Devitt Motorcycle Insurance Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation Against Devitt Bike Insurance

Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claims

Accident claims against Devitt motorcycle insurance guideIn this article, we are going to examine the concept of a claim against Devitt bike insurance. We’ll explain when you could claim compensation for injuries sustained in a road traffic accident caused by a motorcyclist. In many cases, the rider might have purchased their insurance through a broker, who obtains it from an insurance company. So, who do you make your claim against? We’ll explore the answer to that question.

We’ll show you the types of motorcycle accidents that could mean you’re able to claim, what evidence you may need, and what compensation could be paid for injuries. A lot of the advice in this guide could be transferred to other insurance brokers too.

Our team is here to support your claim. We start by reviewing your case with you and examining the evidence you have. You’ll get free legal advice from a specialist and, if you have a formidable claim, you could be put in contact with one of our personal injury solicitors. Your claim will be conducted on a No Win No Fee basis if taken on.

Our advisors can help you begin your claim right away if you call them on 0800 073 8801 today. To learn more about motorbike insurance claims before starting your own, please carry on reading.

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A Guide To Motorcycle Injury Claims Against Insurance Companies

If a road traffic accident, in which you suffer an injury, is caused by another road user (specifically a motorbike rider in this guide), it’s fair for you to think about seeking compensation for your injuries. It would be nice if the motorcyclist simply called their insurer and agreed to pay compensation to you for your suffering. However, it’s not always as easy as that.

An insurer could try to minimise how much they have to pay if a claim seems insufficient. That means you’ll need to produce evidence that clearly shows what happened leading up to the accident, who caused it and exactly what injuries you suffered. Therefore, we’ll explain why using a personal injury solicitor could make proving those things easier.

This article is about the justifications behind making a claim against Devitt bike insurance. You could easily use the content to help with other motorbike, moped or scooter insurance claims. We’ll look at your eligibility to seek compensation, the ways in which a motorcyclist could cause an accident and what amount of compensation your claim might lead to.

When making a personal injury claim, it’s often a good idea to take action as soon as you can. Recalling the events leading up to the accident can be much easier while everything is still clear in your mind. Another thing you should consider is the personal injury claims time limit. This is generally a 3-year period. Although 3 years seems like a long time, claiming early gives your lawyer plenty of time to make arrangements to collect any supporting evidence that’s required.

You can connect with one of our advisors if you have any questions at all. You’ll receive free legal advice even if you don’t make a claim.

What Are Claims Against Motorcycle Insurance Companies?

The accidents we’re talking about in this article are those caused by motorbike riders. Specifically, we’re discussing making a valid claim against Devitt bike insurance held by someone who negligently caused you to suffer an injury.

You could’ve been another motorcyclist, driving a car, walking or riding a bike. So long as the accident was caused by the rider’s negligence, and you were injured, you could claim. Please let us know how the accident happened and we’ll do the rest.

Do Devitt Insurance Directly Provide Policies?

Devitt Insurance is an insurance broker. They specialise in supporting motorcyclists by finding policies that meet their requirements. Although customers purchase their policies through them, it is likely to be underwritten by another company. Their website lists policies they offer from AVIVA, AXA, Legal & General, Zenith and Allianz.

That means that, when claiming, your solicitor might not deal directly with Devitt, but the company who underwrote the policy.

Check Your Eligibility To Claim Compensation For An Accident Or Injury?

There are a set of criteria that need to be met when making personal injury claims. Namely:

  • The defendant, who owed you a duty of care, was negligent (motorists and motorcyclists have a duty of care towards each other’s safety); which
  • They breached, causing an accident to occur; and
  • You suffered an injury (or injuries) because of the accident.

When it is shown that all things are true, the defendant’s insurer might have to admit full liability for the claim and pay compensation. However, some cases are not as clear cut. In some situations, you might have played a part in the accident and you’d have to take some of the blame.

When this happens, a split liability claim might be made. That’s where the insurers and your solicitor will determine what percentage of blame to apportion to each party. For instance, the split might be 25/75 (if you only played a small part in the accident). Once the split is agreed upon, the compensation calculation will be made in the normal way and adjusted accordingly. In this scenario, you’d receive 75% of the normal compensation payment.

If you believe you’ve got a valid claim but are unsure if you had some part to play in the accident, it may be best not to speak directly to the insurer just yet. Instead, you could get in touch with us for free legal advice.

When Could You Make A Motorbike Accident Claim?

