Valencia Airport Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For An Accident At Valencia Airport?

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 20th September 2021. Welcome to this guide on Valencia airport accident claims.

How To Claim For An Accident At Valencia Airport

Valencia airport accident claims information

Valencia airport accident claims information

This guide is for people who have suffered an injury in an accident at Valencia Manises Airport that wasn’t their fault and are thinking about seeking compensation for it. You might be wondering if it would even be possible to get compensation for an injury that happened in Spain and whether you would have to somehow find a Spanish personal injury solicitor in order to do so. We have put this article together to try and address the questions and concerns that you may have about seeking compensation for being injured at Valencia airport. You should know that we do other types of accident claims guides as well, like this guide to accident claims against a hotel.

As well as reading this guide you will also find it helpful to speak to our team, who will be happy to discuss your no win no fee claim in depth, answer all of your questions and provide you with advice and consultation free of charge. You can reach their phone line on 0800 073 8801.

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  1. A Guide Claim For Injuries Suffered In An Accident At Valencia Airport
  2. What Is An Accident At Valencia Manises Airport?
  3. Aviation Safety Information For Valencia Manises Airport
  4. What Safety Hazards Could Cause Accidents At Airports?
  5. Trips, Falls Or Slips In The Airport
  6. Valencia Airport Food And Shop Related Accidents
  7. Accidents Involving Baggage Trolleys And Carousels
  8. Accidents And Injuries Moving Around An Airport
  9. Valencia Airport Ground Transport Accidents
  10. How Do Spanish Airport Accident Claims Work?
  11. Do I Have To Find A Solicitor In Spain?
  12. Valencia Manises Airport Accident Claims Calculator – Updated September 2021
  13. Special Damages Which Could Be Awarded For An Accident At An Airport?
  14. Why Should You Choose Our Accident Claims Team?
  15. No Win No Fee Valencia Manises Airport Accident Claims
  16. Start Your Valencia Airport Accident Claim
  17. Helpful Spanish Holiday Accident Claim Guides

A Guide Claim For Injuries Suffered In An Accident At Valencia Airport

Valencia is the tenth busiest airport in Spain, every year tens of thousands of flights travel to and from the airport with millions of passengers passing through. This is no surprise considering Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain besides Barcelona and Madrid and as a beautiful coastal city is a magnet for tourists. The vast majority of passengers who go through Valencia airport will do so uneventfully and go on to enjoy their holidays, but in rare instances, someone might get hurt because of negligence on the part of the staff or management of the airport. This is where personal injury claims come in.

If you were injured at Valencia airport and you have reason to think that it was caused by the negligence of the operators of the airport or any of its facilities then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. This guide will go over some of the ways you can be hurt at Valencia airport that may give you grounds to claim compensation, it will also go over the basics of how Spanish law may differ from British law when it comes to personal injury claims. We hope that this guide also will show you how much you can benefit from the services of Accident Claims UK and our accident claims team.

What Is An Accident At Valencia Manises Airport?

This article is going to go through some of the different kinds of accidents that might occur at Valencia Manises Airport that could be caused by the negligence of the airport’s operators and staff. This will range from the commonplace everyday accidents that could happen anywhere such as slips, trips and falls to extreme ones which are hazards unique to airports, such as the dangers of being around aircraft while their engines are running. All of the accidents that we discuss in this guide are ones for which you might be able to make Valencia airport accident claims. Some of the accidents which we discuss in this article are ones that can occur inside the terminal building of the airport, others are ones that can occur either out on the apron of the airport or on chartered transport taking passengers to and from the airport.

Although this guide is about injuries you might sustain in an accident at Valencia airport you could also claim compensation in cases where you were unharmed but your luggage was damaged or your flight was delayed due to the airline staff being negligent. In international law the Montreal convention holds airlines accountable for safely storing and transporting their passenger’s luggage and ensures that passengers can seek compensation if an airline allows their luggage to go missing or get stolen or damaged. You can find a handy guide on the  Citizens Advice website if you would like to seek compensation for having your flight delayed at Valencia airport.

Aviation Safety Information For Valencia Manises Airport

Fatal aviation accidents are very rare; thousands of flights arrive and depart from Valencia airport every year without incident.  In 2016 50767 flights went through Valencia airport, in 2007 it was 77023 and yet the last time an aircraft leaving or returning to Valencia airport was in a fatal air crash was in 1994 when a craft operating out of Valencia airport on a firefighting mission crashed killing five occupants. This tragedy was unrelated to the service at the airport itself.

