How Much Amputated Toe Compensation Can I Claim? – Toe Amputation Settlement Amounts Online Guide

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 29th June 2022. Welcome to this guide to toe amputation compensation. If you’ve had to have a toe cut off after an accident, or the toe amputation happened as part of an accident in which someone else was to blame, you might be interested in learning more about such claims. Below, we explain how to calculate toe amputation settlement amounts and discuss how our solicitors could help with amputated toe compensation claims. We aim to answer the question of ‘how much compensation can you get for losing a toe?’ As well as explained how much compensation for a toe amputation from NHS negligence you could receive, we also advise you about the evidence you could need to make a claim.

How much compensation for a toe amputation could you receive? Get expert help

This guide covers both claims made by members of the public, and also claims by employees due to accidents at work resulting in an injured toe. If you believe you have a reason to make a personal injury claim for an amputated toe, then this guide is for you.

Alternatively, instead of reading this guide, you can call Accident Claims UK on 0800 073 8801 now and we will explain to you how our personal injury claims service works, and how we believe we will be able to help you claim the compensation you are entitled to.

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A Guide To Getting Amputated Toe compensation

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Amputated toe compensation claims

The guide is for anyone who has lost a toe through amputation, caused by an injury or illness for which they were not responsible. It covers both accidents and injuries to the general public, and also toe injuries sustained through an accident in the workplace. It doesn’t contain an online personal injury claims calculator, as these are notoriously inaccurate. Instead, it includes a table showing typical compensation amounts of a range of toe related injuries.

How much compensation can you get for losing a toe? FAQ answered

The guide covers issues such as the personal injury claims time limit and contains additional info including:

  • A list of all the most common types of injuries that can lead to a person needing to have a toe amputated.
  • A description of how amputation injuries are treated, the long-term prognosis and the process of recovering from a toe amputation.
  • Information on the steps you will need to take to begin your own claim for an accident that resulted in an amputated toe.
  • A list of all the most common types of accidents that can lead to injuries causing a person needing to have a toe amputated.
  • An explanation of how an instance of medical negligence could result in a patient losing a toe.

Further advice on toe amputation claims

  • A discussion of how accidents at work can lead to an amputated toe injury, and the process of making a compensation claim for an accident in the workplace.
  • Information on slips, trips and falls that can cause an injury resulting in the amputation of a toe. These are the most common accidents of all.
  • Information on how people involved in a road traffic accident can easily lose a toe, and how the process for making a claim works.
  • A table that gives details of typical amounts of compensation paid to people as compensation for a range of toe injuries.
  • An introduction to the No Win No Fee claims service that Accident Claims UK operates, as well as our argument to support our belief that this is the best claims service for making amputated toe compensation claims.

Once you have finished reading this guide, if you still have unanswered questions, you can call Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page and we will do our best to answer them for you.

What Injuries Lead To Toe Amputations?



Before we talk about common injuries that can result in the amputation of a toe, it is important to understand that some illnesses can also cause a toe to need an amputation. For example, look at the graph above, which shows the probability of certain symptoms of diabetic foot healing fully. To pressure, in some cases, would require amputation to relieve. A personal injury lawyer would be able to discern whether medical negligence was the driver of this amputation.

What happens if you have a toe cut off?

Losing one or more toes is a serious injury. Your toes are used to help you balance. Losing one, especially a big toe, might require an extended period of physiotherapy to get you walking properly again. There are three main reasons why a toe is amputated, and these are:

  • Severe trauma – such as a road traffic accident, which results in a toe being amputated during the accident.
  • Infections – for example, if you have cut your foot open on a rusty nail, the infection untreated, could lead to the need to amputate a toe.
  • Bad circulation – the fingers and the toes suffer badly when a person has bad circulation. In extreme cases, the lack of blood flow to the toe can cause the tissue to die, and then amputation is needed to stop the infection from moving to the rest of the foot.

