Death Caused By A Bike Or Cycling Accident Claims Guide – How Much Compensation Could You Claim?

By Mark Anderson. Last Updated 2nd March 2021. Welcome to our guide to fatal cycling accident claims. If you have been unfortunate enough to lose a loved one in a bike accident, then you may be wondering how you can claim compensation on their behalf. A death caused by a bike will likely have you feeling grief for a long time to come, but it should not mean you are left financially worse off.

We cannot do anything about the grief following a death caused by a cyclist, unfortunately, as this is something you will have to go through. Still, as a family member, you could be entitled to pursue a personal injury claim to prove that somebody else was liable for the death of your loved one and assist financially with your future without your loved one.

Fatal Cycling Accident Claims

Fatal cycling accident claims

Accident Claims can help you through this process when you need as little stress as possible. Read on to find out more about compensation that you may be able to claim for a death caused by a bike or cycling accident and then contact Accident Claims on 0800 073 8801 to find out how we can assist you.

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A Guide To Fatal Cycling Or Bike Accident Claims

Cyclists are vulnerable road users, and unfortunately, many cyclists are involved in fatal accidents every year. If you have lost a loved one, you are sure to be feeling sad, traumatised and confused after a death caused by a cyclist. If you are financially dependent on the deceased, then you may also be feeling very anxious about your financial situation. This guide will explain who is eligible to claim a fatal cycling accident. It will also explain the kinds of situations that can lead to fatal accidents, the types of damages you may be able to claim and how much you might expect to receive following the accident. Read on to find out more and then see our contact details at the bottom of the page. Accident Claims can help you make your fatal bike accident claim with sympathy and the utmost professionalism.

What Are Fatal Cycling And Bike Accidents?

Fatal cycling or bike accidents are accidents involving a cyclist that sadly end in death. This can be an instantaneous death caused by a bike or life-threatening injuries that the victim cannot recover from. The type of accident we will explore further relates to incidents involving bicycles rather than motorcycles. As more people choose to use their bikes to get around in the interest of getting more exercise and being kinder to the environment, the rate of fatal cycling accidents increases. This is particularly a problem in London where the traffic is heavy, and there are many cyclists on the road. Compared to other road users such as car and lorry drivers, a cyclist is much more vulnerable as they have very little protection. This therefore means that any bicycle accident is more likely to be fatal or at least very serious. And this may lead to fatal cycling accident claims.

Bike, Cycling, And Motorcycle Accident Statistics

You may be surprised by the statistics about fatal cycling or bike accidents. In 2019, a huge 16,884 cyclists were injured in cycling accidents, and of these victims, 3,795 were seriously injured or died. Cyclists make up 6% of all road fatalities in Britain and yet are highly unlikely to be the cause of a road traffic accident. Cyclists run a much higher risk of being injured or killed per mile travelled when put in comparison to other users of the road.

As a man, you are statistically more likely to be involved in a bicycle accident, with up to 81% of cycling accidents involving a male victim. It may be helpful to know that you should be at your most alert at junctions and roundabouts as a high proportion of cycle accidents happen in these areas, and in particular at T junctions. As you would expect, the statistics also show that the faster a cyclist is travelling, if an accident occurs, the more severe the injuries. Although most cycling accidents occur during daylight hours, an accident is more likely to be fatal if it happens in the dark.

If you have been involved in a cycling accident and suffered a serious injury, then you may be eligible to make a personal injury claim. We strongly suggest that you find a personal injury solicitor to help you successfully achieve the compensation you deserve. Accident Claims can help you with this. If, however, the accident was fatal, then you may be able to claim on behalf of the deceased. Our experts at Accident Claims can talk you through this process.

Who Is Eligible To Claim Compensation For Fatal Bike Or Cycling Accidents?

Unfortunately, in a fatal cycling or bike accident, the issue of compensation is of little relevance to the deceased. However, some people can make a claim on behalf of the victim following deadly cycling accidents. There are three main groups of people who could be eligible to make fatal accident compensation claims after a death caused by a bike.

