Topshop Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For A Personal Injury After An Accident In Topshop?

Topshop is a major fashion retailer in the UK with thousands of staff and employees to which they are obliged to provide a safe working or shopping environment for customers in all of their premises. They have a duty of care to prevent an accident in Topshop from happening by providing adequate training for all staff and maintaining stores adequately to ensure the safety of customers. If you’ve been involved in an accident in Topshop, that was not your fault and as a result you are injured and want to commence a personal injury claim then we have a team ready to discuss your claim and we offer a no win no fee service.

Call our team of experts now if you are ready to start your Topshop accident claim on 0800 073 8801 or read on if you would like to know more about how to make personal injury claim for an accident in Topshop.

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A Guide To Claiming Compensation For An Accident In Topshop

One accident in Topshop which received a lot of press coverage recently involved the death of a 10 year old boy when a Topshop queue barrier fell on him. Being hurt by fixtures and fittings is one type of accident that could happen in a retail store but this guide will go through in more detail what other accidents could commonly occur in shops.

This guide will also inform you of how to make a claim for compensation whether you are an employee or customer of Topshop, what items can be included in your Topshop compensation claim and it will give you an indication of how much compensation you could be due.

What Are Accidents And Injuries In A Shop, Such As Topshop?

If you’ve been involved in an accident in Topshop and it was not your fault then you could be entitled to compensation. Our no win no fee service is available for staff or customers who’ve had an accident in a retail shop and want to pursue a personal injury claim.

When an accident in a shop happens it can lead to personal injury and/or financial loss. Severe injuries can be life changing and cause a lot of stress or anxiety. A shop accident compensation claim may be made to compensate for pain and suffering and other factors such as loss of income and expenses directly due to the accident.

Common Accidents In A Retail Shop

It would be difficult to list every type of accident that could happen in a retail store but some of the common accidents that could happen include:

  • Slipping in store or tripping over merchandise that has been stored inappropriately
  • Store furniture like signs and barriers falling on to customers
  • Untrained staff injuring themselves while moving stock
  • Items falling on staff in the warehouse as they were stored incorrectly.

This is just a sample of the types of accidents in shops and stores that could happen but there are plenty more so if yours isn’t listed still feel free to get in touch.

Staff at all stores should be trained fully on health and safety recommendations to prevent an accident in a shop from happening and they should follow that training at all times. If the procedures that staff are trained in are not being followed then accidents could happen to either employees or members of the public allowing for a personal injury compensation case.

Remember, if you’re a member of staff and you’ve had an accident in Topshop then we may be able to make a claim for you to receive compensation if that accident was avoidable. Our service is not just for customers who’ve had an accident in Topshop, it is available for staff too.

I Was Injured In A Branch Of Topshop, What Is Their Duty Of Care?

Simply put Topshop have a duty of care to protect every visitor, member of staff or customer that enters one of it’s shops. It should take necessary steps to prevent injury and accidents including regular risk assessments, staff training and ensuring staff follow procedures designed for health and safety. The Health And Safety Executive (HSE) has a section on their website dedicated to the retail sector that provides resources for shops like Topshop to help them prevent accidents.

I Slipped While In Topshop Can I Claim?

If you had an accident in Topshop that was either a slip, trip or a fall then you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation, if it can be proven that they had in some way been negligent. If your accident in Topshop was caused because a member of staff failed to use a warning sign when cleaning and you slipped injuring yourself, or if the shop was a mess and you slipped on an item of clothing that had been left on the floor then you may be able to pursue a claim for damages

The retail staff have a responsibility to keep the shop floor clear and reduce the risk of customers or staff slipping. This should include picking up merchandise that has been dropped on the floor by customers as it becomes a trip hazard which staff should spot and remedy straight away.

I Was Injured In A Racking Accident In Topshop, Can I Claim?

Stacking and storage accidents could happen if items are stored and stacked in the correct manner. This is usually in the warehouse of the shop where customers wouldn’t normally have access. The cause of these sorts of accidents is usually one of three things:

  • Items falling from racking where it has been stored inappropriately i.e. stacked too high
  • Back strains and injuries where staff have had to retrieve heavier items from the top shelf of the racking when heavier items really should be stored at lower levels.
  • Racking or items on the racking falling on staff because the racking is damaged or not built correctly.

