Accident Claims Solicitors Hoddesdon – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Hoddesdon Area

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 15th September 2021. Welcome to this accident claims solicitors for Hoddesdon claims guide. We explain here what to consider when looking for personal injury solicitors for Hoddesdon claims.

Accident claims solicitors Hoddesdon

Accident claims solicitors Hoddesdon

Did you suffer whiplash because of a Hoddesdon traffic accident? Were you injured in a public accident in a park in Hoddesdon? Do you wish to make a claim for criminal injury or a clinical malpractice claim? Whatever type of accident claims in Hoddesdon you’re looking to make, Accident Claims UK could provide a personal injury solicitor covering Hoddesdon to assist you with your case.

Below, you’ll find a number of different sections regarding accident compensation claims in Hoddesdon. Each section covers a different type of claim, or a question you may have about making this type of claim.

Should you have questions about any part of making a claim for accident compensation, whether for road traffic accident claims, or other injuries or loss of a loved one, simply get in touch and we’ll be glad to provide you with more information on our legal services. We can be reached on 0800 073 8801 and are happy to provide legal advice on how such a claim could work.

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  5. Clinical Malpractice Claims
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What Role Does An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Hoddesdon Play?

A personal injury lawyer is a legal professional who can assist clients with accident claims in Hoddesdon. They can provide you with a more detailed estimate of compensation than you would get using a personal injury claims calculator. The solicitor could also help to build a case against a liable party in order to help get you the maximum settlement amount.

Whether you’re claiming against the NHS for medical negligence, under the MIB for a Hoddesdon A10 accident caused by an uninsured driver, or any other incidents, accident claims solicitors covering Hoddesdon could provide invaluable legal support and advice.

But how do you find the right personal injury solicitor to help you. Our advice is as follows:

Check their experience – a solicitor who has experience dealing with your type of claim would be beneficial. If you have a complex medical negligence case, for example, it could be wise to choose a solicitor who has complex medical negligence case experience – you could ask that they provide you with some sort of examples of cases they’ve worked on that were similar to yours to judge whether you feel they were the right fit for your case.

Check their reviews – Another way of checking how good the solicitor might be would be to visit an independent review platform and check their reviews.

Check their fees – Accident claims solicitors covering Hoddesdon who work on a No Win No Fee basis would be a wise choice. We cover this further on in the guide.

Read on to find out what types of claims could be covered and what a claim management company could assist with.

Hoddesdon Traffic Accident Claims

Whether you suffered a back injury in a motorbike accident on Hoddesdon A10, or whiplash in a taxi on a smaller residential road, accident claims in Hoddesdon could compensate you for physical and mental injuries as well as covering costs incurred as a consequence of the road traffic accident providing someone else caused the accident. As such, you should speak to accident claims solicitors covering Hoddesdon to see if you could claim compensation.

All road users have a responsibility to make sure they use the roads in a lawful and safe manner. If they have not done so and you were injured, you may have cause to claim compensation and it is worth noting that you could claim as any of the following:

  • Passenger in a car/taxi/bus/other vehicle
  • Driver of a car/taxi/bus/other vehicle
  • Pedestrian
  • Motorcyclist
  • Cyclist

The usual personal injury claims time limit for road accidents is 3 years from the accident date. However, there could be some exceptions so if you are unsure, then we can clarify this over the phone. As such, if you are worried about a time limit associated with your claim, please contact one of our advisers today.

Accidents And Injuries At Work

No matter what you do for work, anyone who employs you is required to ensure that you are able to do that work safely. They must ensure that risks in your workplace are as low as they could be by making sure you are adequately trained, by performing risk assessments regularly, and by acting on those risks assessments to reduce risks further.

Employers should also ensure you have personal protective equipment if required, and that your working area is made as safe as reasonably possible so you can do your job without undue risk. If they fail to protect you in this manner, and you suffer injury or illness, either in a one-off accident at work, or as a condition developing over time which could have been avoided, you could look at making accident claims in Hoddesdon for work injury compensation.