We’re now going to look at what you could claim for when making a valid claim against Devitt bike insurance. Specifically, you’ll usually look to claim for:

  • Suffering caused by the injuries you’ve sustained.
  • Damage to your personal property including your vehicle.

When filing a claim, it’s vitally important that everything’s included; otherwise, you might miss out on the compensation you could’ve received.

Speak to our team today to review what you could include in your claim.

Common Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists have some advantages over other road users that can help them avoid some accidents. They are able to accelerate quickly and move their vehicle much more easily than other vehicles can. However, they can still be the cause of a road traffic accident.

Some of the reasons they could end up causing an accident include that they were not paying attention, riding too fast or because they misjudged the distance of another vehicle.

This guide about making a claim against Devitt bike insurance aims to give you information to help you. However, you may have questions. If you suffered an injury in an accident caused by a motorbike rider, let us know and we’ll consider your claim with you.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

Now we’re going to look at injuries that can happen if you’re a motorbike rider who’s been injured in a collision. You could suffer:

  • Whiplash injuries (soft tissue damage).
  • Fractured or broken bones.
  • Concussion and other head injuries.
  • Road rash.
  • Neck and back injuries.
  • Wrist injuries.

We’ll provide examples of compensation amounts for some of these injuries later on.

Information Or Evidence Which Could Support Your Claim

There are a number of things you can do following an accident that could make your claim easier. Evidence gathering is important, so we advise you to:

  • Collect contact details from any witnesses at the scene.
  • Get your injuries treated. Medical records could be requested later on.
  • Swap personal and insurance details with the other driver.
  • Photograph any damage and the scene of the accident before vehicles are moved.
  • Keep a record of any visible injuries by photographing them during your recovery.

After you’ve completed as much as possible, contact us for advice on what to do next.

Should You Contact The Insurance Provider Directly?

You might think that if you deal directly with the motorcyclist’s insurance company, you’ll receive a quicker settlement because the claim won’t take as long, but there are risks with taking that approach.

Having a solicitor make the claim for you could help you receive a fair compensation amount. Working directly with the insurer means you could receive a low settlement figure. Your solicitor should try to achieve a fair settlement that covers all of your suffering and financial losses. They’ll do this by providing medical evidence to support your claim along with other supporting evidence.

While it might seem tempting to take a quick payment from the insurer, you could miss out on the money you need to help you to recover from your injuries. After you’ve agreed to settle, you can’t request more compensation for something you forgot to include. Let us work on your behalf to try and achieve the right level of compensation.

How Do Insurance Companies Handle Claims?

Insurance companies review every aspect of your claim before agreeing to pay compensation. They prefer concrete evidence that their client was liable for the accident and the level of injuries you claim you sustained.

If they contest any part of the claim, you’ll need to counter their objections if you believe you’re in the right. Having specialist legal representation can make this easier. It may be easier to let a personal injury lawyer communicate with the insurer on your behalf because they should have the legal experience to answer questions accurately.

Our team of solicitors have decades of experience handling all sorts of claims and could represent you for yours. Contact us today for a free assessment of your claim.

Could Solicitors Help To Secure A Better Settlement?

As we’ve discussed already, a solicitor could guide you through the potential minefield of making a personal injury claim. They will know the process that needs to be followed and the evidence that needs to be supplied. Furthermore, if the defendant denies liability, then an experienced solicitor will have the knowledge of how to counter objections successfully.

If you would like our advice about what could justify a claim against Devitt bike insurance, why not ask for a free assessment of your case today?

Motorcycle Injury Compensation Claims Calculator

It’s now time to talk about how much compensation you could be entitled to. You may have heard of a personal injury claims calculator. Though they can be helpful for rough estimations, they can mislead due to the fact that every single claim is different.

Instead, we’ve provided some example compensation figures in the table below. It shows figures taken from the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG), a document that lawyers, insurers and courts may use to help them determine settlement amounts.

Body Part Severity Compensation Range Detailed Information
Neck Minor (ii) £2,300 to £4,080 This category covers whiplash injuries causing soft tissue damage. A full recovery will occur in around 3 months to a year.
Back Severe (i) £85,470 to £151,070 This category covers the most serious back injuries where there is damage to the spinal cord and nerve roots.
Clavicle Fracture £4,830 to £11,490 Covers fractured collarbone injuries. Factors used to determine the compensation amount include whether the injury is permanent, the amount of disability and the extent of the fracture.
Arms Less Severe £18,020 to £36,770 Injuries which cause significant disabilities but where there has already been a good level of recovery (or it’s expected).
Pelvis and Hips Severe (iii) £36,770 to £49,270 Covers many different hip and pelvis injuries including a fracture of the hip or arthritic femur leading to a hip replacement.
Legs Less Serious (i) £16,860 to £26,050 Leg fractures which lead to an incomplete recovery.
Ankle Moderate £12,900 to £24,950 These injuries, which include fractures and ligament tears, will cause minor disabilities such as difficulty walking on uneven ground or climbing stairs.

There is a requirement to prove how serious your injuries were in order to receive accurate compensation. That’s why, as part of the process of claiming, your solicitor should organise a local medical appointment to assess your injuries.

When you see the medical specialist, they’ll review what your available medical records say. Then they’ll ask several questions about how your life has been impacted before assessing you physically. Finally, the specialist will write a detailed report containing all of their findings. Due to the importance of medical reports in personal injury claims, we advise that a medical assessment should be mandatory in all cases.

Check What Other Expenses And Losses You May Be Compensated For

The first part of any claim is the part that compensates you for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused by the injuries you sustained. This is called general damages. We’ve already covered this part of the claim in the previous section where the table provided example amounts.

Special Damages

In this part of the guide, we’re going to look at what ‘special damages’ you could claim. This type of claim aims to ensure you’re not left out of pocket because of your injuries. Special damages that you could request include:

  • Lost Earnings.
    When you are recovering, time off work could mean you lose some of your income. That could be because you’re self-employed or the company you work for doesn’t pay full sick pay. If you do lose income, you could request it back as part of your claim.
  • Medical Expenses.
    In most situations, your treatment will be covered by the NHS for free. That said, it’s still possible that you might need to buy painkillers, pay for prescriptions or incur costs due to your injuries.
  • Care Costs.
    Some injuries make it impossible to function as normal while recovering. When that happens, you’ll often need to turn to a carer for support. If you do, you could request the costs to be paid back. For instance, you could claim the fees of a professional carer. Alternatively, an hourly rate might be calculated to cover the time a friend or family member spent looking after you.
  • Travel Expenses.
    If you have to pay for fuel or parking costs linked to medical appointments, these could be claimed back too.

When you claim expenses linked to your injuries, you’ll need to prove how much you’ve spent. Bank statements, wage slips, benefits statements and receipts could all be used as evidence, so we’d advise that you keep hold of as many as you can.

How Our Team Could Help With Your Claim

So now that you’ve read our guide, we wanted to let you know why you should work with Accident Claims UK. Here are some reasons:

  • The advice we provide is free – even if you don’t go on to claim.
  • You can claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Our team of specialist solicitors have decades of experience handling claims.
  • If your claim is taken on, you’ll be provided with regular updates.
  • Your solicitor will work to try and make sure you’re compensated fairly for your injuries. They’ll also be available throughout the case to answer any queries you need to raise.

Please feel free to let us know if there’s anything else you need to know about our service via live chat or on the number above.

No Win No Fee Motorcycle Injury Claims

In this article, we have looked at the justifications and evidence you might need to make a claim against Devitt bike insurance. You now may be considering using the services of a solicitor. However, you may be worried about what a solicitor will charge. Our team of experienced solicitors offer a No Win No Fee service for every claim they handle. 

At the beginning of your claim, a solicitor will consider the facts. If they think there’s some likelihood of success, you’ll get a Conditional Fee Agreement (No Win No Fee) to review.

Claiming with a CFA means that:

  • You are not required to make any solicitor fee payments for the claim to start.
  • No solicitor’s fee will be payable while the claim is being managed.
  • In the unfortunate event that the case fails, you won’t have to pay the solicitor’s fee.

The solicitor’s fee (‘success fee’) will only be payable if you are awarded compensation and the claim is won. When that happens, your solicitor will keep a small portion of your award to cover their costs. The size of the fee will be listed in the CFA so that you know how much it’ll be from the start. To save you worrying too much, success fees are limited by law.

Talk To Our Team

If you would like us to help you make a claim here are some ways you can contact us:

We aim to help as many claimants as possible. We begin by listening to what happened and considering any evidence you’re able to supply. Your advisor will explain whether they believe your claim could be successful. If they do, you’ll be referred to one of our No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors.

Helpful Resources If You’re Making A Claim Against Devitt Bike Insurance

This article set out to explain when you could make a valid claim against Devitt bike insurance. Thanks for making it to our last section where we’ve added a few more guides and links that might prove useful. If you need anything further, please speak with an advisor using the contact details provided.

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