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Accident claims solicitors NewburyAccident claims solicitors Newbury

Accident claims solicitors Newbury

By Brett Williams. Last updated 27th August 2021. Whether you obtained an injury at work because of a lack of protective equipment, or you slipped on un-gritted ice in a shopping centre forecourt, if someone else was to blame, and they had what is known as third-party liability, compensation could be claimed for accidents in Newbury. Accident claims solicitors covering Newbury could assist with any number of different types of accident claims, from medical malpractice to criminal injury, to falls and trips in public places to a road traffic accident claim. Within this page, we discuss these different types of accident claims in more detail, covering things you may need to know about making a personal injury claim, such as details on the accident claims time limit, what types of accident compensation you could claim, and how a no win no fee solicitor could benefit you. We are Accident Claims UK, and we offer free advice to those seeking information on accident claims in Newbury. We could also help you bring a case against a liable party, by providing you with legal representation from our panel of personal injury solicitors covering Newbury. Call us today for more information, on 0800 073 8801 ,or read the sections below to find useful information on personal injury claims.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Newbury?

Accident claims solicitors covering Newbury could assist with helping you claim accident compensation for any number of accidents that were the fault of someone else which caused you an injury. The third-party who you may hold liable will have had to owe you a duty of acre in which they have breached. Whether you were injured at work because your employer failed to offer you appropriate training, or you were injured in a restaurant because waiting staff spilt a hot beverage on you, or you were injured because of someone else’s criminal activities, if someone else was liable for the accident, then an accident claim solicitor could work to gain you compensation for both the suffering you’ve endured in physical and mental terms, but also for the costs you’ve had to bear directly because of the incident. This might include wage loss, travel costs, or even adaptations to your home if you’re severely injured and require them. Below, we take a look at a variety of different types of claims, as well as providing information about the accident claims process and how to find a personal injury lawyer to help you with accident claims in Newbury. We do hope you find it useful.

Newbury Accident At Work Claims

Your employer does have a duty to look after your health and safety while you are working for them. This extends not only to keeping a safe workplace to stop one-off accidents from happening, but also ensuring that risks of developing workplace conditions are considered and reasonable actions are taken to lower these risks.

Whether you have sustained a work injury because you did not receive training on how to do a task safely, or you developed a condition such as RSI because your workstation was not set up correctly or you weren’t allowed to take regular breaks, you could consider making an accident at work claim.

Some people could be wary of making an accident at work claim, simply because they could worry that it would affect their job. This should not be the case. Not only should your employer be insured to cover the cost of your claim, but they are not allowed to treat you differently because of your workplace injury claim.

West Berkshire Work Injury Statistics

Statistics relating to injuries at work in West Berkshire could be found on the HSE website. We have replicated some of these here:

LocationTotal - non fatal injuriesTotal - non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
West Berkshire1702230

Road And Traffic Accident Claims In Newbury

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident on Newbury bypass? Were you hit by a car in an accident on the A34 Newbury? Or were you injured in any other sort of Newbury traffic accident? Whether a car accident in Newbury Berkshire has caused you whiplash, or you lost a loved one in a Newbury fatal accident, if you did not cause the accident, and another road user did, by acting recklessly or negligently behind the wheel, you could claim compensation for a traffic accident in Newbury whether the injuries were obtained by you, or someone you could claim on behalf of.  In general terms, you could claim on behalf of:

  • Yourself – for mental/physical injuries you’ve received and financial costs directly from the accident.
  • Your child – You could act as a litigation friend on behalf of a child.
  • Your loved one – If your loved one lacks mental capacity or physical capacity, you could claim on their behalf.
  • A deceased loved one – If someone you were dependent on was killed in an accident, then you could look into making a claim for compensation.

Slip, Trip And Fall Accident Claims

Making an accident claim for a slip, trip or fall may on the face of it look fairly simple. Most of us could tell whether it was our own fault whether we tripped or fell or whether other factors came into play, such as a spill not being cleaned up, a balcony not being made secure, or a carpet not being fitted properly, for example. However, having our accident claims solicitors on your side could make all the difference to a successful claim. This is because they would have experience not just in ascertaining who could be liable for a fall or slip claim, but also experience of claiming compensation from liable parties whether they agree with your claim or not. A good number of claims could be kept out of court if the right arguments are put forward, which could take some stress out of the accident claims process.

Criminal Injury Victim Compensation

Sadly, criminal behaviour does happen across the UK, and sometimes it could cause injuries to another person. Whether you were the target of an assault, such as GBH or ABH, or even sexual assault, or you were injured while trying to stop a crime taking place, you might be able to approach CICA for compensation. It is worth considering doing this soon after the incident has occurred, however, because the accident claims time limit in CICA claims is often just 2 years. However, exceptions relating to mental/physical incapacity and historic abuse could allow you to make accident claims in Newbury for criminal incidents that happen outside of these limits. Speak to the Accident Claims UK team to find out more about the exceptions that could still allow you to claim outside of the limit.

Public Place Accident Claims

Have you had a public place accident? Do you know what constitutes this sort of accident? Let us explain. In simple terms, a public place is somewhere people go as members of the public. They may have to pay to enter that place, such as a museum or bowling alley, or they may be free to enter, such as a public park. But, wherever these accidents occur and however they happen, if the liable party has not taken steps to make the area safe for public use, and you are injured because of this lack of attention to safety on their part, you could consider making accident claims in Newbury.  Whether it is the local authority you’d be claiming against, for example for an accident at a Newbury park, or a private business, for example an accident at a supermarket, accident claims solicitors covering Newbury could help you fight for the maximum compensation possible for your claim.

