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Accident claims solicitors Exeter

Accident claims solicitors Exeter

By Brett Williams. Last updated 23rd August 2021. Have you been injured because somebody else made a mistake, was negligent or careless?  Do you need to have an accident claim solicitor to help you seek compensation for your injuries but are not sure where to start your search?  If you’re looking for accident claims solicitors in Exeter, then this guide could show you that the solicitors’ location is not as important as knowledge and expertise.

We’re going to provide accident claims advice throughout this guide which could be used to help you make claims for work accidents, claims following an assault in Exeter, a slip, trip or fall and other scenarios that personal injury solicitors in Exeter may offer to help you with.

Although we’re not based in Exeter, our accident claims solicitors are able to help you with claims in the area. We offer free legal advice about beginning your claim so why not call and speak with a specialist today on 0800 073 8801.  If you’d like to find out more before calling, please continue reading.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Exeter?

An accident claims solicitor covering Exeter is one who can help you make a claim for compensation following an accident.  They will usually offer a no win no fee accident claim agreement when it can be shown that:

  • A third party owed you a duty of care;
  • They breached their duty of care which caused the accident to happen; and
  • You suffered an injury or illness as a result of the accident.

Any personal injury lawyer might be willing to help with your case, whether they’re based in Exeter or not. When you find a solicitor that will take on your case, they’ll usually help by:

  • Assessing your claim for free and advising you how to proceed.
  • Helping you to gather any supporting evidence and medical records required.
  • Dealing with any queries or objections raised by the other party involved in the accident.

Our accident claims solicitors offer all of the above for any personal injury claim they agree to take on and work on a no win no fee basis which reduces the risk and stress involved with making a claim.

Work Accident Claim Advice

All employers are duty-bound to try and reduce any risks in the workplace by litigation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.  This requires them to undertake risk assessments in the workplace and reduce any risks identified by:

  • Providing comprehensive training to all staff.
  • Ensuring any equipment is well maintained and repaired when faults are reported.
  • Providing safety equipment and protective clothing where required.

If any of the above doesn’t happen, which causes an accident to occur, then the injured party might be able to seek compensation. The accident claim amount will depend on the severity of any injury sustained as well as suffering caused and financial losses.

Exeter Workplace Injury Statistics

Health and safety statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that in 2017 there were nearly 31 million days lost due to injuries and illness caused by workplace incidents and in 2018 there were nearly 150 workers involved in fatal workplace accidents.

Location Total – Non Fatal Injuries Total – Non Fatal Injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal Injuries
Exeter 196 181 0

The table above shows workplace accidents reported to the HSE (source) in the Exeter area.

Car, Bicycle And Road Traffic Accidents

A common type of claim that accident solicitors covering Exeter often deal with are road traffic accidents. Medical claims for a car accident include common injuries such as whiplash and soft tissue damage but can also include serious injuries such as fractures, head injuries and back injuries which can have an affect for many years to come.

The car accident claims process requires you to collect as much evidence as possible at the scene of the accident. You should try to:

  • Photograph the accident scene before anything is moved.
  • Ask the other driver for their details, including their insurance provider.
  • Gather witness details.
  • Seek medical attention for any injuries as soon as possible.

Clinical Malpractice And Medical Negligence

Accident claim solicitors can also help you make a claim for medical or clinical negligence.  Claims in this field usually require the following to have occurred:

  • You received substandard and negligent treatment from a medical professional;
  • That negligent treatment led to a new illness, injury or your existing condition to become worse; and
  • The treatment occurred within the accident claims time limit of 3 years. (This can vary).

Accident claims solicitors in Exeter (or those covering the area) can make claims for negligence against NHS establishments as well as private healthcare providers and could also claim for injuries caused by negligent cosmetic surgery too.

Compensation For The Victim Of A Violent Crime

If you’re injured following a criminal act against you then you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries and suffering. There are government run schemes which you could claim accident compensation from even if the criminal was never identified.

Our accident claims solicitors have the knowledge and skills to help with accident claims in Exeter that are the result of crimes so please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your options.

Public Liability Accident Clams

Some accident claims in Exeter can be made against owners or occupiers of public areas or property. In essence, a public place can be described as somewhere you don’t need to ask permission to enter or pass through. This could be a public highway (path, road etc), a shopping centre, a public park or other green spaces.

The accident compensation claim could be made against a local authority or a private business owner, but it can sometimes be tricky to identify who’s actually responsible for a public place.  This is where a no win no fee solicitor who specialises in accident claims can really help.

If you’ve been injured in a public place but are not sure who to claim against, please get in touch and let one of our accident claims solicitors covering Exeter help you decide whether to claim or not. You will be bound by public liability claims time limits which are currently 3 years from the date the accident happened or the date you became knowledgeable of the injury, this time limit can vary so please call our advisors for more information.

Injuries In Slip Trip And Fall Accidents

Slips or trips which result in a fall can happen just about anywhere including at work, in a shop, at school, in a hospital or in a pub or restaurant. That doesn’t automatically entitle you to seek compensation though.

As discussed earlier, the accident would need to have been caused by somebody who owed you a duty of care (such as a business owner or local authority) and caused you to suffer an avoidable injury due to a breach in this duty of care.

