Miss Selfridge Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For A Personal Injury In Miss Selfridge?

Miss Selfridge aimed at women who like fast fashion at reasonable prices, the brand has 250 stores worldwide and retails online through ASOS and through its online store, reaching thousands of customers across the globe. If you have been injured through no fault of your own while shopping at Miss Selfridge or working there you could be able to make a Miss Selfridge accident compensation claims, with the help of your chosen personal injury solicitor. Here at Accident Claims, we are well-equipped to deal with retail shop accident claims and if you call 0800 073 8801, one of our advisors can help talk you through the claims process. Alternatively, or perhaps as well as calling, you might want to read our accident or injury in Miss Selfridge guide below, where we will explain how claiming compensation against Miss Selfridge works, as well as what you need to know about reporting an accident in a shop, how to find a shop injury claims lawyer and more. Simply click the section you’re interested in below and we’ll provide the information you need.

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A Guide To Claiming Compensation For An Accident In Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge accident claimsWhether you are seeking compensation for being injured in a shop while working there or as a customer, chances are you are not alone, and we will have handled other claims similar to your accident claim. We can provide a personal injury lawyer experienced in accident in shop claim legislation, who will be able to take on your case and help settle your claim for you. They can even do this under a no win no fee agreement, which means claiming is risk free for you. If you don’t win, you don’t pay. All you need to know about accident or injury in Miss Selfridge claims is below, but if you have questions, don’t hesitate to call us at any point for clarification on points raised within this guide.

What Is An Accident In Miss Selfridge?

Accident or injury in Miss Selfridge can be considered for a personal injury claim if the accident or injury happened due to the fault of the retailer itself. Depending on who owns the premises and who is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of areas, your claim might be against the retailer itself or against the company that owns and operates the building that the store is based in. Often, retailers rent spaces from larger companies for their stores, and it may be the case that the company owning or operating the building is liable for the upkeep and maintenance of safety standards. However, Miss Selfridge as an employer is also responsible for the safe workplace provision for staff and they also have a responsibility to keep their customers safe while instore. This can become a complex situation, and if you’ve had an accident or injury in Miss Selfridge, you may wish to have this point clarified. If so, do call us and we can help figure out who the responsible part is for your accident or injury in Miss Selfridge.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Retail Accidents?

Some of the more common accident or injury in retail claims result from being injured while in the retail space; others from the stock room or warehouses. Some of the more frequently seen retail accident claims come from:

  • Slips, falls or trips on one level
  • Falls from heights
  • Being struck by something coming off a shelf
  • Warehouse accidents
  • Stock room accidents
  • Slips on wet floors
  • Injured on shop fittings
  • Electricity issues

Your accident or injury in Miss Selfridge claim may be because of this, or because of something completely different. Whatever it is, we can help you go about claiming compensation for your losses in terms of injury and finances too.

Can I Claim Compensation For Injuries From A Miss Selfridge Slip Or Fall?

Slips and falls are some of the most common types of accident causing injuries, not just in retail. They can come from a huge array of different circumstances, and lead to a variety of different injuries. Some of the more common occurrences include:

  • Slips on wet floor
  • Trips over cleaning equipment
  • Trips on improperly fixed/placed rugs or floormats
  • Trips on carpet
  • Trips over retail fixings sticking out
  • Falls in stockroom over hazards left out

If your accident or injury in Miss Selfridge has resulted from one of these situations and could have been avoided should the retailer have acted more responsibly, then you may be able to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

Miss Selfridge Duty Of Care

As a retailer, Miss Selfridge is under a duty to ensure that not only are customers as safe as possible in store, but also that workers are protected from foreseeable harm throughout the store, warehouse, or retail premises. In order to be able to pursue an accident at work compensation claim it has to be established that your employer is at fault and such an incident that caused your injuries could have been avoided. We can help provide you with a retail accident lawyer that is experienced and knowledgeable about the process and the specifics when it comes to personal injury claims in stores, stockrooms or warehouses. This will ensure you have the right representation possible for your claim.

I Suffered A Workplace Accident As An Employee Of Miss Selfridge Can I Claim?

Having an accident at work could bring all sorts of stress on top of the usual stress you could have been suffering due to the accident. After all, if they are your employer then you might worry that it would affect your job if you were to push a claim forward. However, this is something you should not be worried about, as it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure your safety at work, and if they have failed to do so you are well within your rights to seek compensation, so long as you are within the personal injury claims time limit. They are required to have insurance for just such an eventuality, and in addition there is legislation to ensure you aren’t treated differently because you’re making a claim.

