Swadlincote Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Swadlincote Area

Accident claims solicitors Swadlincote

Accident claims solicitors Swadlincote

Our team of accident claims solicitors covering Swadlincote are able to help you claim compensation in a variety of different circumstances. Some of the most common claims which our team handles are:

  • Accidents and injuries in the workplace, such as vibration white finger.
  • Illnesses caused by your workplace, such as those caused by exposure to asbestos.
  • Accidents and injuries when on holiday.
  • Traffic accidents.
  • injuries caused by being the victim of a crime.
  • Noise induced hearing loss.
  • Falls, slips or trips.
  • Medical malpractice.

Our team of personal injury solicitors could help you on a no win no fee basis and could help you to get the highest compensation settlement possible for your injuries. We are committed to helping people such as you to seek compensation. Our guide also includes some answers to examples of frequently asked questions and information on local services you may need to contact after an accident.

To find out more about how and when you could be able to make accident claims in Swadlincote with one of our accident claims solicitors, please see our guide below.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Swadlincote?

Accident claims solicitors covering Swadlincote are solicitors which conduct personal injury or accident claims in this area. In the case of our team, this does not mean that they are based in this area, but that they could handle claims for accidents which happened in this area. Personal injury claim or accident claim are terms used by solicitors to describe circumstances in which an illness or an injury was either made worse or was caused by another person’s negligence.

The purpose of an accident claim it to recover damages or compensation from the person/entity who is responsible for the accident happening so that you can be put back in the position you were in before the incident took place.

We are not based in the area but due to advancements in technology we are able to conduct claims in this area. If we could conduct your claim, we may be able to do so by offering the services of a no win no fee solicitor.

To learn more about making a claim with an accident claims solicitor who covers Swadlincote, please contact us or learn more in the rest of our guide below.

Work Injuries And Accidents In Swadlincote

If employers correctly follow health and safety guidelines as far as industrial standards are concerned, the risk of accidents and injuries at work should be significantly reduced. However, it is important that we recognise that there are some work industries, such as building, construction and forestry which have a higher chance of accidents and injuries taking place.

However, even in these industries workplace accidents could still be prevented. This may be through better training or by following correct maintenance and safety measures. Injuries could be caused by;

  • Workplace equipment not being correctly maintained.
  • Accidents in workplace vehicles, such as a forklift truck.
  • Trips and falls caused by badly placed equipment, trailing wires or spillages.
  • Structures such as racking in a warehouse or scaffolding on the outside of a building not being correctly assembled.
  • Being exposed to toxic materials.

Talk to us about workplace accident claims in Swadlincote today.

South Derbyshire Work Injury Statistics

There are various regulations which are designed to protect the health and safety of employees in the workplace. Any employer operating in the UK has what is called a duty of care to follow these regulations. Examples of this include an employer making sure that their staff have the correct training and are properly protected in the workplace. Following even those simple steps could help to reduce risks in the workplace, such as preventing falling accidents by having the right equipment or signage in place.

These guidelines are set out by the Health and Safety Executive. This organisation (along with the UK Statistics Authority) also record the number of accidents and injuries which have happened in the workplace. This table includes local area workplace injury statistics.

LocationTotal - non fatal injuriesTotal - non fatal injuries per 100,000 workersFatal injuries
South Derbyshire (including Swadlincote).1304220

Data source.

Traffic Accidents In Swadlincote

In order to claim compensation for a traffic accident in Swadlincote, such as a bike accident, motorbike accident or other form of accident on the road, there is criteria in which your claim should meet.

  • Your accident should have taken place within the accident claims time limit of the last three years. There are exceptions to the rule.
  • Another road user or other person should have been responsible for causing your accident.
  • You will have, in some way, have been injured.

We should note that there may be some occasions or claims when you could make your claim longer than the standard accident claims time limit of three years after the accident. If you did not find out your injury had been caused till later, then your 3 year period may start then. If the accident victim was a child, you may also have longer to make the claim.

If you wish to find out more about how to claim compensation for a car accident in Swadlincote, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team of personal injury lawyers and solicitors who cover this area. Our team are on hand to answer your questions and queries.

Injuries In A Public Place

There are several types of accidents which you could claim compensation for with a personal injury solicitor which could have happened in many different areas. This is one such category of accident. Because of the many different areas which could be considered to be public places (places where you could come and go as a member of the public) we have listed some of the different circumstances below.

  • An accident in the street or in a similar public space operated by your local authority.
  • An accident in a public park.
  • Accidents in shops and shopping centres.
  • Workplace accidents.
  • Accidents at holiday and caravan parks.
  • Accidents caused by potholes.

If your circumstances are not listed above, our accident claims solicitors covering Swadlincote could still help you. In order to be eligible to pursue a claim it must be proven that those responsible for such public spaces have acted in a negligent way breaching their duty of care towards you which has lead to your accident and subsequently caused you avoidable suffering.

Slipping Injuries And Falling Accidents

Slip and fall accidents could happen in many different places and there may be many different parties who could be responsible for them happening. When you first talk to your personal injury solicitor, they may look at who the responsible party is.

If your injury happened in a building which is open to the public, such as a public swimming pool or gym, if it can be proven that the owner or operator of the facility is responsible for your accident taking place due to negligence, maybe they failed to adhere to health and safety rules then you maybe eligible to pursue a claim for damages. Similarly, a retailer or restaurant would be responsible for your accident taking place on their premises if your accident happened due to a breach in the duty of care they must have.

