Wolverhampton Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Guide Covering The Wolverhampton Area

By Daniel Sisko. Last Updated 30th January 2023. If you have been harmed by an accident in Wolverhampton, you may be looking for accident claims solicitors in Wolverhampton or personal injury solicitors in Wolverhampton who could help you claim compensation. The forms an accident claim can take are incredibly diverse, ranging from having a a car accident in Wolverhampton, an accident at work, criminal injuries in Wolverhampton to a slip and fall accident in work or a public place. You could even claim compensation for a Wolverhampton hit and run or another type of a road accident in Wolverhampton as a motorist, cyclist, passenger or pedestrian. If you feel that your accident in Wolverhampton was the fault of someone else, you may be able to make a personal injury claim.

Claiming for an accident in Wolverhampton – Your Guide

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Accident claims solicitors Wolverhampton

In this guide, we will explain what exactly an accident claim solicitor is and in what circumstances they could help you claim compensation. In the FAQ section at the bottom of this guide, we will also answer frequently asked questions asked by those seeking accidents claims advice.

If you feel ready to begin a claim, contact our specially trained team by telephone or fill out a call back form at the top of this page. Although we are not based in Wolverhampton, our personal injury solicitors can cover accident claims in Wolverhampton. Call us today on 0800 073 8801.

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  5. Could I Claim If Harmed In A Public Place Accident?
  6. Could I Claim If Harmed By A Slip Or Fall?
  7. Could I Claim If Harmed By An Assault Or Criminal Injury?
  8. Could I Claim If Harmed By Medical Negligence?
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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Wolverhampton?

You could claim accident compensation if you were harmed in an accident in Wolverhampton which was caused by someone else. Accident claims in Wolverhampton could be made over the negligent actions of another driver, an employer, a healthcare provider, public services or the owner of a private premise. A personal injury lawyer could help you have the best chance in successfully securing the highest possible settlement for an accident claim in Wolverhampton.

An accident claim solicitor, also known as a personal injury lawyer, is somebody who acts on a clients behalf to secure a compensation settlement if the client has been avoidably injured by a person or party who acted in a negligent way and breached their duty of care. This personal injury solicitor may be generally experienced in a lot of areas or specialise in a particular type of accident claim. A solicitor could provide you with:

  • An assessment of how valid your claim is and whether you are within the applicable accident claims time limit.
  • Assistance collecting evidence.
  • An estimation of the amount of damages you could claim using a personal injury claims calculator.

How accident claims and personal injury claims are processed

When you decide to seek compensation because somebody else has caused you to suffer, you might not realise how much work is involved. If your case is to be successful, you’ll need evidence that shows how the accident occurred, why the defendant is liable and how serious your injuries were. Without such evidence, you are unlikely to receive the right level of compensation (if any is paid at all).

What’s more, the claims process can become even more tricky because you won’t be dealing with the defendant directly as their claim will be handled by an insurance company or the defendant’s own legal team. Where that’s the case, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by technical legal or medical questions. For that reason, you may decide to ask an accident claims solicitor covering Wolverhampton to help you.

Accident Claims Solicitors Wolverhampton – The Claims Process

If you come to us, and your claim is accepted, a solicitor will be appointed to your case. Before your claim is filed they will:

  • Discuss your case in detail so that they are aware of how your injuries have affected you.
  • Gather the evidence that’s needed to support your case such as witness statements, photographs you’ve taken and accident reports.
  • Arrange for your injuries to be reviewed locally by an independent specialist

Then they will send the claim to the defendant to see if they admit liability. If they do, they’ll move on to negotiating a fair settlement amount. If they don’t, your solicitor will try to counter any arguments raised by supplying additional evidence.

Throughout the claims process, you’ll be given updates about what is happening regularly. There will also be the opportunity to ask any questions to your solicitor if needed.

Our team of accident claims solicitors can cover the Wolverhampton area and have been representing clients for decades. They always strive to achieve the maximum level of compensation possible.

For more information on how accident claims solicitors could help you make accident claims in Wolverhampton, click here.

Wolverhampton Accident At Work Statistics – RIDDOR

In the UK there are currently 1.4 million people who are suffering from illnesses related to their work. In addition to this, there are 71,062 reports of accidents in the workplace between 2017/2018. More information on these statistics can be found in the report from HSE here.

To give you a wider picture of the amount of workplace-related accidents in Wolverhampton we have provided this table of statistics below. The information is based on a rate per 100,000 workers in Wolverhampton.

Wolverhampton 365 342 0

If you would like more information about these statistics or for other areas of the country, you can download the annual guide produced by the Health and Safety Executive here.

Examples Of Accidents At Work

If an employer acts in a negligent way that leaves you with an injury or illness it could be considered grounds for a personal injury claim. This may include failure to uphold a safe working environment or lack of training to allow you to carry out daily activities correctly.

Accidents at work could include but are not limited to; trips/slips or falls, electrical incidents and manual handling and/or lifting accidents. These are known to lead to common injuries such as sprain, strains and injuries to the head, neck or back.

Employers are legally obliged to uphold various professional guidelines and articles of legislation in order to provide a duty of care to their employees. Examples of some steps which should be met by employers may include:

  • Maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Providing safety equipment that is deemed necessary, such as personal protective equipment.
  • Training employees appropriately to ensure their job can be conducted safely.

Accident claims solicitors could help you claim for an injury or illness contracted at a workplace if it is due to the negligence of your employer.

Can I Claim For A Car Accident In Wolverhampton?

You could potentially make a claim if you’ve suffered harm in an accident on a road in Wolverhampton. For example, you could be injured due to:

If you can prove that any injuries sustained in these (and similar) scenarios were caused by the negligence of another road user, then you could be owed compensation. Road users are expected to abide by the guidance in the Road Traffic Act 1988 and the Highway Code as part of their duty of care. They should behave in a way that reduces the risk of harm to other road users.

