£325,000 Compensation Payout For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Settlement Amounts Case Study

This case in which a 15 year old boy suffered physical and sexual abuse trauma at the hands of his scout leader shows how the victim employed a personal injury solicitor some 30 years later to secure a payout for post traumatic stress disorder that he’d lived with during his adult life as he struggled mentally and physically to come to terms with the abuse.

PTSD compensation

PTSD compensation

The injuries, that led to the payout for post traumatic stress disorder, to the boy were psychological (anxiety and stress) as well as physical scarring which was still visible 30 years later. Very often, people who’ve suffered abuse similar to this case will suffer long term or even whole life mental anxiety and in this case that is why the payout for PTSD compensation was so high.

This case was an obvious horrific case of an individual abusing his position of trust and the consequences have stayed with the victim, now a 45 year old man, for his whole life since it happened. Due to the significant affect on him the payout for post traumatic stress disorder in this case was £325,000.

This PTSD compensation claim from our research demonstrates the type of case we can help with. We understand the complex nature of a case seeking a payout for post traumatic stress disorder and work sympathetically and professionally with our clients to ensure the correct amount of compensation for your case.

This case study shows how a good personal injury solicitor is essential when claiming for sexual abuse compensation and covers PTSD sexual abuse symptoms, how to secure a payout for post traumatic stress disorder and how the legal team in this case presented the evidence to secure the compensation.

What Is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And What Can Cause It.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD) is the anxiety that somebody will suffer following a frightening incident in their life. A common case of PTSD, often in the news, is the case of soldiers coming back from war. At the time of the incident (war in the case of the soldier) the anxiety isn’t present but when they return to normal life the anxiety can kick in with memories of the frightening incident can cause insomnia, panic attacks and can cause irrational behaviour. Obtaining a payout for post traumatic stress disorder will consider the amount of anxiety the PTSD causes and if the traumatic experience that causes the anxiety is somebody else’s fault.

Childhood sexual abuse and PTSD unfortunately often go hand in hand as the memories of what happened come back to the victim and remind them of what happened to them as a child. It is a very upsetting condition and can last for many years and this is one of the reasons that a payout for post traumatic stress disorder related to child sexual abuse can be so high.

Other causes of PTSD, according to the NHS, include: Serious car accidents, other types of assault like a robbery, war or problematic births.

A common symptom of childhood sexual assault and PTSD is that the PTSD may not start until many years after the assault happened. In the case of some people who’ve received a payout for post traumatic stress disorder they have lived with the anxiety for their whole adult life but it is just as common for victims to live a near-normal life for many years before the PTSD becomes apparent.

Even claimants involved in cases that lead to a payout for PTSD in later life can be treated. There are a variety of treatment options for childhood sexual assault and PTSD that the NHS recommends which includes: Psychological treatment including psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), medication including anti-depressants and a therapy known as watchful waiting.

What Evidence Was Presented To Support The Alleged Assault?

When a case for post traumatic stress disorder from such a long time ago occurs you may think evidence will be difficult to obtain and use. That is why a professional personal injury solicitor is invaluable and can help obtain a high payout for post traumatic stress disorder.

In this case, the solicitor used more professionals to gather evidence to support the claim: a psychiatrist was used to assess the victim and to prove credibility to his claim that he’d suffered psychologically; and a plastic surgeon was used to assess the victim’s scarring which, although it was improving, was still visible and the evidence proved that it’ll never completely disappear.

The report from the psychiatrist was particularly critical for the high payout as it highlighted symptoms including PTSD, alcohol dependency, personality disorder, self-harm and suicidal tendencies.

This evidence, provided by professionals, was invaluable in securing the settlement. Without it the case could easily have been dismissed. A personal injury solicitor who seeks compensation for PTSD claims should always seek as much evidence to gain the best payout that is possible for the client.

How Was The Case Conducted?

When the victim initially reported the childhood sexual abuse to the police, the defendant in the case was arrested and charged. He admitted that some of the incidents had happened but wouldn’t admit that he had harmed the boy either physically or psychologically.

The fact that the defendant didn’t initially admit liability made securing a payout quite difficult from the outset. In these cases, it is the job of the personal injury solicitor to gather information to support the claims of their client. Initially the information can be provided to the defendants legal team or ultimately, if the compensation settlement can’t be reached amicably, it can be used in court to backup the victims claims.

The solicitor went about gathering evidence from the victim, the psychiatrist and also the plastic surgeon which would be used to attempt to get a successful outcome.

The defendant’s solicitor, in trying to reduce the payout for post traumatic stress disorder, tried to make claims that the victim had other childhood issues that led to his PTSD and other symptoms. They obtained their own psychiatrist report to substantiate this claim.

In the end, the case was concluded out of court and the payout for post traumatic stress disorder was made which is quite often the case, in our experience.

What Payout For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Was Awarded To The Claimant?

The amount awarded to conclude the case out of court was £325,000 compensation for PTSD. The compensation included a payout for the post traumatic stress disorder, injuries, medical and care costs, loss of earnings and future loss of earnings.

The case included lengthy negotiations before the defendant admitted liability and the settlement amount was agreed.

No Win No Fee PTSD Compensation Claims

When looking for a payout for post traumatic stress disorder or sexual abuse compensation you may be worried about the cost of lodging a claim, especially if the negotiations become lengthy as in this case.

Accident Claims UK know that it can be worrying and difficult to find the funds up front to seek damages against an abuser and that’s why we offer a no win no fee service for all personal injury cases we take on. This means that you don’t pay anything unless we secure compensation for you, there are no up front fees and no hourly rates to worry about during your case.

We offer a free consultation for all cases and we’ll let you know what we think the chances of success will be and if we think you’ll receive a payout for post traumatic stress disorder after hearing your claims.

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