Whiplash Compensation Claims Calculator – 2021 Update

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 7th October 2021. Welcome to our comprehensive guide on compensation for whiplash where we will be discussing whiplash claims in greater detail. Throughout the duration of this guide on whiplash compensation calculator, you will find useful, free legal advice regarding the claims process if you’re involved in an accident and get whiplash. We will also address how much compensation for a whiplash claim you could receive.

Car accidents that result in whiplash are more frequent than you may imagine. Neck injuries sustained through whiplash can leave you incapacitated and unable to work. Sudden movements that negatively impact muscles and ligaments in your neck are referred to as whiplash injuries. If you have endured whiplash after an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you may be searching for a whiplash claims calculator to give you more than an average settlement estimate before instructing personal injury lawyers.

Whether mild or severe, a whiplash injury can negatively impact your life, whether it is for a shorter period or more permanently. For instance, the accident can result in you having time off work for anything from a few weeks to several months and you may need medical treatment. A neck injury symptoms may be mild, but in more severe cases, the symptoms can leave you incapacitated for much longer and can even dramatically alter your day-to-day life.

One of the most common ways of sustaining whiplash occurs when your vehicle is hit by another car. It can also happen when a vehicle is forced to stop suddenly causing your head to move violently. A sudden and violent, involuntary jerk to your neck can result in serious spinal injuries which could negatively impact the rest of your life. As a result, it might even mean you could no longer work.

When could I make a claim?

how much compensation for a whiplash claim/ whiplash compensation calculator

how much compensation for a whiplash claim/ whiplash compensation calculator

Should you have suffered whiplash, you could be entitled to claim compensation for specific damages. This could include any loss of earnings you may incur due to having time off work. You may also be able to claim for any out of pocket expenses, amongst other things depending on your personal circumstances.

Having access to a whiplash compensation calculator allows you to get an idea of how much you could be compensated after having suffered a whiplash injury through no fault of your own. And our whiplash compensation calculator could explain what you’re likely entitled to. To find out more about our compensation guidelines for personal injury,  and how to get a free consultationplease read on.

How much can I claim for whiplash?

When it comes to how much compensation for a whiplash claim you’d receive, it would largely depend on the severity and length of suffering. In severe whiplash cases, compensation could be much higher than in minor cases, which could be handled under the Whiplash Reform Programme. 

The amount you might be able to claim for a whiplash injury depending on the severity of the injury and how much it may impact your life. Should you suffer mild symptoms of discomfort caused by an injury to your neck, you can expect less in the way of compensation than if your injuries are so severe that they disrupt your everyday life and are expected to do so permanently.

A minor whiplash injury could result in you being awarded up to £7,410 in compensation for whiplash from the insurance company of the at fault driver. This can be determined by using a whiplash claims calculator or by speaking directly to one of our expert solicitors who would be only too happy to help you through the process from start to finish when making a compensation claim.

However, should your injuries be deemed severe and you suffer chronic symptoms, or you have sustained a severe spinal injury as a direct result of your whiplash injury, the amount of compensation you may be entitled to claim could be well over £100,000. Using our whiplash compensation calculator allows you to work out just how much you might be awarded should you have been involved in a road traffic accident and suffered whiplash through no fault of your own.

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A guide to whiplash accident claims

Whiplash injuries are more common than you may think, and they can happen for various reasons, with the most common being when people are involved in a road traffic accident. You could be travelling in your car or using public transport when an accident occurs, which results in you suffering from a minor or more severe neck injury. Although many people make whiplash claims, the process is not as simple as it may first appear, making it that much harder to work out the average whiplash claim amount you may be entitled to.

The amount of money you might be able to claim would depend on the type and the severity of the whiplash injury you sustained, bearing in mind that symptoms can vary from mild to very severe and could even lead to total paralysis. It is also worth noting that symptoms associated with whiplash may not be evident straight away and that although the injuries may appear to be superficial, it is still worth considering using our soft tissue injury compensation calculator to see if you have grounds to make a claim and how much you may be entitled to.

When it comes to suffering mild discomfort resulting from whiplash, you could be entitled to claim anything from £2,300 to £7,450. However, if your injuries are more severe and you have sustained severe damage to your spine, then you could be awarded as much as £139,210. On top of this, when sustaining any whiplash injury, people suffer from other related health issues that would be factored into the amount of compensation you could be awarded in your claim.

