Accident Claims Birmingham

Birmingham, Europe’s youngest city is home to some of the highest number of accident claims in the country. With residents leading busy lives, accidents and injuries inevitably happen. For over forty years Accident Claims Birmingham have been assisting residents make a personal injury claim.

Our personal injury solicitors in Birmingham work in the same way as our Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool offices. We’re not just expert in whiplash claims – we offer consistent and professional accident claims advice across all the services we offer.

Why Should You Use Accident Claims Birmingham?

We’re one of the first and trusted by millions. We offer a no win no fee agreement on all our personal injury claims to ensure that you’re not left with a bill in the unlikely event your case loses. Our success rate is second to none and our client feedback is a testament to this. When choosing a personal injury solicitor in Birmingham it’s important you don’t just go to anyone. Accident claims can be complex and it’s imperative that your solicitor has a full understanding of personal injury law to maximize chances of success.

I’m already with a Personal Injury Solicitor in Birmingham?

If you’ve already spoken to a personal injury solicitor about your claim then Accident Claims Birmingham can still help you. We can assess your ongoing case if you feel that you aren’t getting an acceptable service. We often take on whiplash claims and other cases where the existing personal injury solicitor has let the client down in some way. We know that some solicitors are hard to get updates from – we’re available 24 hours a day to update you on the progress of your claim.

When you use Accident Claims Birmingham you put your trust in one of the UK’s leading personal injury specialists.

Additional Services

In addition to whiplash claims we offer compensation advice in the following areas:

Spinal Injuries

Dental Negligence

Road Traffic Accident Claims

Public Liability Claims

Catastrophic Injuries

How do I make a claim?

The first step in making a personal injury claim is to assess whether you are to blame. Our 24 hour accident claims advice line can help you if you are unsure if you are to blame. Contact us on 0800 073 8801.