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Accident claims solicitors Kings Lynn

Accident claims solicitors Kings Lynn

By Brett Williams. Last updated 28th August 2021. Accident Claims UK is a dynamic team dedicated to helping victims of accidents across Great Britain to be able to claim the compensation they deserve. We have considerable experience in successfully pursuing a variety of different personal injury claims. If you are looking to make accident claims in King’s Lynn, our team could help you.

From claims which are clear and simple to the complex, our accident claims solicitors covering King’s Lynn are able to undertake all types of personal injury claims. In this guide you will see examples of some of the more common types of claims which we may undertake for claimants across the country. However, our expertise and experience are not limited to these claims. Explore our site to see the full range of different circumstances in which we could help you.

Our team are often able to undertake your claim through a no win no fee agreement. You can also skip ahead to the bottom of this article and see just how a no win no fee solicitor could help you. Below that, you could also find details of how to contact our team. If you need to contact us now, just dial the number at the top of this page.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering King’s Lynn?

Accident claims (which could also be called personal injury claims) could be made if you have sustained a personal injury of some kind. These personal injuries may be physical, psychological or could present as a disease or illness. The critical factors are that firstly harm has been caused and that this harm could have been avoided. Also a vital factor is that the company/operator etc who is liable for the accident will have owed you a duty of care and through negligence breached this causing avoidable harm. An example may be the duty of an employer to ensure a workers safety.

Making an injury or accident claim is the process by which you could claim damages (compensation) from the party who acted negligently and was responsible for the accident. Such claims may be made on your own behalf, or on behalf of another person using a personal injury or accident claim solicitor.

Accident claims solicitors covering King’s Lynn conduct (or able to conduct) claims for accidents which happened in this area, but may not strictly be based here. If your accident took place in the last three years, our accident claims solicitors may be able to assist you. Please contact us to find out if your circumstances are eligible for a compensation claim.

Clinical Negligence Claims In King’s Lynn

Typically, if you have been injured, contracted an illness or found that a disease has been made worse in the last three years because of a mistake by a medical practitioner, we may be able to help you make a King’s Lynn clinical negligence claim.

Claimants may be able to claim compensation for harm caused by medical negligence which has been caused by those providing services in the NHS or private sector. It may be dispensed at a GP surgery, at a dental surgery or in a hospital department, such as King’s Lynn Accident and Emergency department. The reason for such a claim may be a medical professional failing to act, or their taking the wrong action, the result of which is the harm being caused to you. Our clinical negligence guide goes into further detail about when and how medical negligence claims could be made.

Traffic And Road Accident Claims In King’s Lynn

If you have been involved in and harmed by a road traffic accident in King’s Lynn, such as an accident on the A47, our team are on hand to listen to you and understand the impact that this road traffic incident has had on you as well as discuss your eligibility to claim compensation.

Road traffic accidents could involve you suffering injuries to any part of your body, though some injuries like whiplash may be more common. We understand that the overall impact that the RTA accident has had on you could be considerable and that these effects may extend beyond the actual injury you have suffered. Aside from being physically harmed, you could also suffer associated psychological effects which come from being harmed when driving, riding your bike or even when walking on the pavement. This may make the wider impact of the accident on you more devastating.

We know that making a road traffic accident claim with our panel of accident claims solicitors may not make everything right, but it could help to relieve some of the pressures on you.

King’s Lynn Injury At Work Statistics

Non-fatal and fatal injuries at work happen more commonly than is often thought. You can see statistics related to how many recorded injuries at work have happened in the UK in the previous year at the Health and Safety Executive statistics page (here).

The statistics in the reference above relate to the whole of the UK. However if you have been hurt in an accident at work in this area you may be interested to see how many others have also done so.

Location Total – non fatal injuries Total – non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers Fatal injuries
King’s Lynn and West Norfolk 192 382 1

Source. The data in this table covers the period 2013/14 to 2017/18. It does not record how many people have subsequently sought accident compensation, merely the number of those harmed.

If you have been hurt in the workplace and the circumstances of the accident could have been prevented had the right procedures been followed, find out more about how accident claim solicitors could assist you in the next section.

Injury And Accident At Work Compensation

Accident at work compensation may be sought if an employee, contractor or even someone who is self-employed is injured in the workplace in an accident that happened because the person responsible for the safety of workers had breached their duty if care.

