Accident Claims Solicitors Wrexham – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Wrexham Area

Accident claims solicitors Wrexham

Accident claims solicitors Wrexham

By Olivia Shipman. Last updated 14th September 2021. If you live in the town of Wrexham, the administrative division or even elsewhere in Wales and were negligently injured in this area, you may be searching for accident claims solicitors Wrexham who could help you to claim compensation.

At Accident Claims UK, our panel of accident claims solicitors and personal injury lawyers could help you to seek damages in circumstances as diverse as claims against a gym or accidents in the workplace.

Before making a claim, you could be wondering how much compensation you may be owed for your injury. Across our site, our different personal injury claim guides feature personal injury claim calculators where you could see examples of settlements for different injuries. Please note that how much you could claim in compensation may be dependent on what injury you suffered, how serious it was and what other financial costs you have faced as a result.

Learn more about how much you could claim by looking at the specific guidelines relating to your accident or injury and read about how to make a successful accident claim in Wrexham below.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Wrexham?

In brief, an accident claims solicitor covering Wrexham is a solicitor who specialises in conducting accident claims (or personal injury claims) and who could conduct Wrexham personal injury claims. This does not necessarily mean that they are based in this area. As we shall see, the location of a solicitor and their team does not have to impact or affect the outcome of a claim. Our solicitors are not based in Wrexham but can easily cover all types of personal injury claims from this area.

Solicitors may specialise in a particular type of accident claim or simply work more broadly across accident claims in general. Types of accident claims in Wrexham which may be handled by an accident claim solicitor may include:

Click ‘types of accident’ in the menu above to see examples of some of the accident claims we handle. An accident claims solicitor may also offer to handle claims under no win no fee agreements. As many people may be worried about the costs of claiming compensation, choosing to work with this type of solicitor means that claimants could relax a bit more.

Claims For Road Traffic Accidents In Wrexham

Road traffic accidents can affect people in many different ways. You could be left with mild whiplash or have sustained a major injury. Similarly, road traffic accidents in Wrexham could affect you as the driver of a vehicle, as a passenger or even as a cyclist or pedestrian. You could also be harmed whilst riding as a passenger on public transport. To be able to claim compensation, you (or the loved one for whom you are enquiring) will need to have been affected by an accident that was caused by another person in full or in part.

Examples of road traffic accidents in Wrexham which you could claim compensation for includes:

To make a claim, you need to ensure that you start your RTA claim within the three-year accident claims time limit. There are exceptions to this, such as if you only became aware of or were diagnosed with an injury at a later date.

Learn more about road traffic accident claims, view our guide or talk to our team.

Claims For Work Accidents And Injuries

If you have had an accident at work in Wrexham you may be eligible to seek compensatory damages if it can be proven that your employer acted in a negligent manner. Employers owe anyone working on their premises or working for them a duty of care. This duty of care is applicable to direct employees (irrespective of being part or full-time) as well as contract workers and even potentially the self-employed.

In most circumstances, your employer is responsible for your health and safety while you are carrying out work tasks. According to the Health and Safety Executive, an employer is responsible for making sure that their employees or workers are protected from harm as much as possible. They should mitigate and control risks to people’s health or circumstances that could cause injuries in the workplace.

Our accident claims solicitors Wrexham could be able to help you if your accident occurred or if your injury or illness were diagnosed in the last three years and if another party was to blame. The responsible party may be your employer or colleague. It may also be possible for you to claim compensation even if you were partially to blame for the accident.

Learn more about claiming for an accident, such as claiming compensation for a fall at work, in our guide.

Wrexham Injury At Work Statistics

There are numerous different causes of accidents in the workplace and injuries which may result from these accidents. According to statistics from the Health and Safety Executive, in the year 2018/19, it was estimated 443,000 injuries were requiring up to seven days of absence from work as well as 138,000 which required longer absences.

The most common ways in which people were injured were:

  • Slips and falls on the same level.
  • Manual handling, carrying or lifting injuries.
  • Being hit or struck by something moving.
  • Falling from a height.
  • An act of violence, such as an assault.