If, as a member of staff at Topshop, you’ve had an accident in a Topshop warehouse involving racking or storing of items then you could pursue an accident at work claim if the incident that happened was due to negligence. Accident Claims UK can help you make a personal injury claim for compensation.

I Had An Accident at Work, While Working For Topshop What Can I Do?

Similarly to above, if you’ve suffered an accident in Topshop while working there, and it was due to negligence then you could start a Topshop compensation claim to reimburse you for the injury and any costs associated with it.

You may think it unwise to make a personal injury claim against your employer but if you’ve been injured in an accident then you’re entitled to claim and the company can’t discriminate against you because of it. It would be unfair and unethical for an employer to sack or discipline you for making a personal injury claim against them so if you’ve had an accident while working then we can discuss the details with you in a free consultation.

It’s worth remembering that if you weren’t trained correctly before your accident then this is a valid reason for a claim. For instance if you weren’t trained in manual handling procedures and you’ve hurt your back or if you weren’t shown how to identify hazardous chemicals and then been exposed to them then you could have a claim.

What Steps Should You Take After Being Injured In A Topshop Accident?

If you do have an accident in a shop there are things you can do to make a shop accident claim for injuries easier. Any evidence you can provide us in regards to your accident can help greatly and it’s worth remembering you are entitled to gather that evidence – the staff cannot prevent you from doing so.

Things to do when you have an accident in a retail shop include:

  • Report the accident in the shop to their staff as soon as you can. They should log it in their accident log book so ask for a photocopy of the entry.
  • Go to the hospital accident and emergency department if your accident is serious or if not visit your GP instead. Your accident  will be recorded on your medical records as will the extent of your injuries.
  • Photograph or video the scene of the accident on your mobile phone trying to capture as much information as possible. Also ask somebody to photograph the injury you’ve received if it is a visible injury.
  • Collect any witness details like name, address and contact numbers. Independent witnesses are useful so look around to see if anybody other than friends and family saw what happened at the time of your accident.
  • If anything you are wearing or carrying is damaged then photograph this damage for proof.
    Any evidence you collect during your accident can aid your claim greatly.

Case Study: Fatal Accident In A Branch Of Topshop

One tragic accident in Topshop was the case of Kaden Reddick, aged 10, who died in Topshop in the Oracle shopping centre, Reading on the 13th February 2017 the first day of the school half-term. The accident occurred while Kaden’s mother was paying for items at the till.
At the inquest into Kaden’s death the officer in charge, Detective Inspector Dave Turton described the accident in Topshop “A display described as a queue barrier which he was stood next to fell over and struck him in the head and unfortunately this resulted in injuries that were fatal”.

The coroner heard that at the time of the accident Kaden was with his mum, his grandmother and his siblings but that no-one else was injured. He was taken to the Royal Berkshire hospital but unfortunately he was pronounced dead. The inquest heard that Topshop had recalled all of the display stands from all of it’s stores and stores remained closed until they had confirmed the removal to prevent another accident in Topshop occurring.

How Accident Claims Can Help You Claim Compensation After Being Injured In A Branch Of Topshop

Accident Claims UK are personal injury specialists who operate on a no win no fee basis. If you have had a valid accident in Topshop and want to begin a claim then we are ready to proceed. Because we handle shop claims we know exactly what to ask of you, what information we need to provide to insurers and how to win cases ensuring that you get the best possible payout.

We know that your accident was very likely traumatic so we make the process of claiming compensation for your accident easy and we deal with almost everything on your behalf. Our staff are friendly and professional and efficient when dealing with claims for an accident and will progress your claim as fast as possible.

Examples Of What You Could Claim Compensation For After Being Injured In Topshop

If you’re considering making a claim because of your accident in Topshop you may be wondering what sort of things you can actually claim compensation for. Essentially you can claim for any financial loss incurred by you because of the accident and also for the pain and suffering caused because of the accident. This can include:

  • The cost of repairing or replacing anything you were carrying or wearing at the time of your accident. For instance, if you had a fall and your spectacles were broken then you could claim for the replacement cost or if you ripped an item of clothing then this could be claimed as part of your compensation claim.
  • The cost of travelling to and from medical appointments needed because of the accident. If you have to visit a doctor or a physiotherapist then you could claim the cost of travelling to and from appointments.
  • If you had to take time off of work because of your injuries (and your employer only pays statutory sick pay) then you could claim for your loss of earnings and possibly future loss of earnings.
  • If you need somebody to look after or care for you then you could claim the cost of this back too.

