St Lucia Accident Claims Guide? – How To Claim Compensation For An Personal Injury On Holiday In St Lucia?

St Lucia holiday accident

St Lucia holiday accident

This guide has been put together to provide information to those who may have suffered an accident or illness while on holiday in St Lucia which they feel was not their fault. It will illustrate examples of scenarios of accidents that could potentially happen, why a holiday maker may be eligible to pursue a claim and who may be liable for any damages in terms of compensation. We have also explained how to begin a holiday injury claim, how our national service could help you and our No Win No Fee service works.

You might, once you finish reading this guide, have some unanswered questions. If this is the case, then our claims team is ready and waiting to give you any answers that you need. Just call 0800 073 8801, and a claims advisor will be ready and waiting to assist you.

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A Guide To Claims For Accidents On Holiday In St Lucia

This guide will provide information if you are thinking of making a holiday accident claim if you have suffered an injury or illness due to negligence on the part of a third party that owed you a duty of care while on holiday in St Lucia. Something that you won’t find in this guide, is a personal injury claims calculator. We prefer to provide our clients with hard facts, based on actual Judicial College Guidelines. If you want to know how much you could claim, one of our claims team will be able to let you know, if you speak to them on the contact telephone number near the bottom of the guide.

The information that you will find in this guide, includes:

  • A list of  popular attractions, resorts, towns and tourist areas on the island.
  • A step by step approach to preparing for your claim once you return to the UK, if you have come to harm while on holiday overseas.
  • Instructions on how to contact the emergency services on the island, and the main contact numbers you will need to get the help you need.
  • An overview of the situation for UK travellers, with regard to gaining access to healthcare and medical treatment while on the island.
  • Information related to the specific time limits that are in place, within which you you need to begin your claim, in order to be eligible for compensation.
  • The law when it comes to claiming for injury or illness of a package holiday.
  • Examples of how injuries or illnesses may occur in a hotel.
  • Information on food poising, allergic reactions and waterborne illnesses.
  • Eligibility to make a slip trip or fall compensation claim.
  • Safety procedures when engaging in water sport activities and excursions.
  • An overview of the process of claiming for injuries that have been sustained during a road traffic accident whilst driving abroad, or if you have been struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian.
  • An explanation of why it is generally a good idea to use a UK based legal firm, rather than a local solicitor, to make your holiday claim. We also introduce our national claims service in this section, which is a very simple yet effective way for you to have your claim processed.

If you have any questions, or need additional information related to the contents of this guide, we are happy to help in any way we can. Simply give one of our claims team a call on the contact number below, and they will be happy to assist you further.

Popular Attractions And Places To Go In St Lucia

To answer the question, what is St Lucia most famous for? the list below details many of the most popular areas and tourist attractions on the island.

  • The Pitons
  • Marigot Bay
  • Anse Chastanet Marine National Park
  • Tet Paul Nature Trail
  • Soufrière
  • Sulphur Springs Park
  • Diamond Botanical Gardens
  • Pigeon Island National Park
  • Rodney Bay
  • Edmund Rain Forest Reserve

What To Do If You Suffer An Injury On Holiday

If you are injured while you are on holiday abroad and you feel that your injury happened due to negligence of a third party and could have been prevented had the correct procedures been in place taking the follow steps may increase your chance of a successful compensation case if when you return the the UK you want to pursue one;

  • If you have been the victim of a crime, or a serious accident such as a car crash, report the incident to the police and ask for a copy of the report.
  • Visit a hospital to have your injuries treated, even if they initially don’t seem to need treatment as the medical report could serve as evidence in your case.
  • If you are on a package holiday, make sure that the local representative of your tour company has been informed of the incident.
  • Use your phone to take photographs of the scene and cause of the accident, as well as anything else you feel might be useful.
  • If there were any witnesses to the accident, make sure that you gather their contact details so they can be contacted to act as witnesses in the future.

Taking steps such as the ones outlined above, will simplify the claims process, and improve your chances of a claim being successful. You may also find these guides to be of use:

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A guide to package holiday claims

St Lucia Emergency Services Numbers

If you are injured on a holiday in St Lucia, you will need to know how to get the help you need, and get in touch with the emergency services. This is fairly simple to do, as there are only a handful of numbers that you need, and these are:

St Lucia Travel Advice For Healthcare & Medical Services

According to the UK Government if travelling to St Lucia travel advisory for the island, includes 2 main concerns; the Zika virus, Chikungunya virus and also mosquito bites in general.

However, a large consideration here, is that there is no reciprocal healthcare agreement between St Lucia and the UK. This means that all medical treatment will need to be paid for. You will have to have a valid health insurance or travel insurance policy to pay for any treatment you need, even emergency treatment. If you don’t have an insurance policy to cover the cost, you will need to pay out of your own pocket. If this is the case, you may be able to claim these medical costs back as part of your claim at a later stage if your injury or illness qualifies for holiday compensation.

Overseas Holiday Accident Claim Time Limits

There is a personal injury claims time limit in place, and you are going to need to begin making your claim before this time limit is up. The time limit changes based on the circumstances of the claim, and how your holiday was booked:

Circumstances Time Limit
On a package holiday that you booked through a UK based travel firm. 3 years may vary.
On an international flight you booked privately. 2 years may vary.
On a privately booked trip that cannot be construed as a package holiday. Time limits vary; please speak to one of our claims team to find out which applies in your case.

What Are Package Holiday Accidents And Illnesses?

