Accident Claims Solicitors Loughborough – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Loughborough Area

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated August 26th 2021. Here, you will find our guide to accident claims solicitors covering Loughborough. In the sections below we explain why you don’t have to use personal injury solicitors covering Loughborough that are based locally.

Accident claims solicitors Loughborough

Accident claims solicitors Loughborough

Wherever it is in Loughborough that you’ve had an accident, it may be important to know whether, if someone else was to blame for that accident, as you could claim for accident compensation for any harm suffered. Whether you have been injured in a bike accident, obtained whiplash in a Loughborough traffic accident, or are looking for trip accident compensation, it could be wise to take accident claims advice from someone who has experience in personal injury law. Accident claims solicitors covering Loughborough could help with a multitude of accident claims in Loughborough, from helping with an accident in work claim to claiming criminal injury compensation.

‘How much will I get?” might be your next question, and if it is, you would not be alone. By calling our accident claim experts, we could help give you an estimate. However, before you call 0800 073 8801, you might want to take a look at the accident claims in Loughborough advice below to see if you have a valid accident claim.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Loughborough?

If you have had an accident in Loughborough today, or even last week or last year, you could have questions about how to go about making a claim for a Loughborough accident that was not your fault. You might be wondering what the accident claims time limit is in your case, or you might be wondering what happens if the person that caused the road incident in Loughborough that you were injured in has fled the scene. These questions and more could be answered by accident claims solicitors covering Loughborough. But, how do you answer what could be the most important question – ‘do I have the basis to make an accident claim at all?’

To answer that question, the following statements, in general, need to be true but there could be a few grey areas, so if you’re unsure, you might wish to give us a call.

  1. You obtained an avoidable injury and/or a preventable illness
  2. This was due to someone else’s behaviour or negligence, the third party must have owed you a duty of care in which they subsequently breached.
  3. You are within the accident claims time limit ( this is set at 3 years from the incident date in most cases but there are exceptions that cover things like claiming as an adult when you were injured as a child, industrial illnesses that have happened over time, claims made through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, and a few more. If you’re not sure whether you’re inside the limit for your situation, then we could clarify this for you.

If these statements are correct in your case, then it might be worth finding accident claim solicitors to advise you on what to do next. Below, we take you through some common situations that could lead to accident claims in Loughborough, so you could understand the claim you might want to make a little better. In the later sections, we’ll take you through how our panel of accident claims solicitors who can cover Loughborough could help you with such claims.

Loughborough Accidents In The Workplace

One reason you might seek accident claim solicitors covering Loughborough is if you had an accident at work and you thought your employer might be to blame. Let’s take a look at why your employer could be responsible for your workplace accident, even if they aren’t in the building or on site at the time. The reason they could be held accountable for an accident at work is that they have, by law, a duty to ensure your health and safety while you are working for them. This duty extends from providing a safe place of work to ensuring safe practices for tasks you undertake for them. It also extends to assessing and managing risks within the workplace that are foreseeable, and ensuring those risks are kept as low as would be considered reasonable.

There are, generally, two ways in which you could be injured in work. One would be as a result of something that happened as a one-off, such as an accident with some poorly maintained machinery, which caused you to suffer an injury. The other could be a condition caused by your work that has developed over time and could have been prevented had the right procedures been in place. Examples of this could include:

  • Industrial deafness
  • White Finger Vibration
  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestosis
  • Tendonitis
  • RSI
  • Stress

If these were foreseeable risks for your job, and your employer did not put in place procedures to reduce these risks, such as providing equipment, making you take breaks or allowing you to change jobs when symptoms were present, then you could possibly seek personal injury claim assistance from accident claims solicitors covering Loughborough.

Loughborough Injury At Work Statistics

We have collated some statistics on workplace accidents in the Loughborough area for you. If you’d like to see more statistics from the HSE, you can simply click this link.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
Charnwood 154 242 0

Below, you can see the statistics for workplace illness for 2019/20. We have taken these from the HSE website.