No matter the cause of your toe amputation, if it can be proven that a third party was to blame a personal injury solicitor will be able to claim compensation for you. Call Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page so we can start your claim for you.

How Are Amputations Treated And Recovered From?

The treatment for a toe amputation differs between the causes of the amputation. For example, a toe that is lost during a road traffic accident will be treated by cleaning the wound, removing any bone fragments, and stitching the skin together. A toe amputation that is performed due to, for example, bad circulation, is a much cleaner injury. The toe will be removed by a surgeon, this will be done neatly, making the healing process swifter and less prone to infection. Either way, the severity of the injury will need to be judged if you intend to claim amputation injury compensation.

While your amputation injury heals, you will likely be in quite a bit of pain, especially if the amputation was caused by a traumatic accident such as a car crash. Once the tissue has healed sufficiently, you will begin physiotherapy which will help you to learn to balance again, with fewer toes.

If you believe that your toe amputation was the fault of a third party, call Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page so that we can help you to claim toe amputation compensation.

What Should You Do If Your Toe Is Amputated In An Accident?

If you have suffered the loss of a toe, there are a number of things you can do to give you the best chance possible of successfully claiming amputation compensation. These are:

  • If you lost a toe through a traumatic accident such as a car crash, gather lots of photographic and video evidence to support your claim. Photograph the scene of the accident, and all of the vehicles involved, including the number plates.
  • If there were any witnesses to your accident, make sure you write down their names and addresses. You may need to call on their testimony in support of your claim at a later stage.
  • Ask your doctor for a prognosis of the long-term effects of your injury, and whether they will likely cause a permanent disability.
  • Make a list of all the financial losses you have suffered because of your injury. This includes loss of earnings due to missing work, and also out of pocket expenses such as prescription charges and travel costs.

Once you have done these things, contact Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page. We have lots of experience in making amputated toe compensation claims and can help you get the compensation you are eligible for.

How To Start An Amputated Toe Compensation Claim

Starting amputated toe compensation claims is a very simple task. All you need to do is call us here at Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page, and we will take over all the hard work. We will begin by asking you questions such as:

  • How was your toe amputation caused?
  • If it was in an accident, when and where did the accident take place?
  • What is the long-term prognosis for your recovery from the amputation, and does your doctor believe there will be any long-term or permanent disability?
  • If you lost a toe in an accident, were there any witnesses?
  • If you lost your toe in an accident, do you have any photographic or video evidence to support your claim?
  • Have you suffered any financial losses due to your toe amputation?

Helping you get the maximum toe amputation settlement amounts possible

Once we have the answers to these questions and possibly others, we will be able to advise you on toe injury claim amounts you might receive and then offer to take on your claim under our No Win No Fee claims service.

Which Accidents Frequently Lead To Amputated Toe Injuries?

When we answer the question, can I claim for a toe injury? much of the answer depends on how the injury occurred. If it was through an accident caused by a third party, it should be possible to claim compensation. Typical accidents that lead to a toe injury from a small toe injury to full amputation include:

  • Road traffic accidents – the single most common type of accident in the UK. A toe can be amputated through trauma damage during the accident.
  • Slips, trips or falls – in extreme cases, a bad fall can lead to a person losing a toe.
  • Handling accidents – such as carrying heavy machinery or other items, and dropping them on a foot, chopping off a toe.
  • Gardening accidents – such as getting a foot caught in a lawnmower and cutting off a toe.

These accidents and more, are common ways a person can use a toe. Call Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page to find out if your accident could be the basis of a claim.

Medical negligence Leading To Toe Injuries And Amputations

It is entirely viable to reach a toe amputation settlement for an instance of medical negligence that leads to harm such as a big toe injury or amputation.

Every medical practitioner has a duty of care towards their patients. When they fail in this duty of care in a negligent manner, which directly results in harm to the patient, then a valid route to claiming clinical negligence compensation will exist.