It is vital that those operating a public space or owners of public properties always ensure that their space is safe for the public to use and that there should be no foreseen hazards left without attention.

Medical Negligence Injuries And Illness

If you have been harmed due to medical malpractice or clinical negligence our panel of accident claims solicitors could help you.

Medical malpractice and negligence comes in many different forms. It could present as being given the incorrect treatment or an error in surgery. It could also present in your medical condition being misdiagnosed or you experiencing negligence by a dentist. What is the same in these different circumstances is that the medical professional made a mistake which they should not have done.

To make a claim there are two things which you need to prove. First, that the practitioner in question is at fault. Secondly, that harm was caused which could have been avoided. A medical negligence solicitor may want to establish that another health care practitioner of the same standards would have not acted in a similar way given the same circumstances therefore the harm would not have be inflected on the patient.

For accident claims advice related to medical negligence, please contact our specialist team.

Criminal Injury Compensation

You or someone you know may have been victim to a criminal act which caused you harm, you could make a criminal injury compensation claim against the person who caused this harm but they would need the means to be able to cover any monetary damages.

Our panel of accident claims solicitors understand that having been the victim of a criminal injury could leave you with physical or psychological consequences, or sometimes both. We will dispense our services to you in a sensitive way and will strive to get you the best outcome for your case.

In the event that the person responsible for your injuries suffered in a criminal attack or assault does not have the means to be able to cover compensation damages our solicitors could help you to complete a claim through the CICA which is the Governments Criminal Injury Compensation Authority who are there to provide compensation for victims of criminal injury.

There is a criteria which your case may need to meet.

  • You suffered physical and/or mentally injuries.
  • That the incident in question took place in the criminal injury compensation time limit of 2 years ago.
  • That the incident was reported to the police as soon as possible.

With a shorter criminal injury compensation time limit of two years, don’t delay in starting your claim.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Swadlincote

Your first step could be to get in contact with our team using the methods listed in the contacts section below. If you do decide to make a claim with us, there will be no upfront fees which you are required to pay. The initial consultation over the phone will not cost you anything. Next, if the advisor does think that an accident claims solicitor could help you, you may be offered the services of a no win no fee solicitor able to handle accident claims such as yours.

If you make a claim under an agreement with a no win no fee solicitor and you are awarded compensation you will need to pay some fees to the solicitor who handled your case. How much these fees are, will be set out in the agreement which you sign with the accident claims solicitor before the claim is started.

You could find out more about how this type of claim works and how your financial risk is reduced by claiming under a no win no fee agreement by talking to a member of our team.

Find Out How Accident Claims UK Could Help You

We operate nationally and could help you to make an accident claim in Swadlincote or the surrounding areas. We can provide those we help with a combination of deep legal knowledge and relevant experience.

To request a consultation or a call back from a member of our accident claims team, you could send an email to us at Office@AccidentClaims.co.uk or fill in the online contact form on the right hand side of this page. You could also discuss your case with us today by calling on 0800 073 8801.

Answering Your Common Questions

Through this guide and others we aim to ensure that you know what to expect when making a claim. In this section we answer some of your most frequently asked questions about accident compensation claims.

Q: Will I Have A Solicitor Near Me?

A: In most cases there is no need to visit an accident claim solicitor in person or go to their offices. If after having a consultation with our accident claims advice team you choose to go ahead with making a claim, our panel of accident claims solicitors could help you.

We work with solicitors who are able to conduct claims across the country. As they may specialise in different areas of the law, we will choose the solicitor who is best able to conduct your claim, rather than look at their location.

Q: Will I Have A Medical Examination?

A: As part of the claims process your accident claims solicitors may ask you to visit a doctor and to have a medical examination. This is so that we have accurate medical evidence for your claim which can be used to prove what has happened to you. We work with a panel of doctors across the country who can conduct these examinations.

Q: Will The Doctor Be Near Me?

A: Whilst we can not guarantee that the doctor you see will be based in your local area, we shall endeavour to make sure that they are. In order to do this we work with doctors who are based across the country.

Those closest to the Swadlincote area include the following doctors.

Mallika Sahebagouda Biradar
Burton Physio and Sports Injury Clinic,
3, Derby Road,
Burton on Trent,
DE14 1RU

Mallika Sahebagouda Biradar
Curzon House,
Curzon Street,
Burton on Trent,
DE14 2DH

Pradeep Kumar Valayatoor Krishnamurthy
North Street,
Ashby De La Zouch,
LE65 1HU

Q: What Costs Could I Be Compensated For?

A: Accident compensation claims may be made up of several different components. The largest of these is often compensation for the actual injury which you have suffered. This may be compensation for a broken arm, a fractured leg or other form of injury. The compensation settlement may also include that for pain and suffering.

In addition to this, you could also claim compensation for costs which came about because of your injury. This may be compensation for:

  • Medical bills and the costs of rehabilitation.
  • Covering earnings lost due to your accident.
  • The cost of adapting your home or your vehicle if you were made disabled in the accident.

Talk to our accident claims solicitors covering Swadlincote to discuss what you could be able to claim compensation for.

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