Loss of Income? Accident Claims can Help

As well as the inconvenience of being injured, an accident at work can also result in a substantial loss of income. Some sustained injuries mean that you can’t go back to the job you used to do and you should be compensated accordingly if that’s the case. Accident Claims look at some individual cases with some remarkable results.

Take the real life case study of Susan Cox, a cook who worked at Swansea Prison. Susan has recently been awarded £100,000 after an inmate dropped a bag of rice on her back. Susan was no longer able to work after she suffered from spinal injuries following the accident. The inmate ignored orders to stop working when the incident occurred. As prison bosses were paying the inmate for the work he was undertaking, Mrs Cox accused her employer of failing to protect her in the workplace.

It’s an interesting case that has aggrieved the Ministry of Justice after Mrs Cox launched a battle for a six figure damages sum against them. The Ministry claim that the accident was due to the negligence of one inmate and they shouldn’t be held responsible for what has happened.

The inmate lost his balance as he attempted to carry two heavy sacks of rice past Mrs Cox before hitting his head against a wall and dropping one on her back. A judge ruled that as the inmate was being paid by the Ministry, the case should be treated the same as any other employer liability dispute. As the inmate had not received the appropriate manual handling training it was deemed that the liability ultimately fell on the Ministry.

Some critics argue that the pay-out – which comes from the taxpayer, is too hefty for the circumstances.

Accident Claims boss Mr Donn disagreed with critics remarks; “The compensation awarded to Mrs Cox sounds substantial but it reflects the fact the she is now unable to undertake the same duties she did before suffering the injury. In comparison to whiplash claims where a claimant can sometimes receive up to £5k for a much shorter term injury, I don’t believe the tax payer has been extorted. The compensation awarded will mean that Mrs Cox can recover properly from her injury whilst also taking into account that any future work might result in a far lower salary because of any long term impairment”.

So if you’ve had an accident at work and looking to make a claim then speak to the team at Accident Claims. We serve the nation offering accident claims help and advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.