£3 Million Compensation Payout For A Horse Riding Injury – Settlement Amounts Case Study

In this case study, we are going to look at a compensation claim that was successfully made for a horse riding injury. This case is of specific interest due to firstly, the age of the victim, as she was only 18 at the time of the accident. Secondly, due to the severity of the injuries sustained, a broken back. And lastly, due to the high level of compensation she was paid, some £3 million in total.

As well as looking at the claim in this case study, we will also take a look at horse riding injury statistics, and how dangerous horse riding can be. We will also cover the injury she sustained, and take a look at how severe it was.

How Dangerous Can Horse Riding Be?

When we look at horse riding injury statistics, we find that equestrian injury claims are very rare in the UK. To put this into perspective, in the UK there are less than 100 road traffic accidents involving a horse and a rider each year. This results in less than 10 deaths involving horses every year on our roads. Of course, many more accidents take place on private land. When we include these horse riding accidents into the equation, we find that fewer than 1 in 350 horse riders are injured in the UK every year.

Much of the reason behind this very low figure, stems from the proactive horseback riding injury prevention methods employed by stables and trainers. To answer the question, what are the dangers of horse riding? We find that many of the answers are related to the rider making a mistake and not the horse itself. For example, unskilled riders attempting to ride an animal that is unsuitable for them. And this is exactly what happened in the claim we are looking at.

The 18-year-old woman was very new to horse riding, and she was given an unsuitable animal for her to ride. The horse had been noted previously as being “feisty” and required an experienced rider to keep it under control. This was found to be the only reason why the young lady suffered such a grave injury, and was the basis for the claim she went on to win.

How Severe Was The Claimants Injury?

Broken back injury compensation

Broken back injury compensation

As we have already mentioned above, horse riding injury claims are really quite rare in the UK. Most people who fall from a horse and suffer equestrian injuries, are riding their own animal. If an accident happens on private land in this situation, then nobody but the rider is at fault. They are riding their own horse, and nobody else is responsible for causing the accident. However, some horse riding accidents do result in a claim, such as the one we are looking at in this case study.

As injuries go, a broken back is at the upper end of the severity scale, and depending on the prognosis for recovery, could result in permanent disability. This was the case with the claimant in this claim. She fell from the horse, and broke her spine. This was a traumatic, painful injury, which left the victim permanently disabled and unable to walk. She is now permanently wheelchair-ridden.

How Did This Case Progress Through The Courts?

As is generally typical with horse riding accident claims, the victim suffered a horse riding injury while riding a horse that belonged to another person. In this case, the claimant borrowed a horse from the mother of her boyfriend to ride. She was given a barely trained thoroughbred, which was noted as being highly spirited. This combination of a new rider and a barely trained horse was a dangerous one, that led to the accident and subsequent injury.

In court, the owner of the horse insisted that it had been the claimant’s decision to ride the horse, and that they were in no way liable for the accident. However, the judge ruled that the horse owner had made a significant error in judgement by giving such a problematic animal to a new rider to use.

What Settlement Did The High Court Award?

The personal injury solicitor that the claimant used to process their personal injury compensation claim, had to take the claim for to court, as no out of court settlement offer was made.

Once the claim came to court, it was ruled that the claimant should receive a very high compensation payment of £3 million. The settlement was so high because the claimant was only 18 years old, when the accident took away her ability to walk, and left her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

The defendant had a personal liability insurance policy in place, but the amount of cover it provided could not meet the entire £3 million settlement. Therefore, the defendant had to pay the remainder of the compensation from their own funds.

This claim was exceptional in the severity of the injury caused, the young age of the claimant and the very high level of damages that was eventually paid. Furthermore, the judge who presided over the case, refuted the claims of the defendant, and in no uncertain terms indicated that the defendant was solely to blame for the accident.

How To Make A No Win No Fee Claim For Injuries Suffered Due To Horse Riding

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