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By Jo Jeffries. Last updated 5th September 2022. Welcome to this guide on claiming for an accident in Telford. Have you been harmed in an accident in Telford or Wrekin which was not your fault? If so, accident claim solicitors for Telford claims could help you to make a personal injury claim against the responsible party. On this page, we look at how people could be injured as a result of another person’s negligent or even deliberate actions. Plus, we explain how legal specialists, such as our personal injury solicitors covering Telford, could help victims to claim compensation. Further to this, we discuss how to pay for Telford solicitors, and explain how no Win No Fee solicitors could help with no fees payable until the end of your claim.

At the bottom of this guide, you can also find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the accident claims process as well as find information on applicable local services.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Telford?

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Accident claims solicitors Telford

Accident claims solicitors are solicitors who engage in helping people to make personal injury claims for accidents which have been caused by another person. They could help you to claim compensation in a variety of different circumstances. Accident claim solicitors could assist you in many different ways. They could help in the collection of evidence, connect you to our panel of doctors for a medical examination and ensure that you have a case built on the strongest possible foundation. Their role will also be to guide you through any legal processes and simplify what may sometimes seem like complicated legal terminology into easy to digest terms.

They should keep you up to date with every step of the accident claims process and should make sure that you claim is made in the accident claims time limit.

For successful accident claims in Telford, trust Accident Claims UK to help you. Please read just some of the different circumstances for which people could make compensation claims in Telford.

Instances Of Reported Accidents At Work In Telford

Before we look at how we could help you to make a workplace accident compensation claim we shall look at how commonly injuries at work are reported to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) in the Telford area. To do so, we are taking data which is collated and published by the Health and Safety Executive and using it to create the table below.

Here you can see the number of people who are harmed in non-fatal injuries as a total in Telford and Wrekin as well as seeing the rate of non-fatal workplace injuries per 100,000 workers. Finally we have also included the number of those killed in work accidents. In this period, the number was 0. The figures reported in this chart include those employed and those who are self employed.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
Telford and Wrekin 257 316 0

In the next section we look at making work accident claims in Telford as well as how we could provide you with accident at work advice.

Claims For An Accident At Work In Telford

As we have seen above, people can be and are injured in the workplace in Telford in circumstances where accident solicitors covering Telford could help. Whilst some working environments, job roles or types of employment may be more dangerous than others, a simple observation is that people could potentially be harmed in any workplace if an employer is not taking the appropriate health and safety steps.

The UK has strong legislation in place to protect people whilst they are at work. Whether you work in a single location or have to travel around to different places, your employer has a duty to ensure that you can do so safely and free from harm. They are required to follow certain laws and guidelines. They must provide you with any requisite personal protective equipment (known as PPE) and train you in how to safely go about your job.

If an employer has not taken these steps or if they have failed to prevent an accident which could reasonably have been prevented, they could owe you compensation for any harm caused to you. For advice on work accident claims in Telford, talk to Accident Claims UK.

Telford Road Traffic Accident Claims

Have you been injured in an accident on the road either as a driver, passenger or a pedestrian? Do you think that you have a valid Telford road traffic accident claim? If so, our accident claims solicitors could assist you to get the compensation you may deserve. Road users owe each other a certain duty of care to observe the highway code and not to cause accidents through avoidable and reckless behaviour. If someone else caused a vehicle accident in which you were injured you could claim compensation from them. For example, if you were involved in a road accident caused by another driver who was over the legal alcohol limit, you could claim compensation for injuries which you sustained.

Telford road traffic accident claims could be made if you were injured as a driver of a car, whilst a passenger in any vehicle, or when riding either a bicycle or a motorbike. You could even claim if you were appropriately crossing the street as a pedestrian. Our accident claims solicitors could assist you in making a car accident claim.

Tripping, Slipping And Falling Accidents

There are many different locations and circumstances in which you could be harmed by tripping over or slipping on a floor because of another person’s negligence. Slips and falls could happen when you are walking down the street, whilst walking through a park, in other public spaces or on private land. They can happen in many of the same circumstances and locations as other forms of public place accidents (a category which we shall look at later).

