£5.5m Compensation Payout For Injuries To A Soldier At Work – Army Case Study

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 11th November 2021. Welcome to this case study surrounding personal injury claims payouts for a soldier.

In this case study we look at how solicitors were able to secure a record pay out of £5.5 million in compensation for a soldier injured at work after being involved in a road traffic accident and leaving them needing a lifetime of care. At the time it was the largest claim against the MOD for a soldier injured at work as part of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

Soldier injured at work compensation personal injury claims payouts for a soldier

Soldier injured at work compensation

It is likely that the soldier concerned will unfortunately require a lifetime of support and care because of his injuries which is why the compensation payout may appear at first particularly high. The MOD compensation was said to be so large because the injuries, suffered by the solider injured at work, were so catastrophic.

Any soldier injured at work, like the soldier in this case study, could potentially have life-changing injuries that require a lot of support both physically, mentally and financially. A soldier injured at work because of negligence could be entitled to MOD compensation under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. The solicitors at Accident Claims UK handle many compensation claims and can make a claim on your behalf if you have been injured at work. We offer a no win no fee service and don’t get paid unless we win your claim so call us on 0800 073 8801 to find out more.

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Statistics

The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme decides, based on the severity of the injury that the soldier injured at work suffered, whether to pay a lump sum or a Guaranteed Income Payments (GIPS) which are paid for the lifetime of the solider injured at work.

Claims against the MOD that led to lump sum only payments included:

The lump sum plus GIPS payments due because a soldier injured at work decided to make a MOD compensation are for the more significant injuries including those shown in the graph above but also including amputations, neurological disorders and physical disorders. A soldier injured at work that receives the GIPS tends to have been involved in a more serious accident or the impact of the injury on the soldier injured at work was more severe.

A soldier injured at work doesn’t have to receive their injuries on the battlefield to make a claim for compensation – it is possible to make personal injury claims for slips, trips and falls in the workplace, driving accidents, warehouse accidents, accidents due to poor training and even repetitive strain injury (RSI). In fact, a soldier injured at work and wanting to claim compensation for it can be classed as any injury where somebody else was to blame (directly or indirectly). A soldier injured at work is covered by the same rules as an employee working in an office, shop or warehouse, the fact that you are a soldier injured at work means you are as entitled to claim for compensation from your employer as anybody else is.

If you’re a solider injured at work and unsure if your injury is suitable for a claim then Accident Claims UK can work with you, in a free consultation, to decide if you, as a soldier injured at work, are entitled to compensation or not so contact us today for more information or advice.

Catastrophic Injuries Suffered By Soldiers

The solider injured at work in this case study was said to require lifelong care because of his catastrophic injuries. What could the soldier injured at work actually have suffered for the case to be deemed catastrophic and lead to such high MOD compensation?

As this is a case study we have researched it is difficult to know fully all of the ins and outs but it is possible that the soldier injured at work suffered a neurological disorder, or brain damage, to have been paid such a high amount of compensation. It is also possible that the solider injured at work suffered a spinal injury that means he will never walk again, is bed bound, or unable to communicate any longer and requires around the clock care to function.

What Could The Victim Of A Catastrophic Injury Claim Compensation For?

Anybody that suffers catastrophic injuries through no fault of their own has a number of things that they may wish to make a claim for. Firstly, there’s the actual pain and suffering received that the solider injured at work would’ve endured (general damages compensation)  but then there’s things like the cost of modifications to the home and loss of earnings (special damages compensation). It is likely anybody suffering a catastrophic injury/injuries will have to receive very specialist medical treatment and care, such as expert physiotherapy, to recover as much as realistically possible from their injuries.

If a claimant has a permanent disability because of their accident then it is quite likely that they may need to make modifications to their home, workplace or even change the vehicle they use each day. If these changes can be attributed to the injury that the claimant has received, then the costs for the modifications could be recovered by our no win no fee solicitors.

When a claimant who has been injured at work as in this case starts a claim they may not realise that things like the costs of medicine could also be claimed or if the injured party needs to use specialist equipment to continue working or for daily life then they could recover those costs as well. If you have questions about what you might be able to claim compensation for contact us at Accident Claims UK today and we can discuss what has occurred and what you might be due.

