Denmark Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For A Personal Injury In Denmark? On Holiday

Holiday accident claims Denmark

Holiday accident claims Denmark

Have you been involved in an accident on holiday in Denmark? Many British tourists visit Denmark and for many, their holidays are nice breaks with no issues. But accidents can and do happen. This guide explains what you should do in the event of an Danish holiday accident, and why Accident Claims UK can help make your compensation claim.

Accident Claims UK specialise in personal injury claims and have a vast experience of making holiday accident claims. Therefore, if you’d like to speak with one of our expert personal injury team then pick up the phone and call 0800 073 8801 today.

If you prefer, you can carry on reading first and find out all there is to know about accident claims in Denmark, what to do in the event of an accident and how to get free medical treatment.

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Dealing With Your Danish Holiday Accident

A Guide To Claims For An Accident On Holiday In Denmark

You may have been involved in an accident on holiday in Denmark and be wondering what steps you need to take to be able to make a compensation claim. You may even be wondering if you’ll be eligible to claim.

This guide aims to answer those questions and help you to make the claim process easier for you to understand. We’ll aim to provide you with the information so you can decide if your case has a good chance of being successful or not and if it does, we could offer you our no win no fee service to make the claim stress free.

To be able to claim compensation it needs to be provable that somebody else was to blame for your accident. Whether it be through their own negligence, a member of their staff or somebody else they employed. It is essential that the other person was the cause of your accident and that if they’d done something differently then the accident wouldn’t have happened.

As well as proving somebody else was to blame for your accident, it is also essential that you were seen by a doctor, either at a medical practice or a hospital, as this will mean there were medical records created which can be obtained and used as evidence to support your claim.

The medical records will detail the severity of your injuries and confirm that you sustained them. Without any medical records you will probably struggle to get a personal injury solicitor to take your case on. The medical evidence will be used when determining how much compensation you receive under the general damages (pain and suffering) element of the claim.

Finally, the accident needs to have happened within a set time period. As with the UK, all personal injury claims in Denmark are time limited and, if you don’t file them in time, can be rejected.

In the UK most accident claims are set at 3 years from the date of the accident. Danish personal injury claim time limits can vary, so we’ll cover this in a later section of this document. The only exception for claiming within the time limit is when you don’t actually find out about the injuries until a later date i.e. when a doctor diagnoses you with an injury or illness, this would mean that your time limit begins from the date of the diagnosis.

Using those 3 factors (time limit, blame and medical records) you should be able to decide if you can claim for your accident on holiday in Denmark or not but if you still have questions then please call one of our team to discuss your case.

Top Ten Attractions Or Places To Visit In Denmark

At Accident Claims UK, we can help you to make a claim for an accident that’s happened anywhere in Denmark, whether it be in a remote village or the capital city but, just for information purposes, we’ve listed the top tourist destinations in Denmark below:

  1. Copenhagen
  2. Aarhus
  3. Aalborg
  4. Ringkobing-Skjern
  5. Varde
  6. Bornholme
  7. Odense
  8. Vejle
  9. Frederikshavn
  10. Helsingor

What In The Event Of An Accident Or Illness Abroad

Following an accident, caused by somebody else in Denmark, there are a number of things you should do to ensure that you are able to make a compensation claim when you return to the UK.

These steps will help any personal injury lawyer by providing them with evidence to support your claim that you were injured, and it was caused by somebody else:

  • As mentioned above, you should attend a doctor’s surgery or hospital to have your injuries assessed and to receive immediate treatment. Although compensation shouldn’t be your first thought (your wellbeing should), this step will ensure that medical records are created which your solicitor can obtain later on to use as evidence of the extent of your injuries.You may well be assessed again, when you’re back in the UK, to ensure your condition is improving or to plan for future treatment but the first visit is essential in any claim.
  • Inform your travel insurer of your accident, even if you don’t want to make an immediate claim, as some have a time limit on how long after the accident you need to let them know by. You should also let your holiday rep know if you booked using a package holiday provider (more on this later in this guide) – it is essential that the accident is logged with them if you want to pursue a claim later.
  • Contact the police and other emergency services in the event of serious injuries or if you believe a criminal act has taken place.
  • Ask witnesses for their contact details. Try to get their names, address, email address and contact numbers. If they have time, ask them to write down what they saw while they can still remember the accident.
  • Make a note of what happened and where yourself, as it’s easy to forget minor details. Try to photograph the scene of the accident and, in the case of car accidents, try to obtain dashcam footage if there is any.
  • When you return to the UK contact Accident Claims UK to let us know about your accident and we’ll let you know if we believe you’ve got chance of receiving compensation for your injuries or not.