If you are injured at work, there will be a procedure that your employer has in place for you to report the incident. It is important that you seek medical attention, but you should also ensure that the accident is reported to a first aider and/or the person/s responsible for health and safety at your place of work. It should be put in the accident book.

Accidents at work that may happen in retail, these can include, but are not limited to:

  • Electric shock
  • Burns from cleaning equipment
  • Back injuries from lifting, handling deliveries
  • Injuries in warehouse from collision with forklift truck
  • Trips and falls in warehouse, stockroom or retail space
  • Being hit by something fallen from shelves

Of course, there are no end of situations that can lead to injuries in the workplace, and it is essential you do not see this list as exhaustive. Please contact us if you have had any accident or injury in Miss Selfridge and we will do our utmost to help.

Accidents Involving Racking Or Storage Area

It is important that people realise that accidents or injury that could happen in Miss Selfridge don’t just happen in the retail area. There are racking and storage areas for items that can pose their own risk to employees in storage or warehouses. For example, if something was not stowed away carefully on a higher shelf it may fall off and cause injury, and if it were sticking out on a lower shelf it may cause you to trip over it. There are methods for safe stacking and stowing away and these should be taught to employees using the area. Racking and storage systems should also be very well maintained to ensure your safety. If there is a failure on the part of your employer to do any of this, then they might be held liable for your injuries.

In addition to this, you should, if required to do so, be trained in how to lift and carry items you might need to store away or retrieve. If this has not been done, or if you are required to move unsafe loads, then this can cause muscular injuries or skeletal ones. If this has happened to you, then do get in touch, as we can help with your claim.

How To Report An Accident In A Shop

We have covered earlier the importance of reporting injury, and whether this is as a customer or an employer, it should be reported at the time of the incident and then if necessary, followed up with a letter to the company in question with details of your accident. It should be recorded in an accident book instore at the time, as well as you making notes on what has happened, and perhaps even taking photographs of what has happened in terms of both the scene and your injuries. You should also seek medical help, to ensure you get the right treatment for any injury. If there are any witnesses, it would be a good idea to take their details too.

What Can My Claim Against Miss Selfridge Include Compensation For?

Claiming compensation for accident or injury in Miss Selfridge isn’t just for the injury itself. There are various factors taken into account when making the calculation of what your claim is worth, and these can include not only costs you’ve incurred and the compensation you receive for the suffering and the pain you’ve had to endure, but the mental and emotional distress and harm you’ve borne and even future costs you’re likely to bear such as ongoing loss of earnings and medical treatments.

Accident Compensation Calculator

Any accident or injury differs from the one that precedes it, so it is unlikely that two compensation claims of this type will attract the same amount. The level of your injury, the prognosis for recover, the costs incurred and the after effects will all be considered. However, we can provide somewhat of an illustration of typical injuries and the typical brackets in terms of awards. Please see the below for a guide.

Injury TypeSeverityInformationCompensation
Neck Injury Severe Injuries will scale from severe soft tissue damage, fractures, dislocations, fractures or damage to discs in the cervical spine to permanent spastic quadriparesis.£42,680 to in the region of £139,210
Neck Injury Minor to Moderate Injuries will scale from full recovery in 3 months, soft tissue damage, exacerbated a pre-existing condition, disc lesion, cervical spondylosis to severe fractions and dislocation. Up to £36,120
Back InjurySevere Injuries will scale from disc lesions or fractures of discs or of vertebral bodies, nerve root damage to severe damage to the spinal cord. £36,390 to £151,070
Back Injury Minor to Moderate Injuries will scale from soft tissue, sprains, strains, ligament and muscle damage to compression/crush fracture of the lumbar vertebrae. Up to £2,150 to £34,000
Shoulder Injury Minor to SeriousInjuries will scale from soft tissue damage, frozen shoulder to significant disability. Up to £45,070
Arm InjurySevere Injuries will scale from significant disability, injuries to the elbow, fractures of the forearm, serious fractures to injuries that short fall of amputation. Up to £122,860
Arm Injury Minor to Moderate Injuries will scale from elbow injuries to fractures. Up to £11,040
Wrist Injury Very minor to Severe Injuries will scale from soft tissue injuries, sprains, displaced fractures, permanent disability to complete loss of function in the wrist. Up to £56,180
Hand Injury Serious Injuries will scale from significant impaired function to reduced 50% capacity.
Up to £56,180
Pelvis/Hip Injury Minor to Severe Injuries will scale from hip replacement, hip surgery, permanent disability, fractures leading to degenerative changes, fracture dislocation to extensive fractures of the pelvis.£122,860
Leg Injury Less Serious to Moderate Injuries will scale from fractures of the tibia and fibula, fracture of the femur, incomplete recovery to multiple fractures. Up to £36,790
Knee Injury Moderate to Severe Injuries will scale from dislocation, torn cartilage or meniscus, instability or deformity, permanent, limiting movement to serious knee injury and disruption of the joint.
Up to £90,290
Ankle Injury Modest to Severe Injuries will scale from sprains, twists, soft tissue, fractures, ligament tears to significant residual disability.Up to £46,980
Foot InjuryModest to Severe Injuries will scale from simple metatarsal fractures, permanent deformity, leading to continuing pain from traumatic arthritis to severe degloving, extensive surgery, heel fusion.Up to £65,710
Scarring Significant Scarring Effects will be reduced by plastic surgery but will leave cosmetic disability. £8,550 to
Scarring Trivial ScarringMinor small scars.£1,600 to £3,310
Food PoisoningSerious but Short LivedDiarrhoea, vomiting, disturbance of bowel function. £8,950 to £18,020