Medical Negligence Claim Solicitors

Medical negligence may be something you would have thought only happens in hospitals, but clinical negligence could happen in a number of different settings such as the GPs surgery, care homes, dentist’s surgery or any NHS or private healthcare setting. This is because the people working in these environments have a responsibility to care for your health and safety while under their care. If they make your medical condition worse via negligence, which could include the misdiagnosis of an illness, negligent dental advice, care home abuse, or surgical negligence, to name but a few examples, you could seek out medical negligence claims solicitors to not just claim compensation for your suffering in physical and emotional terms, but also to claim back any costs you’ve incurred directly because of the negligence. Accident claims solicitors covering Newbury from our panel could assist with claims of this nature.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Newbury

We often advise claimants to seriously consider a no win no fee solicitor for their personal injury claim. This is due to the benefits that could come with using this sort of payment plan. No money would be required initially to begin a claim with this type of personal injury solicitor, meaning you could begin accident claims in Newbury whenever you are ready. Not only this, but you only pay your accident claim solicitors once compensation has been secured. You’ll know what you’ll be paying them in advance, as your payment agreement would detail the percentage of compensation that would settle the legal fees, and obviously, as this fee is dependent on how successful your claim is, you could be certain that your accident claims solicitors covering Newbury would be trying to obtain the largest settlement possible for your case. To ask us anything about the no win no fee service that our panel of accident claims solicitors work to, simply give us a call today.

Speak To A Member Of Our Team

If you’re looking for support or accident claims advice, you may not know where to turn, but Accident Claims UK could provide the perfect solution. Not only does our advice line – 0800 073 8801 – connect you with compassionate, professional and friendly advisors who are all experienced in helping people in your position, but on top of the free advice we offer, we could also provide you with an accident claim solicitor to fight for accident compensation on your behalf. If you’d prefer to message us rather than calling, you could fill the contact form in, or use the live chat, or e-mail for assistance with accident claims in Newbury.

Accident claims solicitors in Newbury versus nationwide services

When you are involved in an accident you probably won’t immediately think about making a compensation claim. After some time though you may decide it’s time to look for accident claims solicitors in Newbury to help you seek compensation and to claim back any financial losses your injuries have caused. When doing so, you’re likely to find solicitors who are based locally but you’re not obliged to use them. We believe it’s worth checking whether they specialise in personal injury claims and whether they offer No Win No Fee services.

Here at Accident Claims UK, our solicitors work exclusively on injury claims. If you talk to us about your claim, you might find that we can partner you with a solicitor who specialises in cases like yours or has dealt with a similar case recently. Just so you know, we are registered by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. However, we deal with claims differently to some firms. To save you from having to travel to our offices, we manage all claims online, by email and over the phone.

If we accept your claim, we’ll pass it to one of our solicitors for you. They will go through everything in detail with you so that they can familiarise themselves with your injuries and how they’ve affected you. Once that is done, they will move to secure evidence to help back up your claim. Something else they’ll do is to arrange a local appointment with an independent medical specialist. By doing so, your injuries and your prognosis will be documented in a report.

We don’t want you to have to deal with insurers or lawyers who represent the client. Therefore, your solicitor will take control of all communication. Where any arguments over liability for the accident or your injuries arise, they’ll attempt to provide further evidence to counter them.

Although we could accept the first compensation offer we receive so that we can say the case has been won, that’s not the way we work. Our solicitors always want to achieve the highest amount of compensation for our clients. As a result, if your solicitor thinks a compensation offer is too low, they’ll discuss it with you and could go back and explain why more is required.

To learn more about how our accident claims solicitors covering Newbury could help you, please call our advice line today.

Commonly Asked Questions

Some more FAQs on accident claims could be found below.

Do I Have A Valid Compensation Claim?

Simply put, whether you believe you have an accident claim or are not sure of your position, Accident Claims UK could help. We offer a free consultation so we can evaluate your claim for you. We could provide our accident claims solicitors to take on your claim if you have a valid one. But we also offer free guidance and support on all aspects of the accident claims process such as using a personal injury claims calculator to give a rough idea of what your claim could be worth.

Do I Need A Local Solicitor?

You may not need to Google solicitors near me to get the most appropriate personal injury solicitor for your particular case. Accident Claims UK offer nationwide services, so this could be the only call you need to make to get the legal representation you need.

Will My Accident Claim Solicitor Ask Me To Have A Medical?

When you pursue a claim, even if you have had several appointments with your own doctor, you may well be required to visit a doctor that you might not have seen before. This is because an independent medic might be required to write a report on your condition and your injuries in order to provide medical evidence for your case.

Do You Work With Doctors In This Area?

If you are worried you might have to travel around the country to see a medical expert, this should not be the case. Accident Claims UK work with a doctor’s panel that covers the UK, so you could well be seeing someone close by to where you work or live. Examples could include:

Ralph Rosalie

12-20 Oxford Street


RG14 1JB

Jason Bradbury

17 Wendan Road


RG14 7AG

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Managing The Reporting Of Accidents – HSE’s page on incident/accident reporting.

Find Court Details Here – You can see the Reading County Court information here.

Council For West Berkshire – You’ll see the local authority information here.

Thames Valley Police – You can find police details here.

Accidents On Wet Floors – Please read our guidance on claiming for a wet floor injury.

Local Authority Claimant Information – Claiming against the council? This could assist.

Whiplash Claimants – See this guide on whiplash for useful information.

This is the end of our guide about how our personal injury solicitors and accident claims solicitors covering Newbury could help you. Please call today if you’d like to know more about our No Win No Fee claims service.

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