How to Claim Compensation for An Accident in Debenhams? – How Much Can I Claim?

As one of the UK’s best loved department stores, Debenhams receives customers in their droves every day of the week. It is thought that over 240 shops exist around the world and the company has a presence in around 27 countries. A huge variety of products are available for purchase in their large department stores, including beauty products, clothing for all the family, gifts, homeware and even electrical items. There are also usually places to stop for a coffee or sandwich instore to further enhance the shopping experience.

Accident-in DebenhamsWhilst Debenhams take great care to prevent any accident in Debenhams, instore and on the premises, they can, and do happen. Whether you have had an accident in Debenhams in work, or while browsing as a customer or eating in the restaurant or café, it is important to know that if this is not due to your own fault, it might be due to Debenhams, and if it is, you could opt to claim compensation for injuries that you’ve sustained.

Here at Accident Claims, we are aware of the risks and possible dangers that exist when a large department store like Debenhams makes a mistake, and we can provide accident in Debenhams claims personal injury lawyers in order to help push your claim for compensation. 0800 073 8801 connects you with the Debenhams Accident Claim team, who offer advice, completely free, as well as being able to easily begin your accident in Debenhams claim. If you’d like to read more about your Debenhams injury claim first, then simply click the section you’d like to read below.

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A Guide to Claiming for An Accident in Debenhams

Many people shop in Debenhams department stores every single day, and most of whom that do so, leave without incident. However, sometimes accidents in Debenhams department stores do happen, and if this is due to the fault of the store itself, then you would have rise to raise a claim for compensation for pain or suffering you have incurred as a direct result of the incident. Whether you work at Debenhams and have been injured in a slip on a wet floor, or you are a shopper who has burnt themselves in the restaurant, or whether you have injured yourself on an escalator that was not working correctly, Accident Claims can assist. We have drawn together this guide to accidents in Debenhams so that you can see examples of what could constitute a claim, as well as finding out the approximate compensation award bracket you could receive. We also talk in-depth about what you will need to do to help begin your claim, as well as the fact that we can provide a personal injury solicitor for your no win no fee (explained later) accident in Debenhams claim.

What Is an Accident or Injury in Debenhams?

Debenhams department store injury compensation can be paid out as a result of a number of different incidences. An accident or injury in Debenhams can happen for a variety of different reasons. They matter how safe you may think the store is, regular maintenance and adherence to health and safety practices is meant to lower the risk of such accidents happening to as minimal as possible. If these practices are not adhered to, or dangerous or negligent behaviour causes you to have an accident in Debenhams, then you could have just cause to launch a claim.

What Are the Most Common Types of Accident or Injury in Debenhams?

Whilst there are a huge range of different accidents and injuries that can happen when in a department store like Debenhams, some are more common than others. Below, we talk about some of the more common claims that clients of ours have experienced, but it is essential that you remember that any accident in Debenhams that happens and is someone else’s fault can also result in a Debenhams accident claim.

Briefly, the most common types of Debenhams injury, or other department store injury, fall into the below brackets.

Slip, trip or fall injuries in Debenhams – these can often come about because of poor maintenance, failure to clean up spills, or trip hazards being left out on the store floor. They can also happen in the warehouse, where operatives can fall on items that have not been safely stored away or packaging that has not been moved.

Items falling off the shelves – in order to maximise floor space, many department stores like Debenhams use shelving systems so that they can display more products. Should an item have fallen off the shelf in Debenhams, due to it not being stored safely, you may have cause for a claim.

Escalator accidents in Debenhams – stairs and escalators, also known as moving staircases, can carry a lot of risks to people using them if they are not checked, cleaned and maintained well. Slips and falls on stairs and escalators in Debenhams can be very dangerous, as they will cause you to fall from a height. This can result in serious injury.

Lifting and handling injuries – if you are an employee either in the warehouse or even on the shop floor, there may be times when you have to do lift and handle cartons and boxes as well as perhaps items such as furniture. As an employee, you should have been trained in manual handling, and should not be expected to lift heavy loads by yourself. If this were not the case and you have become injured, you may have cause to make a claim.

Claims for Slips and Trips in Debenhams

It is more than likely that the vast majority of cases that any injury claims specialist sees when it comes to Department store injuries are those caused by slips trips and falls. These can be caused in a variety of different ways. Here, we list a few examples, but there are many more;

  • Walkways with items left out
  • Litter not cleaned up
  • Spillages of liquids
  • Food spillages are not cleared up
  • Cleaning Materials left out
  • Wet floors at the entrance due to bad weather that have not been dealt with
  • Potholes in Debenhams carpark
  • Improperly maintained flooring

And much more.

People may assume a fall will just lead to minor injuries, but depending on how severe the fall is, injuries can even be life changing. Below we list some common injuries that can be caused by slips trips and falls in Debenhams.