Accident claims solicitors Loughborough statistics graph

Claims For Traffic Accidents And Car Collisions On The Road

You may want to look into making accident claims in Loughborough if you have obtained an injury from a Loughborough car accident, or any other kind of road traffic accident in Loughborough that was not your fault. Depending on the nature and severity of the accident, you might be required to go straight to the hospital, but if not, you might be able to get the contact details of the other driver/s as well as witnesses to the accident. It could be a good idea to do so as they could be asked to provide witness evidence at a later date. If you are able, it might be wise to get a few photographs of the scene of the incident, as well as perhaps your injuries. Don’t worry if the driver has fled the scene though or has no insurance, as you may still be able to make a claim to the MIB, with the help of our accident claims solicitors covering Loughborough.

Slipping And Falling Injuries

Slip and fall accidents could seem such simple incidents that they would not result in accident claims in Loughborough, but in fact, some slipping and falling injuries could be quite severe, depending on the nature and severity of the fall. Falls from a height, for example, a balcony or scaffolding could result in severe, life-changing injuries – even death in some cases, and while minor injuries may be less painful to bear, if they have had an effect on your health and well-being or your ability to earn an income, they could lead to a personal injury lawyer being able to secure compensation on your behalf if they are caused through a breach in duty of care a third party is responsible for.

Criminal Injury Compensation Claims

Another reason you might consider seeking assistance from a no win no fee solicitor would be if you were injured by another person’s criminal act. Acts of violence, such as common assault, ABH, GBH, sexual assault could be included in criminal injury compensation claims. However, you could also ask for the assistance of accident claims solicitors covering Loughborough for incidents where you have been emotionally/mentally traumatised by witnessing a violent act. These claims are usually made through CICA, a government agency.

Accidents And Injuries In A Public Place Claims

When you think of an accident in a public place, you may think of a park or pavement but in fact, any place you can visit as a member of the public could be classed as a public place. This could include gyms, leisure centres, public swimming pools, shopping centres, playgrounds and more. In some cases, it could be quite simple to know who accident claims in Loughborough could be made against, especially if it is a public park or suchlike, as the local council would usually be responsible for ensuring these areas were safe for the public to visit. However, some public places are operated by other entities, so a claim for example for something that happened in a shopping centre could in some cases be brought against the owner or operator of those premises. Our panel of accident claims solicitors could help you establish who if anyone is liable for the accident which caused your injuries in a public environment.

Medical Negligence Or Malpractice Compensation

Finally, we take a look at medical compensation. This is a settlement awarded when there has been some form of harm caused avoidably to a patient because clinical or medical staff have been negligent. This could include:

  • Surgeons who failed to pay due care and attention during an operation and made a mistake such as leaving instruments in the surgical field. This could require further surgery to correct.
  • GPs who have failed to spot clear signs of an illness, and your health deteriorated as a result.
  • Care home staff who failed to give medication, causing a worsening of the patient’s condition.
  • Hospitals whose hygiene or infection control standards were not adhered to and you fell ill as a result.

These are just a few examples. Accident claims solicitors covering Loughborough could help you make medical negligence claims against any type of medical or healthcare operation, NHS or private, should you have been a victim of this type of negligence.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Loughborough

We did mention no win no fee before in this guide. You can find no win no fee accident claims solicitors covering Loughborough by calling us, but to know why we rate the no win no fee approach so highly, read on.

These type of claims operates exactly as it is written. No win relates to the loss of a personal injury claim, and no fee to the legal charges your accident claim solicitor could put forward for the case. Put together, this means that if you don’t win your claim then you wouldn’t be required to pay these fees. This could dramatically reduce financial risk for you, and you’d also know your lawyer would not take on every case that came across their desk. They would only take on cases they felt were strong enough to demand compensation.

