A Guide To Faulty And Broken Furniture Accident Claims

By Jo Jeffries. Last Updated 16th April 2024. If you’ve been injured as a result of faulty or broken furniture, you might be wondering if you can make a compensation claim. Whether at work or out in a public place, furniture is an important part of everyone’s lives, and broken furniture can cause significant injuries.

In this guide, we’ll discuss when you could make a compensation claim after being injured by broken furniture. We’ll also touch on some of the common injuries that are caused by faulty furniture, and how much compensation you could potentially receive if you make a successful claim. 

Finally, our guide will explore the effects of claiming with the help of a No Win No Fee solicitor, and explain how our solicitors could help you. 

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Who Can Make Broken And Faulty Furniture Accident Claims?

So, when could you make a claim for injuries caused by faulty or broken furniture? The first step is checking to see if you can establish negligence. For the purposes of a personal injury claim, negligence occurs when:

  • You are owed a duty of care.
  • This duty is breached.
  • As a result, you are injured.

Whether or not you are owed a duty of care depends on where you are at the time of the accident. For example, when you are at work, your employer has to take all reasonable practicable steps to make sure that you are safe. This is their duty of care, as outlined in the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 (HASAWA).

Similarly, when you are in a public place, you are owed a duty of care under the Occupiers’ Liability Act (OLA). This means that the controller of the space is responsible for your reasonable safety.

An example of how a breach in duty of care could occur could be if a broken bar stool was reported to the owner a few weeks ago. They failed to fix the stool or remove it from public use, but when you sat down on it, it collapsed. This caused you to suffer head injuries and a broken hip. 

To find out if you could be entitled to make a personal injury claim, get in touch with our team of helpful advisors today.

Common Injuries Caused By Faulty Or Broken Furniture

There are a number of common injuries which faulty furniture accidents could sustain.  These can include:

  • Neck injuries which may include whiplash.
  • Head injuries including concussion.
  • Trapped fingers or hand injuries causing pinching or crushing.
  • Serious injuries causing the amputation of fingers.
  • Broken or fractured bones (particularly in wrist, shoulders or arms).
  • Spinal injuries.

It may seem dramatic to say that whiplash, spinal injuries or head injuries can occur from a damaged piece of furniture. Still, while many personal injury claims are for mild cases, there are instances where much more serious injuries, which can be life-changing, can occur.

How Much Compensation Could You Get From Faulty Or Broken Furniture Accident Claims?

If you want to claim compensation for damaged furniture injuries, you might want to know how much you could receive. Each claim is assessed separately, and no two claims are precisely alike. Therefore, legal professionals may assess all the specifics of the case, including the medical evidence, before they work out an appropriate payout amount.

Other factors that could impact compensation for damaged furniture injury claims could be whether they leave the claimant vulnerable to future injury or the severity of the injury.

Generally, though, settlements can comprise general damages and special damages. General damages compensate for the pain and suffering of the injuries whilst special damages compensate for the financial impact of the injuries. We have explored these in more detail in the sections below.

Compensation For Damaged Furniture 

Some people might search for an injury claim calculator, which could give them a rough idea of how much compensation they could receive. However, we’ve chosen to provide an alternative way to get a rough estimate.

Below, you will see a table with figures from the Judicial College Guidelines. Solicitors and other legal professionals dealing with claims in England and Wales could use this publication to gain insight into appropriate settlement amounts for the general damages portion of claims.

Injury Type Amounts Notes On Injury
Multiple Severe Injuries And Special DamagesUp to £400,000+Multiple severe injuries alongside financial losses, including lost earnings and the cost of travel.
Severe Fractures to Fingers Up to £344,840Reduce grip, may result in partial amputation of fingers, deformity, reduced function.
Le fort fractures of facial bones£29,060 to £44,840N/A
Simple Arm Fractures £8,060 to £23,430Simple fractures to the forearm.
Minor Back Injury Up to £9,630 to £15,260Brackets are concerned with length of injury. Includes less serious strains, sprains, disc prolapses and soft tissue injuries.
Lesser Injuries to Hip/Pelvis£4,820 to £15,370Significant injury. Recovery within 2 years.
Simple Fractures to Tibia or FibulaUp to £14,450
Simple fractures to the tibia or fibula or soft tissue injuries. The top of the amount will be awarded taking into consideration length in plaster and time to recover.
Simple femur fractures£11,120 to £17,180No articular surface damage.
Serious Foot Injury£30,500 to £47,480Severe injury to the foot prolonged treatment and the risk of fusion surgery.

Please note, however, these are only rough guidelines. Should you not see your injury above, or should you have questions about how much your claim could bring, please call us. We would be happy to give you personalised guidance on this, as well as answer any questions you might have about claiming. 

No Win No Fee Broken Furniture Accident Claim Solicitors

To make a personal injury claim more accessible for as many people as possible, our panel of personal injury solicitors offer to work on a No Win No Fee basis for claims that they take on.

When using no win no fee, you’ll be provided with a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). These put into writing the fact that there’s nothing to pay whatsoever to your solicitor should they fail to win the case.

On the other hand, if you do receive compensation, the CFA will explain the solicitor’s success fee. A success fee is limited by law to 25% of your compensation. It’s used to pay the solicitor for their service and is deducted automatically from any compensation you’re awarded.
Making a no win no fee claim is a great way of reducing financial risk from the claim. It can make the whole process less stressful too. Especially as you’re not worrying about money throughout the case.

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