If you have suffered an accident at work and wish to seek accident at work compensation, our team are here to help with accident claims advice and personal injury lawyers to handle your claim if necessary.

Most people depend on their job and their ability to work for their income which comes from it. Being injured at work therefore could be much more distressing. As a result, you may have had to take time off work (with reduced pay or no pay) or have had to end a career which you loved. If you have lost income your financial wellbeing may have been seriously affected.

We think that if you were injured at work you should not be left feeling anxious about retaining your job or being able to meet financial commitments. Our team of accident claims solicitors are on hand to help those in such circumstances to find out if they are due any compensation.

Slip And Trip Claims

If you were injured when slipping or tripping over and wish to make a slip and trip claim, our panel of personal injury lawyers may be able to assist you. Slipping over or tripping up in public may often just lead to a little embarrassment as we get back up. In some instances it may also be that you suffered some form of injury. Slips and falls could lead to injuries which may range in severity from minor injuries to severe injuries.

Slip and trips claims could often be made if the proprietor of an establishment or a local authority has not taken the right measures to ensure the safety of members of the public who are passing through their space.

This type of accident is quite common and could happen in any location such as a rented home, the street, in a public park, in shops and retailers or at a station. They are often caused by flooring or pavements being allowed to fall into disrepair, but may also be caused by wet floors, bad lighting and hazards being left on the ground.

Criminal Injuries Compensation

If you have been the victim of a crime, such as a violent crime, and were injured due to this, an accident claims solicitor may be able to help you pursue a criminal injuries compensation claim.

You may be able to pursue a criminal injuries compensation claim if you have been victim to a violent crime or sexual crime in the UK. The criteria which allow people to undertake this type of claim differs from the other types of personal injury claims discussed on this page. For example the standard accident claims time limit of three years does not apply.

  • The claim should be started less than two years after the incident took place.
  • The crime committed against you, such as a shooting, assault or act of abuse must be reported to the police at your earliest opportunity.
  • It must be possible for the police to investigate the allegation and you must cooperate with this investigation.
  • Medical evidence will be necessary.

We could assist you to claim compensation in the event of a shooting, stabbing or other fatal accident caused by someone else’s criminal activity.

Public Space Accident Claims

This is another category of accident which could be quite varied in the circumstances in which an accident could take place. The resulting injuries may also be quite varied. They could happen in almost any location where you could enter as a member of the public. Some of the circumstances which may be more common could be:

  • General pedestrian accidents.
  • Workplace accidents and injuries.
  • Accidents in retailers such as supermarkets and shops.
  • Injuries to a child in a school or playground.

There are many other different ways in which public injuries could happen so if your accident does not fit into the above circumstances and was caused by another person’s/company’s negligence, there may be a case for compensation.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering King’s Lynn

You may have come to this page by using one of the most commonly searched terms, ‘no win no fee solicitors near me’. Conditional fee agreements were introduced to facilitate personal injury solicitors providing services to claimants in a way which reduces their (the claimants) risk.

Many of our personal injury solicitors operate under no win no fee agreements. Whilst the agreement will deal with different services which are provided by the solicitor and the way in which they are done so. The important thing which you need to know is that if they can not obtain a settlement for you, you don’t have to pay them. If they do obtain a settlement, then you will have to pay a percentage of your accident compensation settlement to the solicitor. How much this percentage is, will be contained in the agreement before the case is started.

Talk To Accident Claims UK

Click the following number on a mobile device to give our accident claims solicitors a call 0800 073 8801. You will be connected to an advisor who can go through what has happened to you. If you feel better about writing down what has happened, you could also send an email to our team You could also fill in the contact form and request a call back from us.

How Our Accident Claims Solicitors Covering King’s Lynn Could Help You

You are unlikely to have any thoughts about claiming damages for any injuries in the immediate aftermath of an accident. However, as time passes and you realise that your suffering has been caused by somebody else, you might decide to look for accident claims solicitors in King’s Lynn. Before you do, you may also want to consider using Accident Claims UK as we only deal with personal injury claims and we always offer No Win No Fee services for claims we take on. While you may find law firms in King’s Lynn, not all will be able to say the same thing.