Considering the number of aircraft that come and go from Valencia Airport every year the amount of fatal air accidents is tiny, you can rest assured that whatever else might happen to you at the airport a plane crash is highly unlikely.

What Safety Hazards Could Cause Accidents At Airports?

The area of an airport where planes are restocked and refuelled and passengers are boarded before the aircraft taxi’s over to the runway for lift-off is known as the apron. In an airport, for a major city and tourist spot like Valencia, this part of an airport will usually be a hive of activity. As well as planes moving about the area there will also be a variety of different vehicles serving various different roles driving around as well, these include shuttle buses carrying passengers, fuel tanks, boarding ramp vehicles and so on.  In airports where passengers may have to traverse the apron in order to board their flight, there can be numerous hazards.

The planes themselves pose a number of risks, they have right of way while driving around the airport and could easily hurt or kill someone who gets in their way. Even when they are motionless people on the ground need to be careful around aeroplanes, whether they are jet or propeller aircraft people must remain a safe distance away when the engines are running. Spinning propellers can kill, as can a jet engine; the noise of a jet engine alone can cause injury through hearing damage.

If the airport is not managed correctly then passengers could be at risk of being hurt by any of the moving vehicles on the apron as well as by the aircraft.

Trips, Falls Or Slips In The Airport

Airports are like any other public place in that they could face liability if someone were to hurt themselves by having a trip or slip and a fall. The onus is on the operators of the airport to make sure that there are no wet floors that people could slip on (at least not without warning signs) and no tripping hazards (such as bags or luggage) left lying around. Uneven flooring should come with warning signs and internal corridors as well as external footpaths and carparks should be maintained so as not to present slip or trip hazards, such as ripped or protruding pieces of carpet and linoleum indoors and broken or icy pavements outdoors. These could lead to Valencia airport accident claims.

If you suffered an injury from a slip, trip and fall at some other point during your trip to Spain, try reading this Spain slip trip and fall guide instead.

Valencia Airport Food And Shop Related Accidents

Most airports will offer an array of cafes, bars and restaurants for passengers to enjoy and meal and a drink while waiting to board their flight. A slip or trip accident could happen here, for all of the same reasons as outlined in the previous section, poor flooring, a wet floor due to food or drinks being spilt and so on. There are other kinds of accidents that could happen in a bar or eatery in Valencia Manises Airport as well for which a personal injury claim could be made. Furnishings such as tables and chairs might fall or break when customers try to use them if they are broken or of poor quality.

The quality and preparation of food is also a risk factor to consider. Many people suffer from various types of food allergies as restaurants must take care to ensure that all meals containing allergens are labelled as such and that cross contamination is kept to the absolute possible minimum. A lack of care when serving and preparing meals could cause a potentially life threatening allergic reaction.

On a similar note, food must be stored and prepared in the correct manner in order to prevent customers from coming down with food poisoning. Food poisoning is no joke; some severe cases can leave the victim suffering from symptoms for months. Food and drinks being served too hot can also lead to injuries which are no laughing matter, hot coffee can sometimes be hot enough to cause scalding injuries if it is spilt on them. You ought to call us and speak to our accident claims team if you or a family member suffered an accident or an illness that you believe was caused by negligent service at one of the cafes or restaurants at Valencia airport arrivals and departures.

If you suffered from food poisoning or some other kind of injury as a result of eating in a restaurant at another point during your trip to Spain, reading this Spain restaurant claims guide may prove more useful.

Accidents Involving Baggage Trolleys And Carousels

Baggage trolleys and carousels can cause quite serious injuries if they are not operated with care. This could lead to Valencia airport accident claims.

A Baggage trolley is used for moving around loads of luggage that can be heavy and large enough to cause injury if they were to fall off and hit someone, so they need to be loaded and secured properly. A baggage trolley filled up with luggage could also cause a severe injury if a member of staff moving it around were to be careless and run into someone with it. The airport may also offer luggage trolleys for passengers to use to cart their own luggage around, they must therefore be careful to ensure that all the trolleys available are safe to use and not faulty, they could be liable for paying compensation if a faulty or broken trolley were to cause an accident and injure someone.

A baggage carousel may seem like a pretty mundane and innocuous piece of machinery, but like any machinery with moving parts, it has the potential to cause harm. Luggage which has been loaded onto it negligently by the luggage handling staff could fall off and hit someone. There is also a possible danger of people, especially small children, falling onto the conveyor belts and being carried away by them. Baggage carousels should be monitored at all times by staff members, and have warning signs up in the area around them.  If you’ve had an accident at Valencia airport involving a baggage carousel then give us a call to find out if it could be grounds for making a personal injury claim.