  • Cuts and bruising
  • Strains and sprains
  • Mild to complex fractures
  • Concussion
  • Head injury or brain injury
  • Ligament damage
  • Spinal injuries

Whether your injury from a slip trip or fall in Debenhams is included in the list above or not, if it is due to the negligence of Debenhams to keep their floor safe, then you would’ve more than likely have a valid Debenhams injury claim.

What Duty of Care Does Debenhams Owe to Customers and Staff?

Debenhams, just like any other large retailer, have a duty of care to both their staff as well as their customers, and anybody using the premises. This duty of care involves them ensuring that they do all that they can to prevent any accidents from happening whilst they are on Debenhams premises. They also have a duty to comply with Health and safety regulations, and they must have insurance in place to cover public and employee’s liability. They also need to abide by Health and safety at work acts including the act of 1974, which details ways in which they must protect their employees from harm. They will likely have Health and safety policies as well as procedures for accidents in Debenhams, so if you are injured within the store, they should be recording the event in the accident book.

Not only should these policies and procedures be in place, but they must also be regularly reviewed and amended to should it become necessary.

If Debenhams are not compliant with the legislation in any way shape or form, or they are seen to be lax in health and safety in certain areas, which is what has led to your accident, then they are basically in breach of this duty of care and can be penalised as such.

I Was Injured Whilst Working at Debenhams, Can I Claim Compensation?

There are many different places as well as situations in which you could have an accident at work at Debenhams, as not only can this happen on the shop floor, but in the offices and also in the warehouse areas.

When you arrived as an employee on your first day, you should have been made aware at any Health and Safety requirements, given adequate training, and have been risk assessed where necessary. You should also have been provided with PPE necessary to do your job if it were required. This is all part of your employer’s duty of care. If any of this training were not up to scratch, or you were not trained properly and thoroughly, or provided with the relevant protective equipment to do your job properly, and you were injured, then it is very likely you would have a successful claim against your employer.

According to the health and safety executive, within 2016 and 2017 approximately 609,000 accidents leading to injuries happened in places of work. According to the same information, 31.2 million approximate work days were lost in the same period because of injuries relating to work. Common accidents that may have caused some of these injuries to employees can be found below:

  • Incorrect lifting methods due to lack of training
  • Poor stacking leading to falling items
  • Trips and falls on uneven surfaces or due to spillages or clutter

Whatever the reason for your employee accident at Debenhams, we can help you find out whether you would be able to start claiming against your employer

I Was Injured Whilst Shopping in Debenhams, Can I Claim Compensation?

Shopping in Debenhams is supposed to be a pleasure, but if you have become injured in Debenhams because of no fault of yours, you should consider making a claim to Debenhams injury compensation

While the company does all that it can to protect its shoppers, sometimes things do go wrong, and accidents do happen. Whether you have been burnt in the restaurant, suffered a trip or fall over items that have not been cleared away properly, or anything else, Accident Claims staff can help listen to what has happened to you and provide the best legally based advice without charge to you.

Storage and Racking Accidents in A Debenhams

Debenhams carries an awful lot of stock, and it is common for them to have a warehouse on the premises in which to store these items. When working in a warehouse, there are always risks, but sometimes accidents happen if items are not securely stacked, or if trip hazards are left on the floors, or if the relevant training is not adequate to prevent lifting and handling injuries.

Manual handling injuries are common and are often due to lack of training or due to staff being asked to carry loads that are insecure, or too heavy or too large for them. Whatever the reason for your accident in Debenhams in the warehouse, we can help ensure your claim is handled as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Accidents Caused by Lifts and Escalators in Debenhams

It is usual in stores like Debenhams to see lifts and escalators, put there for customers in order that they are able to move from floor to floor easily. However, escalators and lifts also pose risks to people using them. Providing everything is it in good condition and the mechanics are maintained and checked regularly there should not be a problem with using the escalator or the lift. However, if they are used in an on unsafe manner, or if this maintenance is not completed, and something goes wrong oh, you may well have a claim against the department store

The vast majority of the accidents that have occurred on an escalator usually lead to injuries Caesar such as sprains or strains or bruising, but more serious injuries can occur particularly if a person has fallen from height. With regards to lifts, flooring issues can cause them to become slippy or pose trip hazards to people, and it is not uncommon for us to see injury claims from people who you have had issues either alighting from the lift or from getting into one.

There have been a few incidents of note that has happened in Debenhams involving an escalator fall. In 2013 a shopper died after falling from an escalator in London. Just three years later, a woman fell off an escalator located on the 4th floor of the same store. The woman in question survived but suffered serious injury.

If you have suffered an escalator injury in Debenhams and become part of the escalator accident statistics UK, then you may well have a claim for escalator injury compensation against Debenhams.

Compensation Case Study: Woman Injured in A Branch of Debenhams

According to reports, a woman has received over £2000 for compensation for injuries suffered in an accident at Debenhams. The lady, from Plymouth, was injured when a clean out using buffing machine ran the machine over therefore. This caused the lady to suffer a crush injury on her big toe. A pre-planned holiday was apparently ruined by this injury, and she had to have help around the home. This is just an example of the sort of incidents that can lead to compensation claims being launched and leading to successful compensation payments.

