Every Town Needs a Pothole Pete!

Accident Claims have great pleasure in introducing you to Plymouth’s answer to Britain’s pothole epidemic, Pothole Pete. A tireless campaigner for the Herald, Pete watches over pothole repairs that are taking place in the city.

With the arrival of the ice and the end of the year, repairs will now finish until 2014.

Severe potholes notoriously cause damage to vehicles on the road but can also cause accidents. This year accidentclaims.co.uk pothole accident claimshas recorded the highest number of accident claims as a result of pothole related incidents. Only last month we reported on a motorist who was severely injured after losing control of his moped after going over three concurrent potholes. Compensation claims for pothole incidents are costing councils millions of pounds each year.

Whilst Pothole Pete has no official authority, his presence ensures that the council don’t take their foot of the gas in maintaining the city’s roads. Eight thousand potholes have been repaired over a six month period with over two thousand repairs taking place in just three weeks.

Accident Claims team leader Holly Paley commented; “Are we ever going to get rid of potholes? No chance! You’re always going to have pothole problems when you have a road network like the UK in constant use. That doesn’t mean we should give up. Councils need to use resources wisely to minimise the problems as much as possible and specifically target problematic areas. If a sensible and thought-out strategy is used we can reduce the number of compensation claims that are occurring as a result”.

New technology can mean pothole repairs won’t resurface as quickly. Micro asphalting seals the surface of the road reducing the chances of water entering the hole that ultimately leads to emerging potholes. Will we one day look back at potholes as a thing of the past?