Accidents And Injuries Moving Around An Airport

All airports, like any busy public place, must be maintained by their operators to a standard that is safe for all of the people who make use of their facilities every day. Valencia Manises Airport could be liable for paying compensation to you if you have suffered an accident while moving through the terminal building because those facilities had not been maintained properly. Examples of how the airport could be liable and you could make Valencia airport accident claims if you injured yourself in one of its buildings could include:

  • Falling down the stairs due to loose carpeting or floor tiles or a faulty bannister.
  • Falling on the escalators or getting your hair or clothes pulled into the moving parts.
  • Being trapped in a faulty lift
  • Falling on or being caught or pulled into the moving parts of a moving walkway.

Valencia Airport Ground Transport Accidents

Airport and aircraft require numerous vehicles operating almost round the clock in order to keep things running smoothly. Even indoors, airport terminals may have small vehicles driving around in order to enable staff, passengers and luggage to get around the terminal quicker. Driving a cart around a busy terminal requires care and training as it would be easy to inflict an injury on someone through negligent driving.

Outside the terminal, there will be multiple vehicles driving around the airport. There will be carts towing boxes of luggage, trucks refuelling the aircraft, trucks draining and refilling the water tanks, trucks carrying the stock for the planes kitchen and food trollies as well as mobile stairways for planes that board on the runway instead of docking with the terminal. These vehicles and their contents could cause an injury to passengers walking across the tarmac if they are driven negligently or if they are not maintained properly. Especially the trucks carrying fuel tanks, aviation fuel is flammable and contains chemicals that can cause health problems.

How Do Spanish Airport Accident Claims Work?

So far as you need to be concerned there aren’t many important differences between the way a personal injury claim for an accident in Spain would work and the way one would work in the UK. The general principles are the same, if you and your personal injury solicitor can prove that you suffered an injury in an accident that the airport operators caused, or failed to prevent, through their negligence, then you could be entitled to receive compensation from them.

There are some differences that shouldn’t have a significant impact on how your claim goes. The first is that there is a different personal injury claims time limit in Spain to that which exists in the United Kingdom. In the UK you need to begin a claim within three years of the incident occurring or within three years of becoming aware that you have been harmed by it. In Spain that time limit is just one year.  For Montreal Convention the time limit for lodging a personal injury claim at Court is restricted to 2 years contact us for further advice this does matter where the accident happened.

In Spanish law, you can also request an interruption, or pause, in the claim once it is underway provided that you can provide a valid reason for doing so, such as if further evidence relevant to your case needs to be gathered. Once the claim is interrupted the usual time limit comes into effect until the claim is resumed.

The final noteworthy difference between Spanish and British personal injury claim law is the manner in which the claimant’s compensation entitlement is calculated. Spanish law has what’s known as the “Baremo” system, which is a point’s scale by which the value of the damages of the case are valued. This may cause the amount of money you receive to differ from what you might get in an equivalent case in the UK, but other than that it will not impact your experience of making a claim very much.

Do I Have To Find A Solicitor In Spain?

There is a guide you can read here which will go over this question in more detail. You do have the option of working with a Spanish personal injury lawyer but you could also potentially work with a UK based solicitor as well. If this is a possible option we recommend that you do so as you will most likely find it to be much easier. To find out what to do in your situation give our advice team a call. This guide on whether you need a solicitor in Spain can provide you with a more detailed answer.

Valencia Manises Airport Accident Claims Calculator – Updated September 2021

You may already be anxious to find out how much money your compensation claim might entitle you to. Unfortunately, we cannot say for sure how much it will be at this stage. You can read through some of the examples of different types of injuries listed in this accident compensation claims calculator to get a general idea of how certain types of injuries are valued in UK law. Don’t forget that claims are calculated differently in Spain through the Baremo system, so the amount you receive for a Spanish personal injury claim might be different.

