A Guide To Assault Claims – How Much Compensation For Being Attacked Can I Claim?

By Joanne Jeffries. Last Updated 11th May 2022. Welcome to our guide to claiming assault compensation. In the sections below we answer questions such as “How much compensation do you get for assault in the UK?” and “How long after an assault can you press charges in the UK?” We discuss who could claim compensation for assault, and how to go about starting a claim. Further to this, we explain how damages for assault could be arrived at. If you’ve been looking into claiming compensation for being attacked, and are wondering ‘can you sue someone for assault in the UK?’, this guide could be useful.

Can you sue someone for assault in the UK?

Thousands of assaults are committed every day in the UK and if you find yourself the victim in an assault, you can be left with serious injuries and long-term emotional scarring. Assaults can happen almost anywhere; in public, in private, at work or in the street and the results can be life-changing.

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Assault compensation claims

Although many people assume you can only claim compensation following an accident, you can also file assault compensation claims to access financial compensation following a violent attack. Criminal assault injury claims are complicated and you should seek the advice of an assault personal injury lawyer before going ahead with on by yourself.

How to claim compensation for assault in the UK

At Accident Claims UK we can help you claim compensation for assault and any injuries or suffering you have endured as a result as well as the costs of medical treatment. Not all wounds are physical and you can also claim for psychological injuries too. Our expert team have seen a range of assault compensation pay-outs and seen the positive results of receiving financial remuneration as well as the closure of the traumatic event.

If you are considering filing an assault personal injury claim then call our team today on 0800 073 8801 to speak to a member of our dedicated staff for free legal advice. If you would like your questions answered about criminal injuries compensation; how long does it take and how much compensation will I get for an assault claim, for example, then read on as this comprehensive guide has all the information you need to know.

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A guide to claiming compensation after an assault

Assault compensation claims allow victims of violent crimes to access financial compensation via a personal injury claim. Accessing compensation for assault by beating, as well as by any other means, helps many victims to begin to move on from the incident as they receive closure as well as a sense of justice for what happened to them.

If you have been the victim of an assault in public or been assaulted at work by a patient or assaulted at work by a customer UK, then you can make one of the many criminal assault injury claims filed every year. Even if the police have not filed charges against your attacker, or your attacker has gone unidentified, you can still claim compensation through the victim compensation scheme. This scheme, and the process of suing for assault in the UK through it, will be fully explained further down in this guide.

Compensation for being attacked – We could help

When you first contact Accident Claims UK for assistance in filing assault compensation claims, we will put you in touch with a specialised solicitor who will handle your claim. You will be asked to provide details of the assault and subsequent injuries. We understand that this may be uncomfortable to relive but it is an essential part of the criminal injury compensation claim process so that your solicitor has all of the relevant facts to pursue the right amount of compensation. You can also ask them questions such as “how much compensation can I get for an assault claim?” Your claim can include seeking damages for both physical and psychological injuries, as well as medical expenses and lost wages from time off work.

The answer to the question “how much compensation can I get for an assault claim” will always vary as the amount of compensation you may receive is dependent on your individual circumstances and your injury. However, this guide will give you a rough estimate of how much you may be entitled to depending on the type of injury sustained in the assault. Other damages may be added on to that figure.

What are some of the different types of assault claims we can handle?

When suing for assault in the UK, the amount of compensation you may receive can be dependant on the severity of the injuries you sustained but also depend on the level of intent in the attack. In UK law, incidents of assault are split into four different categories;

  • Common assaultthe police will often level this charge in incidents where the victim has been hit or slapped but there is no visible mark or injury
  • Assault causing Actual Bodily Harm more serious assaults which leave visible injuries, such as bruising and scratches, are usually dealt with under this bracket
  • Assault causing Grievous Bodily Harm- this is the most severe category of violent assault and describes attacks where there was intent to cause serious harm and there have been serious injuries sustained such as a stabbing
  • Sexual assault any kind of sexual behaviour or contact which occurs without consent is described as sexual assault. Examples include rape, child abuse, drug-facilitated sexual assault and stalking

How much compensation can I get for an assault claim? All assault cases are unique but in general terms, assault compensation pay-outs usually increase with the level of severity of assault category with more severe assaults resulting in higher amounts of compensation being awarded.