No Win No Fee Claims Against The Ministry Of Defence

No win, no fee means that a solicitor will only charge a soldier injured at work a success fee if the solicitor wins your claim for compensation. At Accident Claims UK there’s no money paid up front to start your claim for compensation against the MOD or during the process itself. In fact you will pay nothing until the claim is settled in your favour, this being a percentage simply deducted from the compensation settlement. If your claim for catastrophic injuries compensation was unsuccessful then you wouldn’t face any legal charges at all.

Also known as conditional fee agreements, the no win no fee service is agreed upon at the start of your catastrophic injuries claim and you only pay the agreed amount if we win the compensation claim against the MOD, again you would pay nothing if the claim didn’t succeed.

Start Your Claim Today And Receive Personal Injury Claims Payouts for A Soldier

If you’re a soldier injured at work and would like to make a claim against the MOD for compensation for your injury then we are ready to work on your behalf on a no win, no fee basis. Arrange with us a free consultation to discuss your compensation claim and we’ll let you know how we think we should progress. If we feel you have a strong case then we’ll advise starting a no win no fee claim against the MOD which we can process for you, on the other hand if we think there’s not a case to answer or the claim is likely to be quite weak we’ll let you know straight away.

Our specialist solicitors know how daunting it can be for a solider injured at work to make a compensation claim against the MOD but don’t worry, we make the whole process simple and have the experience to deal with the MOD in a professional manner, acting swiftly on your behalf.

Are you a soldier injured at work? Would you like to begin your claim now? Then call us on 0800 073 8801, email us on office@accidentclaims.co.uk or use our online contact form here

Could I receive personal injury claims payouts for a soldier killed at work?

If you are a dependent or relative of a loved one who has lost their life at work, as a soldier, you could claim compensation for their death. You would need to prove that their employer failed to protect them from health and safety risks at work. You would also need to prove that but for the negligence of their employer in protecting your loved one’s health and safety at work, they would not have suffered fatal injuries.

If you are wondering how common fatal injuries in the workplace are, we can look to the HSE statistics. In 2020- 2021, over 140 people suffered fatal workplace injuries. You can see the causes of such injuries in the graphic below.

personal injury claims payouts for a soldier statistics graph

We understand that it might be difficult to make a claim for a lost loved one, but in some ways, claiming compensation could go some way towards righting the wrongs that have been done to your loved one. It could also help to prevent the same accident from happening to someone else, and could bring you financial compensation at a time when you may have incurred expenses due to your loved ones death. If you would like free legal advice from a friendly solicitor who could assist you with your claim, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can you maximise personal injury claims payouts for a soldier?

In order to achieve the maximum compensation settlement possible for your claim, you would need to provide strong evidence. You would need to provide evidence relating to general damages for your pain and suffering by attending a medical examination with an independent specialist. You would also need to provide proof of special damages that you were claiming for, which could include loss of earnings, travel or medical expenses, and care costs by way of bank statements, pay slips and receipts. If you would like to know what general damages and special damages you could claim for, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced and helpful team.

Could my choice of solicitor affect personal injury claims payouts for a soldier?

If you are concerned about choosing a solicitor that could help fight for the maximum compensation possible for your claim, you might want to take great care when choosing a law firm or solicitor to help you. It would be wise to choose a solicitor with up to 30 years of experience who has handled claims like yours before. That way you could have some peace of mind that they would have the knowledge and experience needed to fight your claim for you. If you would like us to provide you with such a solicitor, who is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and registered in England and Wales to practise law, please call our team. We will conduct a free initial eligibility check, and based on the results, could connect you with a no wiin no fee lawyer to help you with your claim.

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Thank you for reading this case study relating to personal injury claims payouts for a soldier. Whether you’re a member of service personnel looking to make a civil claim against the ministry of defence MOD, or are looking to make accident at work claims or road traffic accident claims against someone else, we would be happy to help you. Not only could we advise on time limits for claims for injury that has led to medical discharge, but we could help you start a claim today.