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By Brett Williams. Last Updated 12th August 2021. Welcome to our guide to tanning salon injury claims. It is commonplace for people to use sunbeds in tanning salons, to get a pre-tan before they go on holiday, to get that brown look without having to go abroad or to get some vitamin D. Tanning salons are especially popular among young women. However, what many people may not realize is how potentially dangerous using tanning salons can be. By replicating a more concentrated form of the suns light people using sunbeds are at risk of all of the health hazards associated with prolonged sun exposure and more. Tanning sunbed injuries can include, eye injuries, burn injuries and cancer.

Tanning salon injury claims

Sunbed tanning injury claims guide

If you have been affected by a tanning salon injury, such as sunbed burns or have developed cancer from using the services of a tanning salon, then there is a possibility you could be entitled to compensation for it.

And in this guide, we will explain how solicitors like ours can help you pursue compensation without having to take a big financial risk by using a no win no fee agreement. Read through the rest of this article to find this information.

Below you can find our contact details which you can use to ask any questions you want for free to our legal team, or to arrange to make a claim.

Note that this guide is for injuries caused by the use of sunbeds themselves, for information on other forms of accidents which merely happened to take place in a tanning salon you can see another section on our website about accidents in public places. 

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  6. Tanning Salon Eye Injury Claims
  7. Am I Eligible To Claim Compensation For My Sunbed Tanning Injury?
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A Guide To Sunbed Tanning Injury Claims

Before we begin talking about tanning salon injury claims we will go over what kinds of injuries people can suffer from using tanning salons and some of the facts about those injuries. Then we will go into the three main different types of tanning injuries; skin cancer, burns and eye injuries. We will describe how they can occur and most importantly how a tanning salon can be liable for them.

This guide will contain very important and useful guidance on what you can do to get evidence to help with your claim that you can make a start with right now if you have recently suffered from a tanning salon injury. It also has a compensation claims calculator which can help you start to get an idea of what kind of sum of money you will be aiming to receive when you start your claim. If you are considering making a claim, but you are intimidated by the thought of the high legal fees and the prospect of a failed claim leaving you in debt to a solicitor, then this guide will help reassure you by explaining how a no win no fee agreement drastically reduces the cost and risk of making a claim.

Once you have read through this guide you will see our contact details, which you can use to connect to our team and ask for advice, or, if you are already convinced you can ask to start a claim right away.

What Is A Sunbed Tanning Injury?

Many people enjoy using tanning beds as a way of having a healthy sunned glow look even when the weather is overcast and cold. However, there is a risk of a number of different kinds of injuries occurring when using sunbeds. In fact despite sunbeds sometimes being marketed as a safer and more controlled way of getting a tan then sunbathing some studies have shown that sunbeds can carry up to double the risk of causing the user harm.

This is because sunbeds produce UV radiation which over a period of time or in concentrated amounts can cause damage to the body’s skin cells. Spending time in a sunbed actually exposes you to greater levels of UV radiation than spending time in the sun, the risks involved in using a sunbed are actually greater than those involved in actual sunbathing.

There is little government regulation in the tanning business, instead, it is largely self-regulated, so there is a risk that the staff in the tanning salon you are using aren’t trained and qualified to the standard they should be or the equipment being used is possibly not up to standard.  The customer must also be careful about how they use tanning beds and make sure that they do not overuse them. Health issues that can be caused by tanning beds can include eye damage such as cataracts, skin cancer, skin burns and premature ageing. Here is an NHS page on some of the dangers of using sunbeds.

If you’ve suffered any injuries like this and want to learn more about tanning salon injury claims, please get in touch with our team.

Sunbed Injury Statistics

Research has shown that sunbeds can cause double the risk of cancer compared to trying to get a tan by lying in the sun. According to the NHS people who are regularly exposed to UV rays while under the age of 25 are in greater danger of developing skin cancer in the future.

