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By Jo Jeffries. Last Updated 30th January 2023. Welcome to our accident claims solicitors covering Luton guide. Below, we show you why you don’t need to use local personal injury solicitors for Luton accident claims. We explain why accident claims solicitors in Luton are not your only option, and how we provide an alternative to using local solicitors for accidents that happen in the Luton area. Our personal injury claims olicitors could help you get the compensation you deserve for an accident in Luton that wasn’t your fault.


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Accident claims solicitors Luton

Have you suffered an injury or an illness that was caused by the actions of a third party? Would you like to know a) whether you have a valid claim, and b) how to start a claim? If so, read on, this guide will help you by providing information and advice about the claims process. We will look at many of the causes of accident claims, and how accident claims solicitors covering Luton could help victims to make a claim for compensation.

Even though we have tried to include the right kind of information that will help the majority of people with a cycling accident, fatal accident or medical negligence claim, your accident claim in Luton might have a unique aspect that this guide does not cover. If this is so, you can talk to one of our claims team any time of the day or night at our registered office on 0800 073 8801. They will address your questions, and also explain to you how our no win no fee accident claims solicitors can process your claim for you.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Luton?

We always advise using an accident claim solicitor when it comes to personal injury as they have the know-how when it come to laws and legislation, but do you know the kinds of things your solicitor is going to help you with? When one of our panel of accident claims solicitors handles your claim for you, they can:

  • Evaluate your claim and tell you how much compensation you could be able to get.
  • Assist you in preparing documented evidence to support your claim.
  • Process your claim for you.
  • In the case of an accident claim going to court, your solicitor will represent you to help you claim compensation.

To learn more about the many ways that our solicitors can be of assistance, please use the number at the end of this guide to contact our claims team.

Local Solicitors – Do I Have To Use Solicitors In Luton?

It may surprise you to learn that you don’t need to use the services of local solicitors in Luton when making claims for accidents that have happened there. Instead of using Luton solicitors, you could hire solicitors anywhere in the country with experience handling claims similar to your own. These days, letters, phone calls, e-mails and video chats are often used in the claims process. It is no longer necessary for you to be in the locality of your solicitor. 

If you choose not to work with local solicitors, this doesn’t mean to say you wouldn’t be able to see them face-to-face either. A meeting could be arranged for you near to where you live or work. Or you could travel to see your solicitor. Just like using solicitors in Luton, the main consideration is likely to be whether the solicitor you’re considering has the knowledge and experience to handle your claim.

Here at Accident Claims UK, we have a panel of solicitors with experience handling a range of personal injury claims. Additionally, they offer their services on a No Win No Fee basis. As such, you generally don’t have to pay for the work they do if your claim fails. 

To speak to us about using us as an alternative to local solicitors, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to talk to you.  

Luton Accident At Work Statistics Taken From The RIDDOR

The table below shows statistics related to workplace accidents in the Luton area, for 2014/15 – 2019/20.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
Luton 147 175 0

You can find further detailed information about the period 2013/14 – 2017/18, at the following link:

HSE Injury Statistics

The most recent causes of workplace injuries can be seen in the graph below. You can see the full published statistics for 2020/21 here.

Luton solicitors

Workplace And Occupational Injury Claims

Have you been injured in an accident at work? Do you realise that your employer is supposed to provide you with a safe and healthy working environment? If your employer has failed to make their best effort to remove all workplace hazards, and this has resulted in you being injured in some way, you could be able to make an accident claim.

There are many ways that an employee can be injured in an occupational accident. Slips, trips and falls, vehicle accidents, manual handling accidents and fires to name but a few. If the employer is responsible for the accident in any way, a personal injury lawyer could be able to process a claim on behalf of the injured employee.

Road Traffic Accident Claims In Luton

When it comes to road traffic accident claims, Luton residents who are injured by the actions of another road user, could have a basis for making a claim for their road traffic injuries, for reasons such as:

  • A driver following too closely, crashes into the rear of the victim’s vehicle.
  • A cyclist is forced off the road by a driver passing too closely.
  • A car driver is forced to swerve due to a building works obstruction in the road, causing them to crash.

