Accident Claims Solicitors Solihull – No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims Covering The Solihull Area

Accident claims solicitors Solihull

Accident claims solicitors Solihull

Across the country, accidents can occur frequently and many of which could lead to a personal injury claim. You might be thinking that accident claims in Solihull can only be handled by solicitors in the Solihull area. This is a common misconception about making an accident claim, as many personal injury solicitors can cover a number of areas across the country, and this is what this guide aims to clarify. Our panel of solicitors are not based in Solihull, but they can cover a wide range of locations in the UK.

Within the sections in this guide, you’ll find lots of information about our panel of accident claims solicitors, along with plenty of guidance on a range of different types of accident. From work accident claims and car accident claims to cases against Solihull council and medical negligence in Solihull, we will offer expert accident claims advice that would help you decide on whether you think you’d have a valid compensation claim. We’ll also give advice on finding accident solicitors covering Solihull. They would invariably be the person you may rely on for expert legal advice on your claim and would be the person putting together your case – so they would literally have your accident claim in their hands. All the answers you should need should be contained in the sections following, but you can also call an accident claim expert on our helpline if anything needs clarifying after you’ve read this guide.

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What Is An Accident Claims Solicitor Covering Solihull?

No win no fee solicitors covering Solihull are legal professionals who can be based anywhere in the country. When it comes to the accident compensation you receive from a personal injury claim, your no win no fee solicitor plays a pivotal role. He or she will collate all the evidence and put it together to launch your claim for compensation. While Solihull law firms could handle your claim, it is not necessary for you to limit yourself to choosing solicitors in Solihull for your case.

Does The Accident Claim Solicitor Have The Knowledge And Experience Needed?

This could be an important consideration. If they lack relevant experience, you could potentially lose money on your claim. It may be better for you to go for a solicitor with specific experience in your type of personal injury case, rather than personal injury in general. Some cases can be complex and having a solicitor with specialised experience could make the process easier.

Do They Work On A No Win No Fee Basis?

This could also be an important point. Making a personal injury claim without a no win no fee agreement would not protect you in the event that you lost your case. The solicitor’s bill would still fall to you whether you ended up with compensation or not. We’ll explain more about this type of payment agreement later in the guide.

Are They Easy To Get In Touch With?

Providing regular updates may be something you’d assume all solicitors would do – but this may not be the case for every personal injury solicitor. To get an idea of whether they provide a good service, it might be worth reading reviews of accident claims solicitors.

Work Accident Claims

Our accident claims solicitors could assist with claims relating to an accident at work in Solihull, even though they are not be based there. Your employer, no matter what industry you work in, owes you a duty to keep you as safe as possible at work. They may do this by providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), or making the necessary risk assessments and providing you with relevant training to name but a few actions. However, if an accident happens to you at work because your employer has not made your workplace as safe as possible, perhaps not providing adequate training on things like manual handling, and you are injured, then you may have cause to look into claiming accident compensation.

Reported Injuries Caused By Accidents At Work In Solihull

According to RIDDOR, the following statistics apply to accidents at work in Solihull.

LocationTotal - non fatal injuries 2018/19Total - non fatal injuries per 100,000 workers 2018/19Fatal injuries 2018/19


Road Traffic Accident Claims

Whether it is a Solihull bypass accident involving two cars or a horse riding accident where a road user has not followed the rules of the road regarding other users, if you have been injured in a road traffic accident and it was not your fault, our panel of solicitors could help.

In terms of injuries that could be received in a car accident, there could be a vast range of injuries and severities. From cuts and bruises to life-changing injuries, the severity and nature of the injury will be assessed and this will be used as evidence by your personal injury lawyer in order for them to ask for a certain amount of compensation. It may be worth noting that if you put your details into a personal injury claims calculator online, you may only receive an estimation of the accident compensation you might receive. This is because all claims are assessed on their own merit.