Accident Claims UK has the knowledge and experience required to take on major institutions such as the NHS or private healthcare providers. Contact us on the number at the bottom of this page so we can help you with your claim.

Accidents At Work Leading To Amputated Toe Injuries

When it comes to judging how much compensation for losing a toe might be claimable, if the injury occurred in the workplace, it will first need to be proven that the employer was to blame for the accident that caused the injury, before settlement amounts can be calculated.

Every company in the UK is required by law to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for its employees at all times. There are also many specific Health & Safety regulations that apply to specific types of business, and specific work activities. For example, if an employee is required to undertake manual handling of goods and equipment as part of their job, the employer must conform with all the Health & Safety guidelines for manual handing laid down by the HSE.

When a company fails to comply with all legislation applicable to the business and type of work its employees do, then a reason to claim compensation against the employer will exist.

Workplace accident statistics

The most common cause of workplace injuries in 2020-21 was slips, trips and falls, on the same level, according to the HSE statistics. You can find details of other causes of workplace accidents below.

 toe amputation settlement amounts [h2/h3] toe cut off toe amputation

If you have suffered an accident at work due to your employer failing in their Health & Safety duties, then contact Accident Claims UK at the number at the bottom of this page to claim toe injury compensation.

Slips, Trips, And Fall Amputation Claims

After road traffic accidents, slips, trips and falls are the second most common type of accident in the UK each year. If you fracture your toe in such an accident, and it can be proven that the accident was caused by a third party, then you will be able to claim compensation in a broken toe settlement. Typical ways that these accidents can occur are:

  • Slips – on wet or dirty flooring, which should have been cleaned by the building owner. For example, of you slip on a wet floor in McDonald’s, the restaurant operator should have cleaned the floor, or placed a warning sign to prevent accidents.
  • Trips – on damaged flooring such as torn or frayed carpets, or in the car park, tripping over a damaged paving slab of a badly set kerbstone. The premises owner is responsible for making sure these kinds of hazards are repaired.
  • Falls – such as falling downs stairs due to the stairwell being badly lit, or the handrail ripping out of the wall. The building owner is responsible for maintaining the lights and the handrails.

If you want to know the average amputated toe compensation claims amounts, please call us on the number at the bottom of this page to find out.

Road Traffic Accidents Leading To Amputated Toe Injuries

In order to answer the question, I had a serious car accident and lost a toe, how much is a toe worth? you would first need to discern if the accident was the fault of a third party. If it wasn’t the answer would be zero. In order to prove liability, if you are involved in a road traffic accident, do the following:

  • Take photographs or video footage of the scene of the accident, all drivers, and all vehicles including their registration plates.
  • If there were any witnesses to the accident, get their contact details.
  • Make sure that the police are informed of the accident if they do not attend the scene.
  • Get medical attention at the hospital for your injury.

Doing things like these outlined above will make it easier to prove liability. Call Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page to make your claim.

Toe Amputation Compensation Claims Against The Ministry of Defence

If you are injured whilst serving in the armed forces in the UK, then you may be able to make a claim against the Ministry of Defence (M.O.D). However, you need to know that the broken toe claim amount under the standard Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) is going to be far lower than making an independent claim against the M.O.D using a personal injury solicitor.

Accident Claims UK is experienced in claiming compensation from the M.O.D for members of the armed service, who believe they have a better chance of receiving more compensation if they ignore the AFCS and seek an independent claim.

Toe Amputation And Injury Compensation Claims Calculator

In order to claim for the pain and suffering and loss of amenity caused by a toe amputation, you would need medical evidence. This could be obtained from an independent medical expert. We could help arrange an appointment for you with such an expert as part of your claim. At your appointment, the medical specialist would likely need to examine the injury site. They could also ask questions about the injury you’ve received and how it affects you.

