Whiplash Claims Manchester

Whiplash Claims Manchester

Accident Claims UK head office is based in Manchester, the heart of our business. The majority of our whiplash claims are dealt with from Manchester. Whilst we operate across the nation we believe it’s important to have specialist personal injury solicitors dealing with the claims they know best.

Whiplash is the term used to describe the injury to the tissue around the neck or back following a road traffic accident. Sometimes the symptoms of whiplash don’t show straight away and you may not start to feel any pain for a few hours or sometimes even a few days.

Compensation for whiplash claims can vary depending on the social impact the injury may have on you. Whilst the general damages for whiplash have become fairly standardized, the circumstances it can leave you in can be quite personal. Our personal injury solicitors have over 40 years experience in dealing with whiplash claims. We understand that compensation is more than just financial reward – we help you get your life in order and back on track after being involved in a road traffic accident. For a general guideline on what sort of damages you can receive for whiplash, check out our claims calculator. We always recommend to speak to us for more accurate estimates on compensation.

Making a claim is fairly straightforward. Accident Claims handles thousands of whiplash claims and the government has implemented changes to make the process more streamlined for claimants. After speaking to one of our solicitors we can normally tell you there and then whether we think you are entitled to make a claim. After agreeing to go ahead we may send you for a medical where one of our doctors will asses your injuries in order to validate and strengthen your claim. A medical isn’t necessary when making a whiplash claim but it will certainly help combat any challenges our opponents make against your injury claim. Once the medical is complete and your claim has been issued, a settlement is normally offered. We will contact you at this point to discuss any figures and determine what the best route of success is.

We always put your claim and best interests before our profits. Take a look at our testimonials or client care which is testament to the quality of work we do.

We’ve been around for a while. 20 years online and 40 years in the industry. We’re one of the UK’s leading accident claims and whiplash claims specialists. We know what it takes to successfully claim compensation for you.

Fraudulent whiplash claims have been a big problem in the UK and we are finally seeing a reduction in the number of bogus claims. We deal with genuine claimants who have been injured and pride ourselves on some of the highest standards in the industry. Request a call back today for no obligation claims advice.

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