A Wolverhampton hit and run could still lead to a claim, even if the faulting driver is untraceable. However, you will need to make a claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) if this is the case.

The MIB is a privately funded company that exists to compensate drivers who have been injured in a hit-and-run or by a driver without insurance.

Get in touch if you have any questions. Our advisors could put you in touch with a lawyer to assist you with your claim on a No Win No Fee basis.

Could I Claim If Harmed In A Public Place Accident?

A member of our no win no fee solicitors could help you make an accident claim in Wolverhampton if you were harmed in a public place due to negligence or fault of a third party. This could include accidents in a street, shopping centre, leisure centre or a local park. For the purpose of making a claim, any space or building a member of the public can enter without permission could be considered a public place.

Our accident claims solicitors may be able to bring a claim against different parties depending on whether the space in question is operated by a public body or a private owner. For example, a personal injury lawyer will bring a claim against a local authority for the maintenance of pavements or local parks. An accident claim solicitor will hold a private company liable for injuries that have occurred in a shopping centre or car park.

In order to make a claim for an accident in a public place, a personal injury solicitor must prove liability. Not all accidents are the result of negligence some are just accidents and no one is at fault.

Contact our advice team today for information on accident claims in Wolverhampton.

Could I Claim If Harmed By A Slip Or Fall?

You could be looking for personal injury solicitors in Wolverhampton if you were harmed by potholes on the road, icy pavements or if public footpaths have not been maintained.

If someone has negligently obstructed a footpath with an item and caused a hazard, this could also be grounds for compensation. Slips and falls in Wolverhampton could cause injuries such as sprains, fractures, or other musculoskeletal injuries.

With this in mind, our panel of accident claims solicitors possess the capabilities to assist claims for slips and falls in Wolverhampton.

Could I Claim If Harmed By An Assault Or Criminal Injury?

Another type of incident personal injury solicitors in Wolverhampton could help you with is harm through criminal acts or assault. Why not discuss criminal injuries or criminal accidents with a personal injury solicitor from our panel of accident claims solicitors? They will inform you of the physical harm and psychological trauma which could be considered eligible for damages.

You may be able to make an accident claim for broken bones, brain injuries, or other types of injuries. You could do so alongside psychological harm which presents later. This could include  PTSD. In such cases where psychological injuries are present sometime after the incident has occurred, the accident claims time limit will begin from the moment the PTSD was diagnosed.

Could I Claim If Harmed By Medical Negligence?

The term medical negligence refers to circumstances where a medical professional has failed to uphold reasonably expected standards of care during treatment, which has resulted in the harm of a patient. If it can be proven that the harm that was caused by the medical professional was preventable had the correct procedures been followed then it could be deemed as medical negligence

For example; a surgeon misinterprets medical records and operates on the wrong body part.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Wolverhampton

Are you looking to make a Wolverhampton car accident claim? Or, a compensation claim for an accident at work? our panel of solicitors could help you with accident claims in Wolverhampton. We offer no win no fee agreements to every personal injury claim we handle. This is one of the most affordable ways in which your claim could be funded.

A no win no fee agreement, also known as a ‘conditional fee agreement’, operates under the basis that you only have to pay for your personal injury solicitor’s services if your claim is successful. If your case is not successful the bill for your solicitor will not fall on you at the end of the claims process.

How To Make An Accident Claim

Our personal injury solicitors or our accident claim solicitors have up to 3 decades of experience within the field. We can assist with almost any personal injury claim in Wolverhampton.

If you need advice or further information regarding accident claims, or you are not sure if your type of accident claim is eligible for compensation, then call us on the number at the top of this guide or click here for other ways to contact our team. You could even fill out an accident claim form to let one of our advisors call you back.

Common Questions And Answers

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions asked to our solicitors who specialise in personal injury. We hope that these FAQs will help guide you to choosing the right personal injury solicitor for your case.

How Do I Make An Accident Claim?

You can make an accident claim online through our expert service advisors for anywhere in the UK. When you choose our services, you will:

  • Benefit from specialist accident claims solicitors who have up to 30 years’ experience in conducting no win no fee compensation claims.
  • Be able to contact our team of advisors 24-hour a day, seven days a week.
  • Be represented by an accident claims solicitor who will aim to secure the maximum amount of damages possible for their client.
  • Notice our reputable feedback from our clients
  • Given a more centralised estimation of the amount of damages you could receive instead of using a generalised personal injury claims calculator.

Do I Need To Claim With A Solicitor In Wolverhampton?

There is no need to feel restricted to accident claims solicitors in Wolverhampton. In many cases, you will communicate with your lawyer by phone, email or post.

Will I Need A Medical Examination?

You may be asked to undergo a medical examination as part of the process of collecting evidence to support your claim. This will be an impartial report produced by a doctor detailing the impact of the injury/illness on your health, what treatment you need and your future prognosis.

Where Could My Examination Be Conducted?

In Wolverhampton, the panel of doctors we could use to assess your injury or illness could be;

Richard John Whitehouse
Health Kinect Physiotherapy Services,
1st Floor,
Barbourne Health Centre,
Droitwich Rad,

Andrew Brittain-Dissont
Union Street,

Stephen Grant Charleworth-Jones
Summerfield Consulting Rooms,
8 Summerfield Road,

Learn More

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Learn about how auto accident lawyers could help you make a claim for compensation following a car accident.

Thank you for reading our guide about accident claims solicitors in Wolverhampton and personal injury solicitors in Wolverhampton. If you have any queries or would like free legal advice, please get in touch today.

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