£75,000 Compensation Payout For Delayed Treatment Of Cervical Cancer Negligence – Settlement Amounts

Accident Claims UK are specialist’s in personal injury who deal regularly with claims, on behalf of our clients, for medical negligence including claims for a payout for delayed treatment of cervical cancer

Here we outline the case of one woman who claimed compensation for delayed treatment of cervical cancer and was awarded £75,000. It is a very good case study showing how the right personal injury solicitor can ensure you get the compensation payout that you deserve.

The woman in this case had numerous routine smear tests in 2004 to test for cervical cancer and all of them were reported as negative. She went on to have a child in 2007 and was tested again, routinely, following the birth of her daughter.

It was later that year that complications began when she had to visit her local GP with bleeding and pain symptoms. The GP referred her to the hospital who had to put her through invasive and thorough medical tests after which cervical cancer was finally diagnosed. The result in the delayed treatment of cervical cancer meant that she had to have lymph nodes removed and a radical hysterectomy.

The reason that this became a delayed treatment of cervical cancer case was because, the slides taken from the tests in 2004 and 2007 were reviewed by a national review and found to have been misread. If treatment had begun when the initial tests were conducted, then the impact on the claimant in this case could’ve been far less. The effect on her life was huge following the delayed treatment of cervical cancer and that was due to somebody’s mistake which is why, in the end, the compensation amount was agreed at £75,000.

The payout included pain and suffering, as personal injury claims always do, but it also took into account the devastating affect that the injuries caused, including the fact that the woman will not be able to have any more children.

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Information On Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is caused, mainly, by a virus known as HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) which can be passed on by any sexual content with a man or woman. There are over 100 strains of HPV and most cause no problems at all but two of them HPV18 and HPV16 are responsible for most cases of cervical cancer. Not everyone who has these viruses goes on to develop cervical cancer but the screening is important in spotting any abnormalities.

Since 2008 a vaccine has been offered in schools to girls to prevent HPV.

The reason screening is offered by the NHS is because, generally, there are no early symptoms for cervical cancer. The smear test takes a small sample of cells from the cervix to check problems with the cells (in some areas HPV is checked for at the same time). This is where the delayed treatment of cervical cancer occurred for the claimant as, despite multiple smear tests, the results were reported incorrectly.

What Harm Was Caused By The Delayed Treatment Of Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer compensation

Cervical cancer compensation

The damaged caused, because of the delayed treatment of cervical cancer, was extensive and life-changing. Importantly, the claimant is now unable to have any more children which she’d always planned to do. She also suffered bladder damage and a lymph condition which causes swelling in the arms and legs.

Had the delayed cervical cancer diagnosis not happened then none of these problems would’ve occurred – they are all due to the treatment she had to undergo because of the delays.

The claimant needed care to cope with the knowledge that she couldn’t have further children and will require ongoing counselling to help cope. Had the delayed treatment of cervical cancer been avoided then none of this stress and anxiety would’ve occurred.

How Was This Case Handled To Secure Compensation For The Claimant?

The importance of a personal injury solicitor was demonstrated in this case of delayed treatment of cervical cancer as they employed specialists who looked at the history of the previous smear tests and proved that, had they been read properly, then she would have been treated correctly, wouldn’t have needed any lymph nodes removed or an hysterectomy and been able to lead much more normal life.

After gathering the evidence that proved the delayed treatment of cervical cancer had led to the complications, the personal injury solicitor compiled a case to put before the NHS to begin negotiations.

Ultimately, the solicitor proved beyond doubt that the delayed treatment of cervical cancer led to life-changing and painful surgery for the claimant and the compensation amount reflected that. Had they simply accepted the NHS’s first offer then it may not have been the fairest settlement amount for the claimant and might not have taken into account the future affect on the claimant.

£75,000 Settlement For The Delayed Treatment Of Cancer

The NHS, in this case, agreed that the delayed treatment of cervical cancer was their fault and once that liability had been established it was down to the solicitor to negotiate a delayed diagnosis compensation amount that was fair for the client.

The amount agreed to was £75,000 and this did take into account the physical pain and suffering that the late diagnosis caused but also care costs and future counselling costs.

It is important for a solicitor in cases like this one to understand what kind of future support a claimant of delayed treatment of cervical cancer may need going forward as once a claim is settled it can’t be added on at a later date.

Another important consideration is that a claim for compensation for delayed treatment of cervical cancer, as with all personal injury claims in the UK, must start within 3 years of the injuries occurring (or from when you found out about the injuries).

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims For Delayed Treatment Of Cervical Cancer

One concern raised by our clients is the costs of putting together a legal case against such a big organisation as the NHS. Some solicitors who deal with delayed treatment of cervical cancer claims charge an hourly rate to their clients regardless of if they win or lose the case. This can lead to a massive legal bill even when a cervical cancer misdiagnosis settlement isn’t obtained.

We don’t like to work in that way. We operate a no win no fee service which means that, if you choose Accident Claims UK to deal with your compensation claim for delayed treatment of cervical cancer, then we won’t charge you anything at all unless we actually get you the compensation that we think you deserve.

There are no up-front fees to pay, no hourly rates and, after your free consultation, we’ll actually tell you how much you will pay if we win you compensation which means no surprises and your claim will be risk free.

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