Whiplash injury statistics

In 2019, it was outlined by the Department for Transport that road traffic accidents had seen a significant decrease, as there were 153,158 casualties (of all severities). It was also outlined there were 25,945 severe injuries due to road traffic accidents that were reported. All of this information is outlined in the Reported road casualties Great Britain, annual report: 2019, and is considered 5% lower than the statistics documented for 2018. Provisional figures for 2020 reveal the numbers of injuries to be:

  • 1,472 road deaths
  • 23,486 KSI (killed or seriously injured)
  • 115,333 injuries of all severities

The lockdowns in 2020 and resulting lowering of traffic could have contributed to lowering these figures.

whiplash claim statistics graph

The Department for Transport also stated that whiplash-related injuries have become increasingly common over recent years. The report outlines that 51% of respondents between 2017 and 2019 reported a whiplash injury after an accident.

When looking at road traffic accidents and the injuries they can cause, whiplash is often one of the most common. When an individual endures a whiplash-related trauma, it can often cause or contribute to much larger injuries, such as traumas to the neck and back.

As outlined in the Whiplash Fact Sheet produced by Gov.UK, there were 850,000 personal injury claims made in 2017/18, and of that statistics, around 650,000 were concerning rod traffic accidents. When looking at the statistics provided, it outlines that approximately 90% of these claims were made concerning a whiplash related injury, echoing their prevalence.

Whiplash Compensation Statistics Graph

Whiplash Compensation Statistics

Whiplash Compensation Statistics


Can I make a whiplash claim?

Whether you were driving the vehicle at the time or were a passenger in a car, whether you were a pedestrian or cyclist, you could be entitled to make a whiplash compensation claim. The same rules apply if you were a passenger in a taxi or travelling on a bus. You may have been hurt in other ways when sustaining whiplash, and our multiple injury compensation calculators will make the process of finding out how much compensation for whiplash you may be entitled to receive that much easier when you make a claim.

Anyone who has been involved in a road traffic accident should receive compensation if the injuries they sustained were through no fault of their own. If you have been injured and your life has been negatively impacted in any way, you would be entitled to claim compensation for the disruption caused to your life through the negligence of another road user whether the injuries you suffer are mild. You only need help with soft tissue injury compensation calculator, or they are more serious and are therefore permanently life-changing. Our whiplash compensation calculator can advise you on this.

Compensation claims for whiplash can be made, so those accident victims who suffer injuries to their necks through no fault of their own can get the help they need to restore their lives to how they were before the incident occurred. This type of claim exists to receive the support you deserve when dealing with a stressful time. It ensures that you regain the health and wellbeing you enjoyed before the accident occurred. Compensation claims for whiplash injuries are not for financial gain, instead, they ensure you receive the justice you deserve and holds the negligent party accountable. Read on to learn more about how much compensation for a whiplash claim you may be entitled to.

What Can Be Claimed For In A Whiplash Compensation Claim

Because the symptoms associated with whiplash can be mild to very severe or even life-changing, the level of compensation you could receive can vary a lot. Each case is different, which means the amount of money you receive would depend on your specific injuries and circumstances. When establishing the type of injury, you would be able to claim for can often prove challenging. Compensation guidelines for personal injury are listed below:

  • General damages – awarded for pain and suffering from a legal framework in place for minimum and maximum amounts awarded which are based on the severity of an injury incurred through whiplash
  • Loss of earnings – awarded when a person who has sustained whiplash injuries and has to take time off work. Should a person be unable to continue working due to the severity of their injuries, the amount awarded would be that much more significant. The amount is calculated on your current earnings together with any future projected income should your injuries be long-term or permanent and therefore life-changing
  • Travel expenses – awarded for out of pocket expenses you would incur due to an injury and compensation claim you make, including travel costs to receive treatment at a hospital or surgery and to keep appointments with the solicitor who is working on your behalf when making a whiplash compensation claim.
  • Medical expenses – awarded for medical expenses incurred as a direct result of having sustained a whiplash injury. This could include the cost of having to receive emergency treatment, prescription and medication costs which includes future expenses you may incur too.
  • Special damages – awarded for damages that are not typically mainstream. Special damages are complicated and include situations where a person cannot keep their business going resulting in them having to close it down. The damages could also be awarded to people who cannot continue performing as top amateur athletes who could have turned professional had they not sustained their whiplash injuries. The damages could be awarded for other things that include having to undergo physiotherapy and rehabilitation and damages to personal items. How much compensation for whiplash with physiotherapy you are awarded would depend on the severity of the injury and how long you may have to undergo specialist treatment
  • Psychological trauma – awarded for stress and anxiety experienced as a result of having sustained a whiplash injury and the stress often associated with having to pursue a damage claim

How much compensation could I be awarded for a whiplash injury – Updated Oxctober 2021

