£58,000 Compensation Payouts For A Broken Ankle – Case Study

Have you experienced an accident that was not your fault and which caused you to suffer a broken ankle? If your ankle was fractured or broken because of negligence on the part of a third party, then you could be legally entitled to claim for tens of thousands of pounds in damages. Many of our clients ask us “What is a broken ankle worth in compensation?” Depending on whether you have suffered a minor, moderate or severe injury, your claim could be worth thousands, or even tens of thousands of pounds. For example, the subject of this case study was awarded £58,000 in compensation because her injuries were judged to be severe.

Accident Claims UK are a trusted personal injury solicitors. If you have been involved in an accident that was due to negligence on the part of a third party, or an accident which caused you to suffer a broken ankle, then you could be entitled to a compensation payout worth tens of thousands of pounds. We offer all of our potential clients a free legal consultation. Call us straight away on 0800 073 8801 to see how much compensation you could claim. If you have a legitimate case for making an ankle injury claim, we will supply you with an excellent personal injury solicitor to represent you in your claim.

In this case study we are going to look at the case of Mr M. When Mr M was just 18, he suffered a fractured ankle accident at a fairground, due to faulty machinery. He was awarded £58,000 for his broken ankle, four years later at the age of 22. How did Mr M’s accident happen? Mr M rode a fairground ride where cars were fixed around a central point. Unfortunately, his car came loose from the securing arm. The car was thrown a distance of 23 metres and hit a kiosk. He was taken to hospital immediately.

What Injuries Did The Claimant Sustain After Their Accident At A Fairground?

Broken Ankle

Broken Ankle

At hospital, Mr M was diagnosed with multiple fractures to his ankles. He also suffered from soft tissue injuries to the spine and shoulder and a large cut on his forehead. Unfortunately even after treatment, two years later Mr M’s ankles were misshapen and swollen. He found it hard to walk without a stick, to climb the stairs, or to walk on an uneven surface. What’s more, his neck and back injuries still caused him pain, and he found it difficult to lift heavy objects. As well as the physical injuries, Mr M also suffered psychological injuries, becoming depressed and short tempered. He was subsequently was diagnosed with adjustment disorder. He was also self conscious about the scar that was left on his forehead from the large cut. As you can imagine, the injuries greatly affected Mr M’s quality of life. He had been very athletic, enjoying swimming, rugby, squash and athletics. Now, he found himself unable to join in with these activities. He also had to postpone going to university and therefore, being able to start his working career because of his injuries.

Four years after the injuries, Mr M had found his condition had improved moderately. His back pain had reduced and he also found himself being able to better manage stairs and uneven surfaces.

Broken ankle injuries and fractured ankle injuries are usually treated by the ankle and part of the foot/ leg being set in a cast to heal overtime. The very violent nature of Mr M’s accident and the fact that he suffered multiple fractures to his ankle, meant that his injuries caused him pain and affected his quality of life over the long term.

Making The Allegation And Conducting The Ankle Injury Compensation Claim

Mr M hired an expert personal injury solicitor to help him claim compensation for his fractured ankle. The solicitor made the allegation that the fairground was responsible for Mr M’s injuries due to to negligence on their part. The fairground employees had not made proper safety checks on the ride before the ride was opened, and had declared the ride safe when it was not.

The claimants personal injury solicitor approached the fairground management with the allegation that the defects to the connecting arm of the ride were not noticed. Therefore, they were responsible for his injuries.

Separately, the fairground management were convicted of manslaughter and breaching multiple Health and Safety regulations, as another person was tragically killed by this accident.

Concluding The Case And The Settlement

The fairground management did not dispute their liability for Mr M, the Claimant’s, injuries. However, what ankle injury compensation amount Mr M was entitled to, could not be agreed upon by both parties. Therefore, the fractured ankle injury compensation claim was settled in a court in London. In court the judgement was made against the Defendant, and the fairground was ordered to pay Mr M damages.

  • Mr M was awarded £35,000 in general damages for his pain, suffering and loss of amenity.
  • Mr M was awarded £14,250, to compensate him for the delay he suffered in starting university and a professional career.
  • Mr M’s family lived in South Africa and had to travel to Britain to care for him. Therefore they were awarded £5,000 for their travel expenses.
  • Mr M was awarded £750 in counselling expenses.
  • He was also awarded remaining damages for interest and additional expenses.

How To Make A No Win No Fee Claim For A Broken Ankle

If you have experienced a broken ankle injury, or a fractured ankle injury, which happened due to negligence on the part of a third party, then Accident Claims UK can provide you with the legal services necessary to make a claim for such injuries.

We understand that some people have anxieties about making a personal injury claim for compensation. First of all, many claimants worry that they may not be able to afford the solicitor’s fee pay for their broken ankle compensation claim. What’s more, they also worry about losing the money they spent on hiring the solicitor, in the unlikely case that they do not win their personal injury claim.

That is why Accident Claims UK offers all of our clients the opportunity to make a no win no fee ankle injury compensation claim. What is no win no fee? A no win no fee solicitor is a solicitor who will offer you the opportunity to make a claim for damages, without having to pay any upfront fees. Instead, you will only pay your fee if you win your claim. Because there is no upfront fee to pay, this makes no win no fee more affordable for many of our customers. What’s more, because you don’t pay Accident Claims UK a penny unless or until you win your compensation claim, there are no financial risks to you.

Phone Accident Claims UK to enquire about claiming compensation for a broken ankle today. If you have a legitimate reason to claim, we will provide you with an excellent no win no fee solicitor to conduct your claim.

Start Your Broken Ankle Or Fractured Ankle Claim Today

If you have experienced a broken ankle, or a fractured ankle like Mr M, in an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim tens of thousands of pounds in ankle injury compensation. We offer a free legal consultation to all of our potential clients, so call our phone number today to speak to one of our friendly advisors. We will listen to the circumstances of your injury and advise you, what a is broken ankle worth which is similar to your injuries, and if you have a legitimate reason to claim, we will provide you with an excellent no win no fee solicitor to handle your claim.

Our lawyers will always fight to win you the maximum amount of compensation that your compensation claims is worth. What’s more, some of them have three years of experience practising personal injury law, so you’re bound to be in safe hands. Call now to see what ankle injury compensation amounts that you may be entitled to claim, and to have us get on your case right away. Call our team today, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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