How to make an assault compensation claim

Successful assault compensation claims are those which are handled by an experienced assault personal injury solicitor who, once they are in possession of all the facts of your case, will represent you in your fight for financial remuneration for the injuries you have sustained.

When you contact Accident Claims UK, we will connect you with an expert solicitor who will arrange a free consultation appointment in which they will gather all the information they require in order to process your criminal injury compensation claim on your behalf.

Details to provide when claiming compensation for being attacked

Although reliving the details of your assault may not be a pleasant process to go through, in order to represent you to the best of their ability, your solicitor will need to know;

  • Details of the assault such as when and where it took place and under what circumstances
  • Who assaulted you and details of the person such as whether they were working at the time, such as a doorman, or whether that were a customer or patient
  • Whether or not you reported the assault to the police. In order to be able to process a claim for criminal injuries compensation, you will need the crime reference number the police will have given you when you reported the incident
  • What injuries did you sustain as a result of the incident?
  • Have you incurred any medical expenses, such as private treatment or specialist equipment?
  • Has your injury resulted in long-term side effects or permanent health problems?
  • Have you had to have time off work as a result of your injuries and incurred a loss of earnings or lost the potential to earn more due to your physical or psychological injuries?

Once we have all the information on your assault compensation claims, if we believe that you are entitled to criminal injuries compensation then we will take your case on a no win no fee basis and represent you in court.

What happens if the assailant is not caught?

In order to file assault injury claims for compensation, you need to have been the victim of a violent assault and incurred physical or psychological injuries as a result. Whether or not the perpetrator has been caught does not have an impact on whether or not you can make assault compensation claims as there is a victim support system in place to compensate victims of crime.

How much compensation can I get for an assault claim where the assailant is not identified or caught? In the UK, there exists a victim compensation scheme which protects victims of crime where the assailant has not been caught or is not in a financial position to pay any amounts of compensation awarded to their victim. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority has a duty to cover assault compensation pay-outs to victims of crime where the assailant hasn’t been apprehended or they cannot pay the compensation awarded themselves.

Can I make a claim if I witnessed an assault?

If you have been a witness to a violent assault, then although you haven’t suffered any physical injuries yourself, suing for assault in the UK could still include any psychological injuries that you are suffering. This is more common than you would think. Often, after becoming a witness of a horrific attack, bystanders, especially those who are close to the victim can suffer flashbacks, anxiety and fear of something similar happening again. It is important for these people to also get help should they need it after a violent attack they have seen.

How witnessing an attack could affect you

Witnessing a violent incident can leave you with an array of psychological problems which can have a big impact on your life and your ability to go about your daily life as you did before. You may experience symptoms such as nightmares, anxiety, development of phobias, sleep disruption, depression and in extreme cases, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). People living with PTSD can experience traumatic flashbacks and nightmares which can be debilitating and also claim compensation for PTSD.

Psychological injuries are not only distressing to live with, but they can also disrupt other aspects of your life such as your ability to work which will reduce your income and can leave you in financial difficulties. This is something that can be included in assault injury claims.

How long do compensation claims take?

Any personal injury claim can take a while to resolve but especially if there is a criminal element to the claim as assault compensation claims can only begin once the criminal case has been heard. All assault personal injury claims will take a varying amount of times to be resolved but you can usually expect to have to wait a minimum of 6 months before your case is decided upon.

More complex and serious criminal assault injury claims can take years to be heard and decided upon. The more severe the case and the more serious the injury then the longer it is likely to take for any criminal injuries compensation to be awarded. This is also likely to be the case if you have sustained serious life-changing injuries as the total impact of your injuries is going to need to be understood by the judge hearing your case.

What is important to know is that Accident Claims UK will be with you every step of the way through your assault injury claims, no matter how long it takes.

