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Propsed Changes To Flight Delay Compensation

2014 has arrived and new changes to EU law could see a huge reduction in the number of airline delay claims that are currently going through the system.Accident Claims, in line with EU law, take on flight delay claims whereby passengers have been delayed for 3 hours or longer. New changes could see the 3 hour eligibility criteria increased to 5 hours leaving some passengers with the inability to claim compensation. Depending on how far you are travelling EU law allows for claims of up to £502 for flight delays that are over 3 hours.

Most passengers don’t submit flight delay compensation claims and it’s estimated that only around 2% of travellers who have experienced delays go ahead and make a claim. Airline operators have been criticised for using the ‘extraordinary circumstances’ excuse to escape paying out on legitimate claims. Compensation for delays does not have to be issued if the delay was out of the airlines control e.g. severe weather conditions.

Accident Claims frontman Josh Donn commented.

“At Accident Claims we recorded 42% of claims being rejected on the basis that the circumstances of the delay were due to extraordinary circumstances.  As the rejection process is generic across all operators we are well aware that it’s not the end of the road and we need to give them a real fight to achieve the right result for our client’s. Operators know that if claimants go direct to them and have claims rejected they are less likely to think they can still achieve compensation by continuing”.

Problems passengers are now facing are that claims are being delayed. The anticipated change in regulation is likely is see these delays continue as airline operators look to hold off paying compensation on claims which would not be eligible under new legislation.

Predominately personal injury specialists, at Accident Claims were committed to fighting your case and ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. We constantly keep up to date with legislative changes to give you the best possible chance of recovering compensation for your loss. For more detailed information on the current flight delay compensation scheme please check out our dedicated flight delay page.