In the following table, we use information from the HSE for the Wrexham area to show how many injuries were reported at work for the period 2018/19.

LocationTotal - non fatal injuries (2018-19)Total - non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers (2018-19)Fatal injuries (2018-19)

Claims For Medical Malpractice Or Negligence

An accident or injury could have the potential to be both dangerous to your health and devastating to you. Being treated negligently by a medical practitioner or suffering the ill effects of malpractice could have similar or worse impacts.

Patients understandably need to put a high degree of trust in any medical practitioner who is dispensing care to them. It does not matter whether you were under the treatment of a GP, having a routine dental check-up or seeing an oncologist, if mistakes that could have been avoided were made and your health suffered as a result, you may be eligible to seek compensation.

A medical negligence solicitor could help you to make medical negligence or malpractice claim against those in either the private sector or the public sector NHS. A key criterion is that the mistake made is one that would not have been made by a competent colleague (thus could have been avoided) and that you were harmed because of this. We should note that some medical procedures or medications can carry side effects, such as causing other symptoms. If you were fully informed of these before treatment and they are a known side-effect, you may be unable to claim compensation for medical negligence.

Remember, you are not restricted to finding medical negligence solicitors in Wrexham to conduct your claim, our panel of accident claims solicitors could also offer help and advice.

Claims For Injuries From A Slip, Trip Or Fall

Slips, trips and falls are perhaps the most common way in which people are injured at work. However, they could happen anywhere. You could be injured in your home because a landlord has not carried out a necessary repair or tripped over cracked and damaged pavements which have not been repaired by a local authority. You may also trip over in a public park or at the gym or slip on a spillage in a supermarket. The important factor is that someone else who owed you a duty of care was responsible for the circumstances which caused your accident and liability lie with them.

For example, you may be able to claim compensation for a fall at work if your employer did not fix a broken staircase or if trip hazards were left unchecked.

Claims For Accidents In Public Spaces

In general, it is reasonable to expect that public space, such as a shop, the street, a park or a gym should be kept safe and generally free from hazards. This is not always the case and accidents can and do happen to people.

You may have slipped on a wet floor and need to claim compensation for a fall attributable to a shop not maintaining its flooring. As with the other types of accident claims we have looked at in this guide, the accident needs to have been caused by another party and you should have been injured.

Claims For Criminal Injury Compensation

Finally, there may be instances where you were not harmed because of an accident but because of another person’s deliberate action. As the victim of a criminal injury, you may be seeking criminal injuries compensation for an assault or abuse suffered at the hands of another.

Being assaulted can have a serious impact on you and in addition to any physical injuries, you may also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or other effects on your mental health.

We have several guides which could help you learn more about both how and when you could claim criminal injuries compensation for an assault.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Wrexham

Whether making claims against a gym, or for an accident on the road, at Accident Claims UK we are happy to be able to offer many of those whose claims we handle the services of a no win no fee solicitor.

You may also have seen or heard this type of agreement called a conditional fee agreement. It means that the solicitor works on the conditions that they are paid a small percentage in the event they win the claim but they do not charge you if they do not (though there may be other fees payable – talk to our team for more information on this).

The personal injury solicitor working on your accident claim will proceed to do so without asking you to pay upfront for things such as initial consultation or for the accident claims solicitor to proceed with your claim. We hope that this can offer you peace of mind during the claims process and allows you to better concentrate on recovering from your injury.

Contacting Our Team

For advice on how an accident claims solicitor could help you on a no win no fee basis, and accident claims advice related to your specific claim or type of injury, contact the team at Accident Claims UK. Our team are on hand to answer your queries and help you to claim compensation with our accident claims solicitors Wrexham.

You could call us on 0800 073 8801, email our team at or simply fill in the contact form at the top, right-hand side of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

The personal injury claims process may at first seem either complicated or even daunting and you could have several questions about whether or not to make a claim. There are some questions that we are often asked about accident claims to which we have provided answers below.