Once they had sufficient information, they could then write a report that could be used to evidence your injuries. Courts and lawyers could use this independent evidence against what the Judicial College Guidelines deem appropriate for your level of injury. The figures in the table below come from this publication. This could give you a rough idea of toe amputation settlement amounts.

ToeMinor soft tissue injuries, such as lacerations, abrasions, cuts and bruises.ModerateUp to £9,600
Serious, painful injuries such as a toe with several fractures, or several toes with a fracture.Serious£9,600 to £13,740
A servere injury, that results in the loss of a toe, either through paralysis or amputation.Severe£13,740 to £21,070
Entire loss of a big toe due to amputation.Amputation (big toe)In the region of £31,310
Entire loss of all toes on one foot due to amputation.Amputation (all toes)£36,520 to £56,080
Psychological injurySevereSevere£54,830 to £115,730
Psychological injuryModerately severeModerately severe£19,070 to £54,830
Psychological injuryModerateModerate£5,860 to £19,070
Psychological injuryLess severeLess severe£1,540 to £5,860

Special Damages For Toe Amputation Compensation Claims

As well as claiming for a general damages award for the suffering and pain you’ve experienced, you could also be eligible to claim special damages. Toe amputation settlement amounts could include these pecuniary (financial) costs of an injury. They could include any of the following:

  • Care costs – if you’ve been left unable to care for yourself because of an injury, you might need a carer for a time. If so, care costs could be included within your claim.
  • Travel costs – If you’ve incurred fees for transport to see your lawyer or visit the hospital for treatment, for example, these could also be included.
  • Loss of earnings – should you miss out on income due to having time off work due to your injury, you could recoup these losses.
  • Medical expenses – if you’ve need medical care that isn’t covered by the NHS, such costs could also be included with your claim.

For a much more accurate idea of how much you might claim, call Accident Claims UK on the number at the bottom of this page.

No Win No Fee Toe Amputation Compensation Claims

Accident Claims UK offers our No Win No Fee national claims service, as the best way to make a compensation claim for an amputated toe. Under this kind of agreement, you only pay our fees when you actually win your claim. There is no charge to begin your claim, no ongoing fees, and nothing to pay at all if we fail to win a compensation settlement for you.

Why Work With Us For Amputated Toe Compensation Claims?

Accident Claims UK has over three decades of experience claiming compensation for a wide range of injuries, this includes taking on broken toe insurance settlement claims. Our unique service is designed to meet the needs of our customers above all else. We believe that if we care for our clients, this is the best way to ensure we make revenue. By caring for you, we are also caring for our own business.

We are always on hand to answer any questions you might have about your claim and will keep you updated regularly about what we are doing on your behalf. We do this using simple to understand English, we won’t try to blind you with complicated legal speak.

Contact Our Team About Toe Amputation Compensation Claims

If you are ready to start your compensation claim for an amputated toe, call us on 0800 073 8801 now. Once we know a little more about your case, we will offer you some free legal advice on what we think is the best course of action for you.

Amputated toe compensation claims FAQs

How much compensation can you get for losing a toe?

How much compensation you can get for losing a toe could depend on a few factors. These factors could include the following:

  • How severe the initial injury is
  • How much pain and suffering you’ve endured
  • Whether it has stopped you playing sports professionally (loss of income)
  • If it has stopped you playing sports for enjoyment (loss of amenity)
  • Whether you’ve needed time off work and lost out on pay
  • If you have incurred additional costs because of your injuries

If you would like to get some further idea of what could affect toe injury settlement amounts, please call our team.

How can I maximise toe amputation settlement amounts?

If you’re wondering whether you can maximise toe amputation settlement amounts, it’s difficult to provide definitive steps that could help you do this. However, you could take steps to build a strong claim, such as gathering relevant evidence.

It would be wise to keep documentation relating to costs and losses safe. This way, you could provide them to your lawyer when they are putting together your claim. Further to this, keeping photographs of the accident scene, and witness details could help your claim.

How do I move on after a toe amputation?