People who use sunbeds are at a 20% higher risk of developing melanoma than those who don’t. According to research published in the British Medical Journal around 2000 people die every year from melanoma, and around 100 of these deaths can be directly linked to sunbed use.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a subsidiary of the World Health Organisation has classed sunbeds as a group one carcinogen, meaning that they have been confirmed to cause cancer in humans.

Tanning Salon Skin Cancer Injury Claims

If ever you’ve wondered “Can sunbeds give you cancer?” the answer is yes they absolutely can. Using tanning beds can be as dangerous as smoking or asbestos. Melanoma, otherwise known as skin cancer, is the most common form of cancer diagnosed among women in their twenties.  Unlike other forms of injuries such as burns or blisters, the signs that you have developed skin cancer from the use of tanning beds may not emerge until years later.

If you develop skin cancer which can be linked to your use of tanning salons then it may be possible to claim compensation from the tanning salon you used. Tanning salons do have certain responsibilities and standards they must meet to provide for their client’s safety. Failing to meet these requirements can make the salon liable for paying compensation to you for your illness.

The precautions which tanning salons need to take include:

  • Warning the clients of the dangers of UV radiation and of tanning bed use.
  • Informing the customers on the safe use of tanning beds, for example showing them how to properly use the equipment and telling them what the safest amount of time to use a tanning bed for is.
  • Ensuring that all customers are over the age of eighteen by requesting and checking ID before allowing them to use the facilities.

If you’ve come to harm and want to learn about tanning salon injury claims, our team can offer you free legal advice on your situation. Just call us on the number at the top of this page.

Tanning Salon Sunbed Burn Injury Claims

Using a tanning salon sunbed does carry the risk of receiving burns if the facilities are not made use of safely and/or the staff in the tanning salon are negligent. Burns can range from being the equivalent to the sunburns one can receive from the sun to blistering and peeling of the skin.  This can occur as a result of the fluorescent light bulbs used in the tanning bed being too strong, or the tanning bed being put on too high a setting. Staff might recommend that the customer spend too long in the tanning bed, or fail to time them correctly. Staff might also fail to take into account the customer’s skin type, resulting in the customer being given a tanning bed to use which is inappropriate for them.

Any of these forms of negligence, plus others listed in other sections of this article could make a tanning salon liable in the event of a customer suffering a burn while using a sunbed.

If the burn injury is particularly severe it can leave you with permanent scarring, you can learn more about claims involving scarring here. For more information about burn injuries in general click here.

Tanning Salon Eye Injury Claims

Tanning beds use fluorescent lights which produce UV rays to give their users a tan. These fluorescent lights replicate the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight. Just like staring directly at the sun, looking into these lights can cause problems with your vision, especially after prolonged and repeated use.

To make matters worse your eyelids do not contain melanin, the chemical that the body uses to protect the skin from sunlight. This means that your eyes can be damaged even if you close them. Conjunctivitis and cataracts can result from unprotected exposure to UV light while in a tanning bed. That is why it is necessary for all tanning salons to provide you with a pair of special safety goggles when you are using the tanning bed.

If the staff in the tanning salon do not provide you with these goggles, provide you with the wrong kind or fail to instruct you to keep them on at all times then they can be liable if you suffer damage to your eyes as a result.

If you’ve suffered an eye injury and want to learn what goes into pursuing tanning salon injury claims, our team can answer all of your questions and link you with one of our specialist solicitors. Just call us today to kickstart the process.

Am I Eligible To Claim Compensation For My Sunbed Tanning Injury?

