Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

All your accident claims questions answered.

What are no win no fee claims?

This is where a solicitor agrees not to charge his client any costs if the case is not won. will always work on a No win – No fee basis

Do you deal with accident claims in-house?

All accident claims are received directly by the Solicitors. We have specialist claims teams to ensure that you receive the best possible advice regardless of the type of accident claim you may have had.

Will I have to go for a medical assessment?

Yes. a medical report is needed to evaluate your claim and to make sure that you receive the correct compensation. However we will engage a doctor or specialist as near to your home as possible to reduce your travelling.

How long have I got to make an accident claim?

In normal circumstances you have 3 years in which to submit and issue proceedings for accident claims. However that 3 year period will only run from the time you are 18 if in fact you were under that age when you had the certain other special circumstances it is possible to obtain an extension. Y our solicitor will be able to answer your questions on this.

Can you deal with an accident claim that happened in the USA

Yes. We have connections with top lawyers in America and Canada and we will guide you through the foreign claims processes there.

Can i make a claim if i was to blame?

You will still may have a viable claim provided some of the blame can be attributed to the other party.

How much is my accident claim worth?

This depends on the extent of your injuries. We will be able to give you a rough assessment when you submit your claim to us or you may see if our damages calculator is of assistance.

Will I need to come to your offices to claim?

No. Most accident claims can be dealt with in the post. However if your injuries are serious we will arrange a home visit to assist you and your family.

If I received injuries from an unknown driver will I still be able to claim?

Yes. We will still be able to claim damages for you provided we can show that you were clear of any blame.