You may feel that after an accident you just want to get on and enjoy the rest of your holiday but it’s worth re-iterating that without some of the above steps, you probably won’t be able to make a claim. For more information please see our guides on holiday accident claims and package holiday claims.

Who Do I Call In The Event Of An Emergency In Denmark?

If you’re involved in a serious accident in Denmark and require the emergency services you simply need to dial 112 from any payphone, landline or mobile.

The Danish authorities run a similar service to the UK where the operator will put you through to the appropriate service. In non-emergency situations you are able to contact the police on 114.

If your accident involves very serious injuries or fatalities then you may need the help of the British Embassy. We’ve listed their contact details at the end of this guide for your information.

Healthcare In Denmark For Tourists

If you require medical treatment while on holiday in Denmark then it is best to apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) prior to travelling (it’ll take around 7 days to arrive).

Danish healthcare for tourists is covered by the EHIC card including any treatment while staying in Denmark temporarily and means you can visit a doctor or hospital and receive treatment. It does not replace travel insurance so you should still take this out in addition to EHIC.

Travel insurance can cover expenses that EHIC won’t such as rescue services, costs of travelling back to the UK and private healthcare.

Whenever you visit a medical facility it is essential to show your EHIC card and travel insurance documents ASAP to ensure you’re not charged for your treatment.

How Much Time Do I Have To Make A Holiday Accident Claim In Denmark?

As mentioned previously, there are strict time limits when making a personal injury claim. Either from the time the claim happened or from when you were diagnosed with an illness or injury.

You should contact us at Accident Claims UK as soon as possible to give us plenty of time to gather evidence to support your compensation claim. In Denmark, the current time limits for submitting claims are:

Circumstances of your claim Time Limit for Claiming
On a privately booked holiday to Denmark Up to 5 years May very
On a pre-booked UK (package) holiday, trip or flight 3 years may very
On a privately booked flight to or from:
2 years may very

Accident And Injury Claims In Denmark We Can Help With

City Break And Package Holiday Accident Claims

If your accident in Denmark happened while on a stay booked as part of a package holiday then there is extra legislation in place, provided by the British government, that we can use to help make your claim.

If you’ve booked 2 or more elements of your holiday (your hotel and flights, flights and excursions, hotel and excursions or all three elements) through a single provider then it can be deemed a package holiday and will benefit from the legislation.

It is vital that, in the event of an accident, you complain to your tour rep as this will ensure that the accident is recorded. To receive the full compensation available, it is important to keep any receipts for costs that you incur because of your accident.

A package holiday claim could be claimed for an accident in the hotel, while being transferred from the airport, while driving a hire car (booked as part of the holiday) and even while on an excursion if the package holiday company booked it for you. The operator may not have caused the accident directly but a claim can be made if the accident was on a service provided by a company they partner with or employ to fulfil your excursion.

To be able to contact your tour rep or emergency helpline you’ll probably receive their contact number upon arrival, or have the details sent to you with your booking confirmation.

Hotel And Accommodation Accident Claims

When you’re staying in a hotel, anywhere in the world, there are many common accidents, leading to claims, that can happen. The most common that we deal with include slips and falls; food poisoning; swimming pool accidents; hotel gym injuries and; accidents that are caused by damaged equipment in the hotel room.

We’ll cover slips and falls as well as food poisoning separately in this guide.

Accident, Injury, Or Food Poisoning Caused By A Restaurant In Denmark

When you eat at a restaurant, café, bar or fast food outlet, the owners have a duty of care to all customers to ensure their safety, wellbeing and to protect them from becoming ill.

If a restaurant isn’t clean or food is stored, prepared, cooked or reheated properly or hygiene standards are low then it can lead to customers becoming ill with food poisoning. If you suspect that you’re ill then you should visit a doctor as some food poisoning symptoms can have serious and long-lasting symptoms.

Common symptoms that are seen with cases of food poisoning include: A high temperature, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and stomach cramps any of which can be caused by E. coli, salmonella and norovirus infections, amongst others.

Trips, Falls, And Slips Injuries On Holiday

A slip or fall accident can lead to very serious injuries which can require major medical treatment and, sometimes, multiple trips to surgery to try and rectify the injury.