Some examples of slip and fall accidents caused by somebody else include:

  • Where a floor was slippery or wet, but no warning signs were used.
  • If a door mat for an office or shop was loose or not placed correctly causing you to trip over it.
  • Where a handle or support is damaged causing you to fall.
  • A pothole or pavement defect must sit in certain guidelines in order to qualify the client for compensation.

Slip and fall lawsuit settlement amounts can vary depending on the severity of the injuries sustained. If you’d like to discuss how much your claim might be worth, please get in touch today for a free consultation.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Exeter

Our expert personal injury claims solicitors covering Exeter all work to a no win no fee stricture so that we can make the whole process less stressful. This helps to reduce the financial risk involved with claiming. When using a no win no fee service:

  • You don’t have to pay the solicitor up front.
  • If the case is lost, you don’t have to pay the solicitor at all.
  • The solicitor will only get a success fee if they win the case. It will be deducted automatically from the compensation and is limited to 25% by law.

We believe no win no fee services makes claiming a lot less stressful. This is why our accident claims solicitors offer them for all claims we take on.

How to choose accident claims solicitors covering Exeter

When you decide that you want to make a claim, choosing the right solicitor to help is important. As we have shown, you are able to expand your search beyond law firms based in Kings Wharf or those on Southernhay East or West. The ability to choose solicitors offering nationwide services means you have more choice and could result in you locating a more experienced solicitor or one who has recent experience in a case similar to yours.

Our team of solicitors is experienced in dealing with all sorts of claims. To improve the efficiency of the claims process, you won’t need to visit our offices as everything is managed online or on the phone. That means that your solicitor can start dealing with your claim right away if they decide to represent you.

If you choose one of our personal injury solicitors covering Exeter, they will try to manage everything for you. They’ll start by discussing your case in detail so that they are fully aware of how you’ve been affected. After that, they will arrange to collect evidence to support your claim. You will need to have your injuries assessed by an independent specialist so your solicitor will make an appointment for you locally.

Once everything is in place, the claim will be filed and your solicitor will take control of all communication. This is to prevent you from having to answer difficult medical or legal questions. If any objections come back from the defendant’s insurers or legal team, extra evidence will be provided where possible to try to counter them.

Something that’s really important is that you will be able to contact your solicitor throughout the claims process and ask any questions that crop up. Furthermore, you will be given updates about how your case is progressing regularly.

Even if liability is accepted for both the accident and your injuries, your solicitor won’t necessarily accept the first settlement offer. If they believe that the compensation doesn’t cover your suffering, they’ll go back and fight for more. If you’d like to know more about how our accident claims solicitors covering Exeter could help you, why not call our team today?

How To Submit A Claim

If you’re ready to begin a claim, or discuss how we could help you make a claim, then you can contact us by:

Remember, we offer a no-obligation assessment of any accident claims in Exeter. You can ask as many questions as you like, and we’ll provide free legal advice about your options.


To save time, we’ve listed some frequently asked questions that accident claims solicitors covering Exeter are often asked below.

How Could Your Team Help My Claim?

Our team specialise in personal injury claims and our accident claims solicitors have up to 30 years of experience in the field.  We’re a friendly bunch of specialists who love giving people the chance of compensation that they could be entitled to.

Whether you’re looking to claim against a business, your employer or a local authority, we could help. Our specialists know which legislation to use and what’s needed to make a claim as straightforward as possible.

Will I Have To Choose A Local Solicitor?

Many modern solicitors are happy to work with clients over email or telephone which means you don’t necessarily need to use a solicitor based in Exeter to help with your claim. It’s far better to choose a solicitor based on the solicitor’s experience in accident claims rather than their location.

This means you now have the choice to use accident claims solicitors who can cover Exeter even though they could be based anywhere within the UK.

Why Do I Need To See Another Doctor?

There is one part of claim which is easier if it’s carried out locally.This is the medical assessment that is used by solicitors to demonstrate how severe an injury was and how it is likely to affect you in the future.

We have a panel of doctors and medical specialists around the UK who can undertake your medical assessment to ensure you don’t have to travel too far for your assessment.

You may have already obtained medical records from your own GP or a hospital that you attended following your accident. A further medical assessment will still need to happen to show a comparison of how the injuries are impacting you at the point of your claim.

Where Will I Have A Medical Exam?

Here are a sample of the locations you could be sent for your medical assessment in the Exeter region:

Louise Whyte
AMS Physiotherapy,
15 West Street,
Exeter, EX1 1BB.

Simon Wearne
Holmedale Health,
34 Denmark Street,
Exeter, EX1 1SE.

Laura Pallares
7 St David’s Hill,
Exeter, EX4 3RG.

If you decide to use our service, we could send you to one of these specialists or another nearby.

Resources For Additional Information

Now that you’ve come to the end of this guide about choosing between accident claims solicitors in Exeter and those covering the area, we’ve decided to link to some other useful guides and resources.

Road Traffic Accident Reporting – Information from Devon police about how to report a road traffic accident in the area.

Local Court Information – The contact information and opening hours of the local court should you ever need to attend.

Reporting Accidents at Work – Information on how to report accidents at work from the Health and Safety Executive.

Whiplash Claims – Guidance on the types of injuries caused by car accidents including whiplash.

Personal Injury Claims Calculator – A useful tool which can help you work out what compensation can be paid for different injuries. The guide explains how the severity of the injury is assessed and can impact upon the compensation paid.

Thank you for reading our guide on choosing accident claims solicitors in Exeter and personal injury claims solicitors in Exeter.

Edited by Mel.