How To Claim Compensation For An Accident In Zara? – Personal Injury Claims

All retail stores, such as the fashion specialist Zara, have a duty of care to protect their staff, visitors and customers and to adhere to all health and safety regulations. The business are responsible for training all staff fully, to risk assess processes and the facilities to ensure risk of harm to anyone is reduced and to ensure they take steps to prevent an accident in Zara from happening.

Zara accident claims

Zara accident claims

This guide will cover what you should do if you have an accident in Zara, either as a member of staff or a customer, how much compensation you may get for your accident in Zara and how Zara accident claims work.

If you’re ready to make a claim for an accident in Zara then call us now on 0800 073 8801 or read on if you want to know more about how to make personal injury claim for your injuries.

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A Guide To Claiming Compensation For An Accident In Zara

As a UK business, an employer and a retailer, Zara has an obligation to prevent accidents in their shops and stores and to protect anybody within their stores including staff and customers form harm. If you’ve been involved in an accident in Zara then we can begin a personal injury claim for you with a fully trained personal injury solicitor.

This service can be used by customers, shop staff, agency staff and furthermore if you were just browsing and had an accident in Zara. If you believe that your accident was down to somebody else making a mistake, not doing their job properly or not adhering to safety guidelines then you may be able to make a Zara injury claim. Our specialist team are available to discuss your accident in Zara right now.

This guide covers what type of accidents can happen in retail stores, common accidents in shops, what duty of care Zara has, what amount of compensation you may get for your accident in Zara and finally how we can help with your claim.

What Are Accidents In A Shop, Such As Zara?

An accident in stores such as Zara could happen at any time and lead to a lot of pain, suffering and financial loss. If the accident you have had was somebody else’s fault then you probably have a good chance of claiming compensation for an accident in Zara. This can be due to negligence, procedures not being followed or health and safety rules being ignored and can lead to a claim against Zara.

Essentially, if your accident in Zara could’ve been avoided if something had been done differently or your accident in Zara was not your fault then you have a good chance of claiming compensation using our no win no fee service.

We’ve dealt with many claims for shop staff and customers who’ve made personal injury claims and we’ve been successful in obtaining many clients compensation for claims such as an accident in Zara that was somebody else’s fault.

Common Accidents In A Shop

There are so many types of accidents in shops and stores that may happen that it’d be impossible to list them all here but among the most common accidents that occur in retail outlets can include:

  • Being hit by falling merchandise or shop fittings.
  • Collisions with staff moving equipment or merchandise.
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) for members of staff.
  • Exposure to dangerous or toxic substances
  • Falling, slipping or tripping.
  • Cutting yourself on shop fittings

If procedures weren’t being adhered to when you had your accident in Zara, such as wet floor signs not being used before you slipped over, then making Zara slip, trip or fall claims would certainly be an option for you. Remember, there are many types of accident claims because of negligence in stores and shops, these are just some of the more common ones we hear about.

Whatever your accident in Zara, if it was somebody else’s fault, then we can give you a free consultation which could lead to a no win no fee compensation claim.

Claiming Compensation For A Slip, Trip or Fall in Zara

If your accident in Zara was a slip, trip or fall then you may be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation but there is a personal injury claims time limit of 3 years so bear that in mind when claiming.

If the accident in Zara was because the floor was wet and caused you to slip or there were items left in the walkway such as stock, boxes or equipment which caused you to trip over then you’ll be able to make a claim. This is especially true if the store staff hadn’t warned you with warning signs that there was a trip hazard that was likely to cause you to have an accident. The staff have a duty of care to protect you so should always clean up spills or water (even if it’s from people coming in from the rain) to prevent you from having an accident in Zara at all times.

What Duty Of Care Does Zara Owe Their Customers, Staff, And Visitors?

As an employer Zara has a responsibility to all of it’s staff to prevent them from having an accident in Zara by conducting regular risk assessments, providing training and updating staff when something changes. This enables staff to carry out their duty of care to the customers and visitors to the store who have the right to avoid an accident in Zara stores wherever possible. The safety of customers is not just the responsibility of the manager or director of the store – it is down to all staff to prevent accidents and injury by following the procedures that they have been trained in. If the training is lacking members of staff can claim against their employer if they have an accident in Zara themselves.

