Marks & Spencer Accident Claims Guide – I Slipped In Marks & Spencer Can I Claim Compensation?

Slipped and fell in Marks & Spencers compensation claims guideHave you had an injury in Marks & Spencers, because you slipped due to a hazard left in a walkway? If the accident in Marks & Spencer was the fault of the store, you could be able to make a compensation claim for your injuries. Trust Accident Claims UK to handle your personal injury claim as they have solicitors with decades of experience. We are a trusted personal injury solicitors firm that can handle your slip and fall claim promptly, fighting to win you the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

To begin your personal injury claim, for being injured because you slipped at Marks & Spencer through no fault of your own, call Accident Claims UK today. We offer a free legal consultation to anyone looking to claim compensation for their injuries. One of our advisors will speak to you in-depth about your ordeal and if we can see that you are owed compensation, we could provide you with a personal injury solicitor experienced in this type of case.

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A Guide To Claims Against Marks & Spencer For Slips And Falls

The Marks and Spencer Group plc, known as Marks & Spencers  or M&S is one of the largest and most famous chain stores on the UK high street. The company was founded in 1884, in Leeds by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer. Today Marks & Spencer has 959 stores in the UK, 615 are Food Halls, or supermarkets. The company also operates 300 stores overseas, in 40 countries. Marks & Spencer is known for selling clothing, homewares, gifts and food, which is displayed in a Food Hall, or supermarket-style setting. Not every slip, trip and fall that happen within a store will qualify for compensation but as stores that are open to the public need to follow stringent health and safety laws a lapse could cause them to be liable if injuries are caused.

In this guide to claiming compensation if you have been injured because you slipped in Marks & Spencer, we will explain how supermarket slips and trips happen and how they can injure customers and employees. We will also explain how you can claim compensation for slipping in a supermarket if the accident was not your fault.

Remember, if you have been injured because of a slipping accident, or a Marks and Spencer accident at work that was not your fault you could be able to make a compensation claim for your injuries if it can be proven that the company have breached their duty of care towards you. Trust Accident Claims UK’s panel of personal injury lawyers to handle your claim for you and win you the compensation you deserve. Call now to begin your slip or fall claim today.

What Are Supermarket And Store Slips?

If you are injured in a shop, because of negligence on the part of the shop’s management, you have the right to claim compensation. One of the most common type of personal injury claims that we handle are claims for slip, trip or fall accidents, in shops, workplaces and other situations. This is because a small hazard, such as a wet floor or loose floor tiles can cause a slip, trip or fall accident.

Slipping in a supermarket can happen if proper regulations are not followed with regards to keeping the floor clean, dry and safe. Slipping in a supermarket can happen if a drink or food item is spilt onto the floor and is not cleaned up immediately. The spillage should be mopped up, and warning signage used otherwise, a customer or member of staff can slip on the spillage. The mopped floor can also cause slipping accidents whilst the floor is still wet, so the wet floor is supposed to be signposted until it is dry and safe to walk on. Customers and staff could also slip in a supermarket if the floor has been mopped as part of a routine cleaning activity and not signposted, not warning passers-by of wet floors.

You could make a slip in a supermarket claim if you were injured because you slipped in a supermarket because the shop’s management did not follow correct health and safety regulations. The funds you will be awarded will compensate you for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused by your injuries and will pay you back for any expenses you may have had relating to your injury, over time. Call Accident Claims UK today to find a personal injury solicitor who could help you to make your personal injury claim.

Workplace Slip And Fall Accident Statistics

Slips and falls in supermarkets can affect shoppers as well as employees. According to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1979, as well as many industry-specific regulations, employers such as Marks & Spencer are legally obliged to provide their employees with a safe and hygienic environment in which to work. If an employee is injured in a Marks and Spencer accident at work because the employer neglected their duty of care towards their employees, the employer may be held liable for the employee’s injuries and have to pay them compensation.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) slip, trip and fall accidents on the same level are the most common type of workplace accident, making up 29% of all reported accidents at work. The chart below shows the most common types of workplace accidents.