A trip can happen just about anywhere on holiday, at the airport while disembarking the place, in the hotel, while shopping or just about anywhere else. So long as the accident was somebody else’s fault then you could claim compensation. If you weren’t paying attention or were messing around then we’d recommend against making a claim.

Common reasons why somebody else could be to blame for a slip or fall could be:

  • Where a trip hazard isn’t visible due to poor lighting (either the lighting is off, broken or not present)
  • Where a floor is slippery and no warning signs indicate this, such as where cleaning is taking place, a spillage has happened or the floor is excessively wet.
  • Where a pathway is damaged, such as a raised paving slab, broken kerb or a pothole.

It is worth photographing anything you believe caused a slip or fall, seeking medical treatment and reporting the accident wherever it happened (try to get a copy of the report or take a note of the staff members name).

Claiming For A Cycling Accident In Denmark

Cycling in Denmark is very popular and tourists often book cycling holidays through their tour operator. If this is the case, and you have a cycling accident, then you may be able to make a claim from the operator.

Claims could be possible in the case of insufficient information being provided, a faulty or damaged bike or faulty, damaged, or incorrect safety equipment being provided.

Car Accident Claims In Denmark

Danish road safety is generally very good but accidents do happen and, in the event, you’re involved in a collision as either a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian you should ensure that you firstly receive treatment by either dialing 112 in emergencies or attending a medical practice.

You should obtain the other driver’s details, including their contact details, insurance providers name and policy number, vehicle license plate number and try to photograph the scene of the accident.

Report the accident to the police in serious accidents, your hire car company and your travel insurer. If your car was booked by your package holiday provider then contact the tour rep as well so that the incident has been logged.

Never admit liability or let the other driver fill in a European accident report form on your behalf. Fill in your part with factual information only and take a copy.

How Can Legal Expert Help You?

Can I Claim Compensation With A Solicitor In The UK?

People are often put off from making compensation claims for accidents abroad because they think they have to deal with Danish solicitors located where the accident happened.

The good news is that this isn’t true. Accident Claims UK are specialist personal injury solicitors and have dealt with numerous holiday accident claims abroad from right here in the UK.

We will provide a solicitor, using a no win no fee service for all cases we take on, to help make your claim for an accident on holiday in Denmark which means you don’t need to worry about any time differences, language barriers or local legal policies.

No Win No Fee Claims Claims For An Accident Abroad In Denmark

No win no fee compensation claims are a big help for a lot of people who may not proceed to claim if they did not exist.

Unlike traditional solicitor agreements, you never actually have to send your solicitor any funds, which is a major benefit for a lot of people. With our no win no fee service you don’t have to pay us anything at all if we do not win your case.

If we are successful, and we receive compensation on your behalf, we’ll retain an agreed percentage of your compensation and send the rest directly to you.

Many clients tell us that this is the best and most stress-free way to make a compensation claim.

How We Can Help You

Accident Claims UK have been providing free legal advice for many years and always offer a no win no fee service for all claims we take on.

Our team only deal with personal injury claims and are therefore well equipped with the knowledge of what’s needed (and what’s not) to make a complete and thorough compensation claim. We’re a friendly and professional team of personal injury specialists who’d love to help with your claim.

The process we use for all accident claims is:

You make contact with us via live chat, email, phone or post. We listen to your claim and then assess it. When you’re happy to proceed, we begin the claim process on your behalf

Contact Our Team Today

Now that you’ve read this guide about how to claim compensation following an accident on holiday in Denmark, we hope you’ve decided that Accident Claims UK can represent you. If so, there are a number of ways you can get in touch:

  • Telephone: Simply call 0800 073 8801 today.
  • Live Chat: Speak with our specialists online, 7 days a week.
  • Online: Fill in our online form and we’ll get back to you at a convenient time.
  • Email: Send a message, with details of your accident, to (we aim to get back to you within 3 hours).

Please contact us today so that we can assess and begin your claim straight away.

Helpful Contact Details And Guides

We hope that you’ve found this guide helpful and you now know whether you want to make a claim or not. For your information here are some more useful resources:

British Embassy Belgium – Copenhagen
Kastelsvej 36-40
DK-2100 Copenhagen
Tel: +45 35 44 52 00

Opening Times: Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm

Denmark Healthcare For Tourists – an NHS guide with further information on healthcare within Denmark for British nationals.

Slip and Trip Claims – A guide on slips, trips and falls: how to claim and how much compensation you may receive.

Restaurant Accident Claims – Another guide on restaurant illnesses, including more details around food poisoning.