As previously touched upon, the amount of compensation you might be awarded would depend on the severity of your injuries, how they impact your life, and how long it takes for you to make a full recovery or if the whiplash injuries you sustained were so severe they were life-changing. The examples shown in our whiplash compensation calculator below are given as an illustration of how much you may be awarded:

Neck Injuries In the region of £139,210Severe
Neck Injuries £23,460 to £36,120Moderate
Neck Injuries £4,080 to £7,410Minor (some claims might be under the Whiplash Claims Reform Programme)
Back Injury£85,470 to £151,070Severe
Back Injury£26,050 to £36,390Moderate
Back InjuryUp to £2,300Minor (some claims might be under the Whiplash Claims Reform Programme)
Psychological injury£5,500 to £17,900Marked improvements in condition by any trial. A good rpognosis
Psychological injury£17,900 to £51,460Significant problems but with an optimistic prognosis.
Mental anguish£4,380Fear that their life was about to end.

Note: you may find that whiplash can affect you in other ways and that using our multiple injury compensation calculator would help you establish how much you may be able to claim if this is the case. How much compensation for whiplash with physiotherapy you may be entitled to could also affect just how much money you would be awarded when making your claim.

Our whiplash compensation claim calculator

The amounts shown in our whiplash compensation calculator are given as a guide only with the examples we provide illustrate how much you may receive bearing in mind that each case is determined differently. The amount of compensation a person is awarded can differ from case to case. But our whiplash compensation calculator should advise you further on this.

If you would like to receive a more accurate evaluation for your whiplash claim, please call us on 0800 073 8801, or you can use our Call Back service to have one of our expert solicitors get back to you at a time that is more convenient for you. On average, a call takes around 5 – 10 minutes. We offer a free, no-obligation service to everyone who seeks our advice when it comes to using our whiplash compensation claims calculator.

Average whiplash compensation settlements

The average whiplash compensation figure you could expect to be awarded should you suffer mild discomfort or experience headaches that last a few weeks or several months, can be anything from £2,300 to £7,410.

Should your whiplash injuries be more severe and your symptoms are chronic and/, or you have sustained damage to your spine, you could be entitled to a much higher amount which could be as much as £139,210.

Start your whiplash compensation claim.

If you have suffered any whiplash injury through no fault of your own whether the symptoms are mild or severe and would like to find out if you can make a compensation claim, you should contact a specialist solicitor. They can provide you with the right sort of advice and let you know what type of claim you would be entitled to make after assessing the circumstances of your accident.

Personal injury claims can be elaborate affairs that can often confuse you, not knowing which way to turn thanks to all the legal jargon they entail. You may think that a whiplash claim is a straightforward process, but it can quickly turn into a hard to understand this complicated process. We always recommend that people use the services of a personal injury solicitor when making this type of claim because a professional approach ensures you are given the best advice with the end goal being that you receive the right level of compensation to suit your whiplash injury which occurred through no fault of your own.

We make the process as easy and straightforward as possible with years of experience helping people receive the best advice and offering a first-class service that ensures all your needs are met when making a whiplash injury compensation claim that you rightly deserve. You can call us on 0800 073 8801 or use our Call Back service so we can help you work out the average whiplash settlement you could be entitled to.

We operate a 24-hour Claims Line and are open 365-days a year because we understand that accidents happen at any time and that you need help and advice as soon as possible to relieve any stress and anxiety you may be feeling. We can establish what the average whiplash claim amount might be for you with the minimum amount of fuss.

No win no fee whiplash claim for a whiplash injury.

Many people choose to make a whiplash compensation claim on a “No win, No fee” basis. This allows you to claim without having to pay any upfront fees to get your case started. Should your claim be successful, you only have to pay the legal costs incurred for making a claim. If unsuccessful, you would not have to pay anything at all. In short, a “No win, No Fee” structure provides you with the kind of financial protection you would not otherwise receive from solicitors who bill their clients at their hourly rates.

When our solicitors work for you on a “No win, No fee” basis, you can be sure that we are going to work hard to win the level of compensation you would be entitled to after having sustained a whiplash injury through no fault of your own. Our specialist team of solicitors would want your case to be as successful as possible to ensure you receive the justice you deserve. And we hope to ensure that you receive fair compensation for whiplash. Use our whiplash compensation claims calculator as a guide on what you could receive.

Why choose us to make your whiplash claim

We operate a 24-hour claim service and are open for business 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are nationally recognised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and The Law Society. We could answer your questions about how much compensation for a whiplash claim you could receive.

We offer an unrivalled level of service when it comes to whiplash injury claims with Trust and Transparency being of paramount importance to us from the start of your whiplash claim right through to when you receive the level of compensation you deserve having suffered a whiplash injury through no fault of your own.