It could be difficult for someone to come to terms with losing a body part. Counselling could help you if you are struggling mentally. It would be wise to speak to a professional to get the appropriate help and advice.

Toe Amputation Settlement Amounts – How much compensation do you get for toe amputation

If you were involved in an accident that was not your fault and one or all of your toes are amputated, you could be compensated. The amount you’ll be paid will vary but a single toe amputation could be awarded up to £31,310 and the loss of all toes could result in compensation of up to £56,080.

Toe Amputation Settlement Amounts – How is pain and suffering compensation calculated?

If you make a successful personal injury claim, the amount you’ll receive will be based upon the extent of your suffering. This is hard to quantify yourself so you will need to be assessed by an independent medical specialist. They will review your injuries, ask questions and refer to your medical records. A report will then be produced with details of their findings.

Do amputated toe compensation claims go to court

Generally, personal injury lawyers and insurers try to settle claims out of court. They will discuss liability for the accident and injuries to try and reach an agreement. Where this can be achieved amicably, the claim will be settled and compensation paid. In a very small number of cases, where liability can’t be agreed upon, a court hearing would be needed.

What could affect toe amputation settlement amounts?

Toe amputation settlement amounts can vary from case to case. However, if you’ve had a toe cut off, or suffered multiple toe amputations, you might be wondering what you could receive. There are various factors that could affect your payout, including:

  • How severe the initial injuries were
  • The effects of the injury on your ability to work
  • Any impact on your enjoyment of life 
  • The financial costs of your injury (for example, loss of income)

We have included figures in the compensation table further up in our guide. They could give you some rough guidance as to toe amputation settlements for pain and suffering. However, if you call our team, we could give you some further insight. We could look into what damages could make up your settlement. 

Would compensation be different if I had to have a toe cut off due to injury instead of a traumatic toe amputation?

Your compensation would be unique to your case. All the aspects of your injury would be taken into account, as well as the effects on your life. Whether you had a toe cut off surgically because of your injuries, or you suffered a traumatic toe amputation during the accident, you could still potentially claim if you can prove it was the result of negligence. If you would like to talk to us about your potential compensation claim for either type of injury, please call the team. 

Could I claim for a toe amputation if there were no witnesses?

If there were no witnesses to an accident in which you suffered a toe amputation, you could still be eligible to claim. There may be other evidence you can gather to support your claim. We’d be happy to discuss this with you if you get in touch.

How much compensation for toe amputation could I get if it stops me working?

How much compensation for a toe amputation you’d get if it stopped you from working would depend on how long you were unable to work for, and how much you lost in income. In some cases, if you were unable to return to your previous job due to toe amputation, settlement amounts could include future loss of income. For example, if your career involved professional dance, it might mean a toe amputation causes you to have to change jobs completely. This would be reflected in toe amputation settlement amounts. 

Can I claim for a toe amputation against the NHS?

You may be wondering whether you can claim for a toe amputation against the NHS. However, not all instances of amputations will result in claims. You would need to prove that a medical professional failed to meet the correct standard of care and caused you further or avoidable harm. 

To find out whether you’re eligible to claim, call our team.

How long does it take to receive toe amputation settlement amounts?

How much compensation for a toe amputation and how long it takes to receive toe amputation settlement amounts depends on a number of factors. If a liable party acts swiftly to resolve your claim, admitting fault and offering compensation, your claim could be completed quite quickly. However, if they dispute your claim, it could take longer. 

Useful Links Related To Toe Amputation Settlement Amounts

At the link below, you will find full details of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme published by the Ministry of Defense:

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At the link below, you will find statistics related to road traffic accidents in the UK published by the UK Government:

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At the link below, you will find information published by the NHS which relates to amputation injuries:

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Thank you for reading our guide on amputated toe compensation claims. Now, hopefully, you will be more aware of how toe amputation settlement amounts could be calculated, as well as how we could help you claim toe amputation compensation.