£185,000 Compensation Payout For A Suffered A Herniated / Slipped Disc At Work – Case Study Settlements Amounts Guide

Case Study: High Compensation Payout For A Teacher Who Had A Slipped Disc At Work

In this case study we look at the case of a teacher who needed to claim compensation after suffering a slipped disc at work. The injury was caused by a combination of two falls in the workplace and resulted in a persistent injury the claimant would need to deal with in the future. We have researched this case to be able to highlight the role played by having the right personal injury solicitor working on your accident at work claim. It can make the difference between getting the maximum possible level of compensation and a lower settlement. The right solicitor will also be able to help you through a no win no fee agreement

Slipped disc at work

Slipped disc at work

In this case study the claimant was a teacher who suffered her injuries as a result of two falls suffered within a short period of time. The claimant was pushed over or knocked to the ground on two separate occasions on the same week by pupils at the school she worked in. This resulted in the slipped disc. A slipped disc is one of the most common types of back injury in the UK. Whilst they can be caused in several ways, twisting or turning in a sudden way, such as in a fall can be a high cause of this type of injury. After suffering the slipped disc the claimant sought personal injury compensation from the school they worked at. Personal injury solicitors acting on their behalf we able to secure a total of £185,000 in compensation.

Accident Claims UK are able to help people to make successful compensation claims after suffering a workplace back injury, or any other type of injury in or out of the workplace. Our team is on hand seven days a week to start your claim. You can find details of the different ways in which you can get in touch with our team at the bottom of this page. Please continue reading to find out more about this case.

How Common Are Back Injuries And Back Pain?

Back pain and suffering a back injury at work are one of the most common forms of pain, injury, and health problem in the UK. It is estimated that two and a half million people in the UK live with back pain on a day-to-day basis. This is estimated to cost the UK more than a fifth of the health services entire budget, totalling as much as £12.5 billion pounds per year in treatment. Statistics also show that the longer a person takes off work due to a slipped disc or other type of back injury, the less likely it is that they will be able to return to work at all. This lost productivity and work is estimated to cost the economy as much as £3.8 billion per year, as well as resulting in benefits of £1.4 billion needing to be paid out. Alongside the value of compensation claims, we can see that back pain and injuries to the back are extremely costly to the UK as a whole. Whilst we do not have figures for specific injuries such as a slipped disc at work, or back injuries in general, we can see that in 2013 over thirty million work days worth of time was lost due to what are collectively called ‘musculoskeletal problems’ or ‘disorders’. This classification of injury includes injuries to the back and neck, as well as limbs of the upper body and more general problems.

In this PDF guide produced by the Health and Safety Executive you can find detailed information on musculoskeletal disorders related to work and accidents in the workplace.

What Is A Slipped Disc?

The spine is made up of a column of vertebrae which are stacked one on top of the other. Between the vertebrae are what are called ‘dics’. These are made up of two parts. The outer part of the disc is a tougher, protective, outer ring. Inside the disc is filled with a gelatinous material which is designed to act as a shock absorber. This gel protects the vertebrae from impacts caused by daily activities such as walking, running, lifting objects, or twisting your back.

If the outer part of the disc is damaged in some way the inner gel-like material can protrude. This is commonly called a ‘slipped disc’. It is also commonly called a herniated disc, hernia, or sometimes referred to as a prolapsed disc. Primary symptoms of a slipped disc could include:

  • Numbness or pain on on side of your body which may radiate through your lower or upper limbs,
  • Pain which gets worse when you move in a certain way,
  • Back pain which changes when you sit or stand up,
  • Back pain when walking,
  • Weakness in your muscles which you can not otherwise explain.

In some instances of a slipped disc injury at work or elsewhere the injury may cause a compression of the nerves in your spine. In the most severe cases of this you may need surgical intervention to repair the disc or even remove it.

In this case study, the claimant developed a slipped disc after being knocked over by disruptive pupils of two occasions. The impact of each of the falls or the way in which the teacher fell could have contributed to or caused the injury to happen. You can find further information about this type of injury and what to do if you suspect you have a slipped disc at this NHS resource.

How Are Personal Injury Claims Conducted?

Every employer, even schools, are responsible for the health and safety of their staff. If you are injured in the workplace and if that accident was caused by someone else or could have been prevented, you could be eligible to claim compensation. To make a claim you will need to contact a personal injury solicitor. They will then take down the details of your accident and injury, as well as what evidence you have to support your claim. They may then ask you for details if witnesses and request that you see another doctor for a specific medical exam for the claim. After this they will be able to contact the defendant and inform them of your claim. If the defendant does admit liability they can then negotiate a settlement. As the victim of an accident your first step should always be to contact a specialist personal injury solicitor.

What Payout Was The Teacher Awarded?

In the case we are looking at the claimant was awarded a total of £185,000 in personal injury compensation for her back injury at work. The amount of compensation which you will be awarded will depend on factors such as how severe your herniated or slipped disc was and what effect it had on you. Your settlement will also depend on other things which are being included in your claim. These other things could include compensation for time off work and loss of income, medical expenses such as treatments or prescriptions, the cost of travelling to a hospital or doctors appointment, and other costs which are directly related to your accident and/ or injury. When examining your claim a solicitor will look at all of these different expenses and put together a claim which reflects their combined value.

No Win No Fee Slipped Disc At Work Claims

What is a no win no fee claim, and could you use a no win no fee solicitor to claim compensation for a slipped disc at work? The simplest way to explain what a no win no fee claim is, is to say that it means you will not be charged by your solicitor if they can’t obtain you a settlement. For many people they are the simplest and most affordable way of making a personal injury claim. Whilst the agreement will set out and cover many aspects of the claims process, such as what services will be provided and what fees will be applicable if the claimant is awarded a settlement, the most important part of the agreement is that is should state the claimant can not be billed if the claim is not successful. This is very important as it means you will only need to pay for your solicitor if and when you have been paid compensation. Under such an agreement you will not have to worry about how you will fund your legal action as it can be funded from your settlement if necessary.

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