You may think that if the risks of illness or of injury stemming from sunbed use are so well documented, and because the industry is largely self-regulated, then you wouldn’t be able to claim compensation for sun bed-related injuries. You would be wrong. You can claim compensation from the tanning business if it can be proven that your injury was preventable and caused by the negligence of the salon. There are a number of ways in which a tanning salon can be found to be negligent in a tanning salon compensation case. For instance:

  • Failing to provide you with the necessary safety goggles to prevent eye injuries
  • Failing to instruct you on the appropriate use of the safety goggles
  • Failing to ensure that all the facilities in the salon were safe to use.
  • Failing to instruct you on the safe use of the facilities and the safe limit for spending time in the bed.
  • Failing to inform you of any pre-existing conditions which would put you at risk while using the tanning bed.
  • Failing to get you to fill out a liability form.
  • Allowing children under 18 to use the facilities.

You will have to prove that you really do have the injury or illness you complain of and you will have to prove it was caused at the tanning salon. If the injury is one that is immediately apparent when it occurs you should start collecting evidence on the spot. For example, if you get burned at the salon you should take photos of the burn injuries and the facilities you were using when it happened as soon as possible and get the salon to log the incident in their accident log book. Keep all the receipts and paperwork from your trip to the tanning salon.

Get your injury looked at by a doctor as soon as possible. If you have been to a tanning salon recently and didn’t feel like anything was out of the ordinary at the time but have had concerns about your health since then you should go and see a doctor. Having a longer and more detailed medical record of your injuries will both strengthen your case and enable a better calculation of what compensation you are owed.

Keep receipts, documents and notes of all expenses you take on relating to your injury and any medical treatment and support you seek out, if you have a record of it you can claim compensation for it as part of your tanning injury claim. This includes travel expenses for accessing medical care, even parking charges can be claimed if you have the receipts for them.

Be aware that there is a personal injury claims time limit of three years, beginning from the date that your injuries were diagnosed. For some such as burns or eye damage, this may be on the same day that you suffered an accident in a tanning booth. For other tanning related issues such as skin cancer, it may be at any time after habitual use of tanning beds, even if you no longer use them. For people under the age of eighteen, there is no time limit to when their parents can start making a claim on their behalf until they reach the age of eighteen, at which point they have the standard three years to start making a claim.

If you have any questions at all about tanning salon injury claims, we can answer them. Just call us today.

Sunbed Tanning Injury Compensation Claim Calculator – Updated August 2021

If you’re curious about how much tanning salon injury claims are worth, this section will tell you what you need to know.

Before beginning a claim you and your solicitor will need to work out how much you will be claiming in compensation for your tanning bed injury. Among other factors affecting this amount will be the nature and severity of the injuries themselves. How much compensation your injury will entitle you to will be calculated according to certain guidelines based on how severe the injury is, how much of your bodily functions and ability to live normally are impacted, the physical pain you experience, to what extent you are able to recover and to what extent you are able to recover back to normal. The impact of your injury on pre-existing conditions in terms of exacerbating them will also be factored in, as will your likelihood of experiencing other complications in the future as a result of your injuries.

The classifications of different types of injuries that are used to determine how much each compensation each form of injury is worth are in the table below.

Injuries affecting sight (b) Total blindnessTotal loss of sight in both eyes£229,260-£379,100
Injuries affecting sight (g)Permanent albeit minor impairment of vision in one or both eyes£7,780-£19,690
Injuries affecting sight (i)Eye injuries which heal within a few weeks£1,880-£8,200
BurnsSignificant burns over more than 40% of the body.>£89,440->£98,380
Scars (severe)A large number or scars or a single noticeable scar with a severe disfiguring effect.£6,680-£21,330
Scars (minor)A single noticeable scar or multiple scar anywhere on the body with minor cosmetic effects. £2,020-£7,350
Minor injuries (a)Injuries where there is a complete recovery within seven days.<£590-<£650
Minor injuries (b)Injuries where there is a complete recovery within 28 days.£590-£1,290
Minor injuries (c)Injuries where there is a complete recovery within three months.£1,170-£2,300

Additional Types Of Compensation Awarded For Sunbed Injuries

Compensation is awarded based on the physical effects of the injury and the effects they have on your life. But the impact of an injury can extend well beyond just the physical and mental effects. They can also force you to take on major financial expenses and financial losses, mostly by impacting your ability to work. The amount that you will need to be paid to compensate you for the money you have lost or have been forced to spend as a consequence of your injury will also be factored into calculating how much compensation your claim will request. Some of the different costs and losses which you can claim for in a tanning injury claim may include.

