Public Liability Claims

Accident claims in public places are more common than you may think.

Whether you have slipped on a wet floor or fallen over on the pavement, our accident claims team can determine whether you are entitled to compensation.We have vast experience in public place injuries making us the right choice when you are looking for legal representation. The millions of pounds we have recovered in compensation is testament to our long standing reputation.

As one of the founding members of the claims industry in the UK, we will ensure that you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

Whilst the local councils do as much as they can, the reality is that funding doesn’t exist to keep everywhere safe. The majority of repairs are made on the back of complaints. It is important to take photos of where your injury occurred as this will be needed as evidence if any repairs are made.

We employ some of the finest personal injury solicitors in the country. We understand that when you have been involved in a traumatic incident you need someone who understand what you’re going through. Talk to our team today for expert, confidential advice.