So that you don’t need to spend time travelling to our offices, we deal with claims over the phone, online and via email. This system has worked well for our team of experienced solicitors who’ve been handling claims for clients for over 30-years. Importantly, we are registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority so you can be sure that you’ll receive professional legal advice whenever you speak with us.

If we accept your case, your solicitor will spend some time discussing everything with you to get a good understanding of what’s happened and how you have been affected. After they have done so, they’ll move on to securing evidence to substantiate your claim. Around this time, your solicitor will book a local appointment for a medical assessment. This is required so that your injuries are documented as well as a prognosis for your recovery.

We don’t want you to be overwhelmed by questions from insurers or the defendant’s lawyers. Therefore, your solicitor will deal with everything on your behalf and try to counter any objections that are raised about liability. They’ll supply additional evidence where needed as well. To try and ensure any compensation offer is fair, your solicitor will review them with you. If it is deemed that the settlement amount does not cover the extent of your injuries, they’ll go back and fight for more on your behalf to try and make sure the maximum compensation award possible is paid.

If you are interested in working with our accident claims solicitors covering King’s Lynn, why not call about our No Win No Fee services today?

Question And Answer Section

Accident claim solicitors are often asked the same questions by different claimants, or very similar ones. As well as asking whether they could claim compensation with a no win no fee solicitor (addressed above) or ‘how do you make a claim’ we are also asked about the role played by medical exams and if they are necessary. See the answers to some of these questions and others below.

Q: How Do I Start My Compensation Claim?

A: Making an accident claim in King’s Lynn, or rather with accident claims solicitors covering King’s Lynn should be a simple process. You can contact our team using the channels above. We shall ask some questions about what accident you were involved in, who may have caused it and how you were injured. Once we have determined the validity of your claim, we may also provide some accident claims advice to help you choose what to do next. Our panel of solicitors will be here to guide you through the accident claims process.

Q: Do I Need To Claim With A Local Solicitor?

A: Accident claims UK has a panel of accident claims solicitors covering King’s Lynn. Our panel of accident claims solicitors includes those with different legal experience and different areas of expertise. Our expert accident claims solicitors are not based in King’s Lynn but can cover the area through telecommunications channels as if they were based right next door.

Q: Do I Need To Have A Medical Examination?

A: In general those who are making a personal injury claim may be asked by their accident claim solicitor to undergo an examination by a doctor. There are exceptions to this. In some cases a defendant may admit their liability for an accident in the early stages of the claims process. In these cases they may also make a reasonable compensation offer prior to any medical examinations. This is called a pre-medical offer. In such cases your accident claim solicitor will advise you as to whether or not you should accept this offer. It may be that this is a good offer which you should accept, or that you should not. Often pre-med offers are lower than what you could be eligible for.

Q: Do You Work With Doctors In King’s Lynn?

A: Our team works with a nationwide panel of doctors who could carry out your medical assessment and examination. We will of course try to make sure that the medical expert you see is based close to you in your local area and takes place at a time which is convenient to you. We include a list of some of our panel of doctors in this area.

Mamtha Balendra Kumar
Natural Therapy Centre,
The Granaries,
Nelson Street,
Kings Lynn,
PE30 5DY

Richard Fotiadis
Stuart House,
35 Goodwins Road,
King’s Lynn,
PE30 5QX

Mamtha Balendra Kumar
Bishops Lynn House,
18, Market Place,
King’s Lynn,
PE30 1JW

Note: Your medical exam may take place with another doctor we work with.

King’s Lynn Area Resources

Before you start your compensation claim we want to make sure that you have as much relevant information as possible. With that in mind here we include relevant external services which could be helpful to you if involved in an accident in King’s Lynn.

Bury St Edmunds County Court And Family Court
This is (at the time of publication) the closest court for money and accident claims in this area. You can find their contact details above.

West Norfolk Council
This council may be responsible for the maintenance of some public spaces in King’s Lynn and surrounding areas.

Norfolk Police Force
Details of policing in King’s Lynn can be found here with information on how to contact the Police for King’s Lynn North accidents.

Controlling Risks At Work
Information from the Health and Safety Executive about how to control risk factors in the workplace.

You have reached the end of our guide on how our accident claims solicitors covering King’s Lynn could help you seek compensation. If you’re ready to begin a claim, why not call our team today?

Article by RB Edited by Mel.