To be able to make a claim with accident solicitors covering Telford for injuries resulting from slipping or falling over you will need to show that someone was responsible for the circumstances causing your accident. A broken or damaged floor may not have been repaired by a swimming pool, or spillages may not have been cleaned up at a restaurant. If you require further accident claims advice with regards to this type of claim, talk to our team.

Injuries Caused By Violence, Assaults And Abuse

In this guide we look at circumstances in which people are harmed due to another person’s negligence, however there may also be circumstances where someone deliberately harms you, such as assaulting you. Whilst it may not be your initial concern if you have been the victim of a violent crime, you could still be owed compensation. Victims of assaults, abuse and other criminal injuries could claim compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority or CICA.

Such claims can sometimes be more complicated than more standard accident claims. However, our pane of accident claims solicitors includes those who are versed in such cases and who could help you.

Accidents And Injuries In Public

Accidents could happen in any place and at any time. Whilst we are out and about travelling to or from work, shopping or otherwise in public spaces we could be injured. If you are injured in the street, whilst in a shop, at the park, or in any other public space, you could make a public liability claim against the operator or owner of that space. It will need to be shown that your accident, and the resulting injuries, were caused by negligence on the part of the party you wish to make a claim against.

For example, if you were injured whilst walking through a shopping centre because a floor was left wet and slippery after cleaning and this was not signposted, you may be able to make an accident compensation claim against the shopping centres public liability insurance. Similarly, if you tripped over because a council had failed to repair a broken pavement which they were aware of and had time to act on, you could have a claim. For information on filing a accident claim for an injury in public, see this guide.

Clinical Malpractice

Clinical malpractice or medical negligence are terms which are used by solicitors, lawyers and medical professionals to describe circumstances in which a doctor (or other healthcare provider) has been negligent in the provision of care to a patient. This may arise as a doctor not providing you with the right course of treatment or you being dispensed the wrong medication whilst in a hospital. With medical care being so varied there are numerous ways in which a mistake (which was avoidable) could be made. In order for you to be able to make a medical accident claim it will need to be shown that as a result of this avoidable error you were harmed.

You may have suffered an illness or injury, or an existing condition (such as cancer) may have become worse due to a misdiagnosis. There are three things which an accident claims solicitor will need to show.

  1. That you were under the care of this professional or healthcare provider. This means they owed you a ‘duty of care’.
  2. That a mistake which could have been avoided was made. This constitutes a breach in the above duty.
  3. That your harm was caused by this.

Telford Solicitors – No Win No Fee Solicitors Covering Telford

As we have already mentioned, when it comes to picking accident claims solicitors to assist you with your case, you don’t have to choose Telford solicitors. Instead, you could use accident claim solicitors based anywhere in the country. This gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of No Win No Fee solicitors with experience handling claims similar to your own.

Why choose No Win No Fee solicitors?

Whether you opt for Telford solicitors, or solicitors based elsewhere in the country, it can cost to hire legal representation. A good option to consider would be to look for No Win No Fee solicitors. This is because you do not have to pay anything upfront to start your claim under these terms.

If they offer to represent your claim under a Conditional Fee Agreement, they won’t require payment for their services if your claim fails. If your claim succeeds, you will pay a success fee from your compensation. However, this fee is legally capped. 

When do No Win No Fee solicitors get paid?

As mentioned, at the end of your case, if it results in compensation, you will pay your solicitor a success fee. This will be deducted from your compensation. The success fee cannot be more than 25% of your total payout.

If you would like to speak to us about No Win No Fee claims, we’d be happy to talk to you.

Filing An Accident Claim

If you are ready to begin your claim with accident claims solicitors Telford our team are here to help your. We should note that in most instances (though there are exceptions to this) that you have three years from either the date you were harmed or the date you discovered an injury in which to make your claim. This is the accident claims time limit.

Contact us today by calling our team on 0800 073 8801. You may also fill in the accident claims form on this page or send an email to our team at

How our accident claims solicitors covering Telford could help you

When you were injured in your accident, your first thought probably wasn’t anything to do with claiming compensation. However, as time has passed, you may now be thinking that you should seek damages to cover your pain, suffering and any financial losses. Therefore, you might decide to start looking for accident claims solicitors in Telford. While you will find many solicitors in the area you should ask two questions about how they work:

  1. Do they provide No Win No Fee services?
  2. Do they only handle personal injury claims and not concentrate on other areas of the law?