Injuries At Work Reported In Hoddesdon

To help you see more information about Hoddesdon area workplace injuries, we have collated the below figures from the HSE statistics.

LocationTotal - non fatal injuriesTotal - non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries

Sadly, some injuries could be fatal. The HSE’s 2020/21 statistics show some sobering figures pertaining to this.

accident claims solicitors Hoddesdon statistics graph

Clinical Malpractice Claims

Clinical malpractice could also be referred to as “medical negligence”. Whether you were subjected to negligent treatment by your GP which led to an illness becoming harder to recover from, or you’ve been injured needlessly by your dentist, you could be entitled to make an accident claim in Hoddesdon for medical negligence. Healthcare professionals have a duty of care to you. If they fail in this duty and you are harmed, you could claim for negligence, whether the incident took place in an NHS or private setting. Some healthcare professionals who could be at fault may include the following:

  • Midwives
  • Hospital doctors
  • GPs
  • Care home staff
  • Dentists
  • Nurses

Slip & Fall Cases

Depending on the seriousness of your fall or slip, you could have sustained a range of injuries which may have led to lost wages if you’ve had to have time away from work to recover. These losses could be claimed for as part of slip and fall accident claims in Hoddesdon. Your accident claims solicitor covering Hoddesdon could help you claim for medical costs, travel costs and other financial costs that you had to bear as a direct result of your injury. This is on top of the amount you could be claiming for the initial injury and your pain and suffering.

You could claim for a slip or fall injury in a variety of different places. Your employer could be liable for an accident at work if they have not maintained a safe work environment, or a restaurant owner could be liable for a trip on improperly fixed flooring because they are responsible for your safety while you were in the restaurant. If someone else is liable for your accident, no matter what injury you’ve suffered, speak to our team to see if you could make a claim.

Claim For A Criminal Injury

You may think that a criminal injury claim is only possible if you were the victim of a targeted attack. However, there are other reasons why you might be able to make a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Not only could you make a criminal injury claim for physical and mental injuries from a direct attack but also if you were to be injured trying to stop a criminal act, or if you were witness to violence and suffered mental damage as a result.

If criminal behaviour has directly led to an injury, whether mental or physical, why not call our team to see if you could potentially have cause to launch a criminal injury claim.

Public Accidents And Injuries

Have you suffered because of faulty play-park equipment, or been injured because of improperly stacked items in a shop? If so, these could both be classed as public place accidents. Whether you pay to enter or not, any area that you can go to as a member of the public, could be classed as a public place. This is why entities such as local businesses and local councils must have public liability insurance because they could be liable for accidents that occur in a place they manage/control, or are responsible for. In some cases, accident claims in Hoddesdon could be brought against a local authority, while in others they might be against private businesses.

An accident claims solicitor covering Hoddesdon could help define who could be liable for your injuries and who you would file a claim against.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Hoddesdon

Retaining the services of a legal professional does not mean you have to find the money to pay a large upfront payment in legal costs. Instead, you could opt for the No Win No Fee arrangement which enables you to begin a claim quickly with accident claims solicitors covering Hoddesdon without having to pay an upfront fee.

You should discuss your case with a No Win No Fee solicitor who would determine whether your case is strong before requesting that you sign an agreement that sets out the ‘success fee’ which would only be payable once you receive your compensation. If you don’t end up with a payout, the solicitor’s fees would not have to be paid.

If you’d like to know more about how this works and the benefits it could offer you – aside from the obvious reduction of financial risk – we would be happy to hear from you.

Speak To Our Expert Team

Whether you find yourself in a position where you’re ready to begin an accident claim, or you have further questions about any aspect of claiming for personal injuries, calling Accident Claims UK could be the right solution for you.