To avoid accidents happening in the workplace employers must carry out regular risk assessments to identify any possible health and safety hazards (these can include breakages or spillages that can potentially cause accidents). They must ensure that their employees are trained to complete tasks safely, and provide employees with special equipment where needed in order to keep them safe.

If you have been injured because of a Marks and Spencer accident at work that was not your fault, such as a slip, trip or fall that was caused by negligence on the part of your employer, you could make a Marks and Spencer accident at work claim. Call Accident Claims UK today and if you are entitled to claim, we could provide you with a professional personal injury solicitor to handle your case.

Causes Of Supermarket Slipping And Falling Accidents

How do supermarket slipping and falling accidents happen? There are many reasons why a customer or worker could be injured due to a slip or fall accident. We will now look at some causes of slips and falls at supermarkets;

Causes of supermarket slips:

  • Spillages can cause customers and staff to slip in a supermarket. A spillage of food or drinks products that have been dropped or fallen off the shelves, or an item that a customer has bought into the shops and spilt, can become a slip hazard if it isn’t cleaned up immediately.
  • Mopping accidents: When a floor is mopped, the floor will remain wet for some time after it is cleaned, so the cleaner must signpost the wet floor, so that customers and other employees know to avoid it.
  • Leaks caused by a broken pipe or a faulty toilet can result in wet floors that customers or workers can slip on. It is the responsibility of the company to repair any faulty pipes or appliances that can injure a person that uses their premises, as promptly as possible.
  • If a piece of carpeting is loose, this can cause a customer to slip and fall. Similarly, a loose floor tile or other broken or hazardous flooring can cause accidents.
    A store car park is still considered the shop’s premises. If the car park has uneven flooring such as a cracked paving stone or a pothole, this could cause trip and fall accidents.

Supermarket Slip, Trip And Fall Injury Types

Here are some common injuries that could possibly occur because a customer or shop worker slipped slips at a store;

  • Bones can break or become fractured when the injured person hits the floor. As well as broken bones in the ankle, leg or hip, the injured person can put out their hand as they fall to try to protect themselves, and break a bone in their hand or wrist, which can also get in the way of the person’s work.
  • If the injured person hits their head on the floor or another object when they fall, they can suffer a head injury. Head injuries include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). A TBI can range from a concussion to very serious brain injuries that cause the injured person to suffer from lifelong disabilities
  • Falling over can result in soft tissue injuries such as sprains or strains. Fortunately, most soft tissue injuries heal over time on their own but some people require physiotherapy to recover from their injuries.
  • Unfortunately, if someone slipped in a store and hurt their back, this can result in a serious injury which may require an operation to fix. Examples of serious back injuries that can be caused by suffering a slip and fall at a supermarket include a slipped disc or a spinal injury.

Remember, if you suffered a slip and fall in a supermarket which was not your fault, you could be owed compensation for your injuries. Call Accident Claims UK today, and if you are eligible to claim compensation, we will provide you with an excellent personal injury lawyer to start working on your claim.

Marks & Spencer Duty Of Care To Staff And Customers

Marks & Spencer has a duty of care towards anyone using their premises including customers, staff and other people that might use the building, such as a contractor. This means that they are responsible for upholding the health and safety on their premises to ensure that avoidable accidents don’t happen. This includes off the shop floor in storage facilities, warehousing areas and the shop car park. If Marks & Spencer or another business acts negligently, they maybe  neglecting their duty of care. If a customer, staff member or another person that uses the business is avoidably injured as a result of a breach in the duty of care, Marks & Spencer could be held liable for the person’s injuries and have to pay them compensation. These principles are codified in legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1979 and the Occupiers Act 1954.

Calculating Compensation If You Slipped In A Store

If you slipped on a wet floor or a spillage at a store you could be entitled to claim compensation if it can be proven that the incident could have been avoided. How much compensation can you claim for a slip, trip or fall injury? This depends on the type of injury you suffered and how severe the injury was. Although we would need to speak to you over the phone and look at your medical records to determine exactly how much you could claim the personal injury claims calculator below will help you estimate the region of how much your compensation claim could be worth in general damages (table excludes special damages).