Talking To Our Accident Claims Team

Calling 0800 073 8801 would put you through to a member of the Accident Claims UK team, who would be happy to provide you with accident claims solicitors covering Loughborough to take your claim forward. Not sure if you’re ready, or if you even have a claim? The number remains the same. All of the Accident Claims advisors are trained to answer questions about such claims. So don’t hesitate to call- whichever position you’re in at the moment. You could e-mail us, if you’d prefer on Or, you could use the chat feature below.

Questions Frequently Asked About Accident Claims

Some of your queries might actually be answered below, as we look at some FAQs surrounding accident claims.

Could I Claim With An Accident Claims Solicitor?

If the criteria we mentioned at the start of this guide is met, simply call our team and we’ll discuss your case with you. If we feel you could have a chance of claiming, then we could provide you with a solicitor to work on your case for compensation.

Could I Claim With A Solicitor Based Anywhere In The UK?

Accident Claims UK work on a nationwide level, so we would be able to provide you with an appropriate solicitor with experience that is required to fight your claim for you. You would not have to type ‘solicitors near me’ into a search engine to find an appropriate solicitor for your case. We could do all the leg work for you.

Could I Claim Without A Medical Exam?

A medical appointment is usually made with someone independent in the medical field because there is a requirement in most cases for an independent medical report to be produced in order to calculate the level of compensation you could receive.

Where Could I Have A Medical Exam?

Accident Claims UK work with a panel of medics around the country, and could arrange for your medical to be carried out near to where you are. This could include:

Kapil Vashu

212-216 Loughborough Road



Would accident claims solicitors covering Loughborough be able to help with pharmacy negligence claims?

As well as claiming against a GP or hospital for clinical negligence, you could also have a right to claim if a pharmacy makes an error with your medication that causes you harm. Some examples of pharmacy negligence that our personal injury solicitors covering Loughborough could assist with could include:

  • Wrong dose (Overdose) – If a pharmacist accidentally gives you a higher dose of your medication than that which was on your prescription, this could cause you harm. You could suffer any number of side effects from an overdose, from headaches to breathing problems. If you have suffered in this manner, please don’t hesitate to call us to see if you could claim.
  • Wrong dose (Underdose) – If a pharmacy issues too low a dose of medication by making dispensing mistakes, your condition could be poorly treated and you may suffer further symptoms if your illness worsens because it is not being treated effectively. This could also lead to a claim.
  • Wrong instructions – It is vital that you receive the correct instructions on how many tablets to take, for example, and how far apart they are spaced. If a pharmacy were to give you the wrong instructions as to how to take medication, this could cause you harm. If it does, you could have a claim.

Pharmacies should have procedures in place to avoid people being given the wrong medication. Despite this, however, sometimes things go wrong. If you’ve suffered due to a pharmacies negligence, we could help you make a claim for compensation.


Could accident claims solicitors covering Loughborough assist with an allergy claim?

Whether you’ve suffered an allergic reaction to medication that you should never have been prescribed as you were known to be allergic to it, or you’ve been given food with allergens in in a restaurant, some allergic reactions could lead to a claim. You would need to prove that someone was at fault to be able to claim. For example:

  • One of the 14 major allergens was not included on an allergy menu at a restaurant, yet the dish contained that allergen.
  • A doctor at a hospital asked if you were allergic to medication, and you told them you were. They failed to log this and you were given medication you were allergic to.

If you believe you could have a claim for compensation for your allergic reaction, we’d be happy to help you claim.

Loughborough Area Resources

Information From The HSE – This page tells you all about reporting incidents.

Leicestershire Police Information – You can report an incident online.

Details For The Local Court – You may not need to visit court for your claim to be settled, but here are the details in case you do need them.

Accident In A Restaurant – Whether it’s a burn, a slip or fall or something else, this guide deals with accidents in restaurants.

Making A Claim Against The Local Authority – Details of how to do so are mentioned in this guide.

Taxi Accidents –  If you’ve suffered an injury in a taxi, then you could read here for more information about what to do.

We hope you found our guide to accident claims solicitors covering Loughborough useful. We hope we have adequately explained why you don’t have to use personal injury solicitors covering Loughborough that are based locally.