Slipping And Tripping Or Falling Accidents

Accidents due to slips or falls or even trips could occur at any given moment. You may have been under the impression that having a fall would not result in a personal injury claim. However, if someone else were at fault, then you might have cause to make an accident claim. Some examples of situations that could result in slip or fall claims could be as follows:

  • Supermarket spillage not cleared up or signposted
  • Trip hazard not moved at work
  • Inadequate safety equipment for work at height leading to fall
  • Barriers in disrepair not fixed leading to falls
  • Broken pavements

These are just some examples of what sort of accidents could lead to a claim. If you feel you may have a claim, then why not call our team for clarification.

Public Liability Injuries

Becoming injured in a public place, such as on a public pathway or in a public park, may cause a range of injuries. If you could prove that you suffered that injury because the council had not performed the proper repairs, for example, you may be in a position to make a personal injury claim. Give us a call if you feel you might have a claim, as there may be another party at fault in some cases.

Medical Negligence In Solihull

Have you experienced negligence by a medical professional in Solihull? Whether you have suffered avoidable birth injuries to you or your child as a midwife did not monitor you correctly and act quickly enough to rectify a problem, or you have suffered negligence at the hands of your surgeon which has led to you requiring further surgery, healthcare professionals owe you a duty to care for you and if they have failed in this, you might be able to claim. Other examples of medical negligence could include misdiagnosis, negligent cancer treatment, or even negligence dental treatment.

Criminal Assaults And Injuries

Making a claim for injury relating to criminal assaults or activity by another person could be slightly different to other types of compensation claims. In some cases, you would be making a claim to Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). With this type of claim the accident claims time limit would be different. As with personal injury claims the time limit is 3-years, the time limit for criminal injury claims is instead 2-years. However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as if your mental state put you in no position to claim. If you are at all in doubt, then call us today.

Criminal assault claims could be made for:

  • Common assault
  • ABH
  • GBH
  • Rape and sexual assault
  • And many more

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Solicitors Covering Solihull

If you’re looking for a personal injury solicitor, we advise that you look for one that works to a no win no fee scheme. By doing so, you are likely to find you have peace of mind that you won’t be left with legal fees to pay if you do not have a successful claim. In the event that your case is successful, then a pre-agreed amount – which is presented as a percentage – of your eventual settlement will be used to settle the legal fees. It might be worth mentioning that there is a cap on the percentage that the personal injury lawyer can take as legal fees, and that cap currently sits at 25 percent.

How To Start A Solihull Accident Claim

Beginning a claim or getting more advice couldn’t be easier when you call 0800 652 3087. Our accident claim team would be happy to talk over any queries you might still have after reading this guide. We would be equally as happy to help you begin your claim by matching you to a no win no fee solicitor from our panel. With no obligation advice given for free, why not call today?

Frequently Asked Questions About Accident Claims

What Could An Accident Claims Solicitor Do To Help Me?

As we mentioned earlier, an accident claims solicitor could assist you with every step of your claim, putting together a solid case for compensation. They could use their knowledge and experience of cases similar to yours to help build a strong case, which could be far better than a person with no legal experience filling in accident claims forms that could easily be dismissed.

Would A Solicitors Location Affect My Claim?

Accident claims in Solihull can be handled by solicitors based in any location in the country. This could be helpful for those looking to retain the services of a solicitor with relevant experience. They would have the whole of the country to choose from.

What Is My Medical Appointment For?

Independent medical assessments play a big role in personal injury claims. This is because the evidence provided within them could form the basis for the calculation of the compensation. You may be asked to see someone independent, but even if you choose accident claims solicitors at the other end of the country, you could have your medical arranged at a nearby location with a doctor covering the area.

Where Could I Have An Accident Claim Medical Appointment?

We have a panel of medics that cover the local area, and these could include:

Shams Tabraiz (MedCo GP)

Crowne Plaza. Solihull.

61 Homer Road


B91 3QD

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Solihull Local Authority

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