What can I include in my compensation claim?

When suing for assault in the UK, the amount of compensation you seek will depend on your unique circumstances as well as any other damages you may have sustained or costs you have incurred as a direct result of your injuries. Common expenses included in criminal injury compensation claims are often;

  • Medical expenses – to cover the cost of any treatment or ongoing outpatient treatment such as physiotherapy or counselling
  • Care costs – if your injury has left you needing daily care then this can be included in your assault personal injury claim
  • Loss of earnings  – if you have had to have time off work or lost your job or the potential to earn more money, this can be included in your claim
  • Travel expenses – incurred as a direct result of your injuries, such as for medical appointments or court appearances
  • General damages – compensation awarded for the injury, pain and suffering as well as any psychological anguish and trauma sustained

Assault Compensation Claims Calculator – How Much Compensation Do You Get For Assault Claims In The UK

The below table offers a rough guide ( an alternative to a victim support compensation calculator) to the amounts of compensation from the CICA where the injury is similar to that which may be sustained as part of a violent assault.

Type of injurySeverityCompensation amountNotes
BurnsCovering over 25% of total skin, with significant scarring£33,000
Disabling mental injuryLasting 5 years or more but not permanent£13,500
Permanent mental injuryModerately Disabling£19,000Permanent mental injury, confirmed by diagnosis or prognosis of psychiatrist or clinical psychologist
Loss of sightOne eye£22,000
Skull fractureSimple£3,500Needing surgery
Fractures humerusBoth arms£11,000With continued disability
Abdomen injuryRequiring surgery to repair 3 or more organs£6,200
Fractured clavicleOne clavicle£2,400With continued disability

It is important to remember that the above figures are simply a guide to how much average assault compensation claims may be, as payouts are dependent on the injury sustained.

Victim support compensation calculator – the CICA tariff

If you are applying for compensation with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) then your injuries will need to be serious enough to warrant the minimum assault compensation pay-outs of £1,000. If your injury is less severe and does not warrant a pay-out of the minimum amount then you won’t receive anything from CICA. The CICA uses a set tariff that bands types of injuries into pay-out brackets and the maximum payment they will agree to is around £500,000 for the most severe of injuries.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims For Assault – How To Claim Compensation With No Fees Upfront

No Win No Fee assault compensation claims ensure that anyone can file a personal injury claim following a violent assault without the need or a large sum of money upfront. Often referred to as a conditional fee agreement, no win no fee compensation claims remove all the financial gambles ad burdens of other types of court cases.

As part of a no win no fee claim, you won’t be asked to pay any money upfront for your legal representation and if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay a penny then either. If your claim for compensation is successful then your solicitor’s success fees will be taken from your overall criminal assault claims compensation at a pre-agreed percentage, which will never be more than 25% of your total compensation

With no win no fee claims, you can be assured that your solicitor will be working as hard as possible on your behalf as if they are unsuccessful in your criminal assault injury claims then they will not get paid at the end of it. No win no fee claims remove the financial risk for you as a victim and ensures that you will get your assault personal injury solicitor’s best efforts.

Why use Accident Claims UK for your assault compensation claims?

Suing for assault in the UK can be traumatic and emotive. Reliving a disturbing event such as a violent assault is very difficult and you need to be supported through it by a team who understand what the process involves.

At Accident Claims UK, we have years of experience working with clients who have suffered a serious assault and who want closure and justice for the injuries that they have sustained. From the minute you contact our team, we will do our utmost to ensure that you feel supported as you go through the details of your case with us and throughout the whole assault compensation claims process.

Supporting you as you claim assault compensation

When you claim compensation for assault with Accident Claims UK, we will always be just the other end of the phone to offer support and updates. Our aim is to respond to all email enquiries within 3 hours so that you feel supported throughout the claims process.

Our team has years of experience and we understand the complexities and workings of the justice system so that we can give you an accurate estimate of how long your specific case will take, the likelihood of success and how much you may be able to receive in compensation following a violent assault.

