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Accident claims solicitors Braintree

Accident claims solicitors Braintree

By Brett Williams. Last updated 27th August 2021. Were you injured at work or while on the road in Braintree? Or, did you suffer a fall in a restaurant or a trip in a train station? Whichever kind of accident you’ve had, if someone else caused your accident or injury, you could consider looking into making accident claims in Braintree. Compensation for accidents in Braintree could help claimants move on after an accident, and could cover costs that were incurred by you directly because of the accident, such as losses in your wages because recovery meant you had to have time off work, or care costs if you’ve needed help at home after the accident with day to day tasks. No matter how minor or severe your injuries are, accident claims solicitors covering Braintree could help ascertain who could be liable for the injury and could help you launch a claim not only for the costs mentioned above, but also to compensate you for the suffering and the pain you have had to go through. Below, we have broken down this accident claims guide into easy-to-digest sections, covering different types of accidents that could lead to claim, and information about personal injury solicitors and the claims process. For clarification on any point, do call 0800 073 8801 to talk to our team, but otherwise, why not read on to see if you could make accident claims in Braintree?

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Braintree?

If you’re looking for accident claims solicitors covering Braintree, then Accident Claims UK can help with this, but you may wish to know exactly how accident claim solicitors could help with accident claims in Braintree before you pick up the phone and call us. While it could be possible for people to attempt to make a personal injury claim on their own, we would highly recommend using solicitors, as the accident claims advice and support could provide tangible benefits in terms of the amount of compensation you could secure, as well as having an effect on the success rate of your case.

These solicitors could have years of experience with similar claims. Their experience would lead them to be aware of what arguments can be brought against a liable party not only to prove liability but also to fight for the maximum compensation possible. And since you could secure the services of such a lawyer for no fees upfront, we feel there really is no good reason not to draw on their extensive experience to help secure your compensation. Below, we take a look at the types of accident claims in Braintree that could be fought by an accident claim solicitor to give you more of an idea of what’s involved.

Accidents And Injuries Caused By Trips And Falls

If you obtained an injury from tripping, you may chalk it up to being ‘just one of those things’ and you may not consider even looking into making accident claims in Braintree. But think about the trip accident you’ve had for a moment. Did you trip at work because a trailing wire was not secured, or over an improperly secured floormat at a hotel? Did you fall because a handrail gave way in a restaurant, or did you slip on an uncleared and unmarked spillage in a shop? If so, it could be possible to make slip, trips, or falls injury claims if someone else was responsible for keeping an area safe and failed to do so. Why not call accident claims solicitors covering Braintree to find out if your injury could lead to a claim.

Vehicle And Traffic Accidents On The Road In Braintree

Have you been injured on the A120 in Braintree? Did you develop whiplash from a head-on collision on a residential road? Were you run over by a speeding driver as a pedestrian in Braintree? Any of these circumstances could lead to accident claims in Braintree if they were someone else’s fault.

Essentially, if you were on the road when injured, and someone else caused the accident, you could consider road accident claims, as long as you are within the time limit for claiming. This is often 3 years from the date of the road accident but in some cases, there are exceptions.

Whether you were a passenger, driver, cyclist, motorbike user, pedestrian or any other road user, if someone else caused your injury, accident claim solicitors could assist in these cases, even if the perpetrator of the road accident was never caught. There is a bureau set up to help victims of these sorts of accidents, and they could settle your compensation claim if you were injured because of an untraceable driver or one that does not have insurance. This bureau could also help if the driver was from another country.

Braintree Work Injury Compensation

Claims for workplace accidents could take a variety of forms. Firstly, you could look into making workplace accident claims in Braintree because of a one-off incident that has caused you to become injured. This could include being driven into by a forklift truck, falling off a ladder because you were not trained properly, being crushed in faulty machinery, or more. If your employer has not done their lawful duty, such as providing you with a safe workplace, with guards on machinery and safety features enabled, or training you correctly, or providing you with protective items, for example, and you are injured, you could consider making a claim for accident compensation.

Our panel of accident claims solicitors could also assist with industrial illness claims, relating to conditions that have presented over time, where there were foreseeable risks for you to develop these conditions, and your employer did not act to reduce such risks. Industrial illnesses could include mesothelioma, vibration white finger, tendonitis, industrial deafness, RSI or more.

Accident claims solicitors covering Braintree could help you claim not only for the suffering and pain experienced in these workplace injuries, but also for financial losses incurred because of the injuries such as wage loss, medical costs and more.

Braintree Work Injury Statistics

Now you know more about work injury claims, we can show you the statistics relating to the local area. These are compiled from HSE statistics.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
Braintree 151 284 1

Crime Victim Compensation Claims

A crime victim compensation claim may come about because you have been the victim of a stabbing in Braintree. Or, you might have become injured trying to stop a crime from happening. Another reason you might be able to claim accident compensation from a criminal act is if you witnessed something violent and it left you traumatised.

Claims for crime victims could often be made via CICA, with the help of accident claims solicitors covering Braintree. CICA claims do have a shorter accident claims time limit than some claims, as the limit is usually 2 years. You may wish to move quickly if you are to be within the limit. However, there are a few exceptions that might apply to your accident claim, so why not get in touch with our accident claims solicitors to discover more.

Accidents At A Public Place

An accident at a public place could be considered any accident in Braintree that happens in a place where you could visit as a member of the public. It could be a supermarket, theme park, hotel, restaurant bar, leisure centre or in the local park. It does not matter whether you have paid to enter the premises or not, if someone is responsible for the area, whether a business owner or the local council, and they have acted irresponsibly or been negligent when protecting the health and safety of visitors, then you could look into making accident claims in Braintree if you are injured in a public space.

Clinical And Medical Malpractice

What is medical malpractice? Simply put, any act of negligence by a healthcare professional such as a GP, hospital consultant, surgeon, dentist, care home worker or midwife that caused your health to suffer unnecessarily in some way which could lead to you seeking accident claims solicitors covering Braintree. This is because healthcare professionals have the responsibility of looking after your health and safety while you are under their care. If they fail to do so according to correct protocol, or are negligent in another way, and you suffer because of it, you could consider making claims for compensation. You could also claim if a health care professional has made an illness worse through their negligence.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Braintree

We touched upon this payment structure before in the guide, but here it is explained in full. If you’re looking to begin accident claims in Braintree, but do not want to pay upfront for legal representation, you could choose a no win no fee solicitor from our panel. By doing so, you could reduce financial risk of making a claim. Should your claim be successful, you could have peace of mind that a percentage of your compensation payout would be used to pay for legal fees. Should your claim not be successful, then you could have peace of mind that you would be covered by the ‘no fee’ part of the agreement and you would not have to pay your personal injury lawyer.

Contact An Accident Claim Solicitor

Talking to someone about your accident could help you ascertain whether or not you could making accident claims in Braintree. Here at Accident Claims UK, we offer completely free, no-obligation support and advice on claiming for workplace accidents, criminal injuries and more. We could help give you a rough idea on how much you could claim for a particular injury, based on Judicial College guidelines, which could be a useful alternative to using a personal injury claims calculator. We could also advise whether you’re within the relevant accident claims time limit for your claim. And, of course, if you wish, we could provide you with one of our panel of accident claims solicitors covering Braintree to assist with taking your claim forward. All you need to do is dial 0800 073 8801, email, or use the contact form or live chat on our site to get help and advice you could trust.

Using our accident claims solicitors to claim for injuries sustained in Braintree

You will have read throughout this guide that are many scenarios that could make you eligible for compensation. However, at the time the incident happened, you probably weren’t thinking about anything more than getting your injuries treated. When you do realise that you might want to make a claim, you could search for accident claims solicitors in Braintree. Alternatively, you could call Accident Claims UK. While you will find law firms in the Braintree area, you should ask whether they work exclusively on personal injury claims and, just as importantly, whether they’ll represent you on a No Win No Fee basis.

Accident Claims UK is registered with Solicitors Regulation Authority and has a team of solicitors with up to 30-years of experience handling claims. We never charge solicitors fees unless you are compensated. Also, we don’t ask you to waste time travelling to appointments in our office. Instead, we provide an efficient service where everything is done online, on the phone or by email. That means the location of our office doesn’t really matter.

If you call our claims line, your case will be reviewed by a specialist and you’ll be given free legal advice on your options. If your case is suitable, we could appoint a specialist solicitor to help you. They will learn more about how you’ve suffered before moving on to gather evidence to help your claim. This could include doctor’s records, police incident reports and CCTV footage or photographs. Additionally, they will book you in for a local medical assessment with an independent expert so that the extent of your injuries can be reported.

When they’ve got all they need, your solicitor will send the claim to the defendant’s insurers or lawyers. Importantly, you won’t need to deal with them directly so that you’re not overwhelmed with legal or medical questions. If liability for your injuries or the accident is not admitted by the defendant, your solicitor will work hard to provide evidence that shows exactly what happened.

If you are sent a compensation offer, your solicitor will discuss it and review it with you. Where they feel the offer isn’t appropriate, they could go back with extra justification as to why a higher amount should be paid.

If you feel that our accident claims solicitors covering Braintree could help you, why not call to find out more about or No Win No Fee service?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you could find some more common questions we’ve answered about accident claims.

Do I Have A Valid Accident Or Injury Claim?

You could if you have had an accident in Braintree that was not your fault and someone else is liable for your injuries. One great way to find out is by calling our accident claims advice line. We could assess your case and let you know whether you could take this further. If we don’t feel your case is strong, we will tell you honestly. We do not have anything to gain by advising you to make a claim when there would be no chance of you ending up with compensation.

Will I Need To Visit My Solicitor In Person?

You may consider searching ‘solicitors near me’ but in actual fact, you may never need to meet your personal injury solicitor in person.

Will My Solicitor Be In My Area?

As a nationwide service, we could help provide accident claims solicitors covering Braintree to assist with your claim. We are not based in the area but with the advances in telecommunication could stay in contact with you as if we were right around the corner. We have handpicked solicitors that we feel have the experience and knowledge to really help claimants, and we’d like to do the same for you.

What Are Medical Exams And Where Could I Have One?

Medical reports are often required as part of the claims process and often, having seen a doctor for your injuries when you received them would not be sufficient. Therefore, you might need to visit an independent doctor for this report to be compiled. We work with a panel of medics so you may not have to travel far to see one. Some examples could include:

Shehzad Hanif

3 The Drive, Jubilee House

Great Warley


CM13 3FR

Nosheen  Waheed

Regus Jubilee House

3 The Drive, Great Warley


CM13 3FR

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Thank you for reading about how our accident claims solicitors and personal injury solicitors covering Braintree could help you seek compensation.

Article by JJ Edited by Mel.