Injury How serious it was How much you could claim Comment
Back injury Moderate (i) and (ii) £11,730 – £36,390 Moderarte (ii) how much could be awarded will depend on factors such as how serious the injury is, how much pain is caused to the victim and what treatment is required by the claimant.
Arm injury Severe injuries £90,250 – £122,860 At this level the claimants injuries are almost as serious as if the arm had been amputated and lost.
Leg injury Very serious (ii) £51,460 – £85,600 Very serious forms of injury to the legs or leg could leave the person with issues with their mobility for the remainder of their life.
Shoulder injury Serious (B) £11,980 – £18,020 Such as a dislocated shoulder injury or those which are similar to this.
Neck injury Severe (ii) £61,710 – £122,860 Serious injury to the discs, fractures or soft tissue injuries and similar levels of injury.
Hand injury Serious £27,220 – £58,100 Injuries could include those where several fingers have been amputated and then reattached.
Finger injury Fractured Index Finger £8,550 – £11,480 At this level, the fracture may have healed but the claimants grip will have been seriously affected.
Ankle injury Moderate £12,900 – £24,950 Fractures to the joint, legament and tendon damage or similar types of injury.
Foot injury Serious £23,460 – £36,790 Could require surgery and could affect various parts of the foot or feet.
Toe injury Serious £9,010 – £12,900 Crush injuries, such as causing multiple fractures and which affect several toes.

For an accurate estimation of how much your slip and fall claim could be worth in general damages as well as in special damages call Accident Claims UK today.

Special Damages Which Could Be Awarded For A Spillage Accident

Personal injury compensation packages are awarded in two parts, general and special damages. What does this mean? General damages are usually the largest part of a compensation claim and award the injured person for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity they have experienced as a result of their injuries. Special damages reimburse the person for any expenses or financial losses they have experienced or will experience in the future, due to their injuries or illness.

Here are some examples of what you could claim as special damages:

  • Medical expenses: This can include the cost of an operation, medication, physiotherapy, rehabilitative therapy or any other sort of medical treatment you need.
  • Travel expenses: This type of compensation could include the cost of hospital parking or taking a taxi to the hospital, or the cost of alternative transport if you were temporarily unable to drive after your injuries.
  • Mobility equipment expenses: In the sad event that you became disabled after your accident, you can claim expenses to pay for any mobility equipment you may now be in need of.
  • Home and car adaptation expenses: Similarly, if your injuries required you to adapt your home or your car, you can claim these expenses as part of your compensation claim.
  • At home care expenses: If you have been cared for by a friend or family member while you were recovering from your injuries, you can claim expenses to reimburse them.
    Reimbursement for loss of income: If you had to take time off work following your accident, you can claim back any salary or in-work benefit payments that you missed.

No Win No Fee Claims Against Marks & Spencer For A Slip Or Fall Injury

At Accident Claims UK we will give you the option to make a no win no fee injury claim. What does no win no fee mean? Simply put, you will not be charged an upfront solicitor’s fee for making a personal injury claim. Instead, you will only have to pay your fee if your solicitor wins your claim, meaning that there is less financial risk involved for you. Because your solicitors’ fee is deducted from your final compensation package, no win no fee is also the more affordable way to claim for many of our clients.

To learn more about making a no win no fee claim and begin your Marks & Spencer accident claim, contact Accident Claims UK today.

How Our Experts Could Help If You Slipped In A Supermarket

Why choose Accident Claims UK to handle your claim, if you slipped in Marks & Spencer? Our panel of personal injury claims solicitors have up to thirty years of experience handling compensation claims. What’s more, they will always push to win you the maximum amount of compensation for a slip and fall accident that you could be entitled to receive.

Start Your Claim Against Marks & Spencer For A Slip Or Fall Injury

If you have been injured because of negligence on the part of Marks & Spencer, start your personal injury claim today. Call Accident Claims UK or use our online claims form to begin your compensation claim. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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