Q: What types of damage could I claim compensation for?

A: As part of your personal injury claim, there will typically be two different types of damage that you could be able to claim compensation for. The first, general damages, accounts for any physical injuries or psychological damage that you experienced as a result of your accident. The second, special damages, accounts for any injury-related financial losses that you incurred following your accident, such as loss of earnings or out of pocket expenses like medical fees. A solicitor from our panel can help you calculate how much compensation you could be entitled to for these different types of damage, ensuring you include costs you may have not anticipated to be recoverable.

Q: How much compensation could I be entitled to claim?

A: As mentioned, we have a team of specialist advisors that offer to provide you with a free consultation about your case. As part of this consultation, they could calculate an estimate of how much compensation they believe you could be entitled to claim. However, as cases are unique and can vary dramatically, there’s no way of determining what type of payout you could be eligible for without considering the finer details of your circumstances. For example, all out of pocket expenses related to your injury must be accounted for in order to value the special damages side of your settlement. Similarly, the extent of your suffering must be determined in order to be properly reflected in general damages. To receive your free consultation today, please get in touch with Accident Claims.

Q: How can I get in touch with Accident Claims?

A: If you’d like to receive your free consultation with one of our specialist advisors, there are a range of ways that you can get in touch depending on your preference. If you’d like to speak to them directly, you can reach them by calling the number at the top of this page. An advisor will always be available to talk, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to communicate via email or instant messaging, these contact options are also available, with the live chat feature on your screen now. On the other hand, you may not be ready to discuss your situation just yet. If you’d like to schedule a consultation at a later date, you can do so by filling out a contact form available on our website.

Q: Could I Claim Compensation For My Injuries?

A: If you were injured as a result of an accident which was not your fault but due to the breach in the care of duty that was owed to you, you could be able to claim compensation. Our team could advise you as to whether you could make a claim.

Q: Will I Have To Choose Between Local Solicitors?

A: Whilst you may think that it is best to make your claim with a local law firm and indeed we can see that ‘solicitors near me’ is a popular search term, this does not need to be the case. A solicitor could handle your claim from wherever they are based. Their location should not be relevant to or affect your claim.

Q: Are Medical Assessments Of Your Injuries Necessary?

A: In most accident claims, you may need medical evidence, such as a medical report. In this report, a medical expert could evaluate your injury or illness. They could also estimate what the long-term prognosis may be and note down what treatment is required. If this is required, your accident claims solicitor can help to organise this for you.

Q: Where Could I Have This Assessment?

A: To make the process of getting a medical assessment as convenient as possible, we work with a panel of doctors based across the country. Those closest to Wrexham include:

Sohaib Yasin
Catrin Finch Centre,
Wrexham Consultation Room,
Glyndwr University Campus,
LL11 2AW

Mark Griffiths
Back to Health Chiropractic Clinic
160 Chester Road,
Garden Village,
LL12 8DS

Note: your injuries or illness may be assessed by doctors at a different location or those doctors different to ones listed above.

Wrexham Area Resources

If you were involved in a car or other collision on the road, you may need to report your collision to the local police force. Additionally, a small number of accident claims do go to court. If your case does, it could be heard at the closest county court. In this case, this is at Wrexham court centre. Details of these and other local resources are found here.

  • Reporting Accidents In Workplace
    Accidents at work in Wrexham should be logged and in some cases reported by employers to the HSE. Details of when and how to do so are found here.
  • North Wales Police
    If you have been involved in an RTA or road traffic accident in Wrexham or North Wales, you may need to report the incident to the police. Do so via the link above.
  • Wrexham County And Family Court
    The small percentage of accident claims which do need to go to a court in this area may be heard here.
  • Whiplash Personal Injury Claims Calculator
    Find out both how to make a personal injury claim for whiplash and how much you could be owed in this guide updated for 2019.

In addition, here are some links to our other personal injury claims guides that could be of further use to you:

Thank you for reading our guide on how our panel of accident claims solicitors Wrexham could help you today.

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