What a solicitor will do to help when suing for assault in the UK

So, as we have shown, the CICA scheme can pay compensation for your injuries and any special expenses you’ve incurred. However, the amount they pay will be based purely on the evidence you present them with. If they award compensation, it is important that it’s set at the right level, otherwise you could miss out and incur costs that should’ve been covered by your settlement.

That’s why we believe you should take on a specialist solicitor. Our team are experienced in helping our clients and always strive to achieve the correct level of compensation. During the claims process, they will work hard to gather all of the necessary paperwork and evidence to support your case. Furthermore, they will be the focal point in your case so you won’t need to speak directly with the CICA officers. If any queries are sent back, your solicitor will answer them comprehensively to try and make sure all aspects of your suffering are considered before your claim is settled.

Remember, you can only claim once for your physical and mental injuries and once the case is settled, you cannot seek further compensation from the CICA scheme.

Hopefully, this guide about suing for assault in the UK has helped show our knowledge of the CICA claims process. We are ready to discuss your case when you’re ready to begin. Please get in touch at a suitable time and we’ll start the ball rolling.

FAQ About Assault Compensation Claims And Pressing Charges For Assault In The UK

How long after an assault can you press charges in the UK?

When pressing charges for assault in the UK, you may be wondering how long you’d have.

You might be surprised to heard that while there is a time limit in place for claiming compensation for assault in the UK, there’s no time limit when it comes to pressing charges. If you’ve waited before pressing charges for assault in the UK, because you couldn’t confront what had happened to you, you may still be able to make a claim for compensation for assault in the UK historically. Your solicitor could argue that you could not have claimed before because you didn’t have the mental capacity to do so previously.

Victim support compensation calculator – How much compensation do you get for assault?

If you want to know how much compensation do you get for assault, it might be worth checking out the victim support compensation calculator (the CICA Tariff) if your assault compensation is via the CICA. They have a set tariff for such injuries. However, if you are claiming against an employer, for example, you could receive compensation based on the level of severity of your injuries and the losses you’ve incurred because of them.  We would be happy to speak to you about this in more detail if you wish to give us a call.

Victim support compensation calculator – Do victims of assault get compensation?

Each criminal injury or assault compensation case is different. If you have been the victim of a violent crime as set out in this guide you could make a claim. Victims of a violent crime who could make a claim include;

  • Those who were injured.
  • Close relatives of those who died as a result of an assault.
  • Someone who witnessed a loved one be assaulted.
  • Someone who had to pay for the funeral expenses.

How long does a CICA claim take?

There is no set amount of time that assault compensation claims take. In general, most assault compensation claims will be settled within a 12 – 18 month period. However, more complicated cases and those where higher compensation awards are possible, the CICA may take longer to consider your case.

Claims for more serious injuries, cases where the person requires ongoing clinical care or where the recovery is not known could take longer for a decision to be made and compensation to be awarded. In such cases, the CICA may make an interim payment towards certain costs.

Can I make a claim for someone else?

Yes, this is referred to as acting as a ‘litigation friend’.

Who can I make a claim for?

Some examples include:

  • A child under your care that’s yet to reach their 18th birthday
  • A loved one that’s mentally incapacitated

Can I claim for assault at work?

If you are assaulted at work, because your employer has failed to protect you from violent acts at work, you could be eligible to claim against your employer. Otherwise, you might be able to claim through the CICA. You can see how common violent acts at work are in the below statistics which are taken from the HSE.

how to claim compensation compensation for assault in the UK how long after an assault can you press charges in the UK? can i claim compensation pressing charges for assault in the UK victim support compensation calculator compensation for assault how much compensation do you get for assault

How can a No Win No Fee agreement help me?

This way, you won’t have to pay a penny of your legal fees unless your solicitor wins your compensation for you (known as a ‘success fee’).

Are claimants required to have a solicitor?

No, there is no legal requirement stating this. However, they can greatly increase your claim’s chances of success and ensure that your claims process runs smoothly.