  • Any medical expenses you have incurred as a result of the injury
  • Any expenses for counselling and mental health support you require as a result of your injury
  • Any expenses for travelling to receive medical attention and treatment
  • Any expenses for adapting your house or other expenses for coping with a disability
  • Any expenses relating to hiring nursing care
  • Any expenses for having people perform tasks for you that you would normally handle yourself such as gardening or shopping
  • Expenses for pre-arranged holidays or other activities which you were forced to cancel as a result of your injuries.

Be sure to keep records, copies and receipts of all expenses relating to your injury, otherwise, you would not be able to claim compensation for costs without proof of said costs. For more details on claiming for lost earnings click here.

And to learn more about what you can include in tanning salon injury claims, just get in touch.

No Win No Fee Claims For A Sunbed Tanning Injury

You don’t have to worry about the up-front costs of paying a solicitor to take on your compensation case when working with our solicitors, nor do you have to worry about being left with large legal fees to pay without any compensation to show for it. We know that these concerns might put off a lot of people from seeking compensation, which is why we offer all of the claimants who work with our solicitors No Win No Fee agreements for making their claims.

When you sign a No Win No Fee agreement you will consent to grant a portion of the compensation you are awarded to your solicitor as a “success fee”, which is capped at a low level of the compensation you are awarded. You can discuss the exact terms of what your solicitor will be entitled to before beginning your claim. If you are not given compensation for your claim even though the claim was valid you will not be obliged to pay the solicitor. No win no fee agreements are also alternatively referred to as conditional fee agreements (CFA), as the fee is conditional on receiving compensation.

To learn more about No Win No Fee tanning salon injury claims, just get in touch.

Could Our Team Handle Your Sunbed Tanning Injury Claim?

Our team has experience with the legal system and with making compensation claims that go back up to thirty years. There are few types of claims that our solicitors haven’t dealt with before and which they can’t handle. As a way of demonstrating our confidence in our solicitor’s abilities to take on and win cases, we allow our customers to receive legal advice from our team for free without having to sign up to make a claim through our solicitors. To speak to our team for this free advise and/or ask questions about your circumstances to find out if our solicitors can take on your case use the contact details listed in the section below.

Speak To Our Injury Claims Team

You’ve nearly finished our guide to tanning salon injury claims. Here, you can find out how to take action.

Our injury claims team will be the people you speak to if you want to ask for free advice. There are three ways you can reach them. By ringing them directly on our phone line which is operated 24/7 on 0800 073 8801, By requesting a phone conversation at a time of your preference with this start a claim page, or by sending an email directly to office@accidentclaims.co.uk.

FAQS on tanning salon claims

Can I sue a sunbed shop?

If you suffer injuries such as burns while using a sunbed in a tanning salon, and the shop’s operators were negligent in some way, then you could be entitled to compensation for any injuries.

How long do I have to claim if injured in a tanning salon?

All personal injury claims have a 3-year time limit. The limitation period will generally start on the date you were injured whilst using the sunbed.

How do I prove the tanning salon was negligent?

Evidence is needed in personal injury claims to demonstrate what went wrong and who was to blame. Photographs and CCTV footage are a good way to show how you were injured. You could also ask witnesses for their details in case a statement is needed and medical records from your GP or a hospital could prove the extent of your injuries.

How much compensation for a sunbed injury?

Settlement amounts vary as they are based on the individual circumstances of each case. The level of award is generally based on the severity of your injuries so medical reports and an independent medical assessment will be used to establish this.

Essential Resources

In this last section of our guide to tanning salon injury claims, we’ve included some more guides you may find useful.

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Thank you for reading our guide to tanning salon injury claims.