  • If a deceased person had dependents who relied upon them for financial support, then these dependents may be eligible to make a claim. This can include children, a husband or wife or other family members. If it is the child of the deceased who wishes to make a claim then they will require a litigation friend. A litigation friend is a responsible adult who can help the minor to make decisions about a court case. Litigation friends are sometimes appointed by the court, or an individual may apply for this status. A litigation friend is only needed until a child turns 18, unless they are assessed as lacking the mental capacity to fully comprehend a court case.
  • Even though a family member is not financially dependent on the deceased, they may still claim as they have experienced pain and suffering due to the loss. As you can imagine, losing a family member to a fatal cycling accident would be painful and traumatic.
  • The final party who may be eligible to claim includes the estate of the deceased. This includes companies or businesses belonging to the deceased who experienced financial hardship following the owner’s death.

What Should You Do If A Family Member Has Been Killed In A Fatal Cycling Accident

If you have been unfortunate enough to lose a family member in a fatal cycling or bike accident, then you may be unsure what to do next. Obviously, you will be suffering a terrible sense of loss due to a death caused by a cyclist and may also be facing financial hardship if you were dependent on the deceased. To make the claims process easier on you, we strongly recommend you contact a claims management service such as Accident Claims, who will be able to relieve you of some of the stress involved in making a fatal cycling accident claim. There are some things that you can do, however, to strengthen your case:

  • The accident should be reported to the authorities as soon as possible. Once the police are involved, a report will be filed, and you will be given a reference number.
  • Any evidence you can collect may be very helpful at a later date. If the cycling incident involved a car, then be sure to get the registration number and details of the driver. If there were any witnesses to the accident, then taking their details can help your personal injury lawyer build your case.
  • The medical records are crucial in preparing evidence. Medical records will help your solicitor to understand exactly what happened to the victim.
  • Keep a record of any details relating to the case. Besides medical records and police reports, you must keep receipts and invoices for out of pocket expenses such as funeral costs, travel expenses and medical costs.

Making a personal injury claim can be complicated as well as emotionally draining. To increase your chances of winning and make the process easier on you, we strongly recommend that you contact a company such as Accident Claims who have many years of experience and will be able to help the process go as smoothly as it possibly can.

Types Of Fatal Cycling Accident Claims We Can Help You Claim For

There are many ways in which cycling accidents can occur; as we have discussed earlier in the guide, roundabouts and junctions are some of the most common places for accidents to occur, and there are times of the day when the majority of accidents happen. The cause of these accidents may be distracted drivers, negligent drivers or drivers who fail to leave enough room for cyclists to travel safely. As long as you make your claim within the personal injury claim time limit of three years, then Accident Claims can help you claim in any of these scenarios. This list is not exhaustive, however, and if you have been harmed or a loved one has been killed as a result of a bike accident, then we can help you make a cycle injury claim. Here are some cycling claim examples leading to a death caused by a bike:

Fatal Cycling, Bike, And Motorcycle Accidents Caused By Negligent Driving

Negligent driving can actually apply to both the driver of a vehicle or the cyclist, as both are required to obey road regulations. The important job for your personal injury solicitor is to establish liability. If it is decided that the cyclist caused the accident, then you may find that you don’t have a cycling injury claim to make. If, however, it was the driver who was negligent according to UK traffic laws as set out in the highway code, then you are eligible to make a cycling accident injury compensation claim. Examples of negligence include failing to check mirrors or failing to identify a cyclist approaching due to a blind spot. As long as negligence can be proved, you have a claim. Accident Claims can help you to build a successful driver negligence case following a death caused by a cyclist.

Fatal Cycling Accidents Caused By Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers are a common cause of cycling accidents. If the driver of a vehicle is not paying close attention to the road, this can be very dangerous for other road users. A driver may become distracted if they are listening to loud music, having a conversation with a passenger or perhaps using their phone in the car. These types of distraction can cause a driver to make inappropriate manoeuvres, drive dangerously or fail to follow road signs. Your solicitor will be able to advise you about any claim that you are eligible to make about an accident caused by a distracted driver resulting in a death caused by a bike.