Here at Accident Claims UK, we work exclusively on personal injury claims and nothing else. As a result, by speaking to us, you may find a solicitor who specialises in cases just like yours or has dealt with a similar case recently. Our team have represented clients in personal injury claims for over 30-years. Any cases they take on are funded by No Win No Fee agreements and we deal with everything over the phone, by email and online so there’s no need to waste time travelling to see us.

Helping with your claim

If your case is accepted, will connect you with one of our accident claims solicitors covering Telford. They’ll review the details of your case with you to ensure they understand how your injuries happened and how they have affected you. After that, they’ll gather supporting evidence such as medical records, incident reports and witness statements. Additionally, they’ll book you in for a local medical assessment so that an independent specialist can document your prognosis and list your injuries.

Our service includes dealing with the defendant’s legal team on your behalf. By doing so, we can prevent you from being overwhelmed by complex legal or medical terminology. Also, where liability is denied for either your injuries or the accident, your solicitor will try to counter any objections by supplying additional evidence where possible.

Getting the compensation you deserve

You can rest assured that we won’t simply settle your case when we receive a compensation offer. Instead, your solicitor will review it with you to see if it covers your injuries and financial losses. If it doesn’t, they’ll go back and try to achieve the highest compensation amount possible for you. Please call today if you’d like more information on how we can help with accident claims in Telford.

Questions Frequently Asked

In this guide to accident claims solicitors Telford, we have tried to provide you with all of the required information related to making an accident claim in this area in some common circumstances. However, we recognise that many claimants ask our team the same questions about the personal injury claims process or how a personal injury solicitor could help them. Below we take a brief look at some of these frequently asked questions. If your accident compensation question is not answered below, you may find the answer here in our larger FAQ section.

How Do I Make A Claim?

When you are ready to start the accident claims process you can contact a member of our team. Our panel of accident claims solicitors are able to handle many different types of personal injury claims. Whilst we recognise that whilst there are many different accident claim solicitors and personal injury lawyers which may be available to handle your claim, we believe that we could offer the best possible service to you.

Do I Need A Solicitor Close To Me?

Today the claims process may be much more streamlined than in the past and in many accident claims, people will not need to visit their solicitor (or their offices) in person. Most of the time an accident claims solicitor will keep in contact with you (such as sending your accident claim forms) over the phone through the post, or by sending you an email. In cases where you have suffered a serious injury, you may have a home visit from one of our panel of no win no fee solicitors.

Is It Important To See A Doctor?

An important part of the accident claims process is gathering evidence. One of the most important pieces of information and evidence in your claim is your medical report. This will set out all of the injuries or illnesses which you have suffered, how you have been affected and what treatment you will need. Whilst you may not need to visit a solicitor, you may need to visit a doctor from our panel.

Where Could I Be Examined By A Doctor?

Our accident claims solicitors could help to organise for you to have a medical assessment and examination in your local area. To help conduct medical assessments we work with a nationwide panel of medical experts and doctors. In this area, our accident claims solicitors may refer you to one of these doctors.

Haydar Al Nageim
Telford Centre,

Mohammed Safdar
Forge Gate,

Marta Molinero
Ramada Hotel Ironbridge,

What Else Do You Need To Know About Accident Claims Solicitors For Telford Claims?

If you have suffered an accident in the Telford area and are making a claim with a personal injury solicitor, you may need to contact one of the following services to report your accident or for further information.

Employer resources for reporting workplace accidents – This HSE resource helps employers to correctly record and report accidents in the workplace.

Report car accidents to West Mercia Police – How to report your RTA when making a car accident claim.

Telford council insurance claims details – A report into insurance claims against Telford Council.

Telford County Court – In a small number of instances, part of the accident claims process may be to go to court.

Accident Claims Solicitors – More accident claims advice.

Thank you for reading our guide on our personal injury solicitors and accident claims solicitors covering Telford.