When we provide you with a free consultation to discuss your accident we will discuss what you can claim for. As mentioned earlier, if you do want to claim for some of the items above then obtain receipts as this will make the claim for your accident in Topshop easier to process.

Accident and Injury Compensation Calculator

As you can imagine, the range of settlements for an accident can be quite large, and every case is unique which means we can’t tell you up front exactly how much compensation you’ll receive. We can however give you a rough idea of what different injuries can receive in compensation. Use the table below as a guide, we obviously make no guarantee of what your Topshop accident claim is actually worth until we’ve spoken to you personally.

Injury TypeSeverityInformationCompensation
Neck Injury Severe Injuries will scale from severe soft tissue damage, fractures, dislocations, fractures or damage to discs in the cervical spine to permanent spastic quadriparesis.£42,680 to in the region of £139,210
Neck Injury Minor to Moderate Injuries will scale from full recovery in 3 months, soft tissue damage, exacerbated a pre-existing condition, disc lesion, cervical spondylosis to severe fractions and dislocation. Up to £36,120
Back InjurySevere Injuries will scale from disc lesions or fractures of discs or of vertebral bodies, nerve root damage to severe damage to the spinal cord. £36,390 to £151,070
Back Injury Minor to Moderate Injuries will scale from soft tissue, sprains, strains, ligament and muscle damage to compression/crush fracture of the lumbar vertebrae. Up to £2,150 to £34,000
Shoulder Injury Minor to SeriousInjuries will scale from soft tissue damage, frozen shoulder to significant disability. Up to £45,070
Arm InjurySevere Injuries will scale from significant disability, injuries to the elbow, fractures of the forearm, serious fractures to injuries that short fall of amputation. Up to £122,860
Arm Injury Minor to Moderate Injuries will scale from elbow injuries to fractures. Up to £11,040
Wrist Injury Very minor to Severe Injuries will scale from soft tissue injuries, sprains, displaced fractures, permanent disability to complete loss of function in the wrist. Up to £56,180
Hand Injury Serious Injuries will scale from significant impaired function to reduced 50% capacity.
Up to £56,180
Pelvis/Hip Injury Minor to Severe Injuries will scale from hip replacement, hip surgery, permanent disability, fractures leading to degenerative changes, fracture dislocation to extensive fractures of the pelvis.£122,860
Leg Injury Less Serious to Moderate Injuries will scale from fractures of the tibia and fibula, fracture of the femur, incomplete recovery to multiple fractures. Up to £36,790
Knee Injury Moderate to Severe Injuries will scale from dislocation, torn cartilage or meniscus, instability or deformity, permanent, limiting movement to serious knee injury and disruption of the joint.
Up to £90,290
Ankle Injury Modest to Severe Injuries will scale from sprains, twists, soft tissue, fractures, ligament tears to significant residual disability.Up to £46,980
Foot InjuryModest to Severe Injuries will scale from simple metatarsal fractures, permanent deformity, leading to continuing pain from traumatic arthritis to severe degloving, extensive surgery, heel fusion.Up to £65,710
Scarring Significant Scarring Effects will be reduced by plastic surgery but will leave cosmetic disability. £8,550 to
Scarring Trivial ScarringMinor small scars.£1,600 to £3,310
Food PoisoningSerious but Short LivedDiarrhoea, vomiting, disturbance of bowel function. £8,950 to £18,020

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims For Accidents

We know that it is quite a daunting task to make a personal injury claim for an accident which is why we operate a no win no fee compensation service. We do this to make the process of claiming compensation risk free for our customers who want to claim compensation. If we don’t win any compensation for you then we don’t charge any fee at all for our services.

No Win No Fee means exactly that. We make no request for money up front and we don’t charge you a penny if you don’t receive any compensation for your accident in Topshop. We believe this is the fairest way for you to make a claim and we are open and honest throughout the whole process.

We will always give you our honest opinion about any offers of compensation we may receive for your accident in Topshop and give you the best advice possible on when to accept an offer of compensation.

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We can answer any questions you may have about your accident in Topshop as part of our free consultation. Call us today and we’ll let you know if we think you’ve got a good chance of receiving compensation.

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