Inorder to claim through your tour operator the holiday firstly must have been booked as part of a package holiday booked through a UK tour operator, the injury or illness will have occurred due to the negligence of a provider which was booked as part of the package deal. When holiday accident claims solicitors process a claim for an accident or illness on a package holiday, they will follow UK legislation and not the legislation if the country where the accident took place. This is because every UK travel firm that sells package tours, is legislated by UK regulations. These regulations stipulate that all transport, accommodation, food and activities that the holiday is made up of, conform to minimum safety standards.

When there is a failure in providing this minimum safety standard, and an accident or illness occur then the tour operator will be liable for any harm caused. Have you suffered an accident which has lead to an injury or illness while on a package holiday in St Lucia, if you feel this was through negligence then call Accident Claims UK and they will advise what your next steps should be. 

Have You Suffered An Injury In A Hotel?

Potential accidents leading to injuries or illnesses that could possible occur in a hotel;

  • Damaged room fittings such as light switches or plug sockets causing an electrical shock.
  • Broken equipment in the hotel gym causing an accident.
  • Food left on a buffet table too long causing a food-related illness.
  • Damaged floor coverings such as torn carpets in a hotel room causing a trip injury.

If you have suffered an injury at a hotel but are unsure who may be liable call us today and we through our free legal consultation can advise who may be at fault for your injury.

Waterborne Illnesses And Food Poisoning

Food poison may occur if they food that is being provided has not been stored in the right temperatures, prepared in an hygienic kitchen or not been correctly cooked.

It is also vital that swimming pools are constantly monitored to ensure that they have the right level of chemical balance to ensure they are safe for people to swim in as swimming pools are an easy way for illnesses to be transmitted.

With any stomach upset illness we always recommend seeing a doctor to have such illnesses treated and also to have a confirmedmeidcal diagnosis made by a doctor if the person wants to pursue a claim.

Slip Trip And Fall Accidents Abroad

Slip, trip and fall accidents are common for the simple reason, they have numerous causes. Examples of causes of such falls could include;

  • Newly mopped floor with no warning signs.
  • A leak in the bathroom that has not been fixed or no signage to warn if the hazard.
  • Uneven, broken and defected pavements causing a trip hazard.
  • Slipping due to food or uncleaned spillages left on the floor.
  • Tripping on obstructions left by hotel cleaning staff.

If you have suffered a slip, trip or fall injury while holidaying in St Lucia call Accident Claims UK to see if you have the basis to pursue a holiday personal injury claim.

I Suffered A Watersport Accident, Can I Claim?

St Lucia being a renowned watersports destination, with the hot climate, beautiful beaches and amazing clear sea it is no wonder people are attracted to take part in different watersports on offer.

Whenever you intend to book some form of watersports, especially the more dangerous ones such as scuba diving, make sure that the company organising the activity is reputable, and operates in a safe manner. If health and safety procedures are not always paramount and any equipment is not always updated and maintained serious accidents could occur. It is vital that any watersports and excursions are through a company that has fully trained advisors and equipment that us fit for purpose. If you have suffered an injury and you feel it was due to the disregard of health and safety procedures call us today and will will advise whether you have a claim for any harm suffered.

Car Accident On Holiday In St Lucia

If you are involved in any type of road accident while abroad it is vital that firstly you can get the details of anyone who is involved especially who you feel was responsible for the accident. It is important to take down the contact details of the third party driver, the make and model of the vehicle along with the registration of the vehicle. Take images where necessary, especially of the accident scene, any injuries and if you can capture in digital form the registration plate of any vehicles involved. We also advise that any injuries should be looked at as soon as possible and ask for a copy of the medical form.

Can I Claim Through A UK Based Holiday Accident Solicitor

It is possible to use a holiday injury solicitor in the UK to deal with your holiday accident abroad claim. Communicating with your solicitor, may be far easier if they are UK based. Here at Accident Claims UK, we offer our national claims service to victims of holiday accidents, and one of our claim advisors will be able to explain how this service works, if you give us a call on the telephone number below.

No Win No Fee Claims For An Accident On Holiday In St Lucia

We offer our No Win No Fee claims service at a national level, to all residents of the UK. This is a simple to use, yet effective way for you to have your claim processed. What this means, is that there is no fee when we first start to work on your claim, and there is no fee while we process it for you, no matter if this takes months or more. There is also no fee to pay us if we don’t win you a compensation settlement. The only time that we will charge a fee, is when we have actually received a compensation payment on your behalf. When we do, we automatically deduct our fee from the money we received, and then forward the rest to you. Speak to one of our claims team today, to find out how this service can help you to get the compensation you are entitled to.

How Our Travel Accident Solicitors Can Help You

When you use us as your personal injury specialist to process a holiday accident claim, you can be assured that we will always do everything possible to make sure your claim has a successful outcome. Furthermore, we always try to get our clients the highest level of compensation that they deserve. We use plain and simple English to keep you updated on the status of your claim, so that you always understand exactly what it is we are doing on your behalf. To get your claim started today, follow the three simple steps below, by talking to one of our claims team on the contact number in the last section of this guide.

Speak to a claims advisors using the phone, web chat or email. The claims advisor will evaluate whether you have a valid claim. If you do have a valid claim, we will begin to process it for you.

Contact Our Caribbean Holiday Accident Experts

We can help UK holidaymakers to make personal injury claims if they have been the victim of an accident, or contracted a holiday illness while overseas. Call our claims team on 0800 073 8801, and they will go over your claim with you, then give you some solid legal advice on how best to proceed with your claim.

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