Steps You Should Take If Injured or Hurt in A Debenhams Department Store

In the first instance, after you have suffered injury in an accident in Debenhams, you will want to get medical treatment. If your injuries are severe enough to require hospital admittance, then they may well call an ambulance for you, otherwise you might want to take yourself to your local A and E to get checked out, particularly if you feel that you have a possible fracture, sprain or strain. If your injuries are not so severe that you need to go to hospital, then do make sure you visit your GP, in order to make a record of the accident that you have suffered. In addition to this, it would be wise to grab the details anybody who has witnessed your Debenhams accident, as they may prove useful as a witness later on. Also, if it is possible at the time, or immediately afterwards, try and grab some photographs of the scene of the accident in Debenhams and of your injuries. Finally, it would be a good idea to try and keep a record of any expenses that you may have incurred as a direct result of your Debenhams accident, as well as notes pertaining to your recollection of the accident itself.

Once you have done all this, it may well be time to call the experts at Accident Claims. We can then provide you a professional personal injury lawyer to take your claim forward.

How to Start A Compensation Claim Against Debenhams

When you call us. We will firstly listen to everything that you have to tell us about what has happened to you in Debenhams. Upon hearing your account, we will likely ask you some questions that we feel are pertinent to the case. Do not worry about knowing all of the answers, we just want to get as much detail as we possibly can at this juncture. Once we have ascertained whether you are likely to have a successful case, we will then explain to you how the process of claiming works, with the most well-matched personal injury solicitor possible. This may not be a local solicitor that practices in your area as the most well much solicitor may work elsewhere in the UK, but this does not matter to your case, as you will not be likely to need to attend an office to start your claim. Most of the claims process can be done over the telephone, by letter or by email.

What Could Your Compensation Claim Against Debenhams Include?

When making compensation claims against Debenhams, it is often misconstrued that the only payments that you will get will be that which covers your actual injuries. In fact, there are number of different facets that make up your compensation award, which we will explain below:

Your claim is often split into general and special damages. General damages cover the suffering and also the pain that you have experienced because of the injuries you have suffered, while Special includes costs that you have incurred directly as a result of the incident. This can be things like any transportation to appointments for medical needs, any childcare bills that you have incurred because you have had to have children looked after, as well as any prescription charges, any lost income and even future lost income.

Examples of Compensation Settlements for Accidents in Debenhams

It would be unwise of us to suggest that we can come up with an exact amount of compensation that you would likely receive. As an illustration however, we can provide you typical awards for certain injuries that are likely to have happened in a department store before. See the table below.

Whereabouts is the injuryHow Bad is the InjuryCommon levels
An Injury/ies to the ankleMild to SevereUp to £53,000
An Injury/ies to the armModerately severe to Severe£14,600 - £228,000
An Injury/ies to the backMild to SevereUp to £122,350
An Injury/ies to the elbowMild to SevereUp to £41,675
An Injury/ies to the fingerModerately severe to Severe£6,925 - £41,675
An Injury/ies to the footMild to SevereUp to £153,200
An Injury/ies to the handMild to Severe£700 - £153,200
An Injury/ies to the head/brainMild to Severe£1,675 - £307,000
An Injury/ies to the KneeModerately severe to SevereUp to £73,125
An Injury/ies to the legModerately severe to Severe£21,100 - £214,350
An Injury/ies to the neckMild to SevereUp to £112,750
An Injury/ies to the shoulderMild to SevereUp to £36,500
An Injury/ies to the toeModerately severe to SevereAmounts to £42,600
An Injury/ies to the wristMild to Severe£2,675 - £45,500

If your injury does not come up in the table above and you would like to find out the approximate award level, then just call us and we will be able to find this and furnish you with it.

No Win No Fee Claims for An Accident in Debenhams

Accident Claims’ provided solicitors all work to no win no fee for Debenhams accident claims. This comes as great news to many of our clients, as they know that this means they will have a risk-free experience. If their case results in compensation, they know that the legal fees will be taken as a percentage of these which will have been agreed previously, whereas if they claim is not a Successful one, they will pay no legal fees. To find out more or ask questions about this type of setup, please do not hesitate to call us.

Why Accident Claims UK Should Handle Your Claim

Honesty, professionalism, and a friendly telephone manner are things that we provide to our customers on a daily basis. We also are able to provide some of the country’s best personal injury solicitors to you in order for your claim to gain you the maximum level of compensation. Our testimonials are testament to what we have achieved so far for our clients, and we hope to provide you with the level of service and assistance that you will be happy to recommend to others as well.

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Beginning of claim or asking questions, no matter what your reason for calling us, we are always happy to hear from you. 0800 073 8801 matches you with the first available legally trained at Pfizer, who can offer free legal advice with no obligation for you to go ahead and use our service. Should you feel that now is the right time to start your claim this can be done over the phone as well, so why not make the call today?

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