Claiming Compensation For An Accident At Work In Zara

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) there are nearly 2300 injuries for every 100,000 retail staff across all retail workplaces. Muscle strains from poor lifting techniques are a common injury as are slips, trips and falls, falling objects and RSI too.

To prevent an accident in Zara, and other retail stores, the HSE have created a set of template risk assessments to help managers ensure the store is as safe as possible and training materials so staff are able to identify different chemicals by the COSHH symbols displayed on chemical materials.

As a member of Zara staff you should’ve been fully trained in health and safety techniques including correct lifting methods and you should be updated when things change to prevent you from having an accident in Zara while you’re working there. If you’ve had an accident in Zara and not received the correct training or if you’re a member of staff who has had an accident then we can offer you a no win no fee service if you want to claim for compensation.

Storage Area Or Racking Accidents In Zara

Another area where staff may have an accident in shops like Zara is the warehouse or storage area. Items falling on staff could be a common accident in Zara that would require a member of staff to make a personal injury claim.

The reason you may be able to claim would be if the shelving or racking was inadequate, damaged or poorly maintained before an object fell on you or secondly if you had an accident in Zara where stock was stored incorrectly in the racks because other staff hadn’t been trained correctly on how to store items.

For instance if another member of staff had caused your accident in Zara by storing a heavy item on the top shelf of the racking where you had to stretch and strained or pulled a muscle. If your accident was due to either poorly maintained racking or poorly stacked stock then we can make a claim for your accident in Zara on a no win no fee basis,

What Should You Do If Injured In An Accident In A Branch Of Zara?

If you’ve had an accident in Zara that was not your fault or if you’ve had an accident in Zara because you think a member of staff was negligent then there’s a number of things you should due to help with the process of making a personal injury claim:

  • First and foremost you should report the accident to a member of staff and ensure it gets logged. Ask for a copy of the log too, we can use that when we begin to make a claim.
  • If there were any witnesses to your accident in Zara then ask them for their contact details especially independent witnesses such as other customers or even Zara staff who saw your accident ihappen.
  • If you’re able to then take photographs showing the scene, the conditions and also photograph your injury or have someone do it for you.
  • Visit your GP or for a more serious accident in Zara visit the accident and emergency department at your nearest hospital. This will mean you’ll get the treatment you need to get better and also a log of your injuries will be recorded in your medical notes which we can obtain when making a claim for your injuries.
  • Write down what actually happened when you had your accident in Zara and how it happened. This will be much easier than trying to remember how your accident happened at a later date.
  • If you incur any expenses because of your accident in Zara then make a note of them and keep receipts as we’ll use those as part of your personal injury claim.

Don’t worry about taking photos in Zara, you are entitled to do so and nobody in the store should prevent you from doing so.

How To Begin A Compensation Claim After Being Injured In A Zara Store

If you would like make a new claim for an accident in Zara then please get in touch with us here at Accident Claims UK, we are ready now to speak with you about your accident and begin the personal injury claim on your behalf.

We’ll begin with a free consultation and, when we’ve heard the details of your accident in Zara, we’ll let you know if we think you’ve got a chance of compensation. Remember there’s a personal injury claims time limit of 3 years from when you had the accident in Zara or from when you realised you had become injured.

Throughout the process of claiming for your accident we will keep you informed of any updates, requests for more information and offers of compensation we receive on your behalf. We will always let you know our professional opinion on any offer of compensation we receive for your accident in Zara personal injury claim.

Examples Of What You Can Include In An Accident In Zara Compensation Claim

If you’ve had an accident in Zara and are considering make a personal injury claim then you may wonder what you can actually claim for. There are lots of items you can claim for including:

  • Loss of earnings. If your accident in Zara caused you to have time off of work then you should receive sick pay but if your employer only pays statutory sick pay then you’ll probably have lost out so you can make a claim for this. If your accident in Zara was more serious you may have to take time off in future (for medical appointments etc.) so you can also claim for future losses to your earnings.
  • Damage to your property. If when you had your accident any items that you were carrying or wearing were damaged then you’ll be able to claim for them to be repaired or replaced if necessary. Keep hold of any receipts and photograph the damage if possible.
  • Personal injuries. Depending on the severity of your injury you’ll be entitled to a certain amount of compensation for various injuries. The next section goes into more detail about the possible amounts involved.
  • Care costs and travel costs. If you have to receive medical treatment or ongoing care because of you accident in Zara then you should be able to claim for the cost of this and future costs. Also you can claim for the cost of travel to and from medical appointments.