Fatal Cycling Accidents Caused By Drivers Not Leaving Cyclists Room To Ride Safely

Cyclists rely on the observational skills of drivers to avoid harm. If a driver fails to notice a cyclist on the road, then they may also fail to leave enough room for them to move along the road safely. Drivers may become distracted or lack the knowledge required to look out for other road users. If a driver is taking up too much of the road for themselves, causing danger to other road users, then your solicitor may be able to prove that they are liable for causing an accident. Collecting the right type of evidence following the accident will help your solicitor prove a drivers liability and get you the compensation you deserve for any fatal cycling accident claims.

Are There Any Other Common Type Of Fatal Cycling Accident?

Other causes of fatal cycling accidents include the following:

  • Driving too fast. If a vehicle is driving faster than the speed limit, then not only are they behaving illegally, they may also have less control over their vehicle.
  • Switching in and out of Lanes and merging with traffic can create a hazard for cyclists, particularly if the driver of a motor vehicle fails to indicate their intentions.
  • If a cyclist is riding their bike too close to motor vehicles, this may lead to an accident. Cyclists should leave space between themselves and other road users to remain safe.
  • Distraction on the part of the cyclist or the driver of a motor vehicle can have tragic consequences.

No matter what the cause of the accident resulting in a death caused by a cyclist, it is worth having a conversation with a personal injury solicitor to seek free advice about whether you can make a claim,

Fatal Bike, Cycling, Or Motorbike Accidents In The Workplace

Many employees are required to travel by bike as part of their job. A courier or food delivery person is a good example of this. These employees are often put in a situation where they must ride their bike in heavy traffic or in other circumstances, which make an accident more likely. An employer has a duty of care to safeguard the health and wellbeing of their employees. They should provide the right protective equipment and the correct training to enable an employee to be safe. If you have been involved in an accident on a bike whilst at work, then you may be able to claim compensation from your employer. Our experts at Accident Claims will be able to advise you whether you have a claim for workplace compensation after a death caused by a bike.

Fatal Cycling And Bike Accidents In Public Places

If the fatal bike accident occurred in a public place such as a bike show, sports facilities, council maintained bike lanes or parks, your solicitor may be able to prove that the occupier had a responsibility to keep their visitors safe and breached that responsibility. They could, therefore, prove that the occupier was liable for failing to keep the victim safe. If health and safety regulations have been breached, then you may be eligible to receive compensation from the owner or operator of the public space.

What Can You Claim Compensation For After A Fatal Cycling Or Bike Accident

Following a fatal cycling or bike accident, there are several things you can claim on behalf of the deceased. At Accident Claims, we understand that you may have been reliant on the deceased victim for financial support. The victim’s loss may mean that you are reliant upon a compensation payout to help you adjust financially to the change in circumstances. You may be able to claim one or more of the following:

  • General damages. General damages seek to compensate you for the pain and suffering you have experienced following the death of a loved one. It will take into account how quickly the death occurred and how much suffering was experienced as a result.
  • Medical expenses. If you incurred any out of pocket medical expenses as a result of the accident, then you may be able to claim these back. You must keep all receipts and invoices to prove the costs that you incurred.
  • Travel expenses. You can claim back any travel expenses that you incurred as a result of the cycling accident. This can include travel to and from hospital appointments.
  • Loss of earnings. If you were dependent on the deceased for financial support and, as a result of their injuries, they lost out on income, then you can claim this loss of earnings.

To learn more about what you can factor into a claim involving a death caused by a cyclist, please get in touch with our team.

Fatal Cycling Or Bike Accident Compensation Claims Calculator

A personal injury claims calculator can help give you a rough estimate of the compensation you may expect to receive. However, it is no real substitute for a conversation with a personal injury solicitor who will look at your individual circumstances and give you a more accurate figure for a fatal cycling accident claim.

