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Accident claims solicitors Clacton-On-Sea

Accident claims solicitors Clacton-On-Sea

This article is a guide on how to make a personal injury case for compensation for an accident claim in Clacton-On-Sea. If you have suffered an injury from being in an accident that you could prove wasn’t your fault, then you could have grounds for making a claim for accident compensation. Accident compensation is a payment of money to compensate you for the effects of an injury you have suffered on your health and your quality of life. Accident Claims UK has a panel of accident claims solicitors that you can claim through, although they are not based in Clacton-On-Sea, they can cover accident claims in Clacton.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Clacton-on-Sea?

Our accident claims solicitors are not based in Clacton-on-Sea, but they can cover accident claims in Clacton-on-Sea. Our accident claims solicitors are experts with up to thirty years of legal experience. They will give you all the accident claims advice you need to know before starting a claim and assess whether your circumstances comprise a valid basis for an accident claim, there are factors which could disqualify you from making an accident claim such as an accident claims time limit. An accident solicitor will gather evidence, arrange for you to be seen by a doctor for a medical examination, calculate how much compensation to claim for and represent your case when it is held.

Claiming For An Accident At Work In Clacton-on-Sea

It is possible to claim compensation for being injured in an accident in the workplace if you believe you can prove that the accident was caused by negligence towards safety on your employer’s part. Accidents in the workplace can be caused by a variety of failures on an employer’s part. Failure to perform risk assessments and failure to inform employees of potential threats outlined by risk assessments. Failure to provide adequate training to employees, particularly training on what to do in the event of an emergency. Failure to provide employees with adequate safety equipment such as masks, hard hats and harnesses. If you are interested in claiming for an accident at work in Clacton-on-Sea with our accident solicitors, then you can read our guide to work accident claims on this page here for more information.

Colchester Area Reported Injury At Work Statistics

This table contains the figures for the number of workplace accidents reported in the Colchester area, as well as the rate of injuries per 100’000 workers and the number of fatal injuries in workplaces. The link below has the figures for fatal and non-fatal injuries in workplaces in the rest of the UK. Follow this link to see them and see for yourself how this area compares to the rest of the UK.

LocationTotal - non fatal injuriesTotal- Non fatal injuries per 100'000 workersFatal injuries
Colchester 1732060

Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims In Clacton-on-Sea

You can claim for compensation if you have been injured in a road traffic accident in the Clacton-On-Sea area, such as if you have been injured in an A120 accident that was not your fault. You could have grounds for receiving financial compensation for injuries or psychological harm you have suffered as a result of a road traffic accident if you, with the help of one of our accident claims solicitors, could prove that it was the fault of another road user. This includes road traffic accidents in which you were a driver who was struck by another vehicle, a pedestrian or cyclist who was struck by a vehicle, or a passenger in a vehicle involved in a car accident, of course there are other scenarios please call our advisors for more information.

Please read our websites guide to claims for road traffic accident injuries here. One of the common injuries associated with being in a car accident is whiplash. Whiplash claims have their own page on our site with a guide to making whiplash claims and a personal injury claims calculator to give you an idea of how much financial compensation you may be entitled to.

Claims For Accidents And Injuries In Public Places

Accident claims can be made for a wide variety of accidents in various public places. The safety of a public space is the responsibility of the owner, occupier or manager of a property. This could be either a private business or a public authority, so anything from a park, a gym, a shop or a bar or restaurant could be classed as a public place whose owner is liable for making sure their guests or visitors are safe from accident hazards while on their property. To give some examples of public place accidents that could be grounds for an accident compensation claim; a person who is injured while using faulty or mislabeled gym equipment, a person who is injured by being served food or drink that is too hot, a person who is injured by faulty shelving falling on them in a shop, and so on.

If you have been hurt in a Clacton town centre accident, or an accident on Clacton beach or a pier accident, then you could make an accident claim against the local authorities if the accident could have been avoided had the correct legislation, health and safety procedures been adhered to. You can get more information about specific public place accident claims in the guide here.