Wherever possible it is best to obtain evidence of any injury or damaged caused by your accident in Zara and try to keep receipt and travel tickets to provide as evidence for your personal injury claim. It is much easier for the claim to be settled where evidence such as receipts and photographs back up the claim.

Examples Of Settlements You May Receive For Different Injuries

Many websites suggest that you can work out the amount of compensation for your accident in by using a personal injury claims calculator but at Accident Claims UK we know that every injury claim is unique so it wouldn’t be possible to work it out with a calculator. Have a look at the table below which is an indication of different amounts commonly obtained for the types of injuries listed. It is only a guide and doesn’t guarantee how much you’ll get for your accident in.

Injury Type & SeverityCompensation AmountFurther Details
Modest injury of the ankleUpto £10,960Injuries like a simple fractures and sprains.
Moderate injury of the ankle£10,960 to £21,200Less serious ankle fractures but more severe than modest injuries
Severe injury to the ankle£24,950 to £39,910Injuries where extensive treatment may be needed.
Very severe injury to the ankle£39,910 to £55,560The most serious injuries to the ankle which might include reduced function of the leg and/or ankle.
Minor injury to the legUpto £9,440Minor injuries such as soft tissue damage or minor bone injuries.
Less serious injuries to the leg£14,320 to £22,130Leg breaks/fractures which stop you from being mobile whilst healing.
Moderate injuries to the leg£22,130 to £31,250Leg dislocations, severe crush injury, multiple fractures
Serious injuries to the leg£31,250 to £43,710Serious leg fractures, injures to leg joints and prolonged treatment/
Very serious leg injuries£43,710 to £67,410Permanent issues with mobility for rest of life.
Severe injury to the leg£73,730 to £108,370The most severe leg injuries short of amputation.
Moderate injury of the back£10,970 to £34,000Ligament and muscle damage.
Severe injury to the back£34,000 to £141,150A broken back which permanently affects you.

If you can’t see an injury the list that matches with the injury you sustained in your accident in Zara then please make contact with us and we’ll try to give you an estimate. The team will assess your claim and be able to provide a clearer picture for you once we’ve given you a free initial consultation. You are under no obligation to proceed so it may be worth a call to us just to get an idea of the amount of compensation you could receive as either a member of staff or as a Zara customer.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims For An Accident In Zara

All of the personal injury claims we take on for accidents in shops are done so on a no win no fee basis. We do this because, unlike solicitors who charge by the hour regardless of the outcome, we care for our customers and understand that no one likes to pay for a solicitor when they are unsuccessful. We will assess your Zara accident claim and let you know right from the start if we think you have a good chance of claiming compensation.

Our team of expert claims specialists will guide you through the whole process and make sure your claim for the accident in Zara goes smoothly and as swiftly as possible. Our solicitors have a vested interest in making your claim a successful one so get in touch and we’ll begin the process right away.

Why Ask Accident Claims UK To Conduct Your Claim For You?

Put simply, we are experts in our field and we know what insurance companies need to know when making a Zara accident claim. This alone will really speed up your personal injury claim. Furthermore because we are offering a no win no fee service you can rest assured that your claim is risk free. You’ll have experts on your side, who know how to make successful claims for compensation because of an accident in Zara and you don’t have to pay anything up front.

It is also worth noting that we are acting on your behalf with your employer if you still work for Zara. We are mindful of this and will always act professionally and accordingly when dealing with your employer. Remember as well that legally your employer can not discriminate against you for making a claim for an accident in Zara if it is done honestly and in good faith.

Talk To The Team At Accident Claims UK Today

Hopefully you’ve found this guide about personal injury claims for compensation due to an accident in Zara useful and informative. If there’s anything else you need to know or if you’re now ready to make a claim then call 0800 073 8801 now. It’s free to call and our staff will work professionally with you right from the initial consultation. Don’t worry about legal jargon either, we understand it can be intimidating when speaking with some professional people but all of our staff can convey complex legal information in an easy to understand way.

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