Where can I find a No Win No Fee solicitor to help me claim compensation for assault in the UK?

At Accident Claims, we have a panel of personal injury solicitors that always work on a No Win No Fee basis. They have over 30 years of experience making successful claims and could begin work on your case right away if you choose to work with them.

Could I make assault compensation claims on behalf of a child?

If a child you are responsible for was injured in an assault, you may be able to make compensation claim on their behalf. According to the law, children do not have the capacity to make their own claims. However, you could act as a litigation friend to the child, and this would mean you’d be able to make some decisions about their claim for them.

You would have to apply to be their litigation friend, which is something we could help you with. Alongside a personal injury solicitor that is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, you could fight for the compensation your child deserves. A solicitor from our panel could help you fight for the maximum compensation possible for your child’s injuries.

Would I claim against the CICA when making workplace assault compensation claims?

Are you considering making a claim for compensation because you were assaulted at work? If this is the case, you may be surprised to learn that it is not always possible for you to claim through the CICA. In some cases, you could launch a claim against your employer if they have neglected to protect you from an assault at work.

Whether you were assaulted by a colleague, a customer, or someone else that was visiting the workplace, you could be eligible for compensation for your injuries. In some respects, claiming against the employer could bring you more compensation than claiming through the CICA. This is because you could be compensated for loss of earnings and other special expenses at the rate at which you incur them.

How long does the CICA take to decide on cases for assault compensation?

If you’re claiming compensation for being attacked and want to know how long it could be before you receive damages for assault, let us look at the CICA statistics for 2020-21. As you can see from these CICA statistics, many claims are decided on (with a first decision) between 6 and 12 months. 

compensation for being attacked damages for assault can you sue someone for assault uk how much compensation will i get for assault uk compensation for assault assault compensation

How much compensation will I get for assault in the UK if I have more than one injury?

If you are considering claiming compensation for assault, you might wonder whether you’d receive damages for assault for more than one injury. The CICA will pay damages for more than one injury, but this works on a sliding scale, and only three injuries are included. 

The most serious injury would be compensated for at 100% of the appropriate tariff amount. However, the compensation for assault for the next most serious injuries would be at 30% of the tariff value. The next would be compensated at 15% of the tariff amount. 

Can you sue someone for assault in the UK personally?

You could sue someone for assault in the UK if you believe they have the funds to pay damages for assault themselves. In some cases, you could claim compensation from your employer for being attacked at work if they breached their duty of care towards your health and safety at work. If you’re wondering who to claim compensation for assault from, please call us. We could assess your eligibility to claim. We could also tell you who could pay your compensation if your claim is successful.

Talk to us today about assault compensation claims

If you have suffered a violent assault and believe that you are entitled to compensation then call the Accident Claims UK team today on 0800 073 8801. Our dedicated advisors will put you in contact with a specialist assault personal injury solicitor who will guide you and represent you in your quest for justice and compensation for your injuries. They could also advise you on questions such as “how much compensation can I get for an assault claim?

Suing for assault in the UK how to claim compensation compensation for assault in the UK how long after an assault can you press charges in the UK? can i claim compensation pressing charges for assault in the UK victim support compensation calculator compensation for assault how much compensation do you get for assault compensation for being attacked damages for assault can you sue someone for assault uk how much compensation will i get for assault uk compensation for assault assault compensation

assault compensation claims

Alternatively, you can email us at office@accidentclaims.co.uk and we will aim to get back in touch with you within 3hours. You can also fill out your details on our contact form and we will contact you to discuss your case further.

Assault compensation claims can be lengthy and drawn out so it is best to start the claims process as soon as you can. If you have suffered an injury as a result of a violent assault, call Accident Claims UK today to get the ball rolling and your claims process begun.

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Thanks for reading our assault compensation claims and suing for assault in the UK guide. Now, hopefully, you have enough knowledge about pressing charges for assault in the UK and how to claim compensation for assault. We would be happy to answer questions relating to how much compensation do you get for assault, and how we could help you maximise your compensation settlement.