InjuryDetailsExpected Payout
Death with full awarenessFull awareness followed by fluctuating levels of consciousness and death following within 3 months.£11,770 to £22,350
Death preceded by unconsciousnessPain and suffering followed by unconsciousness and death within two weeks£9,870 to £10,010
Death preceded by immediate unconsciousnessDeath occurring after 6 weeks£3,530 to £4,120
Death preceded by immediate unconsciousnessDeath occurring within one week£1,290 to £2,620
Mental anguishFear of impending death£4,380
Death Compensation With ExtrasCan be £300,000 Plus depending on many things example salary.

No Win No Fee Fatal Cycling And Bike Accident Claims

No win no fee agreements are highly beneficial to clients as they do not require any upfront fees when bringing a case. With a no win no fee agreement, the claimant is only required to pay a fee to their solicitor if they win compensation. The solicitor’s fee is then taken from the final payout, meaning that the client is never left out of pocket. If for any reason the claim is unsuccessful, and no compensation is payable, then the claimant will not be required to pay a fee to the solicitor at all.

No win no fee agreements mean that claimants never have to worry about the financial burden of making a claim which may otherwise act as a deterrent. It also means that a solicitor will only take on your case if they believe you have a very good chance of winning. You can feel confident that if a solicitor agrees to work with you, they believe that you will successfully win your compensation claim.

How To Begin A Fatal Accident Compensation Claim

It may feel overwhelming to start a compensation claim after a death caused by a bike, and you may not know where to begin. This is where Accident Claims can help. We offer a free consultation to help you understand the process and to answer any of your questions. If we think you have a good chance of winning, then we may connect you with solicitors who will offer you a no win no fee agreement. They can then begin to put together a successful case on your behalf.

To learn more about No Win No Fee agreements in claims involved a death caused by a cyclist, please get in touch with our team.

Why Claim Compensation For A Fatal Accident With Accident Claims UK

If you decide that you would like to make a compensation claim following your cycling accident, or you would like to bring a case on behalf of a deceased victim, then Accident Claims are an excellent choice to help you. We have many years of experience in dealing with personal injury cases just like yours. Our team of experts can provide knowledge and support and provide solicitors with the experience that will help you to put your case forward successfully.

We understand that having either been the victim of a cycling accident or have lost a loved one in a fatal bike accident, you will be going through a very difficult time. We, therefore, do everything we can take the burden of the case away. We aim to make the process as stress-free as possible while helping you get the maximum possible compensation. Call Accident Claims today to find out how we can help.

Speak To The Accident Claims UK Team

When you are ready to begin your case or if you have any queries before bringing your case, then speak to our team at Accident Claims. We are here to help you. Call us on 0800 073 8801 or contact us using the contact form on our website. This will allow us to call you back at a time convenient to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Death Caused By A Bike FAQs

Are bikes safer than cars on the road?

Safety could be subjective due to a variety of factors. Using the data available, though, there are approximately five times as many deaths caused by a bike on the road than by a car in a typical year. And bear in mind that more people drive cars than motorbikes.

Can you die from cycling?

The vast majority of cyclists can travel safely. But deaths caused by a bike can happen. Alternatively, collisions with cars or accidents due to troublesome road conditions may cause injuries that result in deaths. However, as stated, most riders can use their bikes unharmed.

Should I be cycling every day?

As a form of exercise, cycling is very healthy. It can improve the cardiovascular health of the rider, as well as being important for mental health and wellbeing. It can also boost fitness and contribute to weight loss in those consistently riding for several hours regularly.

How many deaths are caused by a cyclist in an average year?

Estimates show that the average number of cyclist deaths, or death caused by a cyclist, sits between 700-850 per year. The figures have slowly risen year-on-year since 2010. However, the overall numbers represent a drop from their peak in the mid-1970s.

Thank you for reading our guide about fatal cycling accident claims.