss of income and other ways in which you have been financially affected by the incident.

Please note: there is a shorter accident claims time limit for criminal injuries. This is generally two years.

Claim For Public Place Accidents And Injuries

Our accident claims solicitors could help you to claim compensation through public liability insurance for accidents caused by negligence in a public place. Public place accidents can take place anywhere where you can freely come and go. The term ‘public’ refer to spaces which are publicly owned, such as a council-run park, but also other places where the public can go without asking permission which are owned by private companies such as a shopping centre, car park, museums etc. Any business, local authority or space that is owned or occupied by another where the public can enter must be made safe for use.

Examples of when an accident claims solicitor could help you to make a public place accident claim may be for,

  • Supermarket accidents.
  • Injuries at the gym caused by faulty equipment.
  • Accidents in a playground caused by damaged or faulty equipment.
  • Pavement accidents caused by broken or damaged paving slabs.

For information about how to make an accident claim in Chester for those which have happened in a public place, please view this guide.

Claim For Slip, Fall And Trip Accidents

Whether at work, when in a public place or even in the home, slips and trips are the most common category of accident and ways in which people are injured. To see some slips, trips and falls facts relating to accidents at work, please see this HSE guide.

The resultant injuries from a slip or a fall could vary. They could include sprains and strains, ligament injuries and even broken bones. These types of injuries could sometimes take a long while to recover from and affect your day-to-day life, such as your ability to work.

Trips and slips could be caused by,

  • Broken or uneven flooring or pavements.
  • Broken or damaged stairs or handrails.
  • Defective ramps or walkways.
  • Spillages that have not been marked or cleaned up.

Talk to one of our accident claims solicitors covering your area to see if you are eligible to claim compensation.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Chester

If you are looking for accident claims advice you may be wondering how you will pay for your solicitors services. This is why no win no fee solicitors and no win no fee claims were created. You may hear the term conditional fee agreement, but this is used synonymously. With a no win no fee solicitor you will not have to pay any upfront fees either for initial accident claims advice, or for them to begin working on your claim. However you will need to pay for their services in the event that you are awarded compensation. If you do need to do so, you will have a compensation settlement from which you could make the payment.

To learn more about how you could fund your accident compensation claim, please get in touch with our team.

Start An Accident Claim

Our panel of accident claims solicitors covering Chester have up to three decades of personal injury and accident claims experience. This means that they should have the knowledge and the experience to expertly conduct your claim.

You can contact our team by calling us on 0800 073 8801. You could also fill in the form at the top of this page to request a call back from us or you could send details of your claim to our team at

Why choose nationwide claims services over accident claims solicitors in Chester?

When an accident happens, you’re unlikely to start thinking about compensation claims right away. When you sit down and think about how the accident happened, though, and how it has caused you to suffer, you might be interested in finding personal injury claims solicitors in Chester. We suggest you don’t stop there. We believe that if you expand your search and consider law firms like ours that offer nationwide services, you might end up with a lawyer that has recent experience in a case similar to yours. Also, some local firms specialise in other areas of the law whereas we solely concentrate on personal injury claims.

We deal with claims online, over the phone and by email to make the process as efficient as possible. However, you can rest assured that we provide excellent service and will always try to ensure you receive the highest amount of compensation possible if we accept your case. Importantly, we are registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) as all law firms are.

After your free consultation, if your case is accepted, we’ll connect you with one of our solicitors. They’ll spend some time talking through your claim with you to getter a better understanding of how you’ve been affected. This is important and helps us to ensure we include everything in your claim. To support your case, your solicitor will arrange to collect evidence such as witness statements, photographs and incident reports. Also, they’ll book a local appointment so that your injuries can be independently reviewed by a medical expert.

After everything has been collated, your claim will be sent to the defendant who’ll probably forward it to an insurance company or their own lawyers. So that you don’t have to deal with any complex medical or legal questions, your solicitor will become the focal point for any queries. If objections are raised about the defendant’s liability for the accident or your injuries, your solicitor will work hard to try and counter them. If possible, they’ll use extra evidence to resolve any arguments.

It’s worth pointing out that we don’t simply accept the first offer on the table to win cases. If a settlement offer doesn’t appear to cover the level of suffering you have endured, your solicitor will negotiate to try and raise the settlement to a fair level. Please call us today if you are interested in working with our accident claims solicitors covering Chester.

Accident Claim – FAQs

In the following sections, we look at some of the questions frequently asked of accident claims solicitors and provide some answers.

Q: What Could Accident Claims Solicitors Do For Me?

A: Earlier in this guide we look at what an accident claim solicitor is. What they could do for claimants is to successfully handle your claim for compensation. They may also be able to help in additional ways, such as helping to make sure you have had a medical exam and have all the evidence necessary.

Q: Do I Need A Solicitor Near Me?

A: There is no requirement for your solicitor to be from your local area. Whilst we are not based in this area we could help you as well as ‘solicitors near me’. Find out how our panel of solicitors could help you by contacting our team.

Q: Do I Need To Have A Medical For My Claim?

A: The quick answer is yes. You need to have a medical exam. During this exam, a medical professional will assess your injuries and may even discover those not yet diagnosed. They will provide you and your accident claim solicitor or personal injury lawyer a report illustrating the extent of the injuries and how long your recovery may take. They may also refer you for additional testing or treatment.

This examination will allow the expert to produce a medical report which will be used as evidence for your claim. Your solicitor may use it in conjunction with a personal injury claims calculator to estimate what you could claim.

Q: Where Could I Have A Medical?

A: We try to make sure that you have your medical exam with a doctor who is based as closely and conveniently to you as possible. To this end, Accident Claims UK works with a panel of doctors who are based around the country. Those closest to Chester may include,

Stephen Grant Charlesworth-Jones
Belgrave Medical Centre,
Eccleston House,
Park Lane,
Cuckoos Nest,

Mohammed Safdar
Trinity Street,

Please note: whilst we will try to make sure you see a doctor close to you, you may see a different expert to those listed above or see a doctor at a different location.

Chester Local Resources

In addition to both the information and resources about accident claims which we have provided in this guide we recognise that you may still have additional questions or need to find out information about local services. Below we include details of services which you may need to access as the victim of an accident or injury in the Chester area.

Chester Civil And Family Justice Centre – Some claims do need to be heard in a court. This is only a small percentage and your personal injury lawyer will advise you if this is the case.

Cheshire Police – How to report a collision or other incident on the road in Cheshire.

Health and Safety Executive Toolbox – Here employers can find many different resources and guides for keeping their workplace and employees safe.

Thanks again for visiting today and find out how accident claims solicitors in Chester and personal injury solicitors in Chester work. Our team can help with Chester accident claims as part of our nationwide service. Why not call today to find out more?

Article by Russel edited by Mel.