£13,400 Compensation Payout For Severe Laser Hair Removal Burns – Settlement Amounts Case Study

Accident Claims UK are a personal injury claims solicitor and can deal with compensation claims for all personal injuries involving laser hair removal burns.

Laser hair removal burns compensation

Laser hair removal burns compensation

This case study we researched involves a lady who visited her usual beauty salon for laser treatment to remove hair from her arms. She’d undergone the treatment previously and in the same salon with complete success but on this occasion, she was left with in pain with laser hair removal burns, blistering and itching.

On the day of the injury she did explain to the salon staff that the laser felt hotter than when she’d received the treatment previously, but they told her not to worry as the laser had recently been serviced. After the treatment the client was left with second degree burns on both arms, blistering and large rectangular stripes. As well as the pain that the claimant suffered there were other issues linked to the laser hair removal burns including anxiety and negative moods: the claimant felt very uneasy about being seen publicly and this affected her work as she felt she was unable to meet with clients.

The claimant decided to seek compensation for her laser hair removal burns by using a personal injury solicitor. The solicitor represented her in negotiations and following a very low offer of compensation they eventually secured £13,400 on her behalf as compensation for the pain, suffering, anxiety and stress caused by the laser hair removal burns.

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If you’d like to know more then read on, this guide will explain the claims process, what laser hair removal burns can lead to and how we can help with your claim.

Laser Hair Removal Burn Statistics

The Health and Safety Executive doesn’t currently record statistics on the beauty industry that record laser hair removal burns so it’s difficult to provide an exact number of burns statistics each year, but it is becoming a fairly regular personal injury claim from our experience. Some common reasons for laser hair removal burns include:

  • Poorly maintained equipment: If the laser equipment isn’t serviced regularly it can lead to too much or too little pulsed light which can lead to burning
  • Poorly trained staff: Training for staff using laser treatments is essential to avoid laser hair removal burns.
  • Distractions: Staff using lasers should be able to concentrate on their clients fully when administering laser hair removal treatments.

If the laser hair removal burns that you received is due to negligence by salon staff or the management of the salon then you could be entitled to compensation for your laser treatment injury.

This guide from the NHS is a useful guide to laser hair removal and what can go wrong.

Second Degree Laser Hair Removal Burns

The victim in this case suffered blistering, marking and second-degree burns on both arms following her laser hair removal treatment. A second-degree burn is one that causes blistering of the skin but will not permanent scarring.

If you suffer any laser hair removal burns, then remove any clothing or jewellery from the affected area and then follow the NHS treatment advice which is to run luke-warm water over the injury for 20 minutes as soon as possible after the incident (this will help stop the burning). Don’t use ice cold water or any product that is oily as this will prevent the burning from stopping. Once the water treatment has finished place a clean piece of cling-film over the burn and take paracetamol for the pain.

With continued pain or burning it is best to seek medical advice from the NHS 111 service, your GP or the A&E department of your local hospital. Laser hair removal burns don’t always look like the worst injury but left untreated they can lead to more serious complications.

You may be wondering how to get rid of laser hair removal burns and the answer is to follow the advice from the NHS and, in time, they will clear up. Second degree burns should leave no permanent scarring or blistering.

What Solicitors Did To Help The Claimant

The personal injury solicitors took the case on for their client and mounted a case against the salon accusing it of negligence because they didn’t have necessary checks or procedures in place to prevent the laser hair removal burns from occurring.

They also supported the client by referring her to a specialist plastic surgeon to obtain quotes to remove the marks from the laser hair removal burns and to a psychiatrist to help with the negative moods and anxiety she suffered due to the injury.

As with all personal injury cases, not just laser hair removal burns, the solicitor will try to work out the cost of putting right what has gone wrong so that when you make a claim against another party you’re not going to end up with a compensation amount that doesn’t fully reflect your losses.

Evidence in cases involving laser hair removal burns can be essential for compensation claims. If you have photographic evidence or visited a medical professional then this will always help with a claim.

How Much Compensation Was Awarded For The Severe Laser Hair Removal Burns?

Initially the salon offered just £3,500 to settle the laser hair removal burns compensation claim but the solicitor recommended that their client rejected the offer as it was insufficient to cover all of her costs, pain and suffering.

Following the first offer the solicitor lodged court proceedings so that a judge could decide on the appropriate compensation for the laser hair removal burns but in the end the salon settled out of court with an amount of £13,400.

This demonstrates how a personal injury solicitor can help with making a laser hair removal burns compensation claim. The fact that they understand the claims process and are able to advise clients that what initially seems like a lot of money is not actually a fair amount when taking all of the aspects of the case into account.

It is fairly common, in our experience, for personal injury claims to settle before getting to court but we will always use it as an option if we believe our client is not going to receive fair compensation without it.

No Win No Fee Compensation Payouts For Laser Hair Removal

One problem facing those with laser hair removal burns, laser burn marks or even small blisters following laser hair removal is that the cost of making a claim against the salon or individual can be very high if you have to pay a solicitor an hourly rate. What makes that scenario even worse is that if they don’t actually win you any compensation for your injuries then you could have paid all of that money for nothing.

At Accident Claims UK we understand that most people can’t afford or don’t want to risk paying solicitors fees up front which is why, when we take on laser hair removal burns claims, we do so on a no win no fee basis.

We don’t charge any fees up front, no hourly rates going forward and if we don’t win you any compensation then we don’t charge you a penny.

When we speak to you about your laser hair removal burns we’ll let you know what our fees will be if we do win and that amount will remain unchanged. We think this is the fairest way to work with our clients.

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This case study has hopefully shown you how a personal injury solicitor can ensure you get the correct amount of compensation if you’ve suffered from laser hair removal burns and that our no win, no fee service means your claim will be risk free if you use Accident Claims UK as your personal injury solicitor.

If you’re now ready to make your claim, then you can contact us using any of these methods:

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