No Win No Fee Accident And Injury Claims Against Miss Selfridge

Claiming compensation needn’t cost you a lot of money upfront, and in fact these type of claims don’t require you to fund your legal fees until your compensation is paid. This works via the following arrangement.

Your solicitor, once provided by Accident Claims UK will help you understand the agreement you’ll be signing. You won’t be required to put up any money upfront, but the amount, if the case is successful, will be taken as a percentage from your compensation payment will be agreed and communicated to you beforehand. Your lawyer will also advise you on whether it might be a good idea to get insurance in case of any unexpected costs.

Once you’ve signed the agreement, called a Conditional fee document, you will then have instructed your lawyer to act on your behalf. They will then take the case on and start your claim. Once a compensation agreement has been reached and is paid out, then the legal percentage discussed prior to your signing the agreement will be taken from the compensation and the rest will come to you.

You might be a little worried about what would happen if there was a situation that caused your claim to not be successful, but it is important to know that should this happen to you, you won’t be expected to dig deep and pay the legal fees, as it is no win no fee.

There are significant benefits we feel that come with pursuing a claim on this basis. These include:

No Risk to your bank balance

As we just mentioned, there will not be the risk to your financial situation should your claim not be won

You can shop around

You don’t have to go for the cheapest lawyer when you work on no win no fee. You have the luxury of making a choice of some of the most experienced lawyers, many of whom we are able to provide to you!

Your lawyer is affected by your case

If you’re not going with a lawyer that charges by the hour, and their finances will be affected by your case’s outcome, then you know that your lawyer will be working for the maximum compensation for your case. After all, the more you get in compensation, the more they’ll earn.

All of the lawyers Accident Claims provide work on this basis, so you can reap the benefits when using our service. Don’t forget, if you have any questions at all about this, then we’re always happy to help!

How Accident Claims UK Can Help You?

We can provide to you an experienced personal injury solicitor that can help prove liability of the defendant in your case. In order to do so, some evidence gathering will be done, and your solicitor will advise you on exactly what that will involve. You will more than likely be required to get another medical opinion on your injuries and prognosis and your solicitor will aim to arrange this near to your home so you won’t have to go far to get it done. In addition, witness statements will be gathered if applicable before your solicitor then puts together a case for compensation. They will fight for as much as possible for you, and in some cases, the first offer you receive in terms of compensation will not be the amount you receive as your solicitor may fight for more for you.

Why Choose Accident Claims UK For Your Miss Selfridge Accident Claim?

We’re here to help, in any way we can, to make the claims process as quick, simple, affordable and stress free as possible. We can provide experienced lawyers in all aspects of personal injury claims, whether you are looking to claim compensation for falling in Miss Selfridge, whether you have questions such as ‘I got hurt in a retail store UK – can I claim?’ and much more. We can help make sense of the process of claiming, and better still we do so without any obligation for you to go forward with us for your claim, or even make a claim at all! Our advisors are highly trained to deliver a great service, whether you’re making enquiries or looking to begin a claim, and we’ll never put undue pressure on you – we’re not a fan of the hard sell as we believe our services sells itself.

We are lucky enough to have some of the most experienced personal injury lawyers on our panel, and this, coupled with our dedication to top customer service means that we have so many happy customers that we receive regular word of mouth recommendations.

There’s no pressure and no obligation when you call us, so why not ask us what you need to know and see how best we can advise you.

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We’re available on 0800 073 8801 when you want to talk to us, whether you prefer to get a few more answers to a few more questions or whether you’re already in the position to begin your claim for accident or injury in Miss Selfridge. Or, if you’d prefer, we have a contact page on the site you can use, and we’ll call you back – and there’s a live chat there too! Why not get in touch today?

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