Amputation of great toe£26,710-£29,380Amputation of big toe from one foot
Amputation of all toes£31,150-£52,620Exact amount of compensation depends on whether the amputation was surgical or traumatic and the extent of damage to the rest of the foot.
Severe toe injuries£11,730-£29,770Severe crush injuries requiring the amputation of just a few toes other than the great toe or injuries requiring only partial amputation.
Serious toe injuries£8,190-£12,900Crush or fracture injuries to the toes causing permanent pain and/or scarring. Unsuccessful operations or impeded gait will lead to the higher level of compensation being awarded.
Moderate toe injuries£8,190-£9,010Fracture or laceration injuries to the toes or injuries which exacerbate pre-existing conditions.
Food poisoning (i)£32,780-£49,270Severe toxicosis. Pain, vomiting, diarrhea requiring a stay in hospital for several days or weeks. Lasting effects include incontinence, hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome causing an impairment of quality of life.
Food poisoning (ii)£8,140-£18,020Short lived diarrhea and vomiting diminishing after two to four weeks with some lasting events including reduced enjoyment of food and sex life.
Food poisoning (iii)£3,370-£8,950Significant discomfort, cramps, fatigue and alteration of bowel function with complete recovery after one year.
Amputation of middle, index and or ring fingers£52,810-£85,170The hand will have lost most of its use and retains only a very weak grip.
Serious hand injuries£24,740-£58,100In which fingers or part of the palm have been amputated, or in which fingers have been reattached in a way that leaves the hand weak, clawed and unsightly.

Special Damages Which Could Be Awarded For An Accident At An Airport?

“Special damages” are the worth of the amount of money you have lost or spent as a result of the accident forcing you to miss work or receive medical care. Make sure that if you intend to make a personal injury claim you keep a close record of the amount of time you have spent off work and how long you expect to stay off work as well as keeping a record, including receipts, of how much money you have spent on medical care for your injuries.

Special damages for Valencia airport accident claims could include things such as:

  • Lost earnings: money you did not receive in wages from your job because your injury or illness forced you to take time off work. This includes time off you have already taken plus the amount of time you anticipate taking off in the future if you haven’t already returned to work. If you are permanently unable to work because the accident has left you with a disability then a successful claim may see you awarded an annuity.
  • Medical expenses: If you have spent any money on receiving healthcare, be it purchasing painkillers or antibiotics or other medication then you can claim back these costs as part of the special damages. These damages extend to things like spending money on home care or home adaption on either a permanent or temporary basis.
  • Travel expenses: Any expenses of unforeseen journeys you have had to make as a result of your injury, whether it was a flight back to the UK or trips to visit your doctor for treatment can be claimed back. Be sure therefore to keep a record and a note of your expenses including tickets.

Why Should You Choose Our Accident Claims Team?

You can trust our team to give you the support you need to make successful Valencia airport accident claims, this is based on our years of experience in working in law and helping claimants with cases just like yours. Throughout the claim you can get in touch with our team for advice and updates.

No Win No Fee Valencia Manises Airport Accident Claims

One thing you should definitely look out for is a solicitor who offers a no win no fee agreement to their clients. No win no fee claims carry little to no financial risk to the claimant as payment of the personal injury solicitors fees is conditional on the claimant receiving compensation. This is because in a no win no fee claim the solicitor can only be paid through receiving a portion of the claimant’s compensation. The exact terms of this deal, i.e. how much of your compensation your solicitor can receive, can be discussed and negotiated with your solicitor although in no circumstances can the solicitor take the majority of the sum.

Start Your Valencia Airport Accident Claim

We operate a 24/7 phone line for you to call us at any time that is convenient for you to discuss the circumstances of your claim and to find out if our team can help you make a compensation claim, call 0800 073 8801 . We also have a sign up form on our website, which you can find here and use to arrange for our team to give you a phone call at a time of your choosing. You can also send an email to our team’s email address at

What evidence would I need to make Valencia airport accident claims?

Aside from having to prove that the accident occurred and that it was someone else’s fault, which could include evidence such as CCTV footage, witness statements and more, you would also have to evidence your injuries. However, if you think this would be a simple as just going to see your GP, you might be surprised to learn that you would require more evidence. As part of your claim, you would need to go and see an independent medic. They would conduct an assessment on you, and they could examine you and ask you questions about your injury. They may also need to order further tests, or read your past medical notes. This would all help them to build a bigger picture of your injury and its severity, and then they could provide a detailed medical report containing information about your injury and prognosis. This is an important piece of evidence when it comes to making personal injury claims, as it could help to value your claim. Once the medical report had been received by specialist solicitors, authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, they could fight for the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Could a child make Valencia airport accident claims?

If a child that you are responsible for suffers an injury at Valencia airport, and you could prove that it was someone else’s fault, your child could be eligible for compensation. However, your child would not have the capacity to make a claim for themselves while they are under the age of 18. Therefore, you could have two different options when it comes to making a claim. The first option would be for you to make a claim on their behalf as their litigation friend. This would mean you’d make the decisions about your child’s case. However, you could leave it until your child reaches the age of 18, and let them make a claim for themselves. Sometimes, though, as time passes it could be more difficult to gather evidence, so you may want to make a claim as soon as you are able to.

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