Whether you need to find out more about No Win No Fee claims, or you’re unsure as to whether you’re within the time limitation period for your particular  case, we’d be happy to support you. Not only could we provide experienced accident claims solicitors to deal with your case but we could also provide free advice, whatever type of accident you’ve had. Simply call 0800 073 8801 to speak to our experienced and friendly team, or send a message to if you prefer. Alternatively, there is a live chat feature on this page, as well as our contact form. Whichever way you’d like to get in touch, we’re ready to listen and assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some more FAQs surrounding accident claims in Hoddesdon can be seen below.

In What Ways Could Your Team Help Me?

Accident claims UK could not only provide our panel of accident claims solicitors covering Hoddesdon, we could also help with accident claims advice. We work hard to help claimants without putting them under any obligation to use our services.

If you want an honest assessment of your case to see if we feel you have a valid claim, or you want to talk over the accident claims time limit to see if you’re within the limits for claiming, we would be happy to hear from you.

Will I See A Local Solicitor?

To find a personal injury solicitor to help you with Hoddesdon accident claims, you would not necessarily have to search for a local accident claim solicitor. A nationwide service such as ours could provide you with solicitors covering the Hoddesdon area to help you with your claim.

Will I Need A Medical Examination?

When it comes to personal injury claim medical evidence, you would have to be examined by an independent doctor/specialist who would produce a medical report detailing the extent of your injuries and the prognosis. This is because to calculate your settlement amount, there would need to be evidence of your injuries from an independent source.

Will I See A Local Doctor?

We work closely with a UK-wide panel of independent medical professionals. As such, you may be able to see a doctor/specialist/consultant local to you which may include:

Nicholas Dansie

15a Codicote Road, Welwyn



Could accident claims solicitors covering Hoddesdon help me if I have become the victim of a data protection breach?

Lots of different organisations collect and process our personal data. You might have given details to your employer regarding your name address and bank information, or you might have provided your university with details of your next of kin and other personal information. If any of these organisations have breached your data protection, this could cause you harm. You could, if your bank details are breached, so for financial theft, or identity fraud, for example. However, you could also suffer psychologically. Having your personal data accessed by somebody that is unauthorised to do so, could make you feel similar to how you would if you had been burgled. This could cause significant amounts of distress, anxiety, and worry. It could cause you to lose sleep. A legal precedent has been set that could allow you to claim for these psychological injuries as well as any financial harm you suffer from a data protection breach.

You would, however, have to prove that the organisation acted wrongfully with your data. Examples of how they could do so could include sending your information to someone else in error, failing to provide proper security for your data held online, or disclosing personal information to other colleagues without your knowledge or authorisation. If you are concerned about a data breach, and wish to know whether you could make a claim for compensation, we could help. Our specialist solicitors, authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), have years of experience in pursuing such claims. We could help you get the compensation you deserve.

Could accident claims solicitors covering Hoddesdon pursue fatal accident or wrongful death claims for the loss of a loved one?

If you are in the terrible position of having lost someone you loved because they were injured fatally in an accident that was not their fault, this could cause a lot of anger and grief.  Personal injury solicitors covering Hoddesdon know only too well that no amount of money could compensate truly for the loss of someone in this manner. However, they could help you fight for compensation to assist with financial expenses associated with their death, such as funeral costs for example. You could also achieve a payout for your bereavement, your loved one’s suffering and even financial support to assist you if you were dependent on their financial support.

Hoddesdon Area Resources

Hertfordshire Council – If you need council details, they can be found here.

Local Courts – See this link for court details in the local area.

Police – Hertfordshire police details can be seen here

HSE Reports – Making accident/incident reports? If so then this could be useful.

Accidents As A Pedestrian – If you’ve been injured on foot – you might wish to read this guide.

Assault – Work-Based – If you have suffered injury from an assault at work, then our guide may assist.

Have You Suffered Whiplash? – If you have, and it was someone else’s fault, you might wish to read here.

Thanks for reading this accident claims solicitors for Hoddesdon claims guide. We’ve now explained here what to consider when looking for personal injury solicitors for Hoddesdon claims.