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Accident Claims in Scottish Schools Down by over 400%

Scotland’s largest teaching union has revealed they have seen a significant drop in the number of teachers making accident claims at work.

Compensation pay-outs for accident claims at school in 2013 totalled £300,000, £1.5m short of that paid out in 2012.

Is questionable as to what is the cause for the dramatic fall over the past 12 months. Have employers improved workplaces to the extent that it has ultimately led to a reduced number of accident claims? Maybe it’s just the claims culture that is starting to hit home.

The difference between an accident at work and a whiplash claim is that you are claiming against your employer. With more people out of work and a struggling economy, maybe not as many want to risk their relationship with their employer by making a compensation claim against them. Whilst you may never be sacked for making a claim against your company, it would surely leave a sour taste in the mouth of your boss. Not all accident claims at work are down to negligence from the employer and pupil behaviour can often be responsible for staff sustaining injuries.

Is there a link between the decrease in claims made by teachers and improved behaviour in school?

Some of the biggest and most interesting pay-outs of 2013.

-£131,000 for a teacher who has long term wrist injuries after being assaulted

-£12,500 after a slip on the floor whilst it was being cleaner – no signs however!

-£4,400 for a teacher after they were punched in the face by a pupil

It will be interesting to observe accident figures throughout 2014 to see if workplace injuries continue to decline. In the last few years new areas of compensation have emerged which may have had an overall impact on the decision to make a work related claim. PPI claims have been stealing the headlines for the past couple of years and with many consumers getting in excess of 10k it begs the question as to whether they need to claim when they have a minor accident. It’s important to note that a lot of people look for compensation for financial gain. Wouldn’t 10k in most people’s pockets make them think twice before trying to claim 1-2k for a minor work injury?

Do you see compensation claims as financial gain we are entitled to or should they be used solely for when you have lost out financially as a result of an injury?

Accident Claims in School cost £3million across 3 Cities

Accident claims at school have hit the news again after a Freedom of Information Act request showed more than £3million has been paid out over the last five years from just three cities.

Manchester, Birmingham and Greater London have paid out a combined total of £3.3million in compensation claims for injuries that have taken place within the school grounds.

£10k+ has been paid out for more serious claims that include broken bones and severed fingers.

As these claims only relate to a handful of UK cities it’s estimated that the bill across Britain is likely to include millions more.

Birmingham was the safest of the three cities with just under 200k being paid out to claimants. London and Manchester both paid out just over £1.5million. Surprisingly Manchester and London both had a similar number of pay-outs despite a greater number of schools in the London area.

Accident Claims guru Josh Donn questioned how health and safety was being managed at schools across the cities “It’s clear that the safety of children in schools is not being managed effectively. Funding needs to be given to schools to improve the overall safety as the taxpayer is ultimately paying the price shelling out on compensation claims. The majority of compensation claims we see involving schools could have been easily avoided if the children were monitored more effectively. Inevitably children are always going to have accidents but it’s imperative that local councils take responsibility for the safety measures put in place in schools across their boroughs. In the recent Freedom of Information Request once child received over £6,000 after they were burnt on chemicals during a class – a clear example of an injury that could have been prevented with giving the staff better training.”

One child received £13,500 after a tile fell off the school roof hitting them on the head. Critics argue that if the general maintenance in a school was improved it could cut down accident claims by at least 30%.

Has your child been subject to an accident at school that was due to the failings of a staff member? Accident Claims have a specialist team that can give you reliable claims advice if your child has been injured at school.