Thanks to our modern approach and with solicitors with up to 30-years-experience of which many years is online, our UK-based claims team provides top-class advice to all our customers making us the “go-to” law firm when it comes to using a whiplash compensation calculator.

You can expect excellent service when it comes to receiving the right level of compensation when we handle your case, with millions of pounds worth of compensation won for clients who benefited from our services.

Contact us about a whiplash claim

We recommend you call us directly free of charge for the quickest response to your inquiry about a whiplash injury claim. You can also email us if more convenient about claiming accident compensation.

Call us on 0800 073 8801. Our accident claims advice line is open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Email us at office@accidentclaims.co.uk – we always endeavour to answer all emails we receive within 3 hours, Mon-Fri.

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How Much Compensation For A Whiplash Claim FAQs

Can I make a claim for a whiplash injury?

If you suffer a whiplash injury due to the negligent actions of a third party, then you could have grounds to make a claim. For instance, if a negligent road user causes a road traffic accident and you suffer whiplash as a result then you could have grounds to claim. We could help with road traffic accident claims of this type, as well as those for medical negligence and accidents at work.

Can you prove you have whiplash for whiplash claims?

To make a claim for a whiplash injury, you will be required to provide evidence to support your claim. You can provide evidence by visiting your doctor to obtain a professional diagnosis. Once you have been officially diagnosed with whiplash, you can use your medical records to support your case. This could affect how much compensation for a whiplash claim you receive.

Must I begin my claim within a certain timeframe?

For a personal injury claim to have a successful outcome, you just begin your case within 3-years from the date of the accident. However, should you fail to make your claim within this timeframe, then the validity of your case could be affected.

Is it easy to claim for whiplash?

It is fairly easy to make this claim, though this means higher car insurance rates as a result.

What does whiplash feels like?

This includes having limited neck movement, headaches, tingling, numbness and tenderness within the limbs.

At what speed does whiplash occur?

It tends to be at around 20-30mph and above when whiplash could happen due to a collision.

How long does it take for whiplash to set in?

It usually takes around 24 hours for the victim to start demonstrating symptoms of whiplash, which can last for a number of weeks.

Can you make a whiplash claim if someone reversed into you?

No, because whiplash simply doesn’t happen from a car reversing into you at a low speed.

Could The Whiplash Reform Programme Affect How Much Compensation For A Whiplash Claim

While the whiplash compensation calculator on this page (the table) could give you some idea of the level of whiplash payout you could receive, the government has decided to put in place reforms to how whiplash and other low value soft tissue injuries are handled. For injuries. From the end of May 2021, the programme requires that claimants with low value injuries sustained in traffic accidents should make such claims via a government portal. The Whiplash Reform Programme also ensures no claims are paid out on if there is no medical evidence of injury. You could still get accident claims solicitors to help you with these claims, but unfortunately, no legal costs could be collected from the at fault party in these cases. Further to this, the government has put in place a tariff for such injuries, which would mean the compensation you receive was based on how long the pain and suffering of your injuries went on for.

Should you wish to find out whether this programme would affect your claim and the compensation you could receive for your whiplash injury, please give our team a call. We would be happy to discuss this with you.

Do I need a lawyer to make a whiplash claim?

It may surprise you to learn that legally, it is not a requirement for you to have a lawyer when making a claim for whiplash. However, many people do prefer to have assistance and support from a solicitor when making such claims. After all, a lawyer could take on all the legal legwork of a claim. They could help build as strong a case as possible for your claim, and they could handle the negotiations for your settlement. They could support you at court if your case goes to court too. And, they could fight for the maximum compensation settlement too.

Do I need a local lawyer to make a whiplash claim?

You don’t need to use a local solicitor if you want assistance with a whiplash claim. You could have a huge array of law firms and solicitors across the UK to choose from, which could mean selecting a solicitor is a hard decision. After all, how do you really know who would be best to handle your claim. We would suggest checking the following when looking for a lawyer to help you:

  • Do they operate on a No Win No Fee basis?
  • Are they authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority?
  • Do they have years of experience?
  • Can they show you independent reviews of their services?
  • Have they handled claims like yours before?
  • What’s their success rate?

Not only could the team here at Accident Claims UK help you by giving you free legal advice, we could also connect you with a lawyer.

How do I evidence a whiplash injury

As well as getting medical attention after the incident that caused your injury, you would need to visit an independent medical expert for an examination. They could produce a report that could assist your claim.

Thank you for taking the time to read our compensation for whiplash guide on whiplash claims. We hope you have learned a lot about using a whiplash compensation claims calculator and how much compensation for a whiplash claim you could receive.