All of these are examples of how a road user can be injured due to no fault of their own. These could be in a way that could leave them eligible to make a claim. We can provide solicitors that are accident claim specialists, Luton residents can trust to do everything possible to process a claim successfully.

Slip, Trip And Fall Accident Claims

One of the most common kinds of accidents in the UK each year, are slip, trip and fall accidents. A slip trip and fall can be caused by a myriad of very simple hazards, for example:

  • A person using a public bathroom could slip on spilt water with no warning signs.
  • Whilst dining in a restaurant, a patron could slip on food that has been dropped on the floor and has not been cleaned up.
  • While they are walking down the street, a member of the public could trip on a broken paving slab or a pothole.
  • A cleaner could leave cleaning materials or equipment in a hotel hallway, causing a guest to trip over.

In each of these examples, the accident was caused by a hazard that a third party was responsible for. It could be possible for accident injury solicitors to process a personal injury claim on behalf of the person who was harmed.

Injury And Assault Claims

Injuries suffered by the victim of a violent crime can be both psychological in nature (depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.) or they can be physical in nature. Violent crimes include:

  • Physical assault.
  • Sexual assault.
  • Rape.
  • Mugging or other forms of aggravated robbery.
  • Murder

In some cases, the victim may never know the identity of their attacker. However, it is still possible for the victim to make injury & assault claims. What happens is, that the personal injury solicitor will make a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). This is a special organisation that is run by the UK Government, that provides compensation for victims of a violent crime when there is no other way for them to claim.

Public Place And Public Liability Claims

There are two main types of areas in which public liability claims could be split into. The first are general public places run by the local council, such as a park, playground, car park, library, etc. The second is a publicly accessible business premises such as a shopping precinct, a train station, or an airport. In both cases, the premises owner/operator must have a valid public liability insurance policy, that the victim of an accident could seek compensation from, when they make a public liability insurance claim if they are injured in such spaces due to negligence.

You may not always know who is responsible for the premises or location you are injured in. If you are on a public street, you know that the local council is responsible for maintaining it to safe standards. But what about if you are injured in an accident at a shopping mall? Who owns the shopping mall, and who is responsible for maintaining it to safe standards? We can help you work out who you need to make a claim against, and then one of our accident claim solicitors could be able to process a claim for you if you have a valid case.

Medical Carelessness And Negligence

Did you know that every medical professional is expected to undertake their duties in a way that never causes harm to a patient unnecessarily? This is known as the duty of care. When a medical professional fails to meet this duty of care due to a mistake, medical carelessness, or some form of oversight, and a patient is harmed as a result, the patient could be able to make a claim. In order for a claim to be possible, the following must all be true:

  1. The patient suffered some form of harm due to the negligent actions of the medical professional.
  2. The medical professional had a duty of care towards the patient.
  3. A failure to meet the duty of care could have been avoided but wasn’t, and this resulted in the patient being harmed.

If your own situation ticks all of the boxes above, then you could be in a position to make a clinical negligence claim. If you speak to one of our claim advisors on the number below, they will be able to tell you how we can provide you with a personal injury solicitor who you can rely on to process a medical negligence claim diligently for you. Our panel of accident claims solicitors are not based in Luton but can cover all of the Luton area.

No Win No Fee Solicitors For Luton Accident Claims

You may be wondering about the benefits of hiring Accident claims solicitors in Luton after a Luton accident. You should know that you are not obligated to hire a local solicitor if you wish to claim. Our personal injury claims solicitors operate a nationwide service and could help you no matter where you are based in the country.

They also typically offer their services on the basis of No Win No Fee. Under a No Win No Fee arrangement, such as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), they usually won’t ask for any payment upfront.

Instead, they would take a small percentage of your compensation payout if your claim is successful. This is known as a success fee. Under the Conditional Fee Agreements Order 2013, the success fee is a capped percentage of your payout. If your claim didn’t result in a payout, the solicitor would not be paid by you. 

Our advisors can discuss Luton accident claims in more depth, and explain how a No Win No Fee solicitor could benefit you. Get in touch today.

How To Claim Damages And Compensation

Are you ready for a solicitor to start working on your claim for you? Or perhaps you are unsure of whether you have a valid claim or not? Furthermore, you may need some accidents claims advice? No matter what help you need, you can contact our claims team on 0800 073 8801, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will be ready and waiting to provide you with any assistance you need.

Common Issues People Need Answers To

The sections below gives additional information and further clarification of the process that you could to follow to claim damages.

How Could Your Accident Claims Team Help Me?

When we provide you with an accident claim solicitor, they will help you in a number of ways. They will offer you advice on how to overcome the common issues associated with making a claim. Plus, they will provide you with key information, such as the accident claims time limit that will apply, within which you must begin your claim. They will value your claim, and then process it, with the aim of securing you the most accident compensation possible for your case.

Should I Claim With A Personal Injury Solicitor In Luton?

You don’t need to use a local firm of solicitors if you do not want to when making accident claims in Luton. looking for a legal firm that specialises in the kind of claim you need to make maybe a more sensible option. Don’t worry about where they happen to be located. For example, we offer a nationwide service, that focuses on injury and accident claims. We could be able to assist you, no matter where you live in the country.

Are Medical Examinations Always Necessary?

To get a more accurate estimate of the level of compensation that you could be able to claim than a personal injury claims calculator can give, your claim needs to be evaluated by a solicitor. This means having yourself examined by a medical professional, to judge how bad your injuries are, and whether there will be any long-term effects such as disability.

Where Will I Be Medically Examined?

If you need to make accident claims in Luton, we can organise a medical examination for you by these local doctors:

Adnan Saad Consulting Rooms Luton LU1 1BW
1st Floor C/O Accident Claims,
167 Dunstable Road,
Adnan Majid Maxet House, Luton LU1 1RS
Liverpool road

Speak to one of our claim advisors when you are ready to proceed with this.

How could I choose from all the accident claims solicitors covering Luton out there?

There are lots of law firms and lawyers covering Luton injury claims. But, how do you choose on that could help you get the maximum compensation possible for your claim? Obviously, you’ll want to check they’re registered in England and Wales. However, they could be based anywhere in the UK. For personal injury solicitors covering Luton, you might also want to ensure they’re authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Aside from this, what should you be considering? Here are a few things we believe it might be worth checking. This could help narrow down your search:

  • Do they have lots of years of experience in helping claimants with a wide range of injury claims?
  • Do they have specialist solicitors who have a proven track record in securing compensation settlements/awards?
  • Would they assist you on a No Win No Fee basis, under a No Win No Fee agreement?
  • Could they provide an eligibility check free of charge?
  • Might they also be able give you specialist legal advice over the phone?
  • Do they keep claimants updated throughout the claim process?
  • Can you find independent reviews that are positive about their legal services?

We could help you narrow down your search. When you call the team at Accident Claims UK, we’ll assess your case and provide you case-specific advice and eligibility checks. Once we have confirmed whether you could have a valid claim, we could connect you with one of our No Win No Fee solicitors to help you start your injury claim.

Could accidents claims solicitors covering Luton help with child accident claims?

If your child has been injured in an accident at school, out on the street or while travelling in a car, we could help you make a claim on their behalf. You could have up until they turn 18 to make a claim as their litigation friend. This means you’d make decisions about their injury claim on their behalf. You could work with a personal injury solicitor that could secure a payout for your child. The payout would normally be held in a trust for the child. However, applications could be made to the court to release some funds, for example if they were needed for medical treatments. To talk to us about making a child accident claim, please call our team.

Further Accident Claims Information

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Hopefully, you’ve found our guide to finding accident claims solicitors for Luton claims useful. Furthermore,  you’ll know why you don’t need to use local personal injury solicitors for Luton claims.