Guildford Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Guide Covering The Guildford Area

Accident claims solicitors Guildford

Accident claims solicitors Guildford

By Brett Williams. Last updated 25th August 2021. A person who has been injured, or suffered psychological harm in an accident that was caused by someone else, or by a private or public entity, could make a legal claim for financial compensation. This is known as an accident claim, they could be made against a business, against someone’s employer, against the NHS or a private healthcare provider, against a local authority or against an individual. If you have experienced such an accident, at work, on the road, in public or while receiving medical treatment and you are looking for a personal injury lawyer who could help you make a claim for a Guildford accident, then Accident Claims UK is exactly what you have been looking for. Read the article below for more information, additionally you can also look around our website for details on specific types of accident claims to find the one that meets the description of the circumstances of your accident. Each page on our website for different types of accident claims has a personal injury claims calculator so you can get a rough idea of how much financial compensation you may be entitled to in the event that your accident claim is successful.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Guildford?

An accident claims solicitor is a personal injury lawyer who specialises in helping their clients win compensation when they have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else who had breached their duty of care. We advise using an accident solicitor to manage your case if you want a good chance of winning your case and receiving compensation for the physical and mental harm you have suffered. The accident solicitors that Accident Claims UK works with are some of the most knowledgeable with up to thirty years of legal experience and offering no win no fee agreements for their services. Our panel of accident claims solicitors may not be based in your area, but they can provide expert, high-quality legal support for accident claims in Guildford.

Claim For An Accident In Public

Our panel of accident solicitors can cover accident claims in Guildford. If you have had an accident in public then you could be eligible to make a claim if we can prove that you have been injured and that the accident was caused by negligence towards safety on the part of the owner or operator of the public place where the accident took place. A public place can be any premises open to the public, whether it is a private business or a publicly owned and operated facility, it can be indoors or outdoors. The owner and operator of such a place have a responsibility to ensure that it does not provide a safety hazard for the public. Playground equipment, gym equipment, swimming pools and other facilities that are used by the public must be maintained to a high standard to prevent the risk of injury, to give another example a hairdressers must make sure that their staff are properly trained so as not to allow for the possibility of customers being accidentally cut or burned while having their hair done.

Claims For Work Accidents In Guildford

You are entitled to a workplace that is as safe for you and your colleagues as possible. There have been advances in workplace safety in the United Kingdom, as you can see in the figures on the governments Health and Safety Executive website on this link here. However workplace accidents still happen resulting in injury. Some of these injuries will have been caused by accidents that could have been avoided if the employer had taken more of the proper steps to ensure workplace safety.  Employers must carry out risk assessments and make all potential dangers known to their staff. Staff must have access to all necessary safety equipment, such as masks, high visibility vests, hard hats and so on. Employees need to be given proper training for their tasks and safety training. If it can be proven that your accident was caused by your employer being negligent towards safety practices then you may be entitled to receive financial compensation for any harm suffered. If you have been in an accident at work and you are looking for personal injury solicitors covering Guildford then follow this link to our website for more information.

Statistics For Injuries At Work In Guildford

The table below is a list of figures for workplace accidents in Guildford from 2013/14 to 2017/18. It shows the reported number of injuries, the rate of injuries and the number of workplace accident fatalities. It will give you an idea of how common workplace injuries are in your area. Follow this link to see the source of these figures and for the figures for the rest of the UK.

LocationTotal- Non fatal injuriesTotal- Non fatal injuries per 100'000 workersFatal injuries

Claims For Slip, Trip, Or Fall Injuries

Slip, trip and fall claims are a subset of public place accident claims. You could make an accident claim against any private or public body responsible for the path or walkway on which you have fallen over and injured yourself if it can be proven that said body should have maintained their property to a higher standard, there is a strict criteria in which the defect must fit to qualify as a claim. You could make a claim if you have tripped on a pothole or an uneven piece of paving if the defect fits into the criteria and you are injured as a result. You could claims against a private business if, for example, you have tripped and fallen on a section of wet floor without any signage or on wires that have been left out. You can read more about slip, trip and fall claims on our website here.

Claim Criminal Injury And Assault Compensation

We don’t only help clients claim for compensation for injuries they have suffered in accidents, we also help clients claim for compensation for injuries and psychological harm they have suffered as a result of criminal assaults. The compensation you will receive will come from CICA, the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority, the government body responsible for providing compensation to crime victims. There doesn’t have to be an individual who has been convicted of injuring you in order for you to receive compensation, only proof that the crime took place and that you were physically or psychologically harmed as a result. Assault compensation claims also include claims for rape or sexual abuse.

Claim For A Traffic Accident

You can claim compensation if you have been injured in a road traffic accident and it was another road user’s fault. Road users must all comply with their duty of care not to act negligently on the road failure to comply may mean that they are responsible if an accident is caused. Injuries that can result from road traffic accidents can include whiplash, which you can read more about on our website. If you want to know more about claims for road traffic accidents, or if you want to make a claim for a Guildford road traffic accident, then follow this link to our website.

Claim With Medical Negligence Solicitors Covering Guildford

If you have been harmed as a result of substandard medical treatment then you may have grounds for compensation for medical negligence. Medical negligence is when medical professionals do not carry out their duties correctly and fail to uphold their duty of care to their patients, resulting in harm to the patient. Medical negligence can come in different forms, ranging from injuries or infections as a result of botched surgery, to neglect of the elderly in care homes or disabled people living in nursing homes. You can find more information about different types of medical negligence on our website here. We have medical negligence solicitors covering Guildford to assist you in making a claim for compensation if you have been affected by any of the issues that are listed on our website in the link above.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Guildford

We can offer you a no win no fee solicitor for an accident claim in Guildford. A no win no fee solicitor will not charge you any money upfront for their time and services and will not charge you for any costs if your claim is ruled as valid but is not successful in winning you compensation. Instead of receiving money from you an accident claims solicitor who operates a no win no fee agreement with you will receive a portion of your compensation as payment if it is successful. Before the accident claims process begins you and your solicitor will discuss and agree a percentage that they will be awarded if the case is successful this is known as a conditional fee agreement. Don’t worry about this agreement being unfavourable for you, the maximum amount that an accident claims solicitor will receive from your compensation will be 25% of the total of your accident claims compensation.

Contact An Accident Claims Solicitor

If you want to begin an accident claim with our personal injury solicitors covering Guildford or if you want free accident claims advice or more information about whether you are eligible to make a claim, such as whether or not you will be affected by the accident clams time limit, then read our online guide or call our number on 0800 073 8801 or fill out our contact form here. Our phone line is open 24/7 and we will respond to your online form inquiry as early as we can.

Using accident claims solicitors covering Guildford to secure compensation

Being injured in an accident caused by somebody else can be a horrible experience. As well as any initial pain, you could suffer long-term problems and you might be affected financially too. If this is the case, you’re well within your rights to begin searching for personal injury solicitors in Guildford to help you claim compensation for your suffering. Before you do, though, we’d suggest that you include nationwide law firms like ours in your search as well. By doing so, it is possible that you’ll find a solicitor who works purely on injury claims and may have dealt with a claim just like yours in recent times.

As with other law firms, we are registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority. However, unlike some, we don’t ask you to travel to our offices to begin your claim. We work efficiently by dealing with everything over the phone, by email and online. That means we can deal with cases from around the country including accident claims in Guildford. Wherever the accident happened, you can rest assured that our solicitors will try to ensure you receive the maximum level of compensation possible for your injuries.

If we agree to work for you, will partner you with one of our solicitors. They’ll begin right away by discussing your case in detail with you. This is so that they are fully aware of what impact your injuries have had on you. To help prove who was to blame and how the accident occurred, your solicitor will collect supporting evidence such as accident reports, witness statements and photographs. Also, they’ll arrange a local appointment for you to see an independent medical expert who’ll document the extent of your injuries.

Moving on, your solicitor will file the claim on your behalf and become the focal point for all communication. They’ll deal with the defendant, their insurer or their legal representatives so that you’re not bombarded with questions that can often be complex and technical. Should any arguments or queries come their way, your solicitor will attempt to use their legal expertise to counter them.

Something that’s really important is that we won’t always accept the first compensation offer that’s made. Although doing so would mean we’d won the case, we’d rather go back and request a higher compensation amount if we feel the offer undermines the extent of your suffering.

Our accident claims solicitors covering Guildford could help you claim on a No Win No Fee basis. Why not call us today to find out more?

Guildford Accident Claim FAQs

Could A Solicitor Help With My Claim?

Although it is technically possible for you to manage and represent your own case, this is inadvisable. You are better off seeking out the services of an accident claims solicitor. Accident claims solicitors are professionals who specialise in handling these types of claims. They have the legal expertise to advise you on your claim, to help you gather evidence and to represent your case. Our panel of accident claims solicitors have up to thirty years of legal experience, we work with a panel of doctors with whom they can arrange a medical examination to support your case and they will ensure that you are given regular updates about every detail of your case as it is proceeding. Our accident solicitors also offer no win no fee agreements to relieve you of the financial cost of your accident claim.

Do I Have To Use A Local Solicitor?

You may be tempted to look for a solicitor by google searching “solicitors near me” under the assumption that you would have to work with a solicitor who is based close enough to you for you to be able to visit their practice for regular face to face meetings to plan and discuss your case.  It is perfectly possible for you to work with a solicitor based outside of Guildford, even if they are too far away for you to meet them in person, you can communicate with them via phone, email or social media. By expanding your options you stand a better chance of being able to find a solicitor who is best suited, through their experience and expertise, to manage your accident claim. Our accident claims solicitors are not based in Guildford, but we do have accident solicitors covering Guildford who can provide you with excellent accident claims management services.

Do I Need To Be Assessed By A Doctor?

In order to be make a claim you first have to be able to prove that you have in fact been injured, without that it is difficult to build up the claim. Your medical examination will prove that you have been injured and to what extent. Your accident solicitor will use the conclusion of the doctors assessment as evidence to support your case.

Where Will I Have My Assessment?

You can have your assessment performed in your local area. We have a panel of doctors that cover most of the UK in order to ensure that all of our clients have easy access to a doctor to have their medical examination done. This includes doctors in, or close to, Guildford so you won’t have to worry about how you will get to your medical assessment. The names and addresses of the doctors we work within your area are listed below.

Syed Zaidi
Ward street

Salman Baig
Regus Guildford
3000 Cathedral Hill

Additional Information

Reporting A Work Place Accident

Guildford Court And Family Court

Reporting A Road Traffic Accident To The Police

Thank you for reading about how our accident claims solicitors covering Guildford could help you seek compensation. For free legal advice on your options, please call today.

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