Trip And Fall Accident Compensation

Similarly to public place accident claims as detailed in the previous section, claims can be made against the owner or operator of a property that has failed to keep said property free of tripping or slipping hazards which have caused a member of the public to become unnecessarily injured. They must ensure that, for example; spillages are cleaned up as quickly as possible and that sections of floor are not left wet for extended periods of time without a warning sign, that difficult to spot steps are marked out with warning signs and that wires are not left out where people might trip on them. You could claim against the local authorities for example, if you had a tripping accident due to severely damaged pavements in Clacton town centre for insufficiently maintaining the pavements. You can find out how much compensation for a fall you may be entitled to by visiting our guide to trip and fall claims.

Medical Negligence And Malpractice

It is possible to make a personal claim for compensation against a healthcare practice or medical provider if you or a loved one has been harmed by medical negligence. Medical negligence claims can be made when a patient has suffered worsening health as a result of medical treatment being carried out negligently or improperly. Examples of medical negligence can include negligent misdiagnosis of illnesses, resulting in health problems stemming from untreated illnesses or inappropriate treatment. Surgical or dental procedures being carried out negligently, resulting in the patient suffering injury or infection. Negligence in a care home, resulting in vulnerable or disabled patients being left without basic needs such as feeding, washing and changing clothes unattended. Hospitals being kept insufficiently hygienic, resulting in patient developing infections.

If you are interested in making a medical negligence claim against NHS or private practices or health care providers with our panel of medical negligence solicitors then get in touch with us today. For more information on medical negligence claims visit our websites guides to medical negligence claims. This page also includes a personal injury claims calculator to give you an idea of how much compensation you will be entitled to in the event that your claim is successful.

Victim Of Criminal Injuries Compensation

Our accident solicitors can help you claim for compensation for a criminal injury as well as accident injury. If you have been physically or sexually assaulted then you could be entitled to financial compensation. This financial compensation can be awarded without a perpetrator being found guilty, just so long as there is proof that the assault did take place and that you suffered an injury or psychological harm. The governments Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) is responsible for providing you with the compensation. Read our guide to rape and sexual abuse compensation claims. You can read more about making claims for sexual violence in our guide here.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Clacton-on-Sea

All of our accident claims solicitors are prepared to offer you a no win no fee agreement. A no win no fee solicitor will take a portion of your compensation if you are awarded any in exchange for not taking any payment off you for their services. You will agree with your solicitor before the claim begins what amount they will take, the maximum a solicitor can agree to take is 25%. You will not be charged for any of the solicitors services if your claim is unsuccessful under a no win no fee agreement.

Talk To A Member Of Our Team

If you would like to get in touch with us to ask about accident claims advice or making a claim with our accident claims solicitors then call our 24/7 phone line at any time at 0800 073 8801, or fill out our online contact form here and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would You Be Able To Help Me Claim Compensation?

We can put you through to one of our accident claims solicitors covering accident claims in Clacton-on-Sea. They will speak to you about the circumstances of your accident and determine if you have a valid basis for a claim. They will gather evidence to support your case, which will include you seeing a doctor for a medical exam. They will represent your case and will keep you updated on the status of your case.

Why Don’t I Have To Choose A Local Law Firm?

You don’t have to claim with a local law firm because it ultimately doesn’t make a difference where your solicitor is located. There is no particular benefit to choosing accident solicitors in Clacton-on-sea as distance is no object when making a claim with an accident solicitor covering the area. You can discuss all the details of your case with your accident solicitor over the phone, by text, email or social media. Our solicitors aren’t based in Clacton-On-Sea but they can cover accident claims in Clacton-On-Sea just as easily as a solicitor who is. You may find that working with our solicitors by correspondence to be more convenient than a local solicitor whom you would have to travel to meet in person.

Why Am I Having An Assessment Of My Injuries?

Having a medical assessment is an absolutely crucial part of preparing for your accident claim. You will need to be seen by a doctor and to have a doctor’s report to confirm that you have had an injury to serve as proof. Having a medical examination will also determine the exact extent and nature of your injury which will enable your accident claims solicitor to calculate how much compensation you will be claiming for.

Will Your Team Organise My Medical Check-up?

Our team will organise your medical assessment. Accident Claims UK works with a panel of doctors that can cover medical exams for clients all over the country. This will include doctors who can cover medical exams in your area. We do this in order to make sure that all of the clients making claims with our accident solicitors have easy local access to a doctor who can perform a medical assessment of their injury. See below a list of some of the medical experts that